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  • Williams Hank - Complete Mothers Best 15CD+DVD+BOOK (CD)


    UPEA PAKETTI! TODELLA RAJOITETTU PAINOS! HIENO RADIOON PAKATTU BOXI! The complete Mother’s Best Collection incl. 15 CDs and a DVD with unreleased recordings and unpublished photos plus a 120-page book written by Grammy-award winner and Hank Williams biographer Colin Escott! Strictly limited and only the European edition comes with an exclusive 12×12 jigsaw puzzle!

     15 full length CDs, with many performances available here for the first time.

     This collection increases the number of Hank Williams recordings by 50%!

     Painstakingly restored sound, by Grammy® winner Joe Palmaccio.

     Bonus DVD, featuring a moving conversation with the last two members of Hank’s Mother’s Best Band.

     108-page beautifully illustrated hard covered book.

     Many previously unpublished photos.

     Introduction by Hank Williams, Jr. and Afterword by Jett Williams.

     A poster-sized map chronicling Hank’s punishing 1951 schedule.

     Box dimensions include 10 inches (tall), 9 inches (wide), 7.25 inches (deep).

     Hank Williams like you’ve never heard him before!

    Until now, there were just a few minutes of Hank Williams talking, but between Mother’s Best songs, Hank talked openly and honestly about his life and career. Listen to the music and the talk that surrounds it, and you’ll get the first ever three-dimensional portrait of this giant of American music!

    These are full band recordings made with the same musicians who worked with Hank on the road and recorded with him in the studio.

    The recordings were made to acetate (16 discs that could only be played a few times). They were stored at radio station WSM (the host station of the Grand Ole Opry) in Nashville and forgotten. When WSM cleared house in the late 1970s, the Hank Williams acetates were put in a bin for disposal, but were rescued by the Opry’s photographer.

    Many years of legal disputes followed until January 2006 when the Court of Appeals in Tennessee ruled that the Mother’s Best shows were owned by the Hank Williams Estate. In 2008, we at Time Life concluded a deal with the Estate.

    We hired Joe Palmaccio, who won a Grammy for his work on The Complete Hank Williams, to bring the latest audio restoration technology to the project. In particular, one new software program developed by a German company, Cube-Tec, made a dramatic difference to our overall sound quality. You could say we’re boasting when say that our sound quality is better than the studio recordings, but fans and critics say the same thing!

    And now today’s fans can hear exactly what Hank’s fans in the WSM listening area heard in 1951. The songs, the chatter, the advertisements, the atmosphere. It’s a time capsule like no other. The Mother’s Best shows are rounded out with Hank’s audition for an Aunt Jemima -sponsored show, and a 15-minute Public Service Announcement play on the perils of venereal disease with Hank’s narration and specially written songs.

    There’s also a bonus DVD. In May 2008, we brought the two surviving members of Hank’s Mother’s Best group to Nashville for an intimate conversation with Hank’s daughter, Jett. Sadly, both former band members died shortly afterward, but not before they shared their memories of Hank Williams in his prime.

    The set comes with a 108-page book that includes a Foreword by Hank Williams, Jr., an Afterword by Jett Williams, a 25,000 word essay by Colin Escott, and many previously unpublished photographs from the collection of Marty Stuart.

    We think it’s truly a miracle that these performances survived nearly 60 years, and we at Time Life feel honored that Jett Williams and Hank Williams, Jr. chose us to bring them to you. The phrase ”American Icon” has been over-used, but if ever there was truly an icon of American music it was Hank Williams. And this is Hank Williams as you’ve never heard him before!”

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