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  • Alex Valenzi & The Hideaway Cats - Cruisin’ Around (CD)


    Coming straight from Brazil, right on the band’s 25th anniversary (July the 4th), Alex Valenzi and the Hideaway Cats’ 4th record brings one of the most traditional and important artists from the Brazilian scene vocalist and pianist Alex Valenzi and his band at their top performances with their own style of playing Rock ’n’ Roll, which Alex describes as the ”Boogie a Billy Rock”.

    The whole album was recorded in Brazil and mixed and mastered by Shorty Poole in California, so you can expect a great sounding record full of Rhythm and Blues, Rock ’n’ Roll and a touch of Rockabilly and Honky Tonk, with self penned songs in an unique style, original tunes written by Jerry Lee Lewis’ guitarrist Kenny Lovelace and UK’s fab songwriters Jimmy Newcomb & Geoff Taggart and great covers from artists like The Toppers, Billy Zoom, Merle Kilgore and many more, including a lot of great guests like the legendary Rockabilly singer Levi Dexter and many more.

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