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  • Horton Johnny - Take Me Like I Am – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD)


    Upea kokoelma Johnny Hortonilta. Tässä ei niitä klassikkoja, vaan hieman harvinaisempia biisejä!! A fabulous addition to Bear Family’s ’Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight’ series of boppin’ hillbilly music! Includes a previously unissued rockin’ version of ’Candy Jones’, plus rarities and obscurities available only on Bear Family boxes! Country fans will love it! Rockabilly fans will love it! — A great new addition to your collection – Johnny Horton / ’Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight’ gathers together the Singing Fisherman’s best early hillbilly bop and proto-rockabilly numbers. You won’t find ’Battle Of New Orleans’, ’Honky Tonk Man’ or the same old hits on this collection. Instead, you’ll discover obscure yet wonderful numbers like ’Tennessee Jive’, ’The Train With A Rhumba Beat’, ’First Train Headin’ South’, and other gems from the vaults. Even if you have a Johnny Horton CD or two, this one offers a playlist not found on any other of his single CD collection. Essential for Horton fans! Just plain essential!

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  • Tall Tom & Ginny Wright - Are You Mine (CD)


    The story of Tom Tall and Ginny Wright is inextricably bound up with one of the music business’s larger-than-life characters: Fabor Robison. In addition to Tom and Ginny, he also discovered Johnny Horton, Jim Reeves, the DeCastro Sisters, Mitchell Torok, the Browns, Bonnie Guitar, and Ned Miller. That would be enough talent for any label, but Fabor managed to alienate them all (in fact, it’s rumoured that Jim Reeves wanted to shoot him).

    Ginny Wright came to Fabor Records to cut a duet with Jim Reeves , and I Love You was a big country hit, peaking at #3 in 1953/4. In November 1954, Ginny recorded Are You Mine with Tom Tall, and it became a #2 country hit, and makes its first-ever appearance on CD here. But then, with the record high in the charts, Ginny just simply quit. She went back to Texas. Years later, she recorded again and even made some more records with Tom Tall, but mostly she cared for her family in Texas. In 2003, she reappeared briefly to become a Louisiana Hayride Hall of Fame inductee.

    Tom Tall (no, not Tom T. Hall, but Tom Tall) was also from Texas, although his family migrated to California when he was a kid, and that’s where he met Fabor Robison. For a couple of years in the early/mid 1950s, Tom

    looked like a contender. He made sharp west coast country music with a hint of rockabilly (like the classic Hot

    Rod Is Her Name), and appeared on all the top shows.’Ozark Jubilee,’ ’Town Hall Party,’ and ’The Grand Ole

    Opry,’ and even toured Texas with Elvis. He was a talent who just didn’t get the breaks. Later, after leaving

    Fabor, he befriended Eddie Cochran and hung around the Los Angeles music scene before moving to Las

    Vegas, where he is to this day.

    Now Bear Family tells the unique and fascinating story of Tom Tall and Ginny Wright with Fabor Robison pulling the strings in the background. Longtime fans will remember our Ginny Wright and Tom Tall LPs, and now they’re on CD with additional tracks and completely upgraded sound.  

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