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  • Various - T-A-M-I Show: Teenage Awards Music International (Collectors Edition) (DVD)


    Hailed by one music reviewer as ”the grooviest, wildest, slickest hit ever to pound the screen,” ”The T.A.M.I. Show” is an unrelenting rock spectacular starring some of the greatest pop performers of the 60s. These top recording idols – representing the musical moods of London, Liverpool, Hollywood and Detroit – packed the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium with 2,600 screaming fans and virtually brought down the house. This is the cinematic record of that electrifying event.

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  • Movie - Telstar (DVD)


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    Set against a backdrop of early 60’s London, Telstar is the story of the world’s first independent record producer, Joe Meek. A maverick genius who enjoyed phenomenal early success with Telstar – the biggest selling record of its time – before bad luck, depression, heartbreak and paranoia forced him into murder and suicide. A gay, amphetamine addicted, talented but deeply troubled soul, Meek dabbled in the occult. He is already an iconic figure in the world of British pop. Far from being a maudlin tale, this stranger than fiction true story is a satirical comic drama revealing the many sides of Joe Meek, a man who is now revered as a pioneer in the field of popular music.


    TELSTAR tells the true story of one man’s pioneering efforts in the world of popular music, and his tragic downfall. Record producer and song-writing impresario Joe Meek is renowned for breaking UK artists in the American market. His biggest success came in 1962 with The Tornados’ hit ’Telstar’ which topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. This was the first time a British band had reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and catapulted Meek to industry-wide recognition. Meek was notable not only for his commercial triumphs, but also for his technical wizardry inside the recording studio. Despite possessing no actual musical ability, he revolutionised the way sound engineers made records by introducing innovative new techniques to the process. However, the success Meek enjoyed was short-lived and tainted by a catalogue of personal scandals. A drug-addicted, flamboyantly gay man (at a time when homosexuality was prohibited in the UK) with mounting debts and a fascination with the occult, Meek’s frustration led him to commit murder and, finally, suicide.

    Director Nick Moran brings James Hicks’ play TELSTAR to the big screen with actor Con O’Neill in the lead role and Kevin Spacey co-starring as Meek’s business advisor, Major Banks.

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  • Various - The T.A.M.I. Show (Collector’s Edition) (DVD)


    WOW!!! VIHDOINKIN DVD:NÄ! KATSO YOUTUBE LINKKI! TÄÄ RULAA! Justifiably legendary among fans of vintage rock & roll, The T.A.M.I. Show is one of the first (and still one of the best) examples of a music movie that gets it almost exactly right.

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