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  • 5 Royales - The ”5” Royales – Rock (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 31 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    With the fantastic Five Royales, we introduce another significant element in the transformation of African-American music from gospel to R&B to soul in our ’Rocks’ CD-series.
    Bear Family outlines the vocal quintet’s journey from a pure gospel group to one of rhythm ’n’ blues’ most successful formations.
    From their beginnings on Apollo Records to their outstanding recordings for King, we deliver the quintet’s best powerful songs.
    The energetic playing of guitarist Lowman Pauling, Jr. influenced later peers such as Steve Cropper, who was instrumental in shaping the Stax sound in the ’60s.
    Competent and meticulously researched liner notes by Chicago black music expert Bill Dahl in the richly illustrated booklet – 6-page digipak.

    Like Clyde McPhatter and Ray Charles, The “5” Royales played a seminal role in combining melismatic gospel vocals with rhythm and blues lyrics and instrumentation to help invent soul music. The powerhouse vocal quintet from Winston-Salem, North Carolina started out belting spirituals exclusively, but after signing with New York’s Apollo Records in 1951 detoured onto a secular route. They were unabashed rockers, as Bear Family’s new compilation of their sides makes abundantly clear, from their earliest Apollo classics (1953’s R&B chart-topper Baby Don’t Do It and the delightfully ribald Laundromat Blues are prime examples) through their prolific heyday on the King label.

    Their principal source of material, Lowman Pauling, Jr., unleashed his previously undocumented lead guitar work from 1957 on so lethally that it became a prime component of the Royales’ attack, slashing through their ’57 hit Think and deeply influencing Stax guitar king Steve Cropper’s developing style. The unholy marriage of sanctified and secular never rocked harder than when The “5” Royales were positioned behind a microphone!

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  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It Vol.36 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of TNT Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 34 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    Bear Family’s revisit to the history of the Texas TNT label in our unique CD series ’That’ll Flat Git It!’ focuses on the rockers Robert Tanner produced in the 1950s.
    The most important label from Southwest Texas at the time released outstanding recordings by country legends, rockabilly greats and accomplished rock ’n’ rollers.
    Bill Anderson, Ray Campi, Glenn Reeves, Roy Head – just to throw a few names into the ring.
    Extensive liner notes by music historian Bill Dahl with the story of TNT Records and detailed notes on each recording in the comprehensive, fully illustrated booklet, which comes with a high-quality digipak.

    The vast Texas recording legacies of Houston and Dallas have been celebrated for more than half a century, and rightly so—the Lone Star State’s expansive musical smorgasbord is as impressive and wide-ranging as that of any state in America. But what of San Antonio, currently America’s seventh largest metropolis? It’s high time to pay tribute to San Antonio’s top label during the 1950s, Robert Tanner’s TNT Records—and that’s exactly what Bear Family is doing with the latest entry in its celebrated ‘That’ll Flat Git It’ series.

    It’s jam-packed with country legends (Leon Payne, Bill Anderson), raging rockabilly (Ray Campi, Lonnie Lillie, Bill Morrison, Sandy Ford, Jerry Dove), and thundering R&B-laced rock and roll (Glenn Reeves, Ray Liberto, The Blue Notes, Jimmy Dee, Johnny Olenn and The Jokers, and Roy Head’s group, The Traits), nearly all of it sinfully rare. Tanner had the San Antonio recording scene all sewn up from 1953 into the early ‘60s—and his TNT label packed sonic dynamite!

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  • Various - Little Heart Attacks From North Carolina -Rockabilly and Rock ’n’ Roll on Oak Records 10″LP & CD (10``LP, CD)


    1-LP 10inch with bonus CD, 8-page booklet (8″x8″), postcard, 12 tracks (LP), 25 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 60 min. (CD).

    Strictly limited to 500 copies, this exclusive LP/CD combo on Bear Family is dedicated to Oak Records, a small, only sporadically active label from North Carolina.
    Only eight singles were released on Oak Records between 1957 and 1966.
    The original Oak records are rarities and sometimes hard to find.
    The Bear Family bundle of LP and CD provides for the first time all recordings made for the Oak label, including originally unreleased alternate versions; three titles for the first time on CD and LP!
    Rockabilly collectors appreciate such great artists as Don Hager, Glenn Johnson and Bobby Green, R&B fans will be delighted with the rare recording of Big Jay Mercer.
    With this edition we document a small yet significant aspect of the music history of the state of North Carolina.
    High-quality pressing, luxurious cover, bonus CD in full-color sleeve, a postcard and a large-format booklet with the results of the meticulous research by author Lightnin’ Wells and producer Nico Feuerbach!

    The ending of World War II brought the age of the independent record label and introduced new, often younger, artists who were no longer beholden to the demands of the major record labels. Eastern North Carolina stretches from east of the Piedmont area of the state to the Atlantic coastline, Eastern Carolina was known as a tobacco belt because of the large number of tobacco warehouses and markets.

    During the late 1950s a small record label was established in. The label was established with guidance from and based on the fame of local celebrities, Mustard and Gravy who were a comedy/musical. Oak Records mainly promoted younger local performers who were attempting to establish their musical identity through the new medium of Rock ‘n’ Roll yet filtered through their own rural North Carolina culture, upbringing and experiences.

    Such colorful acts such as Don Hager & The Hot Tots, Glenn Johnson & The Acorns and P. Jay & The Haystackers made their few recordings for Oak Records and then vanished into obscurity leaving hardly a trace of their stories behind. These recordings on the Oak label remain as some of the most prized and desirable among collectors of rockabilly records and indeed are some of the rarest. Enjoy this taste of 1950s tobacco belt Rock ‘n’ Roll Eastern North Carolina style!

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  • McPhatter Clyde - The Ballads Of Clyde McPhatter (CD)


    1-CD (4-plated Digipak) with 32-page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    We can’t rewrite music history, but we would like to shine a light on a great, influential and underrated artist: Clyde McPhatter.
    Whoever is interested in the history of American pop music will know the Drifters and the Dominoes – two formations, characterized and famous for the fantastic voice of the lead singer: Clyde McPhatter.
    With two simultaneously released CD documentaries on Bear Family we honor the great life achievement of an important crossover artist, who has significantly influenced genres such as gospel, doo-wop, rhythm & blues and pop.
    Our ’Clyde McPhatter Rocks’ CD (Bear Family BCD17614) features Clyde’s rousing up-tempo numbers; now here is the compilation of his most moving ballads on CD, carried by one of the most beautiful black voices of her time!
    Extensive liner notes by Chicago expert Bill Dahl, detailed richly illustrated booklet and premier sound quality.

    Few soulful voices of the 1950s and ’60s could caress a ballad the way Clyde McPhatter did, seemingly without even trying. He could make any song soar heaven-bound with his gospel-soaked curlicues and unpredictable twists and turns, helping greatly to define the concept of soul music. Bear Family’s bountiful collection of the rhythm and blues legend’s ballad output takes an in-depth look at his seminal Atlantic Records years, focusing on his solo period but also including a handful of dreamiest entries as lead singer of The Drifters as well as both sides of his duet single with Ruth Brown. Clyde’s Treasure Of Love, the wrenching Without Love (There Is Nothing), and Just To Hold My Hand were major solo hits for Atlantic. There’s also a generous helping of McPhatter’s subsequent M-G-M and Mercury output. Clyde will always rank with soul music royalty—and these majestic ballads testify as to why he’s such a regal figure.

    When Clyde McPhatter died in 1972, impoverished, addicted to alcohol and plagued by depression, the world looked back on a 22-year recording career of an exceptional musician who died at only 39 years of age. At the age of five, he was already singing in the gospel choir of his father, a Baptist preacher in North Carolina. The family eventually moved to New York City, where Clyde formed a gospel formation, the Mount Lebanon Singers, in the late 1940s. As a singer, he won a coveted ’Amateur Night’ trophy at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem in 1950 and accepted an offer to become the lead tenor singer with Billie Ward & The Dominoes, one of the most popular R&B vocal groups in the entire country.

    In 1953, McPhatter parted ways with Ward, was tracked down and signed by Atlantic head, Ahmed Ertegun. Condition: the formation of his own vocal group. The result: The Drifters. But he also left this formation after only a few years and concentrated on a solo career. He recorded the first great achievements, parted with Atlantic Records, switched to M-G-M and later Mercury. But further great successes and especially recognition failed to materialize. Frustrated, he moved to England for two years in 1968, tried an ineffective comeback after his return and died of multiple organ failure on June 13, 1972.

    McPhatter left us a magnificent legacy of melancholy ballads. The unique singer truly deserved more recognition during his lifetime!
    To complement this compilation of his best ballads, we recommend ’Clyde McPhatter Rocks’ (BCD17614), featuring the outstanding up-tempo songs of Clyde McPhatter.

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  • McPhatter Clyde - Rocks (CD)



    1-CD (6-plated Digipak) with 32-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 minutes.

    Long overdue two-part documentary on Bear Family dedicated to one of the greatest Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Rock & Roll singers: Clyde McPhatter (1932 – 1972).
    On ’Clyde McPhatter Rocks’ producer Nico Feuerbach has compiled the rousing up-tempo numbers, ’The Ballads Of’ is dedicated to the great ballads of the tenor singer.
    He was one of the first to fuse the harmony vocals of gospel music with the hot grooves of rhythm ’n’ blues and is considered a pioneer of soul music and an outstanding rocker.
    ’Rocks’ collects his best fast recordings from his time with Billy Ward & The Dominoes, the Drifters and from his solo career.
    Detailed liner notes by music historian Bill Dahl in the extensive accompanying booklet and – as always with Bear Family – carefully restored recordings in the best possible quality.

    It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that soul music commenced when Clyde McPhatter opened his mouth and let fly. His groundbreaking hybrid of rhythm and blues and gospel as melismatic lead tenor with Billy Ward’s Dominoes predated even that of Ray Charles, opening the door to a whole new musical genre.

    And could Clyde ever rock! Bear Family’s new overview of McPhatter’s seminal upbeat catalog follows him from his early salad days fronting The Drifters on Atlantic Records, when they hit big on the R&B charts with Money Honey and Honey Love, through his solo Atlantic stormers (A Lover’s Question was a huge 1958 seller) and then his splendid M-G-M and Mercury sides (including his ‘62 smash Lover Please). Backed by stellar studio bands that included sax masters Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor, King Curtis, and Boots Randolph (who blows up a storm on Clyde’s Nashville cover of Fats Domino’s I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday), McPhatter was a soul pioneer and a world-class rocker who merits far more credit for his gargantuan contributions than he receives.

    Clyde McPhatter was born in 1932. Disappointed by life, penniless, addicted to alcohol and depressed, he died at the age of only 39. Already a legend during his lifetime, he was denied great commercial success. He left behind an enormous musical legacy with recordings from a period of 22 years!
    He was the first musician ever to be inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, first as a solo artist and later as the lead singer of the Drifters.

    We have compiled Clyde McPhatter’s great ballads on BCD17615 ’The Ballads of Clyde McPhatter’, the supplemental album.

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  • Various - Spring Fever – 28 Easter Nuggets For Your Spring Season (CD)


    1 CD with 16-page booklet, 28 tracks. Total playing time approx. 67 minutes.

    The second edition on the subject of spring and Easter In Bear Family’s ’Season’s Greetings’ CD series.
    This musical journey through time includes selected titles from four decades, springtime songs and popular hits from 1936 to 1963.
    Genre-spanning, from jazz and pop to country and R&B to rock ’n’ roll – and always hard on the subject – here the rooster and the hen go crazy, the eggs rock & roll and the Easter bunny dances!
    Rock with fiery guitars comes from Vilas Craig, Link Wray and Tina’s former husband, a.o.
    Also danceable teen rock can be heard! First and foremost Bobby Rydell with a rare number as well as some Doo Wop groups like The Pentagons and The Velvets.
    Speaking of rare, Bear Family also delivers some tracks on CD for the first time this time, including recordings by Ray Coleman, The Jaye Brothers, Al Allen, Jerry Duane and others!
    The full-color 16-page booklet includes comments by the producer on each song and, as always, is richly illustrated!

    Spring Fever
    Yes, the spring fever. Everyone feels it, as soon as the first warm sunbeams let nature awake to new life. Good keyword, this compilation also lets us awake to new life, even in Corona times! With these rhythms and the swinging sound, Easter eggs can be painted in no time. Or better yet, shake a leg! It’s Spring Fever!

    The musical spring
    This Bear Family CD has it all again. Once again we deliver a wide musical range from 1936 to 1963. But far from it, the oldest recording is not jazz, it comes from the Dixon Brothers and is pure original Country Blues. Country music in its traditional form is also provided by Bill Wimberly & The Country Rhythm Boys. But also jazz can be heard from such illustrious artists as Django Reinhardt, Ramsey Lewis and the Andrews Sisters.

    Along with hot rock ’n’ roll and rockabilly rhythms, there’s plenty to discover from pop to twist, including famous artists with rare recordings, such as Pat Boone’s classic ’April Love’, here as a rare film version, or Ray Anthony with the Bookends and his rare twist version of ’Bunny Hop’. With the CD comes a full-color 16-page booklet with accompanying text on the individual songs and artists, written by the producer, as well as many photos and illustrations!

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  • Various - Rock And Roll Vixens 5 (CD)


    Jatkoa mahtavaan KOKO MOJO sarjaan naisrokkareista.

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  • Various - Boss Black Rockers Vol 10 : Eeny Meeny Minie Moe (CD)


    Kymmenes ja viimeinen osa! PARASTA sarjaa ikinä.

    The incomparable DJ ”Mojo” Man (a.k.a. Little Victor) presents the 10th and final volume of this interesting and very successful series focused on the originators of rock and roll and the very first ”rockers” so to speak, African American artists. This CD sounds like an upgraded and improved modern-day version of the legendary STOMPIN’ and many similar ”unofficial” albums that first made the World aware of so many great forgotten obscure tracks nowadays regarded as ”classic” of the genre. The artwork is simply fantastic and the back of the CD (like all the compilations by the ”Mojo” Man) mentions the original label and catalogue number, so it’s easy for a record collector to score an original copy. Once again too many good songs to mention here. This collection features 28 tracks even if it’s hard for any human mind to remember more than 20 or 24 songs by different artists. It’s really a ”Super Big Gulp” of a record diabolically designed to quench any thirst of any size – even if in real life a ”Big Gulp” drink usually gets flat and warm before you can finish it and the ice already starts melting while you are sipping half-way thru it. It’s another ”All Fine Frame – No Parts Lame” CD but the highlights of this volumes are probably the rare rockin’ version of ”Bloodshot Eyes” that Wynonie Harris re-recorded for Roulette, ”Teenage Party” by Sonny Knight, a black version of ”Raunchy” by Ernie Freeman and the original recording of the Little Richard-style number ”Messing With The Kid” by Junior Wells on Chief Records. Junior is mostly regarded as a bluesman nowadays but he recorded songs in many different styles during his long career. This was his contribution to the rock and roll craze of the late 1950s. Wells recorded this number many times in a more “bluesy” vein and the song is considered a blues standard today.

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  • Various - The Ultimate Rockabilly Collection 6CD (CD)


    Loistava halppis kokoelma hieman harvinaisempaa rockabillyä.

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  • Various - Ten Commandments Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Five – Form A Partnership – Glad All Over (CD)


    The Ten Commandment Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Commandment Five, Form A Partnership, Glad All Over Atomicat (ACCD054). The album comprises songs that need to be played loud and often and will bring life to your Hi-Fi, or Record Hop when played! Lesser-known artists and recordings stand alongside hit-making artists and their recordings, with either a rock-a- ballad or smooth song to end the album and answer the music direction of the relating album.
    Commandment Five, is packed full of Rock ’n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, and Doo Wop titles to please your ears and those heading for destination love are; Billy Brown, Look Out Heart (Here Comes Love), Roy Tyson, Oh What A Night For Love, Ruth Brown, Sweet Baby Of Mine, Edna McGriff I Can’t Love You Enough, Bobby Darin, I Want You With Me and Judy Capps with Pat Kingary and The Kentuckians, You Can Have My Love.
    The Stratfords take a different approach, Promise Her Anything (But Give Her Love) but overall the direction of the songs through their performers is clear, life is going so well and to close and bring firmly to a conclusion Johnny Carroll cannot live without his girl, he would be, Lost Without You.
    Our albums have; stunning design, the sleeve notes will offer either; factual narrative information, a light heated Billboard style review of the title and some personal visual experiences that will be shared. The thirty songs mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future!.

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  • Various - Rock And Roll Vixens 4 (CD)


    Jatkoa mahtavaan KOKO MOJO sarjaan naisrokkareista.

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  • Vee Bobby - The Drugstore’s Rockin’ – Suzie Baby (CD)


    Our Bobby Vee retrospective focuses on the teen idol’s Rock ’n’ Roll years (1959 – 1962) – and Vee could rock, and how!
    Bobby Vee’s career began in the wake of arguably the greatest tragedy in rock ’n’ roll history: on Feb. 3, 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper – on tour as the ’Winter Dance Party’ – were killed in an accident, and Bobby Vee, only 15 years old, stepped in as a replacement at the Moorhead show!
    The young, successful producer Snuff Garnett saw great potential in Vee’s Buddy Holly-inspired style, and with the string sound favored by Holly, made him a teenage superstar in pop as well.
    Liner notes by Bill Dahl; many little-known photos and illustrations in the extensive booklet and carefully mastered recordings.

    Bobby Vee was born Robert Thomas Velline in 1943 in Fargo, North Dakota. In stark contrast to the Coen brothers’ gritty 1995 ’Fargo’ film drama, Bobby Vee’s Rock ’n’ Roll exudes the feel of teenage youth in those days.

    Not only was Bobby Vee a genuine teen idol during the early 1960s with a string of lighthearted smashes to his credit, he also knew how to rock, his strong Buddy Holly influence never far from the surface. Vee’s entry in Bear Family’s ‘The Drugstore’s Rockin’’ series, spanning 1959-1962, contains his debut single, Suzie Baby, through his first major hits for Los Angeles-based Liberty Records, Devil Or Angel and Rubber Ball, and the violin-enriched blockbusters Take Good Care Of My Baby and The Night Has A Thousand Eyes. But Bobby refused to abandon his ‘50s rock and roll roots—witness the five tracks culled from his splendid ‘Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets’ album with ex-Holly sideman Tommy Allsup on lead guitar.

    Nearly everything here was produced by Texas native Snuff Garrett, perhaps the youngest A&R man around then and one of the most successful. Garrett was a huge fan of Holly’s mature strings-drenched approach and introduced it to Liberty. Bobby Vee rode that delightfully lavish sound to full-fledged teen superstardom.

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  • Various - Buffalo Bop - Shook Shake (CD)


    A thematic compilation (CD) with a very rare doo-wop and teenage rock and roll songs from the 50s to the early 60s. The Dee Jay Jamboree Dee Jay Records CD series is an excellent addition to the Bear Family Records Doo Wop CD series of Street Corner Symphonies.

    Each of these Dee Jay Jamboree CDs comes with an 8-12 page booklet rare label photos and artist photos. All recordings were very elaborately dubbed in their own Dee Jay Records studio in Hamburg by the original Doo Wop and Teenage Rock And Roll singles and without sound loss.

    On the CDs of Dee Jay Jamboree you will find very rare Doo Wop recordings who cost a fortune on the original vinyl records.

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  • Scott Jack - Crying In My Beer 1961-1962 (CD)


    JACK SCOTT was famously described by American Rock writer Dave Marsh in The Heart Of Rock & Soul as ’Undeniably, the greatest Canadian Rock ’n’ Roll singer of all time’.

    Mean and moody, with an aura of brooding menace permeating his songs, Scott wrote and recorded some of the most atmospheric, compelling and memorable Rockabilly discs of the era.

    He was at the peak of his popularity in the late 50s and early 60s, during which he placed more than 20 records on the US charts.

    Jasmine’s earlier Jack Scott compilation, Touch Me Baby, I Go Hog Wild (JASCD178), covered his early career, between 1957-60, ending just as his contract was transferred to Capitol Records.

    This compilation anthologises his Capitol output, comprising all twenty-four sides he recorded for the label, including hits like ’A Little Feeling (Called Love)’, ’My Dream Come True’ and ’Steps One And Two’.

    Much of this material is difficult to find elsewhere on CD, notably the six bonus tracks, which were not issued at the time.

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