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  • Hooker John Lee - Come See About Me-The Definitive DVD (DVD)


    The Come & See About Me, The Definitive DVD contains footage gathered from the archives of the Estate of John Lee Hooker and not only brings the music, but the reflections of a true and original bluesman.

    The images capture his energy and charm that has influenced generations of musicians and music lovers. John Lee Hooker has changed the English vocabulary with words like Boogie, Boom Boom , and Chillen’ . He’s altered the culture by putting a spell on such bands and artist as the Rolling Stones, Cream, ZZ Top, Bonnie Raitt, Ten Years After and Van Morrison.

    Come & See About Me, The Definitive DVD starts out with his earliest footage from the ’1960 Newport Jazz Festival’ right up through 1989’s The Healer. This DVD provides a fine retrospective of his entire career.  You get too see him play with his disciple Van Morrison , who took all his phrasing from John Lee. Come & See About Me is like a who’s who of musical pioneers with performances by John Hammond, Paul Butterfield, Foghat, Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, Carlos Santana and the Rolling Stones to name a few. This is one of those rare DVD’s that you’ll be able to watch over and over as it will always be fresh every time you see John Lee Hooker perform the best of his classics.

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