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  • Tognoni Rob - Casino Placebo (CD)


    One of few true virtuoso Blues-Rock guitar heroes of the 21st century, certainly the most energetic, ferocious and uncompromising, Rob Tognoni returns with ”Casino Placebo,” which will be released on the Blues Boulevard label (Music Avenue), on October 18, 2013. On ”Casino Placebo,” besides his trademark rock-crunching guitar sound, killer licks and searing solos, Tognoni revisits The Beatles, adds a pinch of psychedelia, coupled with a classic feel of James Bond morphing into love and heartbreak and finally to an amusing Australian breakfast…Well…we did say the man was unique! Besides ”Something,” the 1969 Beatles song written by guitarist George Harrison, the new album features another eleven Rob Tognoni originals. Rob’s song-writing talents have continuously progressed over the years and have now reached a very mature level in both style and substance, on the new album every song’s a winner.

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