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  • Bagge Tapani & Eklund Jari - Teddy, Aikka ja Alpo – Alpo Hakalan musiikki ja elämä 1957–2021 (Kirjat)


    Ilmestyy 30.3.

    Ujon pojan nousu suomalaisen rockmaailman huipulle.

    Parikymppinen Alpo “Teddy” Hakala niitti 70-luvun lopulla huikeaa suosiota Suomen ykkösbändi Teddy & The Tigersin kanssa. Mitä sitten tapahtui? Entä sitä ennen?

    Alpo oli hiljainen putkimiehen poika Keravalta, joka nousi rocktähteyteen Teddy & The Tigersin johtohahmona. Tigersin jälkeen hänestä tuli Aikka ja uudesta bändistä Bad Sign. Rockabilly vaihtui rhythm’n’bluesiin mutta keikkoja riitti. Väliin Alpo kokeili muita töitä, raittiutta ja perhe-elämää.

    Alpo kertoo oman tarinansa, jota perhe, ystävät, bändikaverit, roudarit sekä keikkamyyjät täydentävät. Myös managerit, fanit ja levytuottajat saavat sanansijan.

    Tapani Bagge on pitkän linjan kirjailija, joka tunnetaan etenkin dekkareista ja historiallisista romaaneista. Jari Eklund on valokuvataiteilija, joka on kirjoittanut kirjat Syntyneet rokkaamaan ja Tiger Twist. Yhdessä he ovat tehneet kirjan Prosenttimies – Bikerin tarina. Kumpikin on kotoisin Keravalta.

    363 sivua. Kovakantinen kirja

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  • Peter Guralnick, Colin Escott - The Birth of Rock ’n’ Roll: The Illustrated Story of Sun Records and the 70 Recordings That Changed the World (Kirjat)


    A fascinating look at the history of Sun Records, the label that started Rock n’ Roll, told through 70 of its iconic recordings.

    In Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1950s, there was hard-edged blues playing on Beale Street, and hillbilly boogie on the outskirts of town. But at Sam Phillips’ Sun Records studio on Union Avenue, there was something different going on – a whole lotta shakin’, rockin’, and rollin’.

    This is where rock ’n’ roll was born.

    Sun Records: the company that launched Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Carl Perkins. The label that brought the world, “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “Breathless,” “I Walk the Line,” “Mystery Train,” “Good Rockin’ Tonight.”

    The Birth of Rock ’n’ Roll: 70 Years of Sun Records is the official history of this legendary label, and looks at its story in a unique way: through the lens of 70 of its most iconic recordings. From the early days with primal blues artists like Howlin’ Wolf and B.B. King to long nights in the studio with Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, you will see how the label was shaped and how it redefined American music. Accompanying the recordings is the label’s origin story and a look at the mission of the label today, as well as “Sun Spot” sidebars—a fascinating dive into subjects such as how the iconic logo was created, the legendary Million Dollar Quartet sessions, and how the song “Harper Valley, PTA” funded the purchase of the label.

    Written by two of the most acclaimed music writers of our time, Peter Guralnick and Colin Escott, and featuring hundreds of rare images from the Sun archives as well as a foreword by music legend Jerry Lee Lewis, this is a one-of-a-kind book for anyone who wants to know where it all started.

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  • Robertson Mark - Ride This Torpedo (Kirjat)


    Jatkoa The Devil’s Rhythm kirjalla. 280 sivua.

    Release: December 2022, Joulukuun aikana

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis – Prodigy Of Sun Records (2 x Book + 10″LP ) (Kirjat)


    What can you expect from this release?
    Two books printed on high quality paper as you are used to from The Elvis Files Team. 9 glossy photos to frame, a 10-inch album with 10 songs in the best possible sound quality and many hours of reading pleasure with ELVIS: Prodigy of SUN Records.
    We, have already delivered big projects in recent years but I can assure you that this release is the icing on the cake. No expense has been spared to make this travelogue a success. For you of course, the fans.
    The complete overview in word and image from Elvis’ birth until Elvis signed for RCA. 800 pages packed with unique material and documentation interspersed with beautiful photos.
    Hundreds of hours of research gives an overall picture of the boy who became a king. Many new and/or higher/better quality photos have been purchased and distributed through these two issues. You will be amazed at the mass of information that has come to light through newspaper articles, through those who befriended Elvis over the years and much more info via the web. This project is not a photo book but a day-by-day travelogue.

    RELEASE DATE: NOW! 10″LP Will be sent later !

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  • Presley Elvis - 1956 BOOK + CD (Kirjat)


    Elvis’ most important songs from 1956 on 1 CD packaged together with a deluxe 88-page hardback book by renowned music critic Peter Guralnick, the world’s No1 authority on Elvis Presley.
    In this impressive 88-page book, renowned music critic, author, screenwriter, and Elvis Presley authority Peter Guralnick explores Elvis’ records and experiences from 1956 in great detail. Guralnick explains why it was such a ground-breaking year in the career of the iconic rock & roll star.

    Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1943, Guralnick specializes in the history of early rock and roll and is the author of a classic two-volume biography of Elvis Presley, ’Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley’, followed by ’Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley’.

    This book is fully illustrated with rare and never before published photos, including numerous classic shots of Elvis by photographer Alfred Wertheimer.

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  • Presley Elvis - Celluloid Sell-Out! BOOK +2CD (Kirjat)


    FTD Books presents ”CELLULOID SELL-OUT!  448 pages of Worldwide Elvis Presley movie memorabilia from 1956-1958. It’s packed with movie posters, lobby cards, pressbooks, publicity stills, programs, standees, heralds and much more!  Plus 2 bonus CDs featuring the soundtracks from LOVE ME TENDER, LOVING YOU, JAILHOUSE ROCK and KING CREOLE.

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  • Brackenridge Craig - Doin’ My Own Thing – Alan Wilson Autobiography (Kirjat)


    Doin’ My Own Thing is the autobiography of Alan Wilson and covers everything from childhood, school days, playing in bands, touring overseas, producing records, writing songs and owning a recording studio and record label. This book also covers the fascinating period when the first Psychobillies broke away from the Rockabilly scene to create their own subculture.

    “If you are expecting a straight-up rock biography here then think again. The bust-ups, bad behavior and (occasionally eye-watering) backstage antics are all present but there is also so much more. The early days stories are alive with detail and pitched somewhere between the movie Kes, Play For Today and a particularly violent episode of Grange Hill. Alan also takes a trip through the history of British Rock ‘n’ Roll whether it is experiencing the fine lines between the cults of Ted, Rockabilly and Psychobilly or working alongside many of his childhood heroes. Stories of many big names appear throughout but never in a boastful manner as you get the impression that Alan soaks up each experience with vivid powers of recall and uses these moments to inform his creative endeavors. While many books from musicians take you on a standard trip from obscurity to burn-out with possible salvation along the way, Alan deviates from this path and takes a good few page-turning detours that are bemusing but wildly entertaining. The career of The Sharks, Alan’s production work and the history of the Western Star Recording Company are only part of the story here. This is a meaty portion of non-fiction indeed. Dig in!”
    Craig Brackenridge – Author

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  • Presley Elvis - Off Duty With Private Presley (Book + CD) (Kirjat)


    Todella hieno 100 sivuinen ja kovakantinen kirja! Sekä CD, jossa paljon harvinaisia kotiäänityksiä.

    50 Year Commemorative Army Issue (1960-2010)

    The CD contains recordings made during Elvis’ time off duty whilst in the army and includes 30 UNRELEASED tracks privately recorded while he was stationed in the US and Germany. These recordings are released officially for the first time ever.

    Also included are classic’s such as ’A Big Hunk O’ Love’, ’A Fool Such As I’ and ’I Got Stung’.

    The 100 page book has many stunning unreleased photographs. It includes informative text and historical facts focussing on Elvis’ time in the US Army and details the recording sessions (both private and commercial) made during this time.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis: The Airplanes & The King by Carlos Varrenti (Kirjat)


    400-page High quality Hardback Book.

    The Airplanes & The King’ by Carlos Varrenti, English version is an expanded 400-page High quality Hardback book with a lot of unreleased material from Elvis Files’ vaults! Printed and distributed by The Elvis Files Team.

    The author notes, ’As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have always wanted to write a book on Planes and the King. Since my first visit to Graceland back in 2001, I have been extremely intrigued by Elvis’ history with his aircraft and his link to aeronautics in general. In my life every little detail, every short paragraph in a book, every video, every photograph, every little note or information related to Elvis and his planes, was always marked and kept in my personal archive. In 2021 all this information, along with some unique Elvis stories, has now been beautifully arranged in this glorious book, for every Elvis fan’.

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  • Presley Elvis - NBC TV Special June 28, 1968. The Gospel & Bordello sequence Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

    The return of Elvis to TV in 1968 with photos that failed the sponsor’s approval. Too offensive for puritan America! He helped bring the pop world from illusion to reality. He was the catalyst for making youth pop into a medium alive with sexuality and urgency.


    150 pages with approx. 200 photos

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  • Presley Elvis - Opening Night Las Vegas July 31, 1969 (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.


    Many fans know this series of photos from the interweb but here you will see previously unpublished shots of Elvis on stage. He performed at the International in a 2,000-seat room and every show was a sell-out. He was a bigger smash than any other high powered Las Vegas attraction.


    150 pages with approx. 200 photos

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  • Presley Elvis - One Night in Boston, November 10, 1971 Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

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  • Presley Elvis - One Night In Anaheim November 30, 1976 Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

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  • Presley Elvis - Las Vegas, January 26 / February 23, 1970 Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 148 sivuinen pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

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  • Janne Örnberg (sekä Kati Järvi ja Jori Venemies) - Emman perilliset – suomalaisen rautalankabeatin vuosikymmenet (Kirja) (Kirjat)


    Rautalankamusiikki edustaa monelle vain yli puolen vuosisadan takaista nostalgiaa. Harva musiikinlaji on kuitenkaan yhtä ajaton – ja yhtä suomalainen – kuin Emma-iskelmän vaikutuksesta syntynyt, ja sittemmin monin tavoin jalostunut rautalankabeat.
    Kirja on kirjoitettu syvällä pieteetillä ja suurella sydämellä. Teos osoittaa, että rautalankabeat on koko historiansa ajan voinut hyvin, ja on elinvoimaista musiikkia edelleenkin.

    Tekijä: Janne Örnberg (sekä Kati Järvi ja Jori Venemies)
    Sivumäärä: 383
    Sidosasu: Sidottu, kovakantinen

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  • Atte Varsta - Elvis & minä – suomalaisten tarinoita Kuninkaasta (Kirjat)


    Tekijä: Atte Varsta
    Ilmestymisaika: Elokuu 2021
    Sivumäärä: 340
    ISBN: 9789523810259
    Sidosasu: Sidottu, kovakantinen, valokuvitettu

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis On Tour 1972 – 50th Anniversary (3 x BOOK) (Kirjat)


    As 2022 “On Tour” marks its 50th anniversary: we celebrate ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022 this Summer. A very well researched and groundbraking publication by Erik Lorentzen and Jerry Luckenbach ─ ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022 is the first and only monumental reference work for decades. A 3-book publication, over 1200 pages with more than 1000 unseen photos.

    This is Elvis EXTRAVAGANZA.

    For the first time ever we present you all the facts about the recordings. Dubs, overdubs, rehearsals, studio and master tapes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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  • Presley Elvis - Love Me Tender – Through The Lens Of Robert Vose (BOOK + 2CD) (Kirjat)


    FTD Books is pleased to present “Love Me Tender – Through The Lens of Robert Vose”. Pål Granlund and David English visited the 20th Century-Fox Studios archive several years ago which proved to be an amazing experience. These stunning photographs captured by Robert Vose – the majority of them unseen and unpublished since September 1956 – reveal life on the movie set with Director Robert D. Webb, his cast and crew. Accompanying the book are two CD’s: Disc 1: The original EP, Outtakes, Stereo Masters and The Truth About Me interview. Disc 2: The 13 recordings made at Radio Recorders between September 1-3, 1956.

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  • Make Tapio Memorabilia - Rockin ’ Bones KIRJA + Bonus CD (Kirjat)


    Marko Tapion hurmioitunut rock and roll -vuodatus sotki systeemini.
    Kuinka kukaan voi kirjoittaa rockabillystä ja rhythm & bluesista näin
    sekopäisiä sanaryöppyjä? Ensishokin jälkeen ymmärsin, että kiihkon
    vallassa runoileva nuorimies oli oikeilla jäljillä.” – Pekka Laine
    (The Fanatic IV, Hip Shooters, YLE)

    Make Tapion tekstit olivat kuin Gene Vincentin ensimmäiset
    levytykset: villejä ja vaarallisia, ja varsinkin Suomen oloissa rajoja
    rikkkovia. Maken sanan säilä viilsi hurmokselllisesti kuin Cliff
    Gallupin kitarasoolo.” – Masu Ijas (Pink Thunderbird)

    Marko ”Make” Tapio (1967 – 1991) oli oululainen rock and roll -friikki ja tuottelias kirjoittaja. Maken tekstejä julkaistiin satoja sivuja
    sellaisissa ”alan” pienlehdissä kuin Pink Thunderbird, Too Much Noise ja Blues News.

    Maken muistolle omistettu Rockin’ Bones -kirja kokoaa yhteen näistä jutuista parhaat ja kaivatuimmat – sekä yli 70 sivua ennenjulkaisematonta materiaalia! Kirjassa Maken verbaalisesta ilotulituksesta pääsevät osalliseksi muun muassa Link Wray, Tall Boys, The Cramps, Larry Williams, Don & Dewey, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Thurston Harris, Larry Donn ja monet muut rock’n’rollin, rockabillyn ja r&b:n unohdetut kulttisankarit.

    Rockin’ Bonesin mukana tulee synkassa kirjan juttujen kanssa etenevä 30:n kappaleen cd, ”musiikillinen matka Maken maailmaan”.

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  • Presley Elvis - Welcome Home Elvis! – Deluxe Boxset 2xLP, 1×10″LP, BOOK (10``LP, Kirjat, LP)


    Memphis Mansion presents – Welcome Home Elvis! – The Acetates

    The Frank Sinatra Timex Special with Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis, jr., Joey Bishop, Nancy Sinatra, Peter Lawford

    Recorded 26th of March, 1960. Shown on television for the first time on the 12th of may, 1960.

    For the first time ever, you will hear the show in a completely magical sound quality! Comes from a newly found acetate.

    We are going to guarantee that you have NEVER heard this show of this kind of way!!

    If you want to give yourself a blast of a new Elvis experience, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this release!

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  • Jari Moberg - SADOIN SÄHKÖKITAROIN – suomalaisen rautalankamusiikin historia (Kirjat)


    SADOIN SÄHKÖKITAROIN – suomalaisen rautalankamusiikin historia:
    252 sivua (joista 72 nelivärisiä), koko 260×260, kovat kannet. Satoja harvinaisia ja ennen julkaisemattomia kuvia. Ensimmäistä kertaa julkaistaan 8-kärjessä tulokset 1963 ja 10-sivuinen diskografia. Suomen 1960-luvun rautalangan lisäksi esitellään Euroopan, USAn, Skandinavian ja Japanin rautalanka sekä myös Rautalanka Records, Agents, rautalanka 1970-2020…

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  • Hawkins Screamin' Jay - I Put a Spell on You: The Bizarre Life of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (Kirjat)



    Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was larger than life and louder than sin. The story of his life is a wild ride through nightclubs and bedrooms throughout the world. Who cares what the truth is when the story he tells is so much better.

    In the annals of rock ‘n’ roll there have been a lot of strange characters, but there probably hasn’t been anyone as bizarre as Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and this is his story. Known mostly for a single record, I Put A Spell On You, and emerging from a coffin to perform on stage, Screamin’ Jay was a whirlwind performer, lusty singer, prolific songwriter and a man who was total stranger to the truth.Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was larger than life as he emerged from a coffin with a skull on stick singing I Put A Spell On You. With one song, Screamin’ Jay, who studied piano and sang opera, became the embodiment of the sexually insatiable, voodoo empowered, black man feared by 1950’s America. Caught between myth and a nearly unbelievable truth, which story is better? I Put A Spell On You brings together hundreds of interviews with Screamin’ Jay, his family, and bandmates to weave a new tale of the life of this seminal rock and roll pioneer.Screamin’ Jay Hawkins released ”I Put a Spell On You” in 1956. The song, that never made it to the charts when it was released, would eventually be covered several hundred times by the likes of Nina Simone, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Marilyn Manson; Jeff Beck and Joss Stone’s version even received a Grammy nomination in 2010. It was selected as one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll and was added to Rolling Stones’ list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Hawkins’ music and outlandish onstage persona inspired generations of musicians after him. And yet, little is known of the man and little can be taken at face value. Hawkins interpreted his past with a poetic license to kill, a magical amalgam of his own making—creating disparate stories alternatively terrible or sympathetic at his will. I Put A Spell On You brings together hundreds of interviews with Hawkins, his family, bandmates, and contemporaries. For those needing a towpath of truth, footnotes abound to tether you through. Here is Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’s story—mean, heartbreaking, and magic.

    About the Author:
    Steve Bergsman, has contributed to more than 100 magazines, newspapers and wire services for more than twenty-five years, including: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Toronto’s HomeFront, Fortune, Black Enterprise, Oldies, Chief Executive, The Australian, Phoenix Magazine and the news services: Reuters, Inman, Copley and Creator’s Syndicate.

    Product Details:
    Paperback: 192 pages
    Publisher: Feral House
    Biography & Autobiography / Composers & Musicians

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