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  • Various - Ready, Steady, Go! 10 x 7″ Single boxset + BOOK (7 single/EP)


    Viimeisen päälle upea single laatikko eikä yhtään huonoa sinkkuakaan.

    Music history..

     Ready, Steady, Go! was the pre-eminent British music television show of the 1960s, and for many, it remains the most influential pop culture vehicle of any era. If that seems a bold claim to assert, it’s worth considering virtually all music television that has followed owes a debt to RSG!’s pioneering spirit. As well as presenting the top artists of the day, and giving vital early exposure to future stars, perhaps its most important feature was its club-like atmosphere, which removed the barrier separating artist and performer, giving RSG! an atmosphere of vibrance and immediacy other pop programmes lacked. In addition, the unprecedented move of handing the key role of a young, fashion-conscious Mod (Cathy MacGowan), who uncannily mirrored her audience, inadvertently gave birth to what later became known as “yoof TV”. 

     This collection of 10 vinyl singles – plus book with essay by Andy Neill – represents a selection of 20 songs by ten artists who performed on RSG! Between 1963 & 1966, including The Kinks, The Searchers, Cilla Black and Marvin Gaye. The diversity of the artists featured perfectly illustrates the panoply of styles the show covered, why it was so pioneering and why it is still so fondly regarded by musicians and fans alike.

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  • Kidd Johnny & The Pirates - Maximum Rhythm ’n’ Rock 10 x 7″ Boxset (7 single/EP)


    No nyt!! Voi veljet mikä julkaisu! Viimeisen päälle upeat kannet ! Klassikko matskua Englannista! Rajoitettu 500 kappaleen painos! SAA TILATA!!

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis in Paris – 60th Anniversary BOOK + CD + 10″LP (Kirjat)



    FORMAT : 25CM X 25CM TEXT IN ENGLISH & FRENCH WRITTEN BY JEAN-MARIE POUZENC (President of Elvis My Happiness… The French Fan Club)

    Elvis visit to Paris was an extraordinary event; he was drafted with the US forces in Germany, but the capital city of France is the only place, outside the United States, that he went to on his own. And more surprisingly yet, he did so three times! In June and July 1959 then in January 1960. He will later often confide in his friends that these visits to Paris will always remain one of his best memories.

    With 160 pages… you could see The king in Paris… at The Champs-Élysées, at the press conference at The Hotel Prince de Galles ou during their nights out at the Folies-Bergères, the Moulin Rouge ou The Lido…

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  • Monroe Bill & The Bluegrass Boys - Castle Studio 1950/-1951 ”Complete Sessions” 5CD Box Set (CD)


    For devotees of Bill Monroe’s music, the CD box sets issued by BEAR FAMILY beginning in 1989 were the answer to a listener’s dream: having the bluegrass originator’s complete recordings tastefully collected in boxes, with informative books included.

    What we now have is something even more dreamlike: all the familiar Monroe recordings for DECCA in 1950-51, featuring lead singers Jimmy Martin, Carter Stanley, and Edd Mayfield, presented next to unbelievably all the outtakes (none previously issued) of all the tracks. Among other things, this means multiple takes of Raw Hide. For musicians and careful listeners who have studied that spectacular recording for years, it’s as though a new set of Stone Tablets has been found. It also means the ”tape blip” we’ve always tolerated in The First Whippoorwill is now corrected, as the previously issued take was from a faulty tape dub whereas the ”new” 1951 version is from the original master.

    Accompanying this gold at the end of the rainbow is a revised discography by Neil Rosenberg, and notes by Dick Spottswood (edited by Rosenberg) with recollections by Monroe fiddler Charlie Smith. Bluegrass music at its finest!

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  • Franklin Aretha - The Atlantic Albums Collection 19CD Boxset (CD)


    The Atlantic Albums Collection’ houses 16 incredible Aretha Franklin albums in a beautiful 19CD clamshell box, each CD sleeve a replica of the original artwork in the unforgettable Atlantic brandin.

    Includes the albums:
    I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
    Aretha Arrives
    Aretha Now
    Lady Soul
    Aretha In Paris
    Soul ’69
    This Girl’s In Love With You
    Spirit In The Dark
    Live At Fillmore West [Deluxe]
    Young, Gifted And Black
    Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings
    Let Me In Your Life
    Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky)
    Rare & Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign Of The Queen Of Soul
    Oh Me Oh My: Aretha Live In Philly, 1972

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  • Simon & Garfunkel - The Complete Albums Collection 12CD Boxset (CD)


    The most comprehensive Simon & Garfunkel library anthology ever assembled, The Complete Albums Collection includes the duo’s five studio masterpieces (first released between 1964 and 1970), newly remastered from first generation analog sources, and first-time remasters of The Graduate (the groundbreaking motion picture soundtrack album released in 1968) and the long out-of-print The Concert in Central Park (recorded in 1981).

    Albums included:
    1. Wednesday Morning, 3AM
    2. Sounds Of Silence
    3. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
    4. Bookends
    5. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    6. The Graduate
    7. Greatest Hits
    8. The Concert In Central Park (2 discs)
    9. Old Friends
    10. Live From New York City, 1967
    11. Live 1969

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  • King B.B. - The Vintage Years 4CD Boxset (Käytetty CD)


    B.B. King is an international icon, the founding father of the blues and rock guitar styles. His landmark recordings of the 1950s and 1960s for RPM, Kent and Crown were very influential at the time, and still are. We proudly present 106 tracks from that extraordinary body of work”

    Ace Records is extremely honoured to be able to present THE VINTAGE YEARS, a momentous 4-CD box set of B.B. King’s landmark recordings for the Modern Records group on the RPM, Crown and Kent labels in the 1950s and 1960s. B.B. is a true international icon, unquestionably the founding father of the blues and rock guitar styles. Here, his budding genius is revealed for all to see.

    Looking back as the leader of this project, I became drawn more and more to B.B.’s music even though I had been listening to him forever. Most notably I was struck by the purity of his vocals (which have tended to be overshadowed by his peerless guitar work), by his knowledge and adaptation of seemingly the entire history of black recorded music, by his growing musical sophistication, and by those superb Maxwell Davis arrangements that have truly matured with age. At the end of it all, my admiration for this body of B.B.’s work is higher than ever.

    The individual CDs here can be summarised as follows:

    CD1: The Great B.B. contains many of the big hits readily associated with B.B. that he still plays to this day.

    CD2: Memphis Blues’n’Boogie is a look at the rare recordings of the early 1950s engineered by Sam Phillips in Memphis, followed by those directed by Bill Harvey in Houston. Session-by-session, you can see B.B. finding his own style.

    CD3: Take A Swing With Me covers the mid-late 1950s when B.B. was touring constantly, and Maxwell Davis became the music director. By this time, the blues market had started to dip, leading B.B. to record in a variety of styles from R&B, rock’n’roll, pop and doo wop to jazz and gospel.

    CD4: King Of The Blues is where B.B. establishes his blues mastery as his association with Modern Records draws to an end.

    The songs selected form a musical collage of the most creative stage of B.B.’s career, with the accent on listening pleasure. For the record, the 106 tracks include four previously unissued cuts and 25 stereo recordings with almost one-third of the content new to Ace CD. There are no less than 27 chart recordings, including four #1 R&B hits, 17 Top 10 R&B hits, and four Top 100 hits.

    In its making, the The Vintage Years was not a rush job. For example, Managing Director Roger Armstrong spent many months analysing the Ace archive of over 2,000 B.B. King tapes to select the best (and correct) masters. Eventually Duncan Cowell at Sound Mastering Ltd did the crucial post-production work. The sound is sparkling. Never before has the original studio ’room’ ambience of classic numbers such as 3 O’Clock Blues and Please Love Me been heard with such clarity and zest.

    An impressive 74-page book, lavishly printed in full colour, accompanies the box and includes:

    Essays by Colin Escott and myself, based on new interviews with B.B. King, Joe Bihari (of Modern Records) and Sam Phillips (of Sun Records).

    A detailed track analysis by Colin Escott.

    A user-friendly B.B. King discography by Peter Gibbon and myself.

    A note on the exhaustive tape research process by Roger Armstrong.

    Details of B.B.’s tours in the late 1950s, including an area map and contemporary photos of the venues that he graced.

    Many previously unseen photos and illustrations.

    In effect, the book records a fascinating but vanishing era when B.B. was strictly a star among his own people, mainly playing the arduous chitlin’ circuit. At the time the white American and overseas markets were nothing but mirages over distant horizons for him (and his contemporaries). Now, as Sam Phillips observes, B.B.’s audience is worldwide.

    by John Broven

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  • Rainwater Marvin - Classic Recordings 1953-1969 4CD Box set (CD)


    This four-CD set puts Marvin Rainwater’s recording career from 1953 through 1969 into sharp relief, most notably his inability to fix on a sound, either country or rockabilly, and stick with it. In a fairer world, he wouldn’t have had to decide, because he was good at both. Disc One opens with his earliest officially released sides, which ran the gamut from rockabilly to faux-western to upbeat comic country-pop to country-blues, and one good dog song (”Tennesse Hound Dog Yodel”). Rainwater’s best numbers here, however, may be the raucous rocker ”Hot and Cold” and the only slightly more restrained ”Mr. Blues,” both of which show off Roy Clark’s lead guitar in the strongest light. Disc Two is more consistent, with fewer of the pop efforts of the prior years. The rockabilly sides, especially ”(There’s Always) A Need for Love,” really spark this disc and provide the real drive around more convention pop/rock & roll numbers like ”I Dig You Baby.” Disc Three has its great moments, such as ”It Wasn’t Enough,” amid a series of duets with singer Bill Guess that present Rainwater at his most commercial and accessible. Disc Four contains Rainwater’s earliest sides, cut as demos in 1953 and 1954, and while the quality of the sound is a little shaky, the stuff goes to the core of Rainwater’s music-making, freewheeling studio performances without looking for the next big hit or trying to catch the wave of public fancy. The real joy here, however, are five live numbers recorded in 1962 — Rainwater, already gone from MGM and disillusioned, still loved playing to an audience, as these sides show, and the only pity is that there isn’t more of this stuff, especially since the sound is unexpectedly good. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

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