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  • King Albert - Live in Sweden, June 9, 1980 DVD (DVD)


    The mercurial blues guitarist Albert King was one of the strongest and most distinctive musicians ever produced, and Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix were just two of the many players who cited him as a major influence. Albert King: Live in Sweden preserves a gig King taped for Swedish television in 1980. Songs include The Sky Is Crying,” ”Born Under a Bad Sign,” ”Cadillac Assembly Line,” ”Cold Woman with a Warm Heart,” and more.”

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  • Various - Opry Video Classics-Legends (DVD)


    Hieno uutuus. Live materiaalia 50-luvulta 70-luvulle!

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  • Waters Muddy - Live 1971 At Oregon University (DVD)


    Featuring: Muddy Waters, George Harmonica” Smith, ”Pinetop” Perkins, Pee Wee Madison, Sammy Lawhorn, Calvin ”Fuzz” Jones and Willie ”Big Eyes” Smith    

    ”Rolling his eyes toward heaven and shaking his head like a man possessed, Muddy Waters cast a powerful spell. His high cheekbones and Oriental eyes gave him a certain Eastern, inscrutable quality, and at times his face even became angelic. He could easily work audiences into a frenzy, marrying the unmistakable sexual urgency of his lyrics to the vocal slide statements that for 40 years were as much a part of his signature as his voice, which many claim was the best in electric blues.    
    A native Mississippi Delta bluesman, Muddy instinctively understood the unpretentious beauty and power in simplicity. Time and again, he transformed basic patterns into blues masterpieces. Decades after their introduction, hypnotic stoptime songs such as ”Manish Boy” still electrify audiences. Like the superstitions and voodoo images prominent in Waters’ best-known lyrics, the primal earthiness of his rhythms contain a deep, almost subconscious appeal.”  

    ”Jas Obrecht, Guitar Player Magazine ”

    The rare footage presented in this video presents Muddy Waters at his prime and with one of his best bands. The concert was filmed during a West Coast tour in 1971.

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  • Hooker John Lee - & Friends 1984-1992 (DVD)


    Featuring: Albert Collins, Ry Cooder, Robert Cray, John Hammond, Charlie Musselwhite, Bonnie Raitt and Others

    John Lee Hooker is one of the few legendary bluesmen to crack the MTV barrier. He has recorded and performed with a host of contemporary pop stars. John Lee’s music hasn’t changed but the accompanying musicians have. This 60 minute video presents John Lee performing with many of his friends from 1984 to 1992. Ry Cooder duets on three tracks. Robert Cray burns up the fretboard on Mr. Lucky, John Hammond plays slide behind Father Was a Jockey and Bonnie Raitt cajoles and teases on I’m In The Mood.

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  • Various - Legends Of Country Guitar (DVD)


    Featuring: Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Mose Rager & Doc Watson

    Titles include: Mose Rager: I Am a Pilgrim, Cannonball Rag. Chet Atkins: The Entertainer, Jerry’s Breakdown, Beatles Medley, Black Mountain Rag, This String, Rainbows, Kentucky & Until It’s Time For You To Go. Merle Travis: Travis Medley, Mutual Admiration, Mus’rat, Dapper Dan from Dixieland & Guitar Rag. Doc Watson: Freight Train Boogie, I Don’t Love Nobody, Windy And Warm, Streamline Train & Travellin’ Man.

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  • Various - Legends of Country Blues Guitar Vol 2 (DVD)


    Featuring: Bukka White, Big Joe Williams, Son House, Houston Stackhouse, Rev. Gary Davis, Lead Belly & Sam Chatmon

    The blues rediscovery” era of the 1960s brought to concert and sound stages many veteran artists who had participated in the ”Golden Age” of country blues recording prior to World War II. The best of them retained much of their youthful power and brought with them the authority of experience. While these artists have since passed on, their recorded legacy is enhanced by these extraordinary performance clips.

    The first generation of recorded Delta bluesmen – Charley Patton, Tommy Johnson, the Mississippi Sheiks – is echoed in the stark and powerful performances of Bukka White, Sam Chatmon, Big Joe Williams, Houston Stackhouse and Son House. The East Coast ragtime style is exemplified by its supreme exponent, Reverend Gary Davis, seen here in some recently discovered informal footage. Huddie Ledbetter was a tradition unto himself with his repertoire of work and ”play party” songs reflecting pre-blues African-American music idioms. The extraordinary color footage of Lead Belly singing three songs, and the informal footage of him singing Goodnight Irene to his wife Martha, are a treasure for fans of this American folk giant.

    Collectively the performers presented here are an extraordinary group, keepers of bygone traditions whose legacies still resonate.

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  • King Freddie - In Concert, Dallas, Texas Jan 20th 1973 (DVD)


    n January 20, 1973, Freddie King and a tight quartet performed at a TV studio in Dallas, Texas. It was humming in there,” recalls director Jim Rowley. ”Absolutely cooking.” King was 38 and enjoying what he called ”the Fillmore circuit” in America as well as the adulation of throngs (including adoring rock stars) in Europe, especially England. This was the second time King had the brass ring firmly in hand, the first being during the early 1960s ”dance party” era and his success with Hide Away. It all ended too soon with King’s 1976 death but he left us a vibrant musical legacy which includes concert performances like this, a stunning example of a blues master coming to triumphant terms with 1970s African-American grooves and ”playing funky.”

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  • Various - Legends of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar on DVD (DVD)


    Featuring: Merle Travis, Doc & Merle Watson, Elizabeth Cotten, Roscoe Holcomb, Josh White, Sam & Kirk McGee, Mance Lipscomb, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, and Rev. Gary Davis

    Here’s something different and really worthwhile. It’s a collection of filmed and videotaped musical performances by some of America’s greatest fingerpicking guitarists. . . . This tape is a kinetic catalog of southern guitar picking, a musical entertainment, and a valuable learning tool for deciphering the techniques of some of the featured guitarists.”

    The Old Time Herald

    Traditional fingerstyle guitar is particular to its time and place, drawing heavily upon local cuture, but allowing for personal expression and innovation. Each of the artists presented here is a master of fingerstyle guitar, whether two- or three-finger picking. With rare exceptions, most were born around the turn of the century, or in its early years.”

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  • Various - Legends Of Bottleneck Blues Guitar (DVD)


    Featuring: Son House, Johnny Shines, Fred McDowell, Jesse Fuller, Furry Lewis & Mance Lipscomb

    This excellent video focuses primarily on Mississippi Delta bottleneck blues guitarists, and within that framework illustrates several different playing styles… The highlights of the video are the two numbers by Son House. ’Levee Camp Moan’ is preceded by a short but hilarious lecture from House about the dangerous business of love. Both this clip and his ’Death Letter Blues’ typify a Son House live performance — he begins each song with a soft-spoken introduction, then takes a deep breath, hunches over the guitar, and explodes into sound and fury. At the end of each song he seems to collapse with exhaustion.For many of today’s younger blues fans, these videos offer the only chance to see these great artists perform the songs they’re best remembered for. Highly recommended.”

    Living Blues

    Legends Of Bottleneck Blues Guitar presents rare and historical recordings from 1965-1970 of some of the greatest exponents of this blues technique. Black bottleneck guitar styles were probably initially inspired by lap-style Hawaiian slide guitar which enjoyed immense popularity shortly after its inception in the mid-1890s. By 1903, it was already in vogue in Mississippi (and probably elsewhere) according to testimony from W. C. Handy, Gus Cannon and others. Although particularly popular in Mississippi and Louisiana, bottleneck styles could be found the length and breadth of the rural South.

    While there were similarities amongst guitarists in some locales, there was no preponderant style or approach other than the ability and imagination of the guitarist employing a slide technique. The musicians presented in this video are amongst the greatest exponents of slide blues guitar who ever lived and are ample testimony to the superb variety available in this style.”

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