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  • John Lindberg Trio JLT - Are You For Real? (CD)


    Uusi albumi. VIHDOINKIN. Taattua matskua yhdeltä kovimmista. Saamme varastoon 1.4. mennessä.

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  • Rusti Steel & The Star Tones - Hey DJ! It’s…. (CD)


    Rusti Steel & The Star Tones are back with a fantastic new album!

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  • Those Deadbeat Cats - This Ain’t Rockabilly, This Is….. (CD)


    Stunning CD album from top musicians Those Deadbeat Cats which is a blend of Rockabilly & Ska, sprinkled liberally with fun throughout.

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  • Reno Danny - In The Rockhouse (CD)


    Danny Reno – Vocals & Acoustic Gtr
    Darrel Higham – Lead Guitar
    Pete Pritchard – Upright Bass
    Tony Hillebrandt – Drums

    Engineered & Mastered And Recorded At Embassy Studios (Upton Gray) By Graham Dominy

    Produced By Darrel Higham & Graham Dominy

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  • Lee Dickey - I Saw Linda Yesterday (CD)


    Although he would become a big Country star in the 1970s and 80s, singer/songwriter DICKEY LEE started out as a heads-down Rock’n’Roller in the 1950s.

    His first release, ’Stay True Baby’, is nowadays a hugely collectable R&R rarity, as are the two 45s he cut for Sun Records in 1957/58, ’Good Lovin” / ’Memories Never Grow Old’ and ’Dreamy Nights’ / ’Fool, Fool, Fool’.

    Dickey eventually registered with a controversial death disc, ’Patches’, in 1962, which he followed with the hit album, ’The Tale Of Patches’, the superlative, Dion-inspired, ’I Saw Linda Yesterday’, and the popcorn ’Don’t Wanna Think About Paula’.

    This compilation anthologises all his early recordings, between 1957-62, many of which are hard to find on CD.

    He would subsequently find his way into Country music via songwriting; included herein as a Bonus track is Dickey’s first major success as a songwriter, George Jones’ effortlessly magnificent ’She Thinks I Still Care’.

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  • Black Jeanne - He’ll Have to Stay (CD)


    Country singer JEANNE BLACK registered a massive, million-selling, worldwide hit in 1960 with her first record, ’He’ll Have To Stay’, the answer disc to Jim Reeves ’He’ll Have To Go’.

    In a brief career which was eventually curtailed by family commitments, she registered a couple more chart records and cut a critically-acclaimed LP, ’A Little Bit Lonely’.

    She also recorded with her younger sister, JANIE BLACK, sometimes billed as JEANNE & JANIE, and occasionally unbilled, as a duettist.

    This compilation features Jeanne’s entire recorded output between 1960-62, both solo and as one half of Jeanne & Janie, plus a pair of Janie’s 45’s on which she makes an audible contribution.

    This is the first time that this overlooked, vastly underrated body of work has been thus compiled.

    It includes many tracks which have never previously been reissued in any format, while more than a half of these sides are making their digital debuts.

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  • Various - West Florida Rhythm and Blues (CD)


    TAMPA and ST. PETERSBURG in FLORIDA were the focal point from the late 1940s through to the early 1960s for what is nowadays a neglected and obscure centre of black R&B music, much of it focussed around the saxophonist and bandleader Charles Brantley.

    Brantley, along with his front man vocalist Clarence Jolly, was recorded in the early 1950s by New York record label owner Bob Shad and Jasmine is proud to release these sides as part of a twenty-five track compilation of jumping R&B and smootchy ballads from the Sunshine State.

    Also included are cuts by such acts as Gene Franklin and his Rockin’ Spacemen and harmonica virtuoso Eugene ’Texas’ Ray, along with the flamboyant Guitar Shorty, although these artists had to migrate to New York City, or in the case of Shorty, Chicago, to make their recording debuts.

    Jam-packed full of rare recordings, this collection will delight both R&B collectors and enthusiasts and will shed a welcome light on a hitherto undocumented area of post-war American Rhythm and Blues music.

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  • Mallard Sam / Various - Sax Mallard In Session – The Mojo 1946 -1954 (CD)


    The latest instalment of Jasmine’s blues and R&B musicians ’In Session’ presents the great Chicago saxophonist Oett ’Sax’ Mallard. Of the hundreds of recordings he made just 26 have been chosen covering an 8 year period from 1946. As a session man he played with some of RCA Victor’s top blues singers. We start with a few of them, playing alto sax with Roosevelt Sykes and Tampa Red from 1946 then a year later clarinet with Washboard Sam, each memorable performances.

    A move to the Chess Brothers’ Aristocrat label saw sessions under his own name including the instrumental ’The Mojo’ and Artie Shaw’s ’Summit Ridge Drive’. The Aristocrat label became Chess in 1950 and another release by Mallard this time with Andrew Tibbs as vocalist. Two tracks from United with Roosevelt Sykes Honey Drippers then a session with Mercury, first with Big Bill Broonzy and on his own with ’The Bunny Hop’. Another Mercury session produced two more instrumentals including ’Accent on Youth’ where his overdubbed alto & tenor creating what has been described as ’an impossible sonic perspective’.

    Back to Chess for two instrumentals with his own orchestra and a couple with the popular Chicago club singer Mitzi Mars. Then with one of the many Chess doo wop groups The Coronets. For the final track he joined Guitar Slim’s New Orleans road band for a session that produced ’Later for You Baby’ and was released on the Los Angeles label Specialty.

    These 26 tracks just scratch the surface of his Chicago recording career but give an insight to what a great artist he was as a session man or in his own right.

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  • Motley Frank and His Motley Crew - Go! Man! Go! – Double Barrelled Blues and Boogie 1952-1956 (CD)


    FRANK MOTLEY was a famous R&B and Jazz trumpeter and bandleader, who recorded prolifically throughout the 1950s.

    His fame was not merely down to his volume of recorded work, but more for the power of his live performance, specifically his ability to play two trumpets simultaneously, which earned him the nickname ’Dual Trumpeter’ Motley.

    His Motley Crew famously featured singer/pianist Curley Bridges, singer Elsie ’Angel Face’ Kenley, and drummer Thomas ’TNT’ Tribble.

    They recorded extensively for Washington-based DC Records from 1951, who licensed many of their recordings to labels like Gotham, Specialty, RCA, Big Town, Hollywood and Gem.

    This is a great ’lost’ body of work, much of which has never previously appeared on CD.

    This repertoire is sought after by R&B and R&R collectors alike, notably ’Bow Wow Wow’, which is viewed by specialist collectors as being among the most raucous and exciting R&R records of all time.

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  • Various - Banjos, Tea Chests, Thimbles and Washboards – The Great UK Skiffle Boom! (2CD) (CD)


    Very nearly seventy years after the event, it’s impossible to convey just how big an impact SKIFFLE had upon the teenaged youth of an austere, sepia-tinted, post-WW2 UK.

    It was an almost exclusively British phenomenon, propelled by home-made, DIY simplicity; a cheap, bottom-of-the-range banjo or acoustic guitar; a stand-up tea chest bass; a washboard; a handful of thimbles; and a kazoo, from Woolworths (optional).

    It’s no exaggeration to say that Lonnie Donegan’s frantic ’Rock Island Line’, which made the charts in January 1956, changed everything; it threw the ’rule book’ out of the window.

    Following Lonnie’s breakthrough, along came The Vipers, Chas McDevitt & Nancy Whiskey, Johnny Duncan, Dickie Bishop, Alexis Korner & Cyril Davies, and dozens more.

    This compilation features all the singers, strummers, strokers and scratchers at the forefront of the UK Skiffle Boom – more than 40 different groups/artists are featured – and includes many of the genre’s biggest hits.

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  • Cues - Why? (CD)


    Formed by Atlantic Records’ head of A&R Jesse Stone in 1954, THE CUES were one of the outstanding vocal groups of the 1950s.

    Their core personnel were Ollie Jones, Robie Kirk (aka Winfield Scott), Jimmy Breedlove, Abel De Costa, and Eddie Barnes, each member a superlative lead singer in his own right.

    They recorded prolifically, for Lamp, Jubilee, Groove and Capitol, making the US charts with ’Burn That Candle’ (which was covered by Bill Haley & His Comets) and ’Why’.

    Elsewhere they also sung on dozens of hits of the era, incognito, backing singers like Ruth Brown, Lavern Baker, Big Joe Turner, Nat ’King’ Cole, Roy Hamilton, Ivory Joe Hunter, Clyde McPhatter, etc.

    This unique compilation comprises everything that they recorded variously as The Cues, and The 4 Students in the 50s; a one-off 1960 ’reunion’ 45rpm, credited to Eddie Barnes; and four sides featuring them backing other artists.

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  • Bell Freddie And The Bell Boys - Rompin’, Stompin’ Rock and Roll (CD)


    Now largely overlooked, Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys was the group that brought rock ’n’ roll to Britain.

    The group’s recording of ’Hound Dog’ inspired Elvis Presley to record the song.

    Included in this package are all of the group’s U.S. and U.K. single releases for Mercury Records, along with earlier American releases on the Teen label.

    This is the first time these tracks have been compiled on one collection. In addition there are four extra tracks which were recorded later for labels based in New York. Two of which on the Audicon label have sparked a debate as to whether it’s the same Freddie Bell or not. Jasmine has decided to include these as a matter of interest.

    This package is the perfect snapshot of the early days of rock ’n’ roll.

    The CD comes with an informative booklet, telling Bell’s story and contains, all writer credits, releases information and scans of record labels and other memorabilia.

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  • Strong Barrett / Various - Barrett Strong and The Roots of Detroit Soul (CD)


    The latest volume in Jasmine’s intense reissue programme of early Detroit Soul, this unique compilation is built around the seven singles which BARRETT STRONG recorded for Tamla and Atco, between 1959 and 1962.

    Strong was one of Tamla’s earliest hitmakers, famously recording the original version of ’Money’, the crossover R&B/Pop classic which would later be revived by Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, among many more.

    Also featured are six minor Tamla/Motown/Miracle artists CHICO LEVERETT (who was also a member of The Satintones), HERMAN GRIFFIN, SINGIN’ SAMMY WARD (who charted briefly with ’Who’s The Fool’), HERMAN LUMPKIN, GINO PARKS and ANDRE WILLIAMS (who went on to become an important producer), each of whom cut only a few sides for Berry Gordy’s labels.

    Like most compilations of early Tamla/Motown material this is a superlative body of work, and you wonder why more of these sides failed to become hits.

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  • Anka Paul - Lonely Boy – All His U.S. Hits 1957-1962 (CD)


    Just fifteen years of age when he wrote and recorded the multi-million-selling worldwide smash ’Diana’, in 1957, former child prodigy PAUL ANKA was perhaps predestined to become a major star.

    He was, with the notable exception of Chuck Berry, the first singer/songwriter of the Rock & Roll era and he followed through with a steady stream of huge, mainly self-penned, hits.

    Hailed as Rock & Roll’s youngest millionaire, Anka had sold nearly thirty million records and was grossing $1.5 million a year before his 21st birthday.

    The ultimate compilation of his early career, this set features all his US chart entries between 1957 and 1962, for ABC Paramount and RCA Victor.

    Nine of these were million sellers: ’Diana’, ’You Are My Destiny’, ’(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings’, ’Lonely Boy’, ’Put Your Head On My Shoulder’, ’It’s Time To Cry’, ’Puppy Love’, ’My Home Town’ and ’Love Me Warm And Tender’.

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  • Various - Be Nice to Him Mamma – More Early Britt Girls (2CD) (CD)


    Like its predecessor, ’Tell Him, Popcorn Brit Girls 1960-62’ (JASCD861), this 68-track, 2-CD set takes a look at the UK’s favourite female singers in the pre-Beatles era.

    It once again features ’usual suspects’ like Helen Shapiro, Susan Maughan, Julie Grant, Carol Deene, The Vernons Girls (who sing the title track), Maureen Evans, Kathy Kirby, Anita Harris, Jackie Trent, Lynn Cornell, Glenda Collins, etc., not forgetting Dusty, when she was a Springfield.

    Juxtaposed against newcomers like Grazina, Candy Sparling, Simone Jackson, Christine Quaite, Susan Singer, Patsy Ann Noble, Patti Lynn, Suzy Cope, Jackie Frisco, Cherry Roland, Jan & Kelly, etc.

    Also, members of the established ’old guard’, Alma Cogan, The Beverley Sisters, Petula Clark, Marion Ryan, Lita Roza, Cleo Laine, Jackie Lee, Ruby Murray, Pat Reader, Lorne Lesley, Ottilie Patterson, etc.

    This is another superb collection of hits and collectors’ rarities, many of the latter appearing here for the first time on CD.

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  • Smith Carl - You Are The One – Biggest Hits 1951-1962 (CD)


    CARL ’Mr. Country’ SMITH (also known as ’The Gentleman Honky-Tonker’) was one of the genre’s most consistent hitmakers of the 1950s, notching up more than thirty Top 10 C&W records.

    Although he’d emerged from a Honky-Tonk background, Smith became one of the first Country singers to experiment with a more ’cosmopolitan’ style, which smoothed out a lot of the rougher edges and took him, musically, away from diehard traditional towards the late 50s Nashville Countrypolitan sound.

    His chart success continued well into the late 1970s, when he abruptly retired from singing to raise a family and breed horses, on his 500-acre ranch in Franklin, Tennessee.

    This compilation, which includes five #1s and more than a dozen further Top 5 records, features all but two of Carl’s Top 10 Country hits between 1951-62 (we had to omit a couple of top tenners, as they simply wouldn’t all fit).

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  • Sovine Red - Simply Red – The Solo Singles – 1954-1959 Plus! (CD)


    The general public knows him chiefly for his sentimental, posthumous 1980 UK chart topper ’Teddy Bear’ – but Red Sovine had a long career in country music stretching back to the early 1950s, recording dozens of sides for many labels and scoring more than 30 US country chart hits between 1955 and 1980.

    His earliest recordings are about as far away from ’Teddy Bear’ as it’s possible to get – driving, hardcore honky tonk hillbilly classics that are greatly favoured by vintage country and indeed, many rockabilly collectors. Almost all of them are gathered here in this new Jasmine collection that features every one of Red’s solo sides from the 1950s, including classics like ’Juke Joint Johnny’, ’Don’t Drop It’ and ’You Used To Be My Baby’ (the latter featuring its writer Roger Miller on harmony vocals).

    These high-quality recordings were made in Nashville with a crack team of ’A’ list studio musicians of the calibre of Chet Atkins, Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Ernie Newton, Floyd Cramer and Buddy Harman. Collectively they epitomise just how great country music sounded in the years before ’The Nashville Sound’ became the norm in Music City – simply great songs, sung with feeling by one of the most underrated artists of their era.

    There have been previous Sovine compilations showcasing his work from 1960 onwards, but this is the first time that so many of Red’s trailblazing 50s records, across all the labels he recorded for in that decade, have been presented in the same place and in the same collection.

    As with all Jasmine CDs, here’s music of the highest quality, brought to you in the highest quality, mastered from the best possible sources and coming to you with an expertly annotated booklet.

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  • Kolax King / Various - Those Rhythm and Blues 1948-1960 (CD)



    King Kolax, born William Little in 1912 is the subject of the next instalment in Jasmine’s series of ’backroom boys of jazz, blues and R&B’. From early days he built himself a reputation as a trumpet player but was able to handle a vocal or two. This collection starts with both sides of a very rare 78 on Joe’s Brown’s short lived Opera label showing Kolax’s ability as a blues singer. He & his orchestra stayed with Brown for two more releases this time on J.O.B. before they backed Joe Williams with his self overdubbed version of ’Everyday I Have the Blues’ the Chess Brothers issued on their Checker label. Still on Checker Danny Overbea ’pops’ up with his original version of ’40 Cups of Coffee’ before Bill Haley & the Comets got their hands on it.

    Mabel Scott’s latin-themed ’Fool Burro’ follows featuring Kolax on trumpet & Red Saunders on percussion before Rudy Green’s given a couple of Chances. Then there’s four more Overbea Checker titles including his Italian version of ’Sorrento’.

    Kolax next appears on VeeJay and of the eight titles recorded two were not issued at the time and four appeared later on a French Top Rank LP, all eight are issued together on CD for the first time and includes ’Those Rhythm & Blues’ with Calvin Carter, the A&R head & brother of label owner Vivian Carter, who impersonates a female fan who wants to hear ”those crazy rhythm ’n’ blues.” The misterioso latin instrumental ’Vivian’ was probably named after Vivian Carter. The disc ends with four rare tracks from the late 50s all with a more modern feeling.

    King Kolax is presented here as leader and supporting bandleader showing his musical diversity from the years 1948 until 1960.

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  • Kari Sax and His Orchestra - Swinging The Blues 1947-1957 (CD)


    Another edition to the ’backroom boys of soul, blues & R&B’ to go along with Howard Biggs, Red Saunders, Leroy Kirkland and King Kolax. Sax Kari was a major artist in this field and spent most of his life in music, recording for a multitude of labels some of which can be heard here and when not singing he can be heard on guitar or piano.

    Our selection starts with two titles recorded under his own name in 1947 with the Carolina Cotton Pickers, a long established jazz band with Anita Patterson handling the vocal on one, Kari the other, the original version of ’Signifying Monkey’ later recorded by Johnny Otis & many others. Gloria Irving follows with her recording in 1953 of ’Daughter (That’s Your Red Wagon)’ a follow up to Ruth Brown’s ’Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean’ & it made the Billboard R&B charts at No.8.There’s a selection with Gloria, then Bob ’Detroit Count’ White before a move to Chess with Lena Gordon’s only two recordings.

    At this stage in his career Kari switched to the popular vocal group format with the Senators, La Fets & Kitty and The Quailtones before reverting back to the blues with Katie Watkins, a much sort after Checker 45 with Kari as Texas Red, one of his many name changes. He’s also Texas Red with the Contours for the next two titles. Then back to Kari with The Alley Kats & Kitty and Little Sammy Ward before the crazy finish with his orchestra on ’Goldie The Green Eyed Octopus’ a spoof title similar to ’Flying Purple People Eater’ complete with sound effects!

    Here we have brief snapshot of the versatility of Sax Kari, more a major force in the soul, blues & R&R field than a backroom boy.

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  • Ace Johnny - The Complete Duke Recordings and More – 1952-1958 (CD)


    An overview of a legendary R&B performer who was one of the biggest R&B performers of the 1950s.

    Contains his entire output for Duke Records including 3 R&B number ones and 5 more Top 10 R&B hits including ’Pledging My Love’ which spent ten weeks in the top spot.

    The perfect way to ’discover’ an artist who only ever had one 7′ single released in the U.K. and that was 7 years AFTER his death!

    The CD also includes two recordings made by other artists in tribute to the singer / songwriter after his accidental death at Christmas 1954.

    The booklet contains a detailed look at Johnny Ace’s life, his death at his own hands along with scans of reviews, labels and press ads.

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  • Poole Brian & The Tremeloes - 1962 (CD)


    BRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOES were, famously, the group whom Decca Records signed in January 1962 instead of The Beatles.

    Ironically, immediately after The Beatles’ breakthrough the following year, Poole & The Trems would jump on the Beat Group bandwagon with a cover of ’Twist & Shout’.

    However, this compilation deals with their first year of recording, immediately prior to the Beat Boom and their subsequent adjustment in playing style.

    In 1962 they cut three 45rpms, including the near-hits ’Twist Little Sister’ and ’Blue’.

    They also recorded a rare LP, Big, Big Hits Of ’62, a round-up of medleys of some of the biggest hit U.K. records that year (bizarrely, their original LP sleeve didn’t feature the group’s name on the front cover).

    All are anthologised on this unique set, the first time that this body of work has been thus assembled.

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  • Burnette Johnny - The A-Sides 1955-1962 (CD)


    Brought together for the first time on one CD is a collection of Johnny Burnette’s A sides from his beginnings with his brother Dorsey and the Rock & Roll Trio, through to solo sides for Freedom, Liberty and Chancellor labels.

    The set also features rare instrumentals issued (with his brother Dorsey) as The Texans and The Shamrocks.

    Containing all his US and UK Hits from the best possible sources and celebrates the talent of a performer taken from us far too soon.

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  • Otis Clyde / Various - Looking Back – Bandleader, Songwriter, Producer – 1955-1962 (2CD) (CD)


    Although you will doubtless read elsewhere that Quincy Jones was the first black man to hold down a senior executive position in a major record company, the mighty CLYDE OTIS (he stood 6’4′) beat him to it by a good few years.

    Perhaps best known for his long, hugely rewarding collaboration with Brook Benton, songwriter / bandleader / arranger / producer, Otis possessed perfect ears and was a wildly successful writer and producer.

    At the outset of his career he was active as a recording artist, Clyde Otis And His Orchestra; Disc 1 of this unique compilation comprises tracks from his own LPs and 45rpms.

    Disc 2 presents Otis as a songwriter, arranger and producer, juxtaposing a handful of key hits and million sellers against a selection of collectors’ rarities.

    Much of the material on Disc 1 is unavailable elsewhere on CD, as are several of the more esoteric, collectable sides on Disc 2.

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