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  • Movie - El Diablo Run: A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure DVD + CD (DVD)


    Ever wonder what happens when a few hundred bike riders with an insatiable taste for fire, beer and mayhem ride hand-built choppers across twisty, pitted tarmac from SoCal to Baja and back? The El Diablo Run gives freedom-lovers a chance to go places and do things that are simply not possible at home in the USA. Follow this eclectic band of Diablo runners as they comb the beaches, brothels and back alleys of San Felipe and Ensenada on a quest for cheap tacos, loose women and good times.Complete with free soundtrack CD and 24-page photo book!The EDR DVD is produced by Lowbrow Customs, Four Aces Cycle, Biltwell, Inc. and ChopCult.

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  • Allerton & Alton - Black, White And Bluegrass (CD)


    Historic Country Music Discovery! Recordings of an Interracial Duo located after 60 Years. — Sometimes people who make music history have no idea they’re doing so at the time. Bear Family Records has uncovered just such a case and will proudly be releasing this rare and previously undocumented piece of country music history in November 2010. – You can count on one hand the number of African American country music performers who recorded prior to the mid-1950s. Early Grand Ole Opry star Deford Bailey comes to mind because of his unique status as an instrumentalist. Indeed, the Country Music Foundation treats him as the historical oddity that he was. Jimmie Rodgers used Louis Armstrong’s cornet on a 1930 session, but it’s a cinch the two men never sang together. Black and white country duets are as rare as hen’s teeth during this period. In fact, they may be altogether unknown. – Now Bear Family Records has found one. In several months we will proudly release the historical recordings of Allerton & Alton, The Cumberland Ridge Runners. They are perhaps the first interracial country music duet. Their performances dating from the late 1940s/early 1950s were broadcast over radio station WLAM in Lewiston, Maine and heard throughout the Northeast and parts of southern Ontario, Canada. The story of how these two country music fans met while browsing old 78s is as fascinating as their recordings. Perhaps the most amazing part of their story is the utterly unself-conscious way with which they approached the racial aspect of who they were and what they were doing. Equally compelling is the story of how the Korean War put an abrupt end to this interracial duo, after Alton returned a changed man, having experienced the cruel realities of a segregated U.S. Army. – This release will present their music in typical Bear Family style: lavishly illustrated with vintage photos, full historical notes and as many digitally restored recordings as we can fit on a CD

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  • Chalard Rudy And The Motel Men - In Action! At The House Of Live, Paris, 11.1.2002 (DVD)


    Twangin’ & Rootsy Country Rockabilly from Austin, Texas, USA. Rudy & The Motel Men rock it up live on stage in Paris, France. Includes bonus video and interview.

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  • Robbins Marty - Music Anthology (DVD)


    Grammy Award-winning Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Marty Robbins offers a definitive portrait of his remarkable musical legacy in this release featuring highlights spanning three decades and an astonishing ninety-four albums. In addition to offering nineteen classic hits including I Walk Alone”, ”Maybelline”, ”Devil Woman”, and ”Tonight Carmen”, Robbins also takes the stage for live performances of such classic country ballads as ”Mr. Shorty”, ”Faleena”, and ”Big Iron”.”

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  • Various - Mad Fabricators Vol 2 CD (CD)


    26 songs as featured in the MFS DVDs by the following bands: Bleed, The Dynotones, Lords Of Altamont, The Blue Demons, Mr. Badwrench, Los Creepers and The Delusionaires.

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  • Movie (Jayne Mansfield) - It Takes A Thief (DVD)


    Genre: Caper, Crime Drama

    Theatrical Date: 1960

    Original Language: English

    Run Time: 89  Minutes

    aka: The Challenge

    Studio: Koch Vision



    Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe’s blond competition in the late ’50s and early ’60s, stars in this crime melodrama as Billy, the leader of a gang of thieves. She charms Jim (Anthony Quayle), a widower with a young daughter, into joining the group effort on a particular robbery. After the heist, Jim personally stashes away their stolen loot while she leads the police off in another direction. But the unfortunate new recruit ends up in the clinker for five years while the others go free. Once out of jail, Jim is brought up short — Billy has allied herself with another man and her gang has money to spare — though not enough money, they decide. Against Billy’s wishes, the gang takes drastic measures to get at Jim’s hidden cache of loot from the robbery that sent him to jail. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

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  • Various - Life Could Be A Dream-The Doo Wop Sound (DVD)


    he nostalgic sounds of vocal-harmony R&B are revisited in this video, which documents the mood, style, and emergence of doo-wop in the 1950s and ’60s. Through interviews with surviving members and archival performance footage, the film profiles The Teenagers, The Chantels, The Cadillacs and many more. ~ Michael Hastings, All Movie Guide

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  • Cooke Sam - Legend (DVD)


    Dokumentti yhdestä kaikkien aikojen parhaista laulajista. Mukana mm. ennenjulkaisemattomia esiintymisnauhoja, TV paloja, haastetteluja… Tarinan on kirjoittanut Peter Guralnick. + bonuksena 2 tunnin haastattelu, jossa kuullaan mm. Aretha Franklin, Lloyd Price, Lou Rawls…

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