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  • Various ( Fim By Chris Magee) - Havin` A Ball – A Rockabilly Rave 2008 (DVD)



    Filmed at The 12th Rockabilly Rave in June 2008 !

    During the last decade, The Rockabilly Rave has become a cult weekender, that for many, is the cornerstone of the worldwide underground rockin’ scene. In recent years, many tv and film makers have attempted to capture the style and passion of the rockin’ crowd.. but few have managed to come close, often because of a lack of understanding of what makes the fans so passionate and single minded about their music.

    In June 2008, Jerry Chatabox gave brilliant young film maker Chris Magee exclusive All Areas Access to the 12th Rockabilly Rave, not just because he has an extraordinary eye for unusual subjects, and not just because of his short internet films are causing major interest all around the world, but because Chirs is on the inside.. he is a young rockin’ fan, who understands Rockabilly music and the cult status that sourrounds it. The result is a moving art show, taken from real life featuring real people. Backstage nerves, pure raw talent, fabulous fashion and drunk and disorderly at 9am, the mood of the Rockabilly is perfectly captured in this glorious insight.

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