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  • Cadillacs - The Complete Josie Sessions 4CD Boxset (CD)


    4-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 31-page book, 104 tracks. Playing time approx. 254 mns.

    Everyone knows Speedoo. It’s one of the half-dozen best-loved classics from the golden era of the vocal groups, and it’s here together with the rest of the Cadillacs’ Josie recordings. Complete for the first time with unreleased sides, rare singles, even rarer singles, and alternate takes! These recordings are among the best from the classic years of the New York vocal group scene. Titles include the early ballad sides, like Gloria, I Wonder Why, Wishing Well, Carelessly…etc. Writing about Gloria, Jay Warner said ’It was the measure by which every east coast doo-wop group for the next 30 years would judge their harmonizing abilities.’ Then came the later rockin’ sides like Corn Whiskey, Zoom Boom Zing, Shock-A-Doo, That Gal Named Lou, Holy Smoke Baby, Speedoo Is Back, Buzz Buzz Buzz…etc. The Cadillacs had a stage act as spirited and characterful as the Coasters, and songs to match. No greatest hits collection can do justice to the Cadillacs. You need to hear the whole story.

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