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  • Francine - A Piece Of Noise (Käytetty CD)


    Lahtelaisbändin kolmas albumi ja viimeinen jossa Mika laulajana.

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  • Presley Elvis - It’s Midnight! (Käytetty CD)


    This release gives us the August 24, 1974 show, but unfortunately the tape runs out after the ”If you talk in your sleep” so they added the ending of the August 29 dinner show. As we all know he did some major changes in this new tour from August 19th ’till September 2nd. On the opening night he started with a whole new repertoire, and started with the songs ”Big boss man”, ”Proud mary” and ”Down in the alley”. The material from the opening show was available on the two bootleg releases ”If you talk in your sleep” & From Sunset Blv to Paradise Rd. The Closing show (September 2nd) that is in my opinion one of Elvis’ weirdest show ever and can be found on the bootleg release ”Desert Storm”. I had great expecations of this release, but to be honest I was a little dissapointed when I heard this show. He was not inspired at all, and haven’t heard one song that was a little better than average. Fever did bring a smile on my face, softly as I leave you was nice. Also rare is Early Morning rain, but incomplete. I think the highlight of the show is the introduction where he spoke about the big fat painted angels. Also the dialogue before ”Can’t help” was fun, were he was bragging about his diamond rings. But to conclude this CD, you will have a rare show, with some unusual songs. I’m certain a lot of fans will like this show, but this will not be my favorite FTD release, that belongs to the ”Memphis sessions”.” (Elvis-collectors.com)”

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  • Presley Elvis - Spinout Special Edition (Käytetty CD)


    Jatkoa FTD:n elokuva musiikki sarjaan! Hieno 7″ tuumainen CD keräily kuvineen”

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  • Presley Elvis - Today 2CD Special Edition (CD)


    Elvis Classic album sarjaa Follow That Dream labeiltä.

    CD1) Tracks 1-10 Original album; 11-20 Outtakes.

    CD2) 1-10: Original Session Mixes; 11-16 6363 Sunset Material”

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  • Presley Elvis - Nashville Marathon (Käytetty CD)


    Ei yhtään huonoa versioita!! Kaikki 20 ennenjulkaisematonta otosta!!!

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  • Presley Elvis - All Shook Up – Live 1969 (Käytetty CD)


    Elvis Live 26.08.1969. Suoraan äänipöydästä. Tässä konsertissa on se mahtava ”nauruversio” Are You Lonesome Tonight biisistä.

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  • Presley Elvis - The King Holds Court 3CD (CD)


    The King Holds Court
    Tuesday, August 28, 1973 Dinner Show & Wednesday, August 29, Dinner & Midnight Shows, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

    Following the remarkable success of our earlier 3CD set ”On A Winning Streak”, Straight Arrow is pleased to announce another 3CD collection featuring three more unreleased shows from the Summer 1973 engagement in excellent quality audience recorded audio.

    The three shows are all strong shows, with Elvis vocally strong (much more than in February ’73) and delivering a very varied selection of songs at each of the shows. It’s clear that he is in his element here, as his entertaining interaction with the audience and his knock-out vocal performances amply demonstrate. The presence of his daughter Lisa Marie inspires Elvis to give his best. These shows are a delight, and especially in this clear vibrant audience recorded audio that gives you a true ”you are there” feel, they make for captivating listening. The August 28, 1973 D/S and August 29, 1973 D/S and M/S are previously unreleased. A few highlights from the (previously released) August 28, 1973 M/S were added. All 3 shows are taken from 1st generation copies of original audience recorded cassettes, made back in the 70s by English super-fan Rex Martin. Every second was digitally restored, every click manually removed, every drop-out fixed to achieve optimal listening pleasure. Ask your local dealer for samples to judge for yourself! If you enjoyed the ”On A Winning Streak” set, then you will definitely not be disappointed by its sequel, ”The King Holds Court”!

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  • Barnshakers - Wiggle Like Worm / Choo Choons (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


    Tiukka Rockabilly sinkku. Todella hyvä Johnny Burnette tyylinen biisi!

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  • Crazy Cubes - Rockabilly 25 Years (LP)


    Austria’s no. 1 rockabilly band Crazy Cubes celebrate their 25th anniversary with their fantastic, wild and hot rockin’ album ’Rockabilly 25 Years’.

    A great uncompromising straight rockabilly album, that leaves no doubt: after 25 years rockin’ all over Europe, The Crazy Cubes are still on top!

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  • Williams Hank - The Complete Health & Happiness Recordings 3LP (LP)


    We are happy to announce the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Hank Williams’ legendary Health & Happiness Show, with the release of the program’s first-ever vinyl record !

    Hank Williams began his career in 1949, headlining the Louisiana Hayride radio show and achieving a handful of Top Five hits. But key to his rapid rise to success the same year was his popular, although short-lived, radio program, The Health & Happiness Show.

    On June 14, 2019, The Complete Health & Happiness Shows will be released for the first time on vinyl. The 49-track, three-LP set or two-CD contains the eight Health & Happiness episodes in their entirety.
    Included are performances of his breakout 1949 hits “Lovesick Blues,” “Wedding Blues,” “Mind Your Own Business,” and “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)”,
    along with such other iconic Williams tunes as “I Saw the Light,” “I’m a Long Gone Daddy,” and “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” — all newly restored and mastered.

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  • Hank III - Damn Right, Rebel Proud [Explicit Content] (CD)


    Neljäs albumi. Parasta alt. kantria ikinä! Uusintapainos normi jewel casessa.

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  • Holly Buddy With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - True Love Ways (LP)


    Due for release on 16th November 2018, the newly recorded album – which features Buddy Holly’s utterly distinctive original vocals and guitar playing set to exquisite arrangements performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – is the poignant realisation of a dream Holly first explored just four months before his tragic death in a plane crash at the age of 22. In that last recording session, at the Decca Studios in New York, the star was joined by an 18 piece orchestra, fronted by Dick Jacobs, the man bringing strings to rock and roll. They recorded four tracks: ‘True love Ways’, ‘Raining in My Heart’, ‘Moondreams’ and ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ all of which are soaked in strings, clearly demonstrating a new direction for Buddy.

    Recorded in London’s Angel Studios, and produced by Nick Patrick, the man behind the hugely successful Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison orchestral albums, ‘True Love Ways’ truly reflects Buddy Holly’s love for strings, having learnt to play the violin as a child and continued all his life. Beloved tracks the singer recorded with The Crickets such as ‘Everyday’, ‘Peggy Sue’ (whose namesake passed away earlier this month) and ‘That’ll Be The Day’ are all included, with orchestrations that invigorate, rather than overwhelm, the rock and roll of which Holly was king.

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  • Goddamn Gallows - 7 Devils 2LP (LP)


    7 DEVILS is the third full-length studio output and it ranges from Gutterbilly Blues, Hobocore, to Gypsy Punk and Roots Rock!
    16 original tracks and one cover on this wild and dirty platter!

    Who let the goats out? Crazy Love Records releases ”7 Devils” by THE GODDAMN GALLOWS on double 12″LP!! BLACK VINYL!!

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  • Presley Elvis - Lightning Strikes Twice In Portland! 2CD (CD)


    From ”The Rick Rennie master tapes“ Vol. 2
    Wednesday, November 11th, 1970 & Friday, April 27th, 1973, Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR

    Straight Arrow’s double-digipak CD release, called ”LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE IN PORTLAND!”, featuring the November 11th, 1970 and April 27th, 1973 Portland shows. These shows may well represent some of best of Elvis Presley live in the 70s. The Nov. 11th, 1970 recording really captures the raw excitement and electricity of those early tours. Elvis delivers a high octane performance that drives the audience in a frenzy. In parts he sounds a bit unfocused, but overall both Elvis and his audience are having such a ball that any criticisms of his performance are nothing more than nitpicking. The April 27, 1973 concert in the same city may well be his best show of the year, and is a serious contender for ”Elvis’ best concert performance in the 70’s”. Compared to the ’70 show, his performance here is tighter, more focused and far more varied. Elvis is vocally strong and he delivers the goods in a knock-out performance.

    Both shows were first released by the Live Archives label (1991) using slightly incomplete and inferior sounding copies of original Rick Rennie tapes. Memory Records issued those shows in 2004 („ON THE ROAD AGAIN“ and „SHINING IN PORTLAND“ CDs). Those Memory Records releases were engineered and mastered using now obsolete hardware and software. 10 years have passed, and it is right time for the ultimate re-release of these special recordings – in a new, crisp, dynamic sound. Straight Arrow’s release of the November 11th, 1970 show appears – for the first time – totally complete. The Opening Vamp and the famous ”Elvis has left the building” announcement at the end of show were restored. The 1970 show is taken directly from the original stereo master tape. The 1973 show is taken from better of two existing 1st generation copies made back in 70s (the master tape got lost thru the years). Original tape transfers made in March 2004 have been used. Every second was digitally restored from scratch to achieve optimal listening pleasure. Ask your local dealer for samples. As with every Straight Arrow’s release, this beautifully designed double-digipack edition is limited to 500 copies.

    If you enjoyed „A NEW DECADE, A NEW SOUND“, you will enjoy ”LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE IN PORTLAND!” too. These shows never sounded better!

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  • Southern Culture On The Skids - Doublewide And Live 2LP (Deluxe Package) (LP)


    Upea deluxe (pop-up gatefold) paketti! 180 gramman vinyyli! Mukana bonus biisejä!! Rajoitettu painos!

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  • Collins Judy & Elizabeth Cotten - Rainbow Quest (DVD)


    Two classics shows from 1960s. Judy Collins is one of the most popular and enduring folk singers to emerge from America’s folk revival of the 60s. In a career that has spanned over 40 years and 29 albums, several of which have gone gold and platinum, she has always been known as a song enthusiast and one of the premier interpreters of other artists’ work. Here she sings the Bob Dylan classic Daddy You’ve Been On My Mind,” Peter Seeger’s classic ”Turn, Turn, Turn,” and many more.

    Elizabeth Cotten’s charming style is a blend of blues, rags, religious, and traditional material she absorbed as a young girl at the turn of the 20th century. Her career blossomed in the 1960s when she became an audience favorite on the folk festival circuit. In addition to her signature song, ”Freight Train,” she performs ”Wilson Rag,” ”Mama, Your Papa Loves You,” and many others. Introduced first on the show are Puerto Rican duo Rosa Valentin and Rafael Martinez, who sing heartfelt versions of several folk songs from their native land.”

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  • Collins Kids - Town Hall Party Vol 3 (DVD)


    For anyone who enjoys the raw energy of Fifties rock ’n’ roll, Bear Family’s series of ’Town Hall Party’ DVDs are a

    cornucopia of cool! More footage has turned up than we previously believed existed, so we are happy to present The

    Collins Kids, Round Three. For those who weren’t lucky enough to be in the audience at Los Angeles’ weekly TV show,

    Town Hall Party, in the 1950s, we’ll remind you that the Collins Kids were teenage Oklahomans who’d come to Los

    Angeles in search of fame and maybe fortune. They were high energy, exciting early rock ’n’ rollers, underscoring that

    Fifties rock music was for, by, and about kids. Lorrie’s stunning good looks and sultry vocals were combined with Larry’s

    stinging double-neck guitar licks and manic stage antics. They were very visual, and thus better suited to DVD than CD.

    This third Volume (together with the previous volumes) features nearly every Collins Kids Town Hall Party appearance

    from 1959. True to the Bear Family tradition, we have offered everything in the vaults. Some highlights include the

    Collins Kids’ great take on Frankie Ford’s Sea Cruise, Ricky Nelson’s I Got A Feeling (Lorrie dated Ricky for several

    years, and appeared on his TV show), and the Coasters’ Charlie Brown. In addition, Larry tears up his doubleneck

    Mosrite guitar on Johnny B. Goode, and the twin guitar showstopper Rockin’ Gypsy. Many say that Larry invented surf

    guitar, and on the evidence here, they’re right!

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  • Hooker John Lee - Come See About Me-The Definitive DVD (DVD)


    The Come & See About Me, The Definitive DVD contains footage gathered from the archives of the Estate of John Lee Hooker and not only brings the music, but the reflections of a true and original bluesman.

    The images capture his energy and charm that has influenced generations of musicians and music lovers. John Lee Hooker has changed the English vocabulary with words like Boogie, Boom Boom , and Chillen’ . He’s altered the culture by putting a spell on such bands and artist as the Rolling Stones, Cream, ZZ Top, Bonnie Raitt, Ten Years After and Van Morrison.

    Come & See About Me, The Definitive DVD starts out with his earliest footage from the ’1960 Newport Jazz Festival’ right up through 1989’s The Healer. This DVD provides a fine retrospective of his entire career.  You get too see him play with his disciple Van Morrison , who took all his phrasing from John Lee. Come & See About Me is like a who’s who of musical pioneers with performances by John Hammond, Paul Butterfield, Foghat, Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, Carlos Santana and the Rolling Stones to name a few. This is one of those rare DVD’s that you’ll be able to watch over and over as it will always be fresh every time you see John Lee Hooker perform the best of his classics.

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