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  • Movie - Road 2 Smoke Out (DVD)


    It’s about freedom, man. Freedom.” From Choppertown producer, Zack Coffman and Greg ”Edge” Scheuer, promoter of the Smoke Out Rally. This film captures the experience of the original garage-built chopper rally and the culture of infamous biker magazine The Horse Backstreet Choppers. The story of real men and women who burn the midnight oil with wrenches in their hands and grease under their fingernails. Featuring: Amateur Chop Off, Drive-in Bike Show, Old School Drags, The Stampede, The Long Road, Minis, Bean’re, George-the-Painter, Jeff ”Speed King” Cochran, Hammer, Englishman, Wet T-shirt Contest, Painted Ladies, and a host of chopper crazies!All region motorcycle DVD with a ton of bonus clips.This film is not rated: Adult themes, strong language, oh and some boobs.”

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  • Ray Wade - Idaho Red – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD)


    Jumping western swing and hillbilly from an unheralded pioneer! Most songs completely new to CD … only a few were reissued on LP! Includes 3 previously unissued recordings, plus ’Let Me Go, Devil’… the rarely heard original version of ’Let Me Go, Lover’. – Wade Ray never achieved the fame of Bob Wills or Spade Cooley, but he was a true musician’s musician and a key member of Willie Nelson’s backing group for years. Wade Ray played hot swing fiddle, and he was a versatile vocalist who shone on jazz, country, pop and even rock numbers. — This collection captures his flawless, often explosive approach to swing. It didn’t hurt that his accompanists on record included Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant, Noel Boggs, Billy Liebert, Chet Atkins, and Owen Bradley. The 30 tracks include blazing numbers like the classic trucker anthem ’Idaho Red’, ’It’s All Your Fault’ with Boggs, ’Walk Softly’…the closest he came to a hit single, the bluesy ’Too Late To Dream’, the swinging instrumental ’Dipsy Doodle’, the never-issued ’Perdido’ and two incredibly rare post-RCA recordings for Fabor Records. In the past, Ray’s best work has never been properly reissued. Now at last, this collection gives the man, who died in 1998, his due. The set includes liner notes by Rich Kienzle and a detailed discography.

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  • Various - Big Beat Generation Vol 1 DVD (DVD)


    Kokoelma Big Beat levy-yhtiön bändien eri TV ja Live esiintymisistä.

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  • Lewis Jerry Lee - Killer Piano (DVD)


    ”OPETTELE SOITTAMAAN KUIN KILLER! On the heels of his landmark recording ”Last Man Standing”, Jerry Lee Lewis speaks candidly about his 50-year recording career, and, for the first time, demonstrates the piano style that defined rock-n-roll. On ”Killer Piano”, Jerry discusses his youth and career, reminisces with his family, and demonstrates many of his favorite rock-and-roll and country songs. Plus, the DVD is hosted by Linda Gail Lewis and features a complete live concert with Jerry’s band at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Also included is historic footage from Jerry’s first appearance on the Steve Allen show, rare family photos, and printable sheet music transcriptions that pianists can use to study and learn Jerry’s pivotal style. See Jerry Perform And Demonstrate: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, Great Balls Of Fire, Over The Rainbow, You Belong To Me, Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Touchin’ Home, On One Will Ever Know, Mexicalli Rose, Down The Line, You Win Again. Special Features: DVD-ROM, the complete video formatted for your computer or iPOD; Interview with Cecil Harrelson, Jerry’s life-long friend and business manager; Interview with Roland Janes, original Sun Records session guitarist and engineer; Linda Gail Lewis demonstrating Jerry’s ”Rock And Roll Invention”.”

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  • Various - The Clothes, The Cars & The Music (DVD)


    TAAS LÖYTYY VARASTOSTA! Upea dokumentti! Mukana paljon live musaa (biisilistalla kokonaiset biisit livenä rockabilly rave tapahtumasta v. 2006.), autoja (Hot Rod Hayride tapahtumasta), haastatteluita, kunnon rockabilly menoa….PAKOLLINEN HANKINTA KAIKILLE ROCKABILLY FANEILLE!

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  • Movie - Go Johnny Go! (DVD)


    Wow! This is the first appearance on DVD of the legendary rock classic Go Johnny, Go! Brand new DVD release features all the greats. This DVD is still in pre-release and is so new that the first copies are not shrink-wrapped. Performances by Alan Freed, Barbara Woodell, Chuck Berry, Frank Wilcox, Herb Vigran, Jimmy Clanton, Milton Frome, Sandy Stewart, Harvey (of the Moonglows), Cadillacs, Flamingos, Ritchie Valens, Jackie Wilson, JoAnn Campbell and others.

    A special feature of this DVD is a screen menu that lets you select any or all of the songs and play them one-by-one, or all at once without having to view the rest of the movie.

    A rock music promoter (Freed himself) goes in search of a mystery contestant who won his star-making talent contest. The new teen idol, Johnny Melody, is surrounded by rare performances by rock’s founding fathers, including Berry, Cochran, Valens (his only screen appearance), Jackie Wilson, the Cadillacs and many others.

    A rock-fueled jet back to the days when rock was new.”

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  • Movie - Bettie Page-Dark Angel (DVD)


    Every fan of Bettie Page must see this film. Essential viewing and great fun!” – Steve Brewster (President of the Bettie Scouts of America fan club)Bettie Page was America’s favorite pin-up model of the 1950s, and achieved her greatest success as Playboy’s January 1955 centerfold. It was her association with fetish photographer and filmmaker Irving Klaw, however, that would change her life forever and establish the cult icon status she enjoys to this day.Bettie Page – Dark Angel recalls, in episodes, her last three years as a pin-up queen and faithfully recreates – in Klaw’s original style – many of her now classic bondage film performances that were destroyed long ago. After a Senate investigation and indictment of Klaw, threats against her life and frustration over never achieving her dream of success as a mainstream actress, Bettie Page suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from public view. forever.SPECIAL FEATURES Full Screen Version Behind The Scenes: Bondage, Fighting & Nudity Original Music Recordings Photo Gallery Trailers”

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  • Flatlanders - Live From Austin (DVD)


    Recorded june 21, 2002. Featuring: JOE ELY (guitar , vocals), JIMMY DALE GILMORE (guitar , vocals), BUTCH HANCOCK (guitar , vocals), ROB GJERSOE (lead guitar, vocals), GARY HERMAN (bass, vocals) and RAFAEL GAYOL (drums). __________________________________________________ Available for the first time ever, the LIVE FROM AUSTIN, TEXAS concert series features previously unreleased performances from the award winning AUSTIN CITY LIMITS television show. Taken from the full concerts that were edited into half hour TV show, these performances have been re-mixed and re-mastered in stereo and in 5.1. surround sound to provide the highest quality concert DVDs.

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  • Movie - T-Bird Gang (1959) (DVD)


    Genre: Juvenile Delinquency Film

    Theatrical Date: 1959

    Original Language: English

    Run Time: 75  Minutes

    Flags: Questionable for Children

    Studio: Brentwood Home Video



    In this crime drama, a courageous high-schooler goes undercover and joins a teen-age gang so he can get revenge upon his father. When his cover is blown, his life is endangered. Fortunately, the second-in-command has a change of heart and tries to help the young man. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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  • Movie (Feat. Jayne Mansfield) - The Fat Spy (1965) (DVD)


    Starring: Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard, Brian Donlevy, Johnny Tillotson


    Genre: Musical Comedy

    Theatrical Date: 1965

    Run Time: 75 Minutes

    Flags: OK For Children

    Joseph Cates (Who Killed Teddy Bear?) directed this insipid, widely reviled musical-comedy featuring heavyset comedian Jack E. Leonard in his leaden screen debut as twins Irving and Herman. The plot concerns some teenagers searching for treasure on a tropical island owned by a cosmetics tycoon (Brian Donlevy). His daughter (Jayne Mansfield, a year before her death) heaves her bosom a great deal and sings (badly). The best singing is done by lead teen Jordan Christopher, making his own screen debut with some promising numbers backed by the Wild Ones. There are a number of subplots involving spies, mermaids, and the legendary Fountain of Youth, as well as some amusing interplay between Leonard and Phyllis Diller to keep things interesting. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide

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