Disc 1 Married Life – Cookie & The Cupcakes My True Life – Leroy Washington Ooh! Wee Baby! Ooh! Wee! – Charles Sheffield Fami

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  • Various - Louisiana Swamp Blues 4CD Boxset (CD)


    In Louisiana music is an important part of daily life. And in Arcadiana it’s a compulsion. Often members of a whole family play and are ready to entertain themselves and their neighbours when the mood takes them. It’s got something to do with the ancestors. The first significant arrivals – in 1755 – were French-speaking Acadians, from Nova Scotia who brought their musical traditions with them. Fast forward to the 20th century. The first accordion-based Cajun records were recorded in 1929. Things changed with the advent of amplified instruments. Black bands in Texas added a contemporary edge to the tradition, calling it ’zydeco’. But Louisiana, of course, is famous also for Blues and R&B and no Swamp compilation would be complete if those styles were left out. Here’s a vibrant, living selection of tracks from a state famous for music.

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