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  • Movie (Jerry Lee Lewis, Mamie Van Doren...) - High School Confidential (DVD)


    High School Confidential

    (Black & White)

    Starring: Russ Tamblyn, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jan Sterling, John Drew Barrymore, Mamie van Doren, Diane Jergens

    Director: Jack Arnold

    Genre: Detective Film

    Theatrical Date: 1958

    Original Language: English

    Run Time: 85  Minutes

    aka: High School Confidential

    Flags: Not For Children

    Studio: Republic Pictures



    Producer Albert Zugsmith serves up another all-star expose with High School Confidential. Delivering a superb performance under the circumstances, Russ Tamblyn heads the cast as typical” high-schooler Tony Baker. Usually seen in the company of his voluptuous ”aunt” Gwen Dulaine (the truly impressive Mamie Van Doren), Tony convinces one and all that he’s looking for kicks of the controlled-substance kind. In truth, however, our hero is really an undercover narcotics agent named Mike Wilson, bound and determined to smash the operation of drug lord Mr. A. (Jackie Coogan). The once-in-a-lifetime cast includes such worthies as John Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s daddy), Ray Anthony (then married to Mamie Van Doren), Charles Chaplin Jr., Michael Landon and Jerry Lee Lewis as ”Himself.” This updated Reefer Madness is not to be missed! ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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  • Reverend-Beat Man - Surreal folk blues gospel trash Vol 3 (DVD)


    Here it is the long awaited: REVEREND BEAT-MAN’  surreal folk blues gospel trash vol 3′

    This DVD contains 19 Videoclips from the Music of ’surreal folk blues gospel trash vol 1+2’ each of the clips is made by another Movie maker, each of the clip is Different to the other, one more one less Proffesional.. the creativity of the Filmmakers had no borders at all ,so you can see a Pupped Show video clip short movie or a Mass Baptising scene or a Clip made in a Strip Joint, or Reverend Beat-Man on the Electric Chair, Reverend Beat-man’s son who sings ’the clown of the Town’ or  Reverend beat-man hit by a car laying in his Blood and singing ’no hope’. when we started the project we thught it’s gonna be trash but what came in was mostly hi quality stuff the people behind the camera proofs that you don’t need a lot of money to make movies these days what counts is the idea and a good eye of the Camera Man

    We are very proud and happy to present you this DVD that comes as well with a lot of bonus material, like a before unreleased song a slid show and a off Take clip and the WHOLE Mass Baptising Scene 

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  • Burke Solomon - Everybody Needs Somebody-The Definitive Fully-Authorised Story Of (DVD)


    The definitive fully authorised Solomon Burke story. Paul Spencer’s film, screened recently on BBC Television, follows his journey from a humble Philadelphia neighbourhood to New York, Hollywood, and the music industry’s highest accolades.

    We trace his music back to its gospel roots and learn how faith in God sustains him, his 21 children, 79 grandchildren and 17 great grand children, the family he thought he would never have.

    Bill Wyman tells us how the Rolling Stones in their formative years, covered three of his songs, Tom Jones admits that for him, Solomon left all the other soul singers in the shade, and Jools Holland explains how his powerful voice and magisterial presence guaranteed him appearances on Later” as well as Jools’ latest record.

    Producer and musician Joe Henry describes how, with the help of writers like Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Brian Wilson and Elvis Costello, he produced the record that won Solomon his first Grammy.”

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