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  • Various - Spreading The Word – Early Gospel Recordings 4CD Boxset (CD)


    Selected sides from a vital American musical tradition. Fully annotated and fully remastered. Featuring Washington Phillips, Rev ’Shy’ Moore, Arizona Dranes, Bessie Johnson, Luther Magby, Prof Johnson and many more. The instruction was quite clear; it appears in Psalm 81: ”make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob”, and African Americans took it to heart. Timbrels and tabrets, the recommended devices, being hard to locate in the United States of the Twentieth Century, they resorted to more readily acquired instruments such as the guitar and the piano to ensure that, even when singing of hellfire and damnation, the ’noise’ that they made fitted the prescribed description.

    The guitar, being easily portable, was the favoured instrument of street corner evangelists and separate collections are available on JSP Recods dedicated to their work; what this collection concentrates on is performances more closely associated with churches, performances sometimes backed up by a congregation and featuring a range of instruments from the instantly recognizable to the downright mysterious.

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