Pine Groove Blues L'ai Ete Au Bal Viens Me Chercher Lacassine Special Choupique French Blues Fiddlesticks Medley Quan

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  • Balfa Family - Retrospective Festivals Acadiens Et Creoles (CD)


    Ranging from the days of the legendary Balfa Brothers, featuring the godfather of Cajun, Dewey Balfa, the collection gives only a tantalising sample of the talents of the various Balfa enterprises. The music is exceptional, with some real Cajun classics including Pine Grove Blues and two versions of J’ai été au bal (variously translated as ”I was at the ball”, ”I went to the ball” and ”I went to dance”, not, as I first supposed, ”I have summer at the ball”), a tune you’ll also find, with different spellings, by other bands, including possibly the best by the aforementioned Lost Bayou Ramblers (J’etais au bal, on Live á la Blue Moon).

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