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  • Various - Rockabilly Shakedown (DVD)


    JO AINOSTAAN RIVERSIDE TRIO:n Prtomo videon takia ostamisen arvoinen DVD julkaisu! Rockabilly was the music of 1950s teenage rebellion. Booze-crazed Hillbilly adolescents formed bands and blasted out primitive country music with an up tempo rockin’ beat, blending in influences from the Rhythms and Blues artist of the day. The ’Slap’ of the double bass was emphasized for percussion, the guitar licks became wilder and vocals captured the frustrations of being a 50s teenager. Rockabilly was the first music played by teenagers for teenager and like Punk Rock twenty years later, it was unacceptable to the mainstream and for its short lived hey-day was released on smaller labels run by enthusiasts rather than major record companies who promoted the safer country artists.

    Inevitably, big business saw the market and in 1956 Elvis was signed to RCA and Capitol snapped up Gene Vincent. As with most of the youth scenes, the big money involved meant that Rockabilly lost its primitive edge, becoming slicker more produced and the radio friendly sound was then known as Rock’n’Roll. For decades only the a few pioneers, such as Ray Campi and Charlie Feathers, continued to enthral a small number of dedicated enthusiasts.

    Then two decades after its original emergence a new generation discovered the primitive roots of Rockabilly! This new wave of Rockabilly made its way to the UK in when the 70s were turning into the 80s, where revival bands such as Crazy Cavan and The Wild Angels ruled the roost. Bands such as The Polecats, The Stray Cats and The Jets were even making it to the charts.

    This DVD explores the scene in the 80s& 90s with live performances from some of genres favourite names, including a UK appearance from the legendary Ray Campi. The Hayriders and The Rhythmaries also achieved popularity on the circuit where as The Jets, The Deltas and Restless, are bands that exploded onto the scene in the eighties, and continue to blast out their neo-rockin’ sounds to this very day. Restless were embraced by the Psychobilly scene, playing at the revered Klub Foot club, and it common place to see either of the bands on the bill at a festival, be it Rockin’ or Psycho! As an added bonus there are promo videos from the Riverside trio, Way Out West and Crazy Tim & Sid.

    The Rockabilly scene still lives on enduringly; with many new fans being captivated everyday, and this ”shakedown” is a outstanding representation of the talent that is held within!”

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  • Martin Jimmy - King Of Bluegrass-The Life And Times Of Jimmy Martin (DVD)


    Independent filmmaker George Goehl directs the music documentary King of Bluegrass: The Life & Times of Jimmy Martin. Born in Sneedville, TN, in 1927, Jimmy Martin recorded with bluegrass legend Bill Monroe for four years, greatly influencing the trademark high lonesome sound. In the mid-’50s, he split to form the Sunny Mountain Boys. He’s performed on the Louisiana Hayride and the Wheeling Jamboree in West Virginia, but never became a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Goehl and his film crew capture 75-year-old Martin still touring the American South and the Midwest with his band. This documentary blends live performances with archival footage and interviews with country stars like Ralph Stanley, Marty Stuart, and Paul Williams. King of Bluegrass was featured at many film festivals before being released on DVD by Thrill Jockey in 2004. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide

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