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  • Haley Bill & Others - Rock`n`Roll Is Born (DVD)


    96 Min Documentary mainly about Bill Haley & the early days of R’n’R, with great quality original footage of ’Crazy Man Crazy’ & ’Shake Rattle & Roll’ from Round-Up On Rhythm film from 1954,. Also included is rare footage from the Bell Sound Studios & The Steel Pier both from 1960, there is rare footage from America in 1958 & from Rome on a European tour. Just a small Selection of the goodies on this fantastic set

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  • The AM Radio Dj`s - Rock`n`Roll Invaders (DVD)


    ”A big part of the early history of rock & roll came from the disc jockeys who first put the music on the radio; they often had personalities as unique as the musicians they played. Rock ’n’ Roll Invaders takes a look back at the great AM DJs of the ’50s and ’60s, from Alan Freed to Wolfman Jack. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide”

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