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  • Walton Bo - & Red Alert: Well, Here’s The Deal… (CD)


    The brand new 13-track album from Bo Walton & Red Alert.
    10 original tracks and 3 covers, featuring one very special guest Geraint Watkins!

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  • Hurriganes - Rock And Roll All Night Long (50th Anniversary) (CD)


    Rajoitettu 350kpl painos oranssilla vinyylillä. Gatefold + liite

    Vuonna 1973 Suomen musiikkikentällä tapahtui järisyttävä muutos, kun Hurriganes jyräsi keikkapaikoilla ja lopulta elokuussa ilmestyi kauppoihin bändin debyyttialbumi ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT LONG. Rockin lento on kestänyt jo 50 vuotta ja on siis juhlajulkaisun aika. Tälle julkaisulle on kasattu kaikki Hurriganesin vuonna 1973 äänitetyt LP- ja singleraidat. Ja jymyisänä bonuksena kaksi ennen julkaisematonta biisiä: aikoinaan studiosessioista yli jääneet rajut rockversiot TRUE FINE MAMA ja SHADOOGIE. Cissen sanoin: ”Ei muuta kuin happy rock and roll” !!! Julkaisusta saatavilla 2LP musta vinyyli, 2LP värillinen vinyyli sekä CD.

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  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 43 – Rockabilly & Country Bop From The Vaults Of Allstar Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The now 43rd installment in the popular rockabilly CD series with detailed label portraits on Bear Family Records® is dedicated to the Texas label Allstar Records.
    On Allstar itself and its two subsidiaries, Kool and Nu-Craft, great country and rockabilly recordings by well-known and rather obscure musicians have appeared.

    A fascinating mix of country songs and hard-hitting rockabilly by musicians like Johnny Bush, Eddie Noack, Rocky Williams and Wiley Barkdull a.o.

    In the extensive illustrated booklet, music historian Bill Dahl tells the story of the Houston-based label founded by Dan Mechura in detail, providing brief biographies and discographical details of each artist and recording.
    Re-mastered recordings from the best accessible sources.

    Dan Mechura’s Houston-based Allstar Records had a different business plan from the lion’s share of his country and rockabilly competitors. For a fee, Mechura and his cohorts would accept lyrics from amateur songwriters through the mail and fashion them into completed songs, recording the final product with a surprisingly impressive roster of singers and sidemen.

    By no means was everything Allstar and its Kool and Nu-Craft subsidiary labels done that way, but a fair amount was – resulting in some intriguing listening.

    Bear Family takes an in-depth look at Allstar’s obscure output on this edition of ‘That’ll Flat Git It!,’ uncovering some splendid obscurities by surprisingly well-known names.

    Johnny Bush’s first two singles came out on Allstar in 1958, and there are memorable entries by veteran country vocalists Link Davis, Eddie Noack, Lawton Williams, Earl Aycock, and Smilin’ Jerry Jericho.

    Adrian Roland’s Imitation Of Love beat the odds to become a national country hit in 1960, while Johnny Watson (not the famed blues guitarist), Bobby Clanton and The Citations, Jerry Matthews, Tommy Graham, and Mechura himself (as Daniel James with Rock Moon Rock) supply tough rockabilly, Rocky Williams tears through Rock Cinderella, and Wiley Barkdull’s insane guitar instrumental Tiger By The Tail rocks harder than anything coming out of Houston in 1964!

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  • Sinatra Nancy - Keep Walkin’: Singles, Demos & Rarities 1965-1978 (CD)


    *Light in the Attic* continues to celebrate the influential career of singer, actress, activist, and icon *Nancy Sinatra* with a captivating new collection, *_Keep Walkin’: Singles, Demos & Rarities 1965-1978_*. Exploring the lesser-known gems from Sinatra’s rich catalog through *25 B-sides, rare singles, covers, demos, and previously-unreleased recordings*, *_Keep Walkin’_* was remastered by the *GRAMMY®-nominated engineer John Baldwin* and available in a variety of formats, including *vinyl, CD, 8-track, and digital*.

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  • Master Plan - Grand Cru (CD)


    Garage rock super group of master class movers n’ shakers featuring founding members of The Dictators, The Fleshtones and The Waxing Poetics. Dashes of doo wop, a trace of surf and overwhelming lashings of goodtime rockin’ infiltrate the music of The Master Plan.

    Performed by The Master Plan:
    Vocals / Guitar – Keith Streng
    Vocals / Guitar – Paul Johnson
    Vocals / Bass – Andy Shernoff
    Drums / Vocals – Bill Mihizer

    Lead Vocal on Feels Good to Feel – Dave Faulkner
    Piano on Ooh Baby Ooh – Josh Kantor
    Amy Simpson on Ooh Baby Ooh – Background Vocal

    Produced by The Master Plan
    Produced by Mike Giblin – 1,2,3,13
    Mastered by Kurt Bloch
    Art & Direction – Cliff Mott

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  • Holloway Echoes - Project Emily (CD)


    4th digi-pack CD album from this popular band.

    Track 4 features special guest Lyndon Needs (of Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers fame!)

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  • Various - Sloppy Drunk – The R&B Rockers (CD)


    90 Years Since Prohibition Ended! NYT LÄHTEE!! OTETAAN TAAS!

    The twenty nine 100 percent proof R&B rockers used on our Koko Mojo Historic Series album are a musical booze booze party from start to the finish! Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-180) R&B Rockers, Sloppy Drunk tells the story of Wayne Wheeler‘s Volstead Act which ended 90 years ago on 5th December1933. We invite you to drink, but not to excess and party along with during our R&B Rockers, Sloppy Drunk album and musically give the finger to Wayne Wheeler‘s Volstead Act.

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  • Various - Blues Meets Doo-Wop Volume 2 (CD)


    Doo-wop is not just for Christmas. A genre often associated with the festive period at the tail end of every year, and synonymous with a picture book setting of Christmas given the radiating warmth of harmonious vocals encased in gold, and emanating from the voices of a truly gifted combo. A false representation however, because doo-wop is music fit for any occasion. Much more than the imaginative associations of a Christmas backdrop that, granted, doo-wop possesses the power to conjure such picturesque imagery, but on an entirely different trajectory doo-wop also has the ability to portray emotions where melancholy is present whether due to economic hardships or universal theme of relationship woes. It’s in these moments where we all feel something, and there is no genre better equipped with the right utensils (i.e. Vocals) to convey such emotions, in addition to providing solace from difficulties that life has a tendency to produce. Different in comparison with the wild shenanigans of rock ‘n’ roll, and different given the approach of this latest compilation series from the good folks at Koko Mojo, the genre of doo-wop makes numerous connections with the genre of blues during Blues Meets Doo Wop Volume 2.

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  • Various - Black Pearls – Rhythm & Blues Volume 5 (CD)


    Ei paha. Ei ainuttakaan huonoa biisiä. Kunnon party levy.

    ”Let’s Rock and Roll”

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  • Denny Martin - The Tiki World of Martin Denny – Exotica! (CD)


    Martin Denny – the acknowledged creator of the ’Exotica’ genre of music, often referred to as ’the father of exotica’.

    29 tracks including all his biggest hit singles, including the mono and stereo recordings of ’Quiet Village’, the tune that started it all.

    Among the tracks are ’exotica’ arrangements of well-known standards written by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Hoagy Carmichael, Charles Trenet and Les Baxter among others.

    This CD offers the perfect introduction to exotica for the new listener as well as a comprehensive choice of tracks for fans of Denny and the genre.

    The CD booklet contains personal reminiscences by Martin Denny and the man who produced most of his recorded work, Liberty Records founder Si Waronker, in a thousand plus word essay.

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  • Ingman Jorgen - Apache and Beyond (CD)


    In the mid 1950s/early 1960s JØRGEN INGMANN was known as ’The Danish Les Paul’, as he was the first guitarist in Europe to similarly experiment with multi-layered recording techniques.

    Although virtually unknown in Britain, he sold hundreds of thousands of records in mainland Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Canada, and the Far East.

    And it’s likely that his audacious cover of ’Apache’ sold more copies, worldwide, than The Shadows.

    Although Ingmann also enjoyed parallel European success as a vocalist (he would win the 1963 Eurovision), this set concentrates entirely on his instrumental recordings.

    Included are his contemporaneous international hits, ’Echo Boogie’, ’Pepe’ (a massive hit in Europe, where it outsold Duane Eddy), ’Anna’, ’(Hear My Song) Violetta’, ’Valencia’ and ’Africa’.

    The first Jørgen Ingmann CD to be compiled for the UK Instro collectors’ market, much of this material is difficult to find elsewhere on CD.

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  • Carlisle Cliff - Mouses’ Ears and Barnyard Metaphors 1930-1937 (CD)


    These are Vintage (1930s) Country recordings, comprising risqué, double-entendre songs and others of a similar ilk, with plenty of yodelling – effectively, the po’ white trash equivalent of pre-war Blues.

    While Country artists chasing mainstream acceptance were generally cautious, CLIFF CARLISLE routinely ignored the boundaries that had been drawn in the sand.

    Indeed, Carlisle was perhaps the man for whom the concept ’Non-PC’ might have been invented.

    And in an era when Blues musicians routinely sang ’risqué’ material, heavy with innuendo, he gave them a run for their money.

    This compilation draws from the seedier side of Cliff’s recorded legacy, concentrating on his ’earthy’ repertoire.

    He sings, joyously, of his little mama’s ’mouses’ ear’ (and boasts of ’hauling her ashes’), of ’barnyard sex’ (Cliff was fascinated by the activities of cocks and pussies), of ’wild cat mamas’ and ’pay-day fights’, the horror of being ’married alive’, and much, much more.

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  • Grandpa Jones - Bread and Gravy – The Complete Recordings 1952-1955 (CD)


    A superstar of traditional country music and bluegrass for over half a century, and a regular on Nashville’s ’Grand Ole Opry’ from the 1940s until (quite literally) the day he died, Louis Marshall ’Grandpa’ Jones had a longevity that few of today’s top country talents will ever be able to match. He was far from being a Grandpa when he first recorded in the 1940s, but his whiskery, curmudgeonly persona caught on quickly with the public and kept him popular until he was a Grandpa several times over in real life.

    Grandpa was a prolific artist from the minute he first set foot in a recording studio. His many earlier and later 1940s and 50s recordings have been comprehensively anthologised in the digital era. Somewhat surprisingly, though, nearly four years’ worth of recordings that he cut for RCA Victor between 1952 and 1956 have largely been overlooked by compilers – until now, that is.

    ’Bread And Gravy’ brings together every single one of Grandpa’s recordings from this period, with many of them being reissued for the first time in nearly 50 years and, indeed, some of them for the first time ever! As well as thirty solo recordings – all of them cut with the cream of 50s Nashville’s session musicians – you’ll find duets with his wife Ramona and Kitty Wells’ daughter Ruby – plus 5 duets with his great friend, comedienne Minnie Pearl.

    As a further bonus, we include all of Minnie’s own solo recordings from the same period – and in most cases, the same sessions – as her duets with Grandpa.

    This is unvarnished hillbilly music, the likes of which is seldom heard in a Nashville recording studio anymore. ’Bread And Gravy’ is a window on a world long since passed, but still as highly enjoyable to look through (and listen to!) as it was more than 70 years ago.

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  • Darnell Larry - I’ll Get Along Somehow 1949-1957 (CD)


    Larry Darnell was a huge but now-forgotten star of black music and was an important component of the sound that became New Orleans R&B in the 1950s.

    Six Billboard Top Ten hits during 1949-50, including ”For You My Love” (No.1 for eight weeks in 1949 in both the Jukebox and Best Seller charts), ”I’ll Get Along Somehow” (No.2 in 1950), ”I Love My Baby” (No.4 in 1950) and ”Oh, Babe!” (No.5 in 1950). All included here.

    This compilation collates the very best of Darnell’s slow blues and up-tempo jump recordings.

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  • Edward 'The Great Gates' White - 1949-1957 (CD)


    Jasmine’s ongoing reissue programme of premium 1950s Rhythm & Blues continues this month with what we believe to be the first ever digital compilation – and the first compilation of ANY kind since the mid-1980s – of the excellent recordings of Edward Gates White a.k.a. The Great Gates (and occasionally, The Man In The Moon).

    Gates was typical of the many West Coast-based artists who recorded consistently throughout most of the 50s, without ever really getting the recognition his superb records should have earned him. His one R&B Top 10 hit ’Late After Hours’ was a calling card that saw him label hopping across a host of small L.A. independent labels, always making great music and always hoping that another hit might eventually come. That one didn’t, was no reflection on the quality of his recordings, which – as you will hear in this Jasmine collection – are uniformly excellent.

    Backing Gates on these tracks are some of Los Angeles’ most eminent session musicians of the period, including Marvin Phillips (later of Marvin and Johnny) on saxophone, Chuck Norris on guitar and Richard Lewis – the subject of his own Jasmine CD anthology – on piano.

    Gates lived a long and full life, long enough to benefit from and appreciate the first wave of collector interest in his music almost 40 years ago. Sadly he passed in 1992, but his music sounds as great now as it did when he first recorded it more than 70 years ago.

    Watch out for more first class CDs in this ongoing series from Jasmine!

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  • Various - Eurotwang! – 34 Twangy Guitar Instro’s, Exhumed from Europe’s Deepest Vaults (CD)


    Guitar Instrumentals became hugely popular in the US and the UK in the late 50s, following the arrival of Rock & Roll, and Europe was quick to follow suit, notably Scandinavia.

    It all cranked up a couple of notches following The Shadows’ success with ’Apache’ in 1960, and by the following year Europe was awash with Shads’ clones.

    This compilation presents the sound of Instro Europe, predominantly during 1961 and 62, from seven different countries, with an emphasis on Scandinavia and Denmark.

    Few of these discs were issued in the UK at the time, a noble exception being The Spotnicks, from Sweden, who of course enjoyed success here.

    Yet these records sound every bit as good as those recorded by their UK counterpoints.

    If you’ve never heard much Eurotwang before, this is the place to start… you’ll love The Jumping Jewels, Die Playboys, Les Fantômes, The Cliffters, etc.

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  • Reynolds Jody - The Endless Sleep Man 1958-1962 (CD)


    JODY REYNOLDS is no doubt destined to be erroneously remembered as a ’One Hit Wonder’ for his very first record, the million-selling ’Endless Sleep’.

    Once heard, never forgotten, its spooky, reverb-laden vocals and Al Casey’s rumbling guitar lent dramatic tension to the disc, bestowing instant ’killer’ status on it.

    However, his follow up, the similarly-crafted ’Fire Of Love’ (which would later be revived, memorably, by both the MC5 and Gun Club), also dented the US Top 100.

    Reynolds went on to record a powerful, wholly underrated body of work, which even includes a couple of Instro 45s, with his backing group The Storms, featuring him on lead guitar.

    This compilation is an attempt to anthologise all his releases between 1958-62, across seven different labels.

    Included herein are a number of sides which are serious collectors’ rarities, impossible to find elsewhere on CD.

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  • Jackson Sloan - Take Me Back In Time (CD)


    Uusi upea albumi Sloan Jacksonilta. Ilmestyy myös vinyylinä.

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  • Howdy Glenn - I Can Almost See Houston: The Complete (CD)


    While Black influences are inextricably intertwined with the formation of the genre, there is a very short list of Black country performers who made a splash on the national charts or the public consciousness in the 20th century.

    After winning the 1974 ”Trucker’s Jamboree” at the Hollywood Palladium, Inglewood California firefighter Howdy Glenn began a recording career that not only gained him regional hits on an independent label, but found him appearing to rapturous crowds whenever and wherever he performed live. After singing at the Academy of Country Music’s general meeting, he was signed to Warner Bros. Records by Andy Wickham (who had also signed Joni Mitchell, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Buck Owens, and more). Warner Bros. Released his first Wickham-produced single in 1977.

    His second, a cover of Willie Nelson’s ”Touch Me,” spent six weeks on the charts. Glenn headlined at Gilley’s in Pasadena, Texas, and found himself nominated for the ACM’s Top New Male Vocalist award. It appeared as though country music had a possible new star on the rise.
    But, as happens inexplicably for some artists, after a few singles, and more material left in the can, a new album from ”The Singing Fireman” (as he was dubbed by Warner Bros.) never materialized. Glenn’s early singles were compiled on the Indian Head label LP I Can Almost See Houston, and he recorded another single, released on his own Fire Records imprint. Both failed to land further success, and Glenn continued on with his career in firefighting.

    I Can Almost See Houston: The Complete Howdy Glenn collects all the recordings and reexamines the importance and legacy of Howdy Glenn.
    Containing all 8 of his singles, plus 6 newly mixed, previously unissued tracks from the Warner Bros. #vaults, plus an outtake from his Fire Records sessions, this 23-track collection was Produced for release by Grammy® nominee Scott B. Bomar (The Bakersfield Sound) and Grammy® winner Cheryl Pawelski (Hank Williams – The Garden Spot Programs, 1950). With Restoration and Mastering by Grammy® winner Michael Graves, the packaging contains photos, ephemera, and new liner notes from Bomar, outlining not only a brief history of Black artists in country music, but Howdy Glenn’s rightful place in the story.

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  • Robillard Duke - Six Strings Of Steel (CD)


    Northport NY – On June 23, MC Records will be releasing Six Strings of Steel by guitar master Duke Robillard – The record represents all his influences including swing, blues, and rock – You’ll hear Link Wray’s ”Rumble”, Dylan’s ”Watching The River Flow”, Fats Domino’s ”I’m Going To Be A Wheel Someday,” and of course several Duke originals. Six Strings of Steel is the second record Duke has recorded with M.C.Records. The first was 2017’s Duke Robillard and His Dame’s of Rhythm.

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  • IV and The Strange Band - Hang Dog (CD)


    Hank Williamson suvun tuorein artisti. No nyt.. Kunnon kantria Hank III:n tyyliin.

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  • Principato Tom - A Guitar for Christmas (CD)


    This album is a gift to my wife, my Love Virginie who loves Christmas and Christmas music as much as I do.

    The idea was to do something different and fresh, with a bluesy twist, instead of just a ”traditional” approach to some of the Christmas classics. It was the ”Christmas with Chet Atkins” album that inspired me to want to play guitar, and I have always wanted to make an album of Christmas electric guitar instrumentals. Thanks to her encouragement, that wish has finally come true. All songs are complete performances without any fixes, punching in, or editing.

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