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  • Young Steve - Seven Bridges Road: The Complete Recordings (CD)


    An expanded reissue for the late country music outsider s second album.

    Recorded in Nashville with the cream of that city’s session men, the album was the follow-up to his debut, 1969’s Rock Salt And Nails. Seven Bridges Road was released three times, with different track listings on each occasion. It initially came out in 1972 on Reprise, then again in 1973, with changes, on the small independent Blue Canyon label. It was released for the final time in 1981 on Rounder, with a new recording of the title track and yet more changes to the track list. Ace include all 19 tracks that came out on the various releases plus a special bonus of two tracks recorded as a Reprise single in 1970 in LA, with Ry Cooder co-producing and providing some vintage slide guitar and dobro. Sleeve notes by long-time fan Garth Cartwright.

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