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  • Various - More Rockin` On Broadway- The Time / Brent / Shad Story (Kopio) (Käytetty CD)


    by George Povall (Early Bird Records)

    It comes as no surprise that there were many additional rock’n’roll goodies to be found among the collection of masters recorded by label owner Bobby Shad. After all, his Brent, Shad and Time label vaults have already provided us with some fine quality music on two well received Ace CDs, Rockin’ On Broadway (CDCHD 758) and the doo wop compilation, Wop Ding A Ling (CDCHD 739). On this third offering, six tracks have also been included that Shad had originally fielded under his Warner label banner.

    The hustle and bustle of the New York record scene was a major force in determining the direction, shape and form music was and would be taking as the 1950s drew to a close. Rock’n’roll was still in its infancy, yet its power to reach a mass audience and create instant hit records (and cash flow for independent labels) was appealing if not down right compelling to all in the New York scene. While it is true that Shad recorded and released a variety of styles during his label’s formative days, his entrance into the rock’n’roll field was assured by several strong rock’n’roll hits that were scored literally right out of the gate.

    Shad pursued a direction for his labels that brought together the urban, suburban and country shades-flavours of rock’n’roll. Among his many artists, it was a core group (the Beau-Marks, Bell Notes, Genies, Skip & Flip, Chevrons and Knockouts) that set the groundwork for him. Each had hits or strong sellers with their initial or early releases. These recognised artists provide us with a strong central focus for this CD.

    As we delve further, it should be noted that a youthful spirit prevails on almost all tracks on this compilation. Sax man, King Curtis, producer Leroy Kirkland and arranger-guitarist Mickey Guitar” Baker, all helped to shape these tracks, lending their professionalism musically to create more fine quality rock’n’roll music with a touch of rhythm and blues.

    The result is a collection of snappy, bouncy and catchy tracks. The songs are simple and youthful, reflecting the audience they were aimed for at that time. There are no highbrow pretensions found here, just good old rock’n’roll. And therein lies the charm.

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  • Gilley Mickey - Lonely Wine (Käytetty LP/12)


    Collection of recordings made from 1958 to 1964. RARE ALBUM!!

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  • Horton Johnny - The Spectacular (Käytetty LP/12)


    ORIG USA. His First album. One of the all time best albums. SOUNDS GREAT!

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  • Campi Ray - Rockabilly Lives (With signatures of Ray Campi & Jimmie Lee) (Käytetty LP/12)


    RARE ROLLIN ROCK ALBUMI! Harvinainen Rollin Rock albumi.Signed for Ulla & Sauli by Ray Campi & Jimmie Lee Maßlos 1981 (Backcover)

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  • McPhatter Clyde - The Ballads Of Clyde McPhatter (CD)


    1-CD (4-plated Digipak) with 32-page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    We can’t rewrite music history, but we would like to shine a light on a great, influential and underrated artist: Clyde McPhatter.
    Whoever is interested in the history of American pop music will know the Drifters and the Dominoes – two formations, characterized and famous for the fantastic voice of the lead singer: Clyde McPhatter.
    With two simultaneously released CD documentaries on Bear Family we honor the great life achievement of an important crossover artist, who has significantly influenced genres such as gospel, doo-wop, rhythm & blues and pop.
    Our ’Clyde McPhatter Rocks’ CD (Bear Family BCD17614) features Clyde’s rousing up-tempo numbers; now here is the compilation of his most moving ballads on CD, carried by one of the most beautiful black voices of her time!
    Extensive liner notes by Chicago expert Bill Dahl, detailed richly illustrated booklet and premier sound quality.

    Few soulful voices of the 1950s and ’60s could caress a ballad the way Clyde McPhatter did, seemingly without even trying. He could make any song soar heaven-bound with his gospel-soaked curlicues and unpredictable twists and turns, helping greatly to define the concept of soul music. Bear Family’s bountiful collection of the rhythm and blues legend’s ballad output takes an in-depth look at his seminal Atlantic Records years, focusing on his solo period but also including a handful of dreamiest entries as lead singer of The Drifters as well as both sides of his duet single with Ruth Brown. Clyde’s Treasure Of Love, the wrenching Without Love (There Is Nothing), and Just To Hold My Hand were major solo hits for Atlantic. There’s also a generous helping of McPhatter’s subsequent M-G-M and Mercury output. Clyde will always rank with soul music royalty—and these majestic ballads testify as to why he’s such a regal figure.

    When Clyde McPhatter died in 1972, impoverished, addicted to alcohol and plagued by depression, the world looked back on a 22-year recording career of an exceptional musician who died at only 39 years of age. At the age of five, he was already singing in the gospel choir of his father, a Baptist preacher in North Carolina. The family eventually moved to New York City, where Clyde formed a gospel formation, the Mount Lebanon Singers, in the late 1940s. As a singer, he won a coveted ’Amateur Night’ trophy at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem in 1950 and accepted an offer to become the lead tenor singer with Billie Ward & The Dominoes, one of the most popular R&B vocal groups in the entire country.

    In 1953, McPhatter parted ways with Ward, was tracked down and signed by Atlantic head, Ahmed Ertegun. Condition: the formation of his own vocal group. The result: The Drifters. But he also left this formation after only a few years and concentrated on a solo career. He recorded the first great achievements, parted with Atlantic Records, switched to M-G-M and later Mercury. But further great successes and especially recognition failed to materialize. Frustrated, he moved to England for two years in 1968, tried an ineffective comeback after his return and died of multiple organ failure on June 13, 1972.

    McPhatter left us a magnificent legacy of melancholy ballads. The unique singer truly deserved more recognition during his lifetime!
    To complement this compilation of his best ballads, we recommend ’Clyde McPhatter Rocks’ (BCD17614), featuring the outstanding up-tempo songs of Clyde McPhatter.

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  • McPhatter Clyde - Rocks (CD)



    1-CD (6-plated Digipak) with 32-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 minutes.

    Long overdue two-part documentary on Bear Family dedicated to one of the greatest Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Rock & Roll singers: Clyde McPhatter (1932 – 1972).
    On ’Clyde McPhatter Rocks’ producer Nico Feuerbach has compiled the rousing up-tempo numbers, ’The Ballads Of’ is dedicated to the great ballads of the tenor singer.
    He was one of the first to fuse the harmony vocals of gospel music with the hot grooves of rhythm ’n’ blues and is considered a pioneer of soul music and an outstanding rocker.
    ’Rocks’ collects his best fast recordings from his time with Billy Ward & The Dominoes, the Drifters and from his solo career.
    Detailed liner notes by music historian Bill Dahl in the extensive accompanying booklet and – as always with Bear Family – carefully restored recordings in the best possible quality.

    It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that soul music commenced when Clyde McPhatter opened his mouth and let fly. His groundbreaking hybrid of rhythm and blues and gospel as melismatic lead tenor with Billy Ward’s Dominoes predated even that of Ray Charles, opening the door to a whole new musical genre.

    And could Clyde ever rock! Bear Family’s new overview of McPhatter’s seminal upbeat catalog follows him from his early salad days fronting The Drifters on Atlantic Records, when they hit big on the R&B charts with Money Honey and Honey Love, through his solo Atlantic stormers (A Lover’s Question was a huge 1958 seller) and then his splendid M-G-M and Mercury sides (including his ‘62 smash Lover Please). Backed by stellar studio bands that included sax masters Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor, King Curtis, and Boots Randolph (who blows up a storm on Clyde’s Nashville cover of Fats Domino’s I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday), McPhatter was a soul pioneer and a world-class rocker who merits far more credit for his gargantuan contributions than he receives.

    Clyde McPhatter was born in 1932. Disappointed by life, penniless, addicted to alcohol and depressed, he died at the age of only 39. Already a legend during his lifetime, he was denied great commercial success. He left behind an enormous musical legacy with recordings from a period of 22 years!
    He was the first musician ever to be inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, first as a solo artist and later as the lead singer of the Drifters.

    We have compiled Clyde McPhatter’s great ballads on BCD17615 ’The Ballads of Clyde McPhatter’, the supplemental album.

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  • Various - Spring Fever – 28 Easter Nuggets For Your Spring Season (CD)


    1 CD with 16-page booklet, 28 tracks. Total playing time approx. 67 minutes.

    The second edition on the subject of spring and Easter In Bear Family’s ’Season’s Greetings’ CD series.
    This musical journey through time includes selected titles from four decades, springtime songs and popular hits from 1936 to 1963.
    Genre-spanning, from jazz and pop to country and R&B to rock ’n’ roll – and always hard on the subject – here the rooster and the hen go crazy, the eggs rock & roll and the Easter bunny dances!
    Rock with fiery guitars comes from Vilas Craig, Link Wray and Tina’s former husband, a.o.
    Also danceable teen rock can be heard! First and foremost Bobby Rydell with a rare number as well as some Doo Wop groups like The Pentagons and The Velvets.
    Speaking of rare, Bear Family also delivers some tracks on CD for the first time this time, including recordings by Ray Coleman, The Jaye Brothers, Al Allen, Jerry Duane and others!
    The full-color 16-page booklet includes comments by the producer on each song and, as always, is richly illustrated!

    Spring Fever
    Yes, the spring fever. Everyone feels it, as soon as the first warm sunbeams let nature awake to new life. Good keyword, this compilation also lets us awake to new life, even in Corona times! With these rhythms and the swinging sound, Easter eggs can be painted in no time. Or better yet, shake a leg! It’s Spring Fever!

    The musical spring
    This Bear Family CD has it all again. Once again we deliver a wide musical range from 1936 to 1963. But far from it, the oldest recording is not jazz, it comes from the Dixon Brothers and is pure original Country Blues. Country music in its traditional form is also provided by Bill Wimberly & The Country Rhythm Boys. But also jazz can be heard from such illustrious artists as Django Reinhardt, Ramsey Lewis and the Andrews Sisters.

    Along with hot rock ’n’ roll and rockabilly rhythms, there’s plenty to discover from pop to twist, including famous artists with rare recordings, such as Pat Boone’s classic ’April Love’, here as a rare film version, or Ray Anthony with the Bookends and his rare twist version of ’Bunny Hop’. With the CD comes a full-color 16-page booklet with accompanying text on the individual songs and artists, written by the producer, as well as many photos and illustrations!

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  • Dion & The Belmonts - Reunion – Live At The Madison Square Garden 1972 (Käytetty LP/12)


    Orig USA. Gatefold PROMO COPY! White label.
    Legendaarinen Madison Square Garden keikka vuodelta 1972.

    Recorded on June 2, 1972 at Madison Square Garden in New York
    Remixed at Electric Lady Recording Studios, New York

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  • Richard Cliff And The Drifters - Cliff + 2 bonus Tracks (180 gram) (LP)


    In 1958, Britain produced its first ”authentic” rock & roll song and star, when Cliff Richard and The Drifters (not to be confused with the American R&B group by the same name) reached number 2 on the charts with “Move It,” which managed to combine a bluesy rock & roll riff with respectable lyrics and attitude. This essential edition contains Cliff Richard’s celebrated self-titled debut LP, Cliff, which was originally issued by Columbia Records in April 1959 (it reached #4 on the UK Album Chart), and has been long unavailable on vinyl. The set was recorded live at Abbey Road studios in front of an invited audience of his fast growing admirers. The 16 high-energy tracks are a representation both of the star’s own early repertoire, and the staples of any aspiring rock & roll band of the era – a piece of Elvis, a bit of Buddy Holly, a lump of Jerry Lee Lewis. This wild young iconoclast’s debut album retains every ounce of that power. Backed by The Shadows (at a time when they were still called The Drifters – later they changed their name to avoid a conflict with the homonymous American R&B group), it is a magnificent portrait of the team’s capabilities. In addition to the original album, this limited collector’s edition includes 2 bonus tracks from the same period: “Dynamite” and Carl Perkins’ “Pointed Toe Shoes.” This is some of the best material of Cliff Richard’s discography – primal British beat from the man who all but invented it.
    CLIFF RICHARD, lead vocals, plus: THE DRIFTERS: Hank Marvin (lead guitar), Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar), Jet Harris (bass), Tony Meehan (drums). The Mike Sammes Singers (backing vocals on “Donna” and “Danny”). Recorded by Malcolm Addey at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London, in front of an invited audience of 200 to 300 fans, February 1959. Original recordings produced by Norrie Paramor.

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  • Turner Big Joe - Rockin’ The Blues + 2 bonus (180 gram) (LP)


    Klassikko matskua. 1958 julkaistu Atlantic albumi uudella kannella ja bonusbiisien kera.

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