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  • Truffle Valley Boys - Looking For An Old Fashioned Church (10``LP)


    Founded in 2014 by Matt Ringressi and american roots music veteran Ruben Minuto (who continues to collaborate with the band occasionally), the Truffle Valley Boys have placed themselves at the forefront of the Blue Grass music scene in Europe.

    They perform authentic Blue Grass in the most uncompromising way, around a single microphone and using period instrumentation, with the utmost attention to musical and aesthetic details, a fiery drive and a healthy dose of good-natured entertainment!

    With thousands of miles traveled each year headlining major festivals and events, the band has won unanimous approval all over Europe for their live performances, and their records have received worldwide airplay and enthusiastic reviews on publications like Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Today…the Boys are even featured in a permanent exibith at the Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame And Museum in Owensboro, KY!

    The Truffle Valley Boys’ show is a real throwback to era gone by, and their music is a tribute to the genuine, raw and powerful sounds of the more obscure regional Blue Grass acts of the 1950s…full steam ahead, indee

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  • ZZ Top - Expect No Quarter (2 x10″LP) (10``LP)


    First Edition of 2000 copies. Limited / Numbered. Green & Purple Vinyl, Gatefold.

    Live show from the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, 1980.

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  • Holloway Echoes - Triumphs & Tragedies (10``LP)


    This is a limited edition coloured vinyl.

    An eight – track mini LP with all songs related to or about Joe Meek.

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  • Red Hot Riot - Up The Riot (10``LP)


    This is the second 10″ coloured vinyl album to be released by this popular and busy young band Red Hot Riot.

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  • Sharks - Colour My Flesh (10``LP)


    First time on vinyl for this mid 90s Sharks album

    Limited edition, 10-inch coloured vinyl.

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  • Blake Tommy - Shake Around (10``LP)


    Jatkoa upeaan 10″ albumi sarjaan. Kuten muissakin, mukana myös ekaa kertaa vinyylillä julkaistuja harvinaisuuksia.

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  • LaBeef Sleepy - Turn Me Loose (10``LP)


    Jatkoa upeaan 10″ albumi sarjaan. Kuten muissakin, mukana myös ekaa kertaa vinyylillä julkaistuja harvinaisuuksia.

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  • Bennett Joe & The Sparkletones: - Cotton Pickin’ Rockers 10″LP (45rpm, ltd.) (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl, 14 tracks. Total playing time approx. 28 min.

    The first vinyl disc on Bear Family Records® featuring early rockers from Spartanburg, South Carolina – one of the strongholds of Southern rock more than a decade later with the Marshall Tucker Band.
    Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones made rock and roll history as teenagers back in 1957 with Black Slacks, a true rock smash and hit success!
    In addition to their trademark record, we’ve selected thirteen more rocking highlights from the band’s repertoire for our 10inch vinyl LP, including some scarcer recordings.
    Carefully mastered and adequately journalistically accompanied with liner notes by Bill Dahl.

    They started rocking young during the ‘50s down in Spartanburg, South Carolina. None of the four members in Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones were past their mid-teens (Bennett’s diminutive vocal partner and rhythm guitarist Howard ‘Sparky’ Childress was all of 14) when they roared up the hit parade in 1957 with their blistering rocker Black Slacks. That youthful vigor defined everything the band cut for the ABC-Paramount and Paris labels.

    Bear Family Records®’ new 10-inch album collects the young band’s hottest rockers, including their signature smash as well as its flip Boppin’ Rock Boogie; a sizzling encore pairing Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks and Rocket; the follow-ups Cotton Pickin’ Rocker, Little Turtle, and We’ve Had It, and three ABC gems that didn’t see light of day at the time. Bennett, whose sparkling lead guitar was a primary ingredient in his band’s sound, and his crew moved over to Jack Gold’s New York-based Paris logo in 1959; that’s where their Bayou Rock and What The Heck emerged. The ’65 ABC one-off Well Dressed Man proved the reunited Sparkletones had no problem keeping up with the times. Pull on your Black Slacks and get ready to rock with Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones!

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  • Vincent Gene - Rainy Day Sunshine EP (10``LP)


    1950-luvun rockstaroista rajuin – Gene Vincent – kustansi itse vuonna 1969 neljän biisin äänityssession shoppaillessaan levytyssopimusta. Tuolla vuosikymmenellä Gene ei ollut enää trendsetteri mutta golden oldies -osastolle siirtymisen sijaan hän seurasi vahvasti ajankohdan musiikkityylejä kuten hänen ennenaikaista kuolemaansa vuonna 1971 edeltävät levytykset osoittavat. Hippikausi kuuluu myös tällä EP-levyllä jonka äänitteet julkaistaan nyt ensimmäistä kertaa alkuperäisiltä sessionauhoilta masteroituna.

    Julkaisupäivä: 1.7.2022
    Huom: eri kansi CD vs. vinyyli

    What we got here is the Gene Vincent EP ”Rainy Day Sunshine” released for the very first time ever mastered from the original analog audio session tapes. The four songs on this EP were originally recorded in 1969 as self-financed demo by Gene Vincent himself when he was shopping for a record deal.
    But don’t let the word ”demo” fool you. These are professionally made recordings with obviously professional musicians – even though we don’t know who each one of them is – of well-arranged songs. Beside the musicians, a mystery surrounds also the songs. ”Roll Over Beethoven” is the familiar Chuck Berry rocker, but the writer of the rest of the set is not really known despite having been somewhere credited to someone.
    Gene Vincent was no longer a trendsetter in the 1960’s. But he definitely followed the trends of the day instead of giving up and becoming a golden oldies act, as his last four albums made before his premature death demonstrate. So do these four charming recordings.

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  • Reed Jerry - The Rockin’ U.S. Male (10″LP & CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP (10inch vinyl) w/ bonus CD, 8-page booklet, postcard. 12 tracks (LP), 25 tracks (CD).
    Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 70 min. (CD).

    Jerry Reed became known to a European audience as a film actor through the ’Smokey and the Bandit’ movies.

    – Bear Family Records® presents the songwriter, singer, and accomplished guitarist who began his career with Capitol in 1955 and has also worked for NRC, Columbia, and RCA on a luxurious 10inch LP.

    – The vinyl album features his great rockers, covered by Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent, among others, and – especially on the bonus CD – a number of obscure yet terrific recordings.

    – In the eight-page booklet, author Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber provides exciting background information.
    Limited edition pressed on high-quality vinyl.

    Jerry Reed was multitalented and highly original. He is still remembered for his charming role as Cledus Snow in the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ movies with his buddy Burt Reynolds. However, others still cherish Reed as the outstanding songwriter and innovative guitar picker he also was. If you don’t know Jerry Reed, you definitely will have heard his songs: Guitar Man and U.S. Male be Elvis Presley, Crazy Legs by Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, Lord Mr. Ford by Matchbox, That’s All You Got to Do by Brenda Lee, When I Found You by Big Sandy and his Fly-Right-Boys, and – last but not least – his outstanding East Bound and Down from the first Smokey movie.

    Jerry Reed Hubbard was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 20, 1937. He started his outstanding entertainment career with the help of legendary producer Bill Lowery who secured him a three-year deal with Capitol in 1955.
    On ‘The Rockin’ U.S. Male’ several of Reed’s up-tempo favorites are gathered for the first time. The time-spanning compilation presents Reed favorites as U.S. Male, When I Found You, and You Make It, They Take It with rarer stuff like Twist-a-Roo and the anachronistic exotica classic Rockin’ in Bagdad.

    For the first time – and for the first time on vinyl – Reed’s rockin’ ravers from Capitol, NRC, Columbia, and RCA are presented on a combination platter. It’s hot – and it will go fast!
    As a special treat, Bear Family Records® dishes in an extra CD with all vinyl tracks, augmented by thirteen extra smokey Reed speeders – amongst them Jerry Reed’s collaboration with Ric Cartey and his dreadnought picking for The Rockateers.

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  • Richard Cliff - Cliff Richard (Ltd, Silver) (10``LP)


    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – limited collector’s edition, only directly at BEAR FAMILY ONLINE SHOP
    1-LP 10inch (limited to 500 copies – white vinyl), mono, 12 tracks.

    1:1 reproduction of a rare German pressing, limited edition on Bear Family Records®!
    Reissue of the ’Cliff Richard’ LP in our 11000-count 10inch collector’s series.
    This 10″LP was originally released in 1960 on Germany’s Columbia label, catalog number C 60 691, 33 WS 539.
    Reproduction of the scarce original album cover.
    The recordings have been carefully remastered for this vinyl edition and sound excellent.
    Strictly limited to 500 colored copies, a collector’s edition, pressed on white vinyl.

    Almost unbelievably, Cliff Richard – born in 1940 – remains the UK’s most successful domestic star. In total, more than 130 of his singles, EPs and LPs are said to have entered the UK charts.
    In our Viny Exclusives series, we are re-releasing a rare German release from 1960 in a limited edition of 500 color 10inch LPs. ’Cliff Richard’, recorded with the Shadows, provides cover versions of US R’n’R originals made popular in Europe by Cliff, such as I’m Walking, Baby I Don’t Care, Don’t Bug Me Baby or Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On, plus several rather balladesque recordings that are already reminiscent of the sensationally successful pop star Cliff Richard would become a few years later.
    We have reproduced the original cover and carefully remastered the old recordings.

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  • Francis Connie - Spectacular Sound Of… (Green) (10``LP)


    Originally issued in Japan on MGM ZS 5002 with only eight tracks.
    „Lipstick On Your Collar“, recorded in 1959, was a worldwide hit and reached the #5 position in Billboard and #3 in England. It is a Rock ´n Roll classic.
    „Te quiro, dijiste“, recorded in 1960, stems from one of Connie’s best selling albums, „Connie Francis Sings Spanish And Latin American Favorites“, a huge success in the Latin American countries and in Spain.
    „Where The Boys Are“ (1960) was the title song from the movie of the same name and a million seller; it was the first movie role for Connie. The movie went to become one of the top grossing films of the year, whilst the song was a worldwide hit, with top positions in countries such as Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Peru, New Zealand, The Philippines and South Africa. It is popular until today in the gay community and Connie used to introduce the song in her live appearances with: „Ladies and Gentlemen – the gay national anthem!“.
    „Anema e core“, recorded in 1959, is a song from Connie’s most successful US album, „Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites“ MGM E/SE 3791.
    The Spanish version of „Malagueña“, recorded in 1960 (in 1966, Connie recorded the song with German lyrics) is another song from one of Connie’s best selling album, „Connie Francis Sings Spanish And Latin American Favorites“, a huge success in the Latin American countries and in Spain.
    „Mama“, recorded in 1959, is one of Connie’s million sellers and was popular all over the world. In Connie’s own words, it is a song „I never grow tired of singing“. The song originates from the 1940‘s and was first made pupular by Beniamino Gigli.
    „Clementine“ is one of the selections to be found on Connie’s 1961 U.S. album „Connie Francis Sings Folk Song Favorites“ on MGM E/SE 3969, featuring The Jordanaires as background singers.
    „Tennessee Waltz“ stems from Connie’s first Country & Western album, „Country & Western Golden Hits“ on MGM E/SE 3795 and was recorded in1959.

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  • Francis Connie - Queen Of Hearts (Pink) (10``LP)


    Originally issued in The Netherlands in 1960 on MGM F5-101, this was a local print of a French 10“/25 cm album, plainly entitled „Connie Francis“ on MGM F5-101, but retitled and supplied with a different sleeve.
    „Valentino“, recorded in 1960, was confined to an album release in the US, but was a hit in many European countries, such as Belgium, England, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. It also exists as a single-tracked version.
    „Mama“, recorded in 1959, is one of Connie’s million sellers and was popular all over the world. In Connie’s own words, it is a song „I never grow tired of singing“. The song originates from the 1940‘s and was first made pupular by Beniamino Gigli.
    „Robot Man“ from 1960, was another European hit and was particularly big in England, where it reached the #2 position.
    „Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me“ originates from Connie’s most successful US album, „Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites“ MGM E/SE 3791, recorded in 1959.
    „Plenty Good Lovin‘ (written by one Connie Francis and recorded in 1959) and „Fallin‘“, from 1958, were successes in the US charts and those of many other countries.
    „I’ll Get By“ originates from Connie’s first US album, „Who’s Sorry Now“, recorded in 1958, and was released as a single in England, where it charted at # 19.
    „Jealous Of You“ from 1960, was Connie’s first #1 in Italy which was sung in the native language; in the US, it was the flipside to Connie’s 1960 million seller „Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool“ and charted independently of the #1- A-Side, at #19 in Billboard.
    „Stupid Cupid“, recorded in 1958, was the first composition of two aspiring young songwriters by the names of Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield and is one of Connie’s best remembered Rock ´n Roll songs ever. It only reached #14 in Billboard, but went to the #1 spot in England, where it remained for six weeks. „Stupid Cupid“ was also a big hit in many other countries.
    „Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool“ (1960) was a #1 hit and million seller for Connie in the US and a worldwide hit.It was the first of her hits she had translated into other languages, German in this instance and the result, „Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel“ was a big hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

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  • Francis Connie - A Date With (Yellow) (10``LP)


    Originally issued in Japan on MGM ZL-5066 in 1962
    Titles 1, 2, 5 and 6 are all sung in Japanese and were all big hits in the land of the rising sun.
    „Mr. Twister“, recorded in 1961, originates from Connie’s U.S. hit album „Do The Twist“ MGM E/SE-4022.
    „Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You“ was a #1 hit for Connie in 1962 in the US and a worldwide hit.
    „Teddy“ (1960), written by Paul Anka, was the flipside to her million seller „Mama“ in the US and charted independently of the A-Side at #17 in Billboard.
    „When The Boy In Your Arms [Is The Boy In Your Heart]“ was a Top 10 hit in Billboard and charted in 1961/1962 in many countries around the globe.

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  • Legacaster - Doin’ The Truck With… (10``LP)


    Legacaster is back! After Boppin’ Guitar (2015) and Big Berry (2017), Legacaster is back with a new album called, Doin’ The Track With… This new album contains 11 new songs about trucks, guitars, relationships and everything you can expect on a Rock and Roll album. Legascaster is joined by Berto Martinez on drums, Juanma Rodriguez on double bass and features guest appearances by Jake Calypso, Spencer Evoy and Lynette Morgan. The design on the album is made by Marcel Bontempi. The album is released by Kathrina / Sleazy Records in vinyl and cd format.

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  • West Sonny - Feel The Heat (Ltd 500 copies) (10``LP)


    Kauan kesti matka Englannista Suomeen. 2020 julkaistu albumi!

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  • Strays - Goodbye Cruel World (10``LP)


    This 10″ limited edition, coloured vinyl follows hot on the heels of their two acclaimed CD albums

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