CD11. Pretty Please - Roy Buchanan2. My Babe - Dale Hawkins3. Wild Guy - Freddy Cannon4. Buttercup - Bob Luman5. Route 66 -

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  • Buchanan Roy - After Hours – The Early Years 1957-62 (CD)


    • Something of a cult hero to guitarists, Roy Buchanan recorded with Dale Hawkins in his teens and went on to become the top gun in the Washington DC area during the mid-1960s. His use of the Fender Telecaster, playing high harmonic squeals in place of feedback and distortion would prove an essential innovation to the rock guitar vocabulary

    • Re-mastered double CD edition covers his earliest works including a couple of singles under his own name plus a whole bunch of seminal collaborations as a session man

    • Detailed booklet with vintage memorabilia etc

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