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  • Willis Rod - Rod Willis And The ’Chic’ Connection (10″LP, 45rpm) (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl, booklet and postcard enclosed, 12 tracks. Total playing time approx. 28 min.

    Rod Willis only recorded four songs in his life but with these songs he made himself immortal – at least ’The Cat’ is well-known to every Rock & Roll and Rockabilly collector in the whole wide world!
    For the first time ever – a detailed biography of Rod Willis based on information from his family and the tremendous research of Volker Houghton!
    Many never seen before Rod Willis pictures provided by his family!
    The ’Chic’ Connection
    The first rocking compilation about Chick Thompson’s small ’Chic’ label from Thomasville, Georgia featuring Rod Willis, Don Johnston and more …
    Chick Thompson was ’present’ on all Rod Willis recordings and was also the writer of ’The Cat’ and together with Big John Taylor (Benny Joy’s guitar player) the writer of ’Will Travel’ – both are frantic Rockers
    Detailed biographys about Pat Kelley, Don Johnston, Cliff Crofford and The Chas. McDevitt Group!
    Liner notes by Bill Dahl
    Bear Family Records® presents on this 10inch vinyl LP the Chic Records catalog from a Georgia-based label founded in 1956.
    After about a year it was over again – but a great rockabilly legacy justifies this splendid release.
    Included are the 1957 singles Somebody’s Been Rocking My Baby by Rod Willis and hot rockers by Pat Kelly, Don Johnston, and Cliff Crawford.
    Under license, Chic Records released Freight Train by the British Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group in the U.S., a financially successful coup.
    Superbly remastered recordings, a stylish LP cover and an in-depth essay on the subject by Chicago expert Bill Dahl in the accompanying booklet round out this fantastic collector’s LP!

    Thomasville, Georgia was a bit out of the way for a record company seeking national exposure to establish its headquarters, but that didn’t stop Chick Thompson from situating his self-named Chic Records there in the summer of 1956.

    The diskery only existed for a little over a year but release several first-rate rockabilly platters—and they’re all aboard ‘Rod Willis & The Chic Connection.’

    Willis was one of Thompson’s premier acts; his 1957 single Somebody’s Been Rocking My Baby, waxed in Nashville with the vaunted A-Team in support, ranks with Chic’s hottest rockers (his ’59 NRC single is also here, both sides penned by Thompson).

    Chic entered the big leagues by snagging the U.S. rights to the British skiffle smash Freight Train by The Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group Featuring Nancy Whiskey and thus scored its only national hit during the spring of ’57.

    It’s on this collection too, as are fine rockabilly outings by Pat Kelly, Don Johnston, and Cliff Crawford (better known under his legal surname of Crofford).

    In a brief timespan, Chic Records built an impressive rockabilly legacy given first-class treatment on this splendid LP.

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  • Jackson Wanda - Honey Bop (10″LP, 45 rpm, Ltd) (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl, 12 tracks. Total playing time approx. 26 min.

    On the occasion of her 85th birthday on October 20, 2022, Bear Family Records® honors Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly with a fine 10inch vinyl LP.
    A round dozen of unique Rockabilly classics fill the grooves of this high-quality record in a limited edition.
    In addition to (Let’s Have A) Party, tracks include Baby Loves Him, Mean Mean Man, Cool Love and Savin’ My Love and her re-makes of Fujiyama Mama and Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad.
    Liner notes by Bill Dahl.
    What a party!

    All hail the rockabilly queen! Wanda Jackson staked her royal reputation as an unbridled rocker on the killer sides she waxed for Capitol Records during the second half of the 1950s.

    A dozen of those classics constitute this Bear Family Records® 10-inch LP, every one permeated with the sexy swagger and sensual sway that became her trademark after Elvis helped convince her to switch her stylistic focus from country to rock and roll.

    Wanda set her own Baby Loves Him, Mean Mean Man, Cool Love, and Savin’ My Love afire, made the swinging oldies Fujiyama Mama and Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad her own, and transformed the rip-roaring (Let’s Have A) Party into a national hit (even Elvis and The Collins Kids couldn’t do that).

    Wanda’s studio bands included guitar demigods Joe Maphis and Roy Clark as well as her own touring combo, The Poe Kats featuring piano pounder ‘Big’ Al Downing. Jackson’s rip-roaring rockabilly side is on full glorious display on these 12 classic tracks. Talk about a party!

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  • Hawkins Ronnie - Red Hot Rockin’ with (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP 10″ vinyl with 12-page folder, bonus CD. 12 tracks (LP), 32 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), approx. 79 min. (CD)

    With this 25cm LP, Bear Family Records® pays tribute to the legacy of one of the last great rockers: Ronnie Hawkins, the singer and pianist who died on May 29, 2022 in his adopted country of Canada.
    His career began in Arkansas in the mid-1950s, but it wasn’t until a few years later in Canada that greater success set in.
    In 1963, his exquisite backing band, The Hawks, left him to make it big in the US as The Band.
    This fine little 25cm vinyl LP delivers twelve of his best R&R tunes; the bonus CD has additional cover versions and originals.
    Detailed liner notes by our Chicago music expert Bill Dahl in the enclosed folder, which also includes a variety of rare photos from Dave Booth’s collection.

    Ronnie Hawkins may well have been the last great rock and roller to surface during the 1950s. His comparative lack of chart success certainly wasn’t his fault—he was just a victim of bad timing as squeaky-clean teen idols replaced the first generation rockers that popularized the music a few short years before he emerged. By the time Roulette Records boss Morris Levy signed Rompin’ Ronnie in the spring of 1959, there was only time for him to post two sizable hits with his versions of Chuck Berry’s Forty Days and Young Jessie’s Mary Lou.

    They’re both aboard this collection, along with ten more scorchers by the Arkansas wildman. Slashing guitar solos aplenty by Jimmy Ray Paulman and Fred Carter, Jr. are part of the fun; towheaded stick twirler Levon Helm stokes a ferocious beat on every track, including The Hawk’s remakes of Red Hot and Honey! Don’t. Levy thought he’d found the next Elvis when he discovered Ronnie Hawkins, and he just might have been right if he’d turned up a few years earlier!

    The bonus CD, compiled exclusively for this release, features cover versions and originals. Music expert Bill Dahl has written the in-depth liner notes, and Canadian collector, archivist, music historian and decades-long radio deejay Dave Booth has thankfully provided us with a load of wonderful photos.

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  • Various - Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt Vol. 1 – Reloaded! (10``LP)


    Limited to 500 copies and numbered. Handpackaged DIY-style!

    About 40 years ago I started a fanzine titled The Glitterhouse. The first bands I wrote about were The Bongoes, Go-Betweens and Josef K. Soon other writers joined the fold and the contents progressed towards Garage Punk old (Chocolate Watchband etc.) and new (Fuzztones etc.), Australian classics (Radio Birdman etc.) and new bands (Trilobites etc.) as well as Cramps-related stuff (Tav Falco, Sting-Rays) and their influences (Link Wray, Trashmen).About 2-3 years after the beginning a certain Hank Ray who had just started his band The Raymen also became part of the Glitterhouse writer crew. At the time I started a small mailorder (which is still active) with a bag of Citadel 7“-es I carried home from an Australian visit. We also sold some cassettes. Among them was a series called Swinging In The Tombs Of Egypt which was compiled by Hank. Four C-90 musicassettes stuffed to the brim with Surf instrumentals and (then) obscure Rockabilly. He opened a whole new world for me.When I started to think about the Stag-O-Lee-500-Series the Swinging From The Tombs Of Egypt cassettes immediately came to mind. But nobody had the cassettes anymore, which we copied 1:1 on a double cassette deck at the time, xeroxed the cover and it was yours for 12 German Marks. Thankfully Hank is a well organized person and he found the original cassette inlays with the tracklistings as well as a fifth unreleased cassette.What Stag-O-Lee is doing now is re-creating the 38-year old Swinging ITTOE C-90 MC’s in the 500 series. From track 1 of Volume 1 to the last track of the unreleased fifth cassette. We are talking about fifteen 10“-es here and I hope you want them all.

    This is cult! -Stagman

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  • Blake Tommy - Shake Around (10``LP)


    Jatkoa upeaan 10″ albumi sarjaan. Kuten muissakin, mukana myös ekaa kertaa vinyylillä julkaistuja harvinaisuuksia.

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  • LaBeef Sleepy - Turn Me Loose (10``LP)


    Jatkoa upeaan 10″ albumi sarjaan. Kuten muissakin, mukana myös ekaa kertaa vinyylillä julkaistuja harvinaisuuksia.

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  • Bennett Joe & The Sparkletones: - Cotton Pickin’ Rockers 10″LP (45rpm, ltd.) (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl, 14 tracks. Total playing time approx. 28 min.

    The first vinyl disc on Bear Family Records® featuring early rockers from Spartanburg, South Carolina – one of the strongholds of Southern rock more than a decade later with the Marshall Tucker Band.
    Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones made rock and roll history as teenagers back in 1957 with Black Slacks, a true rock smash and hit success!
    In addition to their trademark record, we’ve selected thirteen more rocking highlights from the band’s repertoire for our 10inch vinyl LP, including some scarcer recordings.
    Carefully mastered and adequately journalistically accompanied with liner notes by Bill Dahl.

    They started rocking young during the ‘50s down in Spartanburg, South Carolina. None of the four members in Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones were past their mid-teens (Bennett’s diminutive vocal partner and rhythm guitarist Howard ‘Sparky’ Childress was all of 14) when they roared up the hit parade in 1957 with their blistering rocker Black Slacks. That youthful vigor defined everything the band cut for the ABC-Paramount and Paris labels.

    Bear Family Records®’ new 10-inch album collects the young band’s hottest rockers, including their signature smash as well as its flip Boppin’ Rock Boogie; a sizzling encore pairing Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks and Rocket; the follow-ups Cotton Pickin’ Rocker, Little Turtle, and We’ve Had It, and three ABC gems that didn’t see light of day at the time. Bennett, whose sparkling lead guitar was a primary ingredient in his band’s sound, and his crew moved over to Jack Gold’s New York-based Paris logo in 1959; that’s where their Bayou Rock and What The Heck emerged. The ’65 ABC one-off Well Dressed Man proved the reunited Sparkletones had no problem keeping up with the times. Pull on your Black Slacks and get ready to rock with Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones!

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  • Vincent Gene - Rainy Day Sunshine EP (10``LP)


    1950-luvun rockstaroista rajuin – Gene Vincent – kustansi itse vuonna 1969 neljän biisin äänityssession shoppaillessaan levytyssopimusta. Tuolla vuosikymmenellä Gene ei ollut enää trendsetteri mutta golden oldies -osastolle siirtymisen sijaan hän seurasi vahvasti ajankohdan musiikkityylejä kuten hänen ennenaikaista kuolemaansa vuonna 1971 edeltävät levytykset osoittavat. Hippikausi kuuluu myös tällä EP-levyllä jonka äänitteet julkaistaan nyt ensimmäistä kertaa alkuperäisiltä sessionauhoilta masteroituna.

    Julkaisupäivä: 1.7.2022
    Huom: eri kansi CD vs. vinyyli

    What we got here is the Gene Vincent EP ”Rainy Day Sunshine” released for the very first time ever mastered from the original analog audio session tapes. The four songs on this EP were originally recorded in 1969 as self-financed demo by Gene Vincent himself when he was shopping for a record deal.
    But don’t let the word ”demo” fool you. These are professionally made recordings with obviously professional musicians – even though we don’t know who each one of them is – of well-arranged songs. Beside the musicians, a mystery surrounds also the songs. ”Roll Over Beethoven” is the familiar Chuck Berry rocker, but the writer of the rest of the set is not really known despite having been somewhere credited to someone.
    Gene Vincent was no longer a trendsetter in the 1960’s. But he definitely followed the trends of the day instead of giving up and becoming a golden oldies act, as his last four albums made before his premature death demonstrate. So do these four charming recordings.

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  • Reed Jerry - The Rockin’ U.S. Male (10″LP & CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP (10inch vinyl) w/ bonus CD, 8-page booklet, postcard. 12 tracks (LP), 25 tracks (CD).
    Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 70 min. (CD).

    Jerry Reed became known to a European audience as a film actor through the ’Smokey and the Bandit’ movies.

    – Bear Family Records® presents the songwriter, singer, and accomplished guitarist who began his career with Capitol in 1955 and has also worked for NRC, Columbia, and RCA on a luxurious 10inch LP.

    – The vinyl album features his great rockers, covered by Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent, among others, and – especially on the bonus CD – a number of obscure yet terrific recordings.

    – In the eight-page booklet, author Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber provides exciting background information.
    Limited edition pressed on high-quality vinyl.

    Jerry Reed was multitalented and highly original. He is still remembered for his charming role as Cledus Snow in the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ movies with his buddy Burt Reynolds. However, others still cherish Reed as the outstanding songwriter and innovative guitar picker he also was. If you don’t know Jerry Reed, you definitely will have heard his songs: Guitar Man and U.S. Male be Elvis Presley, Crazy Legs by Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, Lord Mr. Ford by Matchbox, That’s All You Got to Do by Brenda Lee, When I Found You by Big Sandy and his Fly-Right-Boys, and – last but not least – his outstanding East Bound and Down from the first Smokey movie.

    Jerry Reed Hubbard was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 20, 1937. He started his outstanding entertainment career with the help of legendary producer Bill Lowery who secured him a three-year deal with Capitol in 1955.
    On ‘The Rockin’ U.S. Male’ several of Reed’s up-tempo favorites are gathered for the first time. The time-spanning compilation presents Reed favorites as U.S. Male, When I Found You, and You Make It, They Take It with rarer stuff like Twist-a-Roo and the anachronistic exotica classic Rockin’ in Bagdad.

    For the first time – and for the first time on vinyl – Reed’s rockin’ ravers from Capitol, NRC, Columbia, and RCA are presented on a combination platter. It’s hot – and it will go fast!
    As a special treat, Bear Family Records® dishes in an extra CD with all vinyl tracks, augmented by thirteen extra smokey Reed speeders – amongst them Jerry Reed’s collaboration with Ric Cartey and his dreadnought picking for The Rockateers.

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  • Hi-Fly Rangers - Goes Feathers 10″LP + 7″ EP (LP)


    Hieno tribute albumi Charlie Feathersille. Mukana myös EP, jossa ennenjulkaisemattomia demoja itse Charlie Feathersilta.

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  • Richard Cliff - Cliff Richard (Ltd, Silver) (10``LP)


    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – limited collector’s edition, only directly at BEAR FAMILY ONLINE SHOP
    1-LP 10inch (limited to 500 copies – white vinyl), mono, 12 tracks.

    1:1 reproduction of a rare German pressing, limited edition on Bear Family Records®!
    Reissue of the ’Cliff Richard’ LP in our 11000-count 10inch collector’s series.
    This 10″LP was originally released in 1960 on Germany’s Columbia label, catalog number C 60 691, 33 WS 539.
    Reproduction of the scarce original album cover.
    The recordings have been carefully remastered for this vinyl edition and sound excellent.
    Strictly limited to 500 colored copies, a collector’s edition, pressed on white vinyl.

    Almost unbelievably, Cliff Richard – born in 1940 – remains the UK’s most successful domestic star. In total, more than 130 of his singles, EPs and LPs are said to have entered the UK charts.
    In our Viny Exclusives series, we are re-releasing a rare German release from 1960 in a limited edition of 500 color 10inch LPs. ’Cliff Richard’, recorded with the Shadows, provides cover versions of US R’n’R originals made popular in Europe by Cliff, such as I’m Walking, Baby I Don’t Care, Don’t Bug Me Baby or Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On, plus several rather balladesque recordings that are already reminiscent of the sensationally successful pop star Cliff Richard would become a few years later.
    We have reproduced the original cover and carefully remastered the old recordings.

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  • Francis Connie - Spectacular Sound Of… (Green) (10``LP)


    Originally issued in Japan on MGM ZS 5002 with only eight tracks.
    „Lipstick On Your Collar“, recorded in 1959, was a worldwide hit and reached the #5 position in Billboard and #3 in England. It is a Rock ´n Roll classic.
    „Te quiro, dijiste“, recorded in 1960, stems from one of Connie’s best selling albums, „Connie Francis Sings Spanish And Latin American Favorites“, a huge success in the Latin American countries and in Spain.
    „Where The Boys Are“ (1960) was the title song from the movie of the same name and a million seller; it was the first movie role for Connie. The movie went to become one of the top grossing films of the year, whilst the song was a worldwide hit, with top positions in countries such as Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Peru, New Zealand, The Philippines and South Africa. It is popular until today in the gay community and Connie used to introduce the song in her live appearances with: „Ladies and Gentlemen – the gay national anthem!“.
    „Anema e core“, recorded in 1959, is a song from Connie’s most successful US album, „Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites“ MGM E/SE 3791.
    The Spanish version of „Malagueña“, recorded in 1960 (in 1966, Connie recorded the song with German lyrics) is another song from one of Connie’s best selling album, „Connie Francis Sings Spanish And Latin American Favorites“, a huge success in the Latin American countries and in Spain.
    „Mama“, recorded in 1959, is one of Connie’s million sellers and was popular all over the world. In Connie’s own words, it is a song „I never grow tired of singing“. The song originates from the 1940‘s and was first made pupular by Beniamino Gigli.
    „Clementine“ is one of the selections to be found on Connie’s 1961 U.S. album „Connie Francis Sings Folk Song Favorites“ on MGM E/SE 3969, featuring The Jordanaires as background singers.
    „Tennessee Waltz“ stems from Connie’s first Country & Western album, „Country & Western Golden Hits“ on MGM E/SE 3795 and was recorded in1959.

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  • Francis Connie - Queen Of Hearts (Pink) (10``LP)


    Originally issued in The Netherlands in 1960 on MGM F5-101, this was a local print of a French 10“/25 cm album, plainly entitled „Connie Francis“ on MGM F5-101, but retitled and supplied with a different sleeve.
    „Valentino“, recorded in 1960, was confined to an album release in the US, but was a hit in many European countries, such as Belgium, England, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. It also exists as a single-tracked version.
    „Mama“, recorded in 1959, is one of Connie’s million sellers and was popular all over the world. In Connie’s own words, it is a song „I never grow tired of singing“. The song originates from the 1940‘s and was first made pupular by Beniamino Gigli.
    „Robot Man“ from 1960, was another European hit and was particularly big in England, where it reached the #2 position.
    „Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me“ originates from Connie’s most successful US album, „Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites“ MGM E/SE 3791, recorded in 1959.
    „Plenty Good Lovin‘ (written by one Connie Francis and recorded in 1959) and „Fallin‘“, from 1958, were successes in the US charts and those of many other countries.
    „I’ll Get By“ originates from Connie’s first US album, „Who’s Sorry Now“, recorded in 1958, and was released as a single in England, where it charted at # 19.
    „Jealous Of You“ from 1960, was Connie’s first #1 in Italy which was sung in the native language; in the US, it was the flipside to Connie’s 1960 million seller „Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool“ and charted independently of the #1- A-Side, at #19 in Billboard.
    „Stupid Cupid“, recorded in 1958, was the first composition of two aspiring young songwriters by the names of Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield and is one of Connie’s best remembered Rock ´n Roll songs ever. It only reached #14 in Billboard, but went to the #1 spot in England, where it remained for six weeks. „Stupid Cupid“ was also a big hit in many other countries.
    „Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool“ (1960) was a #1 hit and million seller for Connie in the US and a worldwide hit.It was the first of her hits she had translated into other languages, German in this instance and the result, „Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel“ was a big hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

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  • Francis Connie - A Date With (Yellow) (10``LP)


    Originally issued in Japan on MGM ZL-5066 in 1962
    Titles 1, 2, 5 and 6 are all sung in Japanese and were all big hits in the land of the rising sun.
    „Mr. Twister“, recorded in 1961, originates from Connie’s U.S. hit album „Do The Twist“ MGM E/SE-4022.
    „Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You“ was a #1 hit for Connie in 1962 in the US and a worldwide hit.
    „Teddy“ (1960), written by Paul Anka, was the flipside to her million seller „Mama“ in the US and charted independently of the A-Side at #17 in Billboard.
    „When The Boy In Your Arms [Is The Boy In Your Heart]“ was a Top 10 hit in Billboard and charted in 1961/1962 in many countries around the globe.

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  • Stomp Gordon - Damp Rag – The Killa Dilla From Columbus, Ohio (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP vinyl (10inch) with 8-page booklet, bonus CD, postcard. 10 tracks (LP), 22 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), approx. 70 min. (CD).

    It is one of the fundamental principles of Bear Family Records® to give room to artists who would otherwise remain undiscovered in the jungle of reissues.
    We present on LP plus bonus CD the complete works of pianist and jump blues shouter Stomp Gordon, whose stage show eclipsed even the piano attacks of Jerry Lee Lewis, the ’Killer’!
    On LP and CD combined, we deliver those 17 recordings Stomp Gordon made between 1952 and 1956 for Decca, Mercury, Chess and Savoy – there’s no more material out there!
    In addition to the 17 recordings by Stomp Gordon, there are 5 more bonus tracks by other performers, covering, among other things, the U.S. television series ’Dragnet’ and Dr. Kinsey and his ’Kinsey Report’.
    For the first time ever, a complete vinyl LP is dedicated to Stomp Gordon!
    The liner notes were written by R&B and blues expert Bill Dahl from Chicago.
    The 10″ LP includes a booklet, a CD and a postcard.

    In four short years, piano-pounding jump blues shouter Stomp Gordon made enough of an impression on record buyers and a Bear Family Records® LP completely dedicated to him was long overdue. Stomp earned his nickname: he pounded the 88s with his bare feet onstage.

    The Columbus, Ohio native’s performing attire was as wild as anyone’s this side of Cab Calloway, and his houserocking music reflected that flamboyance. Recording for Decca, Mercury, Chess, and Savoy between 1952 and ’56, Stomp roared his way through Damp Rag, Oooh Yes!, Hide The Bottle, The Grind, and Ride Superman, Ride with an intensity that presaged rock and roll, often aided by his faithful tenor saxman Little Hiawatha Edmondson.

    Stomp should have been a primordial rock and roll star, but his career was cut way short when he was found dead in his parked car on a Harlem thoroughfare, aged only 31. But the man with the magical tootsies packed some serious rocking into a tragically truncated timeframe—and all his great sides are on full display here.

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