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  • Fabian - Hold That Tiger (Ltd, with photo, colored) (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch (limited to 500 copies, orange vinyl), 14 tracks.

    1:1 reproduction of a rare Japanese pressing as limited edition on Bear Family Records®!
    Re-issue of the Fabian LP in our 11000 10inch collector’s series.
    This 10″ LP was originally released in 1961 only in Japan on the little-known Angel label, catalog number HW-1055.
    Original vinyl album from the collection of Marcel Meersmann.
    Includes four bonus tracks not included on the original release.
    Reproduction of the rare original album cover.
    Each record comes with a free postcard featuring the artist’s image.
    Carefully remastered for highest fidelity and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    Limited to 500 color copies.

    At least at the beginning, Fabian was the most reluctant teen idol in America. Bob Marcucci, boss of Chancellor Records, discovered 14-year-old Fabiano Forte on his front stoop in Philadelphia, worried sick about his father, who had just been hauled away in an ambulance. After some serious effort, Marcucci finally convinced the lad to try his hand at recording rock and roll.

    At first, Fabian was a work in progress behind the mic, but it didn’t take him long to start scoring smashes for Chancellor. I’m A Man, one out of four bonus cuts on this re-issue, the Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman-penned Turn Me Loose and Tiger – Fabian nailed one hit after another in 1959, and millions of girls squealed their approval.

    Released in this version at the time only on a Japanese label under license, this vinyl album with Chancellor recordings is extremely hard to find and is very rarely offered in its original format. We have reproduced the original artwork and added four bonus tracks.
    Fabian’s rock and roll career was short but sweet.

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  • Burnette Dorsey - Great Shakin’ Fever (10``LP)


    Upea 10″ albumi. Kaikki parhaat biisit ja mitkä kannet. WOW!!!!!

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  • Kidd Johnny And The Pirates - Please Don’t Touch! (10″LP & CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl with 12-page booklet, 12 tracks (LP), 33 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 77 min. (CD).

    The newest hit in Bear Family Records®’s 10inch vinyl series – Brit Rocker Johnny Kidd.
    The album and the bonus CD contain Johnny Kidd’s recordings from 1959 to 1962 with a focus on his earliest work with the first Pirates group, recordings made with the classic ‘Mark 2’ Pirates Brian Gregg, Alan Caddy and drum legend Clem Cattini!
    The bonus CD includes cover versions of his songs but only the ones which were done on the European continent and the U.K. plus recordings of other bands where members of the Pirates were involved!
    Along with Billy Fury, Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard, Kidd is one of the most important and influential musicians of the pre-Beatles era in the UK.
    His Shakin’ All Over is among the very greatest, worldwide popular rock anthems known to any music enthusiast and was covered by countless bands and artists in the 1960s!
    Bands like The Who and the Hollies refer to him and his backing band The Pirates as significant musical role models.
    The set includes, in addition to the record and CD, a Johnny Kidd promotional postcard.

    Johnny Kidd and the Pirates were responsible for the 1960 number one hit, Shakin’ All Over, a performance that is still regarded as one of the seminal recordings in British pop music history. That disc alone would justify their inclusion in Bear Family Records®’s 10inch vinyl LP series but the group produced a string of excellent releases that unquestionably earn them a place alongside Cliff Richard, The Shadows and Billy Fury in the pantheon of pre-Beatle British popsters.

    Unlike his contemporaries, Kidd’s exceptional voice showed no Presley influence and additionally he was responsible for writing or co-writing much of his early work. As a live act, the group were trailblazers. Performing in front of a 20ft x 30ft uv galleon backdrop and dressed in full pirate regalia, Kidd’s power trios influenced musicians nationwide – The Who, The Hollies and Wilko Johnson are but three of the artists who openly acknowledge their debt to the pirate-in-chief.

    This compilation focuses on Kidd’s earliest work with the first Pirates group, recordings made with the classic ‘Mark 2’ Pirates Brian Gregg, Alan Caddy and drum legend Clem Cattini.

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  • Various - Gunsmoke – Vol. 7 / Dark Tales Of Western Noir From A Ghost Town Jukebox (10``LP)


    Seventh volume in a limited edition series on Stag-O-Lee.

    Limited to 666 copies and packaged in a nice 10” sleeve with center hole.
    This is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly, widescreen country &
    western and popcorn noir from the 1950’s and early 60’s.
    So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the soundtrack from a jukebox in a ghost

    For best results: listen to after dark!

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  • Self Ronnie - Bop A Lena (10``LP)


    Loistavaan 10″ sarjaan uusi osa. Kaikki parhaat samassa 10″ albumissa.

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  • Thompson Hayden - Here’s Hayden Thompson (10``LP)


    Loistavaan 10″ sarjaan uusi osa. Kaikki parhaat samassa 10″ albumissa.

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  • Davis Link - Laissez Les Bon-Ta-Ru-La (Let The Good Times Roll) (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)


    Ilmestyy Lokakuun 8. SAA VARATA!

    • Bear Family Records® presents the first high-quality vinyl LP (25 cm) with recordings of the blues
    shouting rocker, fiddle and sax player Link Davis from Northeast Texas.
    • His 1953 rendition of the Cajun anthem Big Mamou helped open the door to this often-closed and
    clannish culture.
    • Davis is considered as much a Acadian as those whose ancestors made the exiled journey from Nova
    Scotia in the eighteenth century.
    • Link laid down his unique sound – an amalgamation of Cajun, blues and rockabilly that culminated in
    1958 with the rocker Bon-Ta-Ru La (Let The Good Times Roll).
    • A Gulf Coast musical gumbo featuring rockers (Permit Blues, Airliner, Come Dance With Me), bayou
    blues (Rice & Gravy), swamp ballads (Visions, Memories Of You) and sax instrumentals (Beatle Bug).
    • The sound of the Cajuns was buoyed by brilliant guitarists Junior Beck and Joey Long.
    • This collection features liner notes penned by music historian Michael Hurtt in the accompanying
    illustrated booklet.

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  • Vincent Gene - We Sure Miss You – Commemorative Album 10″LP + CD (10``LP)


    • Bear Family Records® releases an LP/CD combination in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of
    the passing of the great Gene Vincent, ’The Cat Man’!
    • In his time, he influenced the international, and especially the British, music scene like no other.
    • Between 1956 and 1961, eight of his songs entered the British Top 40!
    • For the Teddy Boy movement he was and remains an idol!
    • For this 10inch LP, Bear Family has compiled eleven of his timeless rockers plus the ballad I Sure Miss
    • The bonus CD delivers 22 more highlights from 1956 – 1958, including rare recordings.
    • Detailed liner notes by Marc Mittelacher in the large format illustrated bo

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  • Fury Billy - Three Saturdays With Billy (10``LP)


    Upea julkaisu. Hieno 4 vöri kirjanen mukana. MUST KAIKILLE BILLY FURY FANEILLE!

    Following his signing to EMI in December 1966 Billy Fury would record some eleven singles for Parlophone until late 1970, and for much of this period he continued to regularly record live sessions for the BBC. However, as was BBC policy during those times, most of these live recordings were destroyed and only eight tracks from 1967 to 1970 have since appeared, and nothing from 1968 and ’69 was known to survive — until now. Top Sounds’ new release — Three Saturdays With Billy — is literally just that, offering seven previously unreleased live recordings performed for the Radio One programme Saturday Club, as well as an audio of a performance taken from an appearance on Simon Dee’s Dee Time TV show. Those Saturday Club performances were saved from actual broadcast tapes and survive in superb quality, and include unique versions of tracks such as David Bowie’s ’Silly Boy Blue’ and the Bee Gees’ ’One Minute Woman’, as well as some scintillating rockers like Billy’s own ’Bye Bye’ and Chuck Berry’s ’Sweet Little Sixteen’. Billy’s studio capture of ’I Love You’ was never released in his lifetime and though a nice version was issued on The Missing Years compilation, the feverish rendition here recorded with his then backing group the Storm ranks as Billy’s wildest recording ever. Two interviews with Billy also survive from these broadcasts and feature on this release and Billy’s most left field single – ’Phone Box’ – gained some TV exposure on the aforementioned Dee Time, and the maestro here plays guitar and sings it live.

    Three Saturdays With Billy is available on both 10″ vinyl and CD, the record comes with a profusely illustrated 24 page booklet including unpublished photographs, the CD too features a 24 page booklet and also includes a radio broadcast of his ’Lady’ single introduced by Billy himself.

    Three Saturdays With Billy is a legitimate release arranged with the BBC, and with the permission and blessing of the Billy Fury Estate.

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  • Various - Blue Moon & Bella Records (10``LP)

    1 vinyl 10″LP with 8-page booklet. 12 tracks. Total playing time approx. 28 minutes 
    • For the first time on a vinyl LP, Bear Family releases 1950s masters of two California-based record companies!
    • John Pusateri from Louisiana moved to the West Coast in the 1920s and first founded Bella Records in San José and then Blue Moon Records in Santa Clara in 1957.
    • For this project we have selected the rockiest recordings of Johnny Amelio Chuck Royal, Joe Gradie and other fine rockers.
    • The booklet provides extensive liner notes, detailed discographical information,
    • rare photos, and a detailed history of the Blue Moon and Bella labels.
    • Carefully restored and remastered recordings.
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  • Various - Little Heart Attacks From North Carolina -Rockabilly and Rock ’n’ Roll on Oak Records 10″LP & CD (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch with bonus CD, 8-page booklet (8″x8″), postcard, 12 tracks (LP), 25 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 60 min. (CD).

    Strictly limited to 500 copies, this exclusive LP/CD combo on Bear Family is dedicated to Oak Records, a small, only sporadically active label from North Carolina.
    Only eight singles were released on Oak Records between 1957 and 1966.
    The original Oak records are rarities and sometimes hard to find.
    The Bear Family bundle of LP and CD provides for the first time all recordings made for the Oak label, including originally unreleased alternate versions; three titles for the first time on CD and LP!
    Rockabilly collectors appreciate such great artists as Don Hager, Glenn Johnson and Bobby Green, R&B fans will be delighted with the rare recording of Big Jay Mercer.
    With this edition we document a small yet significant aspect of the music history of the state of North Carolina.
    High-quality pressing, luxurious cover, bonus CD in full-color sleeve, a postcard and a large-format booklet with the results of the meticulous research by author Lightnin’ Wells and producer Nico Feuerbach!

    The ending of World War II brought the age of the independent record label and introduced new, often younger, artists who were no longer beholden to the demands of the major record labels. Eastern North Carolina stretches from east of the Piedmont area of the state to the Atlantic coastline, Eastern Carolina was known as a tobacco belt because of the large number of tobacco warehouses and markets.

    During the late 1950s a small record label was established in. The label was established with guidance from and based on the fame of local celebrities, Mustard and Gravy who were a comedy/musical. Oak Records mainly promoted younger local performers who were attempting to establish their musical identity through the new medium of Rock ‘n’ Roll yet filtered through their own rural North Carolina culture, upbringing and experiences.

    Such colorful acts such as Don Hager & The Hot Tots, Glenn Johnson & The Acorns and P. Jay & The Haystackers made their few recordings for Oak Records and then vanished into obscurity leaving hardly a trace of their stories behind. These recordings on the Oak label remain as some of the most prized and desirable among collectors of rockabilly records and indeed are some of the rarest. Enjoy this taste of 1950s tobacco belt Rock ‘n’ Roll Eastern North Carolina style!

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  • Vincent Gene - A Gene Vincent Record Date With The Blue Caps (Ltd) (10``LP)


    • Reissue of the rare Japanese 1958 Capitol 10inch LP. Plus 2 bonus tracks!
    • Reproduction of the rare original cover jacket
    • Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity
    • Pressed on high quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl

    • An exciting 1958 album featuring the snarling Gene Vincent, rock’s original bad boy, the blueprint for ’The Rocker’. Behind him are the Blue Caps (the 2nd generation with the late great Johnny Meeks on guitar), a band that was arguably the toughest, excellent musician craftmanship paired with the right nose for the stage, not only a band playing, but playing a show. The musicians throw themselves into even the inferior material with a feral energy that never flags. Even Vincent’s hands throwaway filler and cornball standards gain an unexpected edge. We have added ’Dance In The Streets’ and ’Anna Annabelle’ as bonus tracks! Yeah!

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  • Domino Fats - Teenageparty With Mr. Domino (10``LP)


    • 10inch LP (limited edition – colored vinyl)
    • 12 tracks. Unique 10inch in our 11000 collectors series
    • Reproduction of the rare original album cover art, designed for the Durtch market
    • Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl

    Antoine Domino Jr. called ’Fats’ had been active since the 1940s for almost 70 years. He was one of the stable towers of strength of New Orleans rhythm & blues and rock & roll. The re-release of this rare 10 ”LP, originally released in the Netherlands, is our homage to the artist who died on October 24, 2017.

    In November 1962 Fats Domino performed at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in front of about 2400 enthusiastic fans. This event prompted the record company to release a 10“ LP with selected studio recordings. Fats will be remembered as the most unexcited and relaxed rocker of all time. Anyone who has ever seen him on stage at his grand piano in front of his big band will remember it with a smile.

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