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  • Various - Dance Crazy A Rama (CD)


    Atomicat Records have expanded the Bop, Jive, and Stroll -A-Rama series and added several new concepts to the series, and Dance Craze -A- Rama Atomicat (ACCD114) inaugurates the additions. The album is stuffed full of thematic dance-craze songs which are embellished with catchy tempos even though many of the titles were one-off attempts by the artist to create a hit, and become as popular as the Twist.”

    During Dance Craze -A- Rama Atomicat 01 (ACCD0116) you will come across twenty-eight thematic songs, with a pleasing dance tempo, several of the titles entered the hot 100 charts, although many of the titles were one-off attempts by the artist to create a hit, and become as popular as the Twist (see Twist -A- Rama Volume One ACCD075).
    Within Dance Craze -A-Rama there are dance-floor fillers in several genres sourced from the golden years 1957 through to 1963. The fun begins with The Isley Brothers frat-house classic Shout performed by Italian legend Dion. Chubby Checker redrafts The Hucklebuck into his elegance, and Steve Alaimo revises Lee Dorseys’ classic Ya, Ya with a softer sound which was aimed at the teenagers of the time. Ace Holder returns to life a song from 1937 and credits himself with creating the Wabba Suzy Q. Should you be confined to home or sitting in a very small venue then The Johnny Otis Show present a gentleman who dances with his hands, Willie And The Hand Jive, and The Isley Brothers make an appearance doing The Drag. Love is in the air for The Crystals who secured a date, Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home), Dee Dee Sharp wants a sauce for her starchy food, Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes), Kenny Hamber and David Robertson’s Combo, Do The Hully Gully, and to close the fun Sylvie Vartan happily sings in her mother tongue Dansons (Let’s Dance).
    Of these featured recordings, a handful most certainly caught the record-buying public’s attention, and undeniably they are all A grade titles and perfect for listening and dancing pleasure. Atomicat Records always endeavours to use some lesser-known and for some, perhaps more obscure titles and add something unexpected to every album.
    The series is compiled by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong and topped off with the best possible sound quality from our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. The top-quality eco-friendly cardboard sleeve is specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. The album is lavishly decorated by design artist and working musician Henrique San. The twenty-eight dance-floor-fillers are perfect for; Dee Jays, home listening, or cruising around. All that remains is to say, “crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.
    You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated”
    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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  • Various - Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll 2 – Rock And Roll Music (CD)


    “Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll Volume Two – Rock And Roll Music – Atomicat Records (ACCD102) looks at Caucasian men and women from differing music backgrounds who covered R&B songs in their own style. The music within Rock And Roll Music is sourced from the golden years of 1954 through to 1963, from labels large and small. The 28-song album is stuffed full of American and Australian Rockers, with numerous artists being mostly unknown, but not lacking in star quality. The albums are perfect for collectors who wish to own a more diverse range of songs, and those who enjoy dancing.”

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  • Various - Twist A Rama (CD)


    Atomicat Records have expanded the Bop, Jive, and Stroll-A-Rama series, and Twist-A- Rama Atomicat (ACCD075) is a new addition to the series. There are twenty-eight enjoyable twisting songs for those who enjoy dancing and losing their cares. Competing for the crown of King or Queen of the Twist are both known and unknown artists.

    You will hear during Twist -A- Rama Atomicat 01 (ACCD075) twenty-eight enjoyable twisting songs for those who enjoy dancing and losing their cares. Competing for the crown of King or Queen of the Twist are both known and unknown artists.
    The invitation to begin gyrating up and down and swivelling the hips followed by a turnaround spin is throughout the album and the following artists all have that twisting sensation in their songs. Hank Ballard wrote and originally recorded The Twist, although it was used as a B-side of Teardrops On Your Letter, and his 1958 version is featured within the album. Thematic titles about love and twisting are from, Jack Hammer, Kissin’ Twist, and Ronnie and The Hi Lites, Twistin’ And Kissin’. Saxophonist King Curtis with His Combo provides two infectious twisting rockers The Peppermint Twist and The Arthur Murray Twist, with an uncredited vocal from Don Covay. The fabulous guitarist Grady Martin with heavy use of fuzz-tone invites you to Twist And Turn, blues music legend Muddy Waters joins in on the fun with his self-tribute Muddy Waters Twist, and The Champs rework their first hit as Tequila Twist.

    The unexpected titles come from; Johnny Hallyday with his French language version of Twisting The Night Away, which becomes a Laissez-nous twister, and the Sam Cooke connection continues with Johnnie Morisette and his invitation to Meet Me At The Twistin’ Place. The Royal Teens update an old hit and Short Shorts becomes Short Short Twist, and the Latins provide the zany Habibi Twist. Jo Ann Campbell sings, Let Me Do My Twist, Linda Hopkins is dancing with her mother, Mama’s Doin’ The Twist, and Kay Armen declares, I Wanna Twist. A handful of songs omit the word twist from the title but are nonetheless twist tunes and featured are; Chuck Berry, I’m Talking About You, U.S. Bonds, New Orleans, and Chubby Checker with Bobby Rydell, My Baby Cares For Me. The Tornadoes (vocal) Kay Charles end the twisting around the floor fun with Tornado Twist.
    Due to the fickle nature of the record-buying public, only a few artists hit the big-time, nonetheless, the non- hit-making titles are as good as the known hits. The music on the album is not ostensibly collector direction obscure, the songs are ideal for all-around listening. Be it, cruising down the highway, entertaining friends at home, or due to the clear Atomicat mastering blasting from the speakers at your record hop of choice.
    The series is compiled by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong and topped off with the best possible sound quality from our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. The top-quality eco-friendly cardboard sleeve is specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. The album is lavishly decorated by design artist and working musician Henrique San. The twenty-eight dance-floor-fillers are perfect for; Dee Jays, home listening, or cruising around. All that remains is to say, “Crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.

    You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated”
    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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  • Various - Rhythm & Western Vol. 2 – Your Cheatin’ Heart (CD)


    We’re kicking off with a fabulous version of Hank Snow’s ”I’m Moving On” by Clyde McPhatter, right before getting to ”Whiskey, Women & Loaded Dice” by Joe Liggins. Damita Jo gives us an up-tempo version of Hank Williams’s classic ”Jambalaya” and Ike Turner goes back to his Country & Western roots in ”Going Home.” Bobby Hebb delivers a cool version of the C&W standard ”Night Train To Memphis” penned and first recorded by Roy Acuff but also recorded by Red Foley, Grandpa Jones, Webb Pierce, Floyd Cramer, and a myriad of other artists. Low Rawls & The Pilgrim Travelers with ”If He Holds Your Hand” are the perfect example of how much Country & Western was influenced by Black Gospel. The infamous Hank Penny Western Swing tune ”Catch Em Young, Treat Em Rough, Tell Em Nothin’” is cleverly revisited here by Mabel Scott. I think Cecil Gant’s version of ”Goodnight, Irene” is one of my favourites. More bronze hillbilly ditties by Billy Bland and Little Mac followed by an incredible version of ”Got You On My Mind” by Brook Benton (a song also recorded by Webb Pierce, Jim Reeves, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kitty Wells, Buck Owens and a buttload of other singers). More greatness from Ray Charles with his take of ”It Makes No Difference Now” (Gene Autry, Merle Haggard, Ernest Tubb etc.) and Ivory Joe Hunter with his ”I Almost Lost My Mind”. A change of pace with the Lovers (”I Wanna Be Loved”) and a nice R&B rendition of Jimmie Davies’s classic ”You Are My Sunshine”. Lazy Lester gives a swamp blues treatment to ”I Hear You Knocking” (originally written as a C&W song by his producer JD Miller) and Little Esther magically turns Jim Reeve’s Country hit “Am I Easy To Forget” into R&B without really changing much. Arthur Alexander is next with an excellent version of Johnny Bond’s ”I Wonder Where You Are Tonight” a song also recorded by Hank Snow, The Louvin Brothers, Porter Wagoner, Flatt & Scruggs, Ernest Tubb, Bill Monroe, and many, many more. I believe ”Long Gone” is the only Western song Eartha Kitt ever recorded but I may be wrong, the great King Curtis gives an unexpected ”Stand By Me” treatment to ”Your Cheatin’ Heart” and it really works. I’m convinced that ”Don’t Break This Heart Of Mine” by Jimmy Beasley and ”Farewell” by Willy & Ruth would have been C&W hits done by Country artists. More ”Country & Western-sounding” Black Gospel with ”Wade In The Water” by The Soul Stirrers. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters go C&W trying their hand at Buck Owens’ hit song ”Excuse Me (I’ve Got A Heartache)” and I must confess I like what they have done with it. A second helping of Little Esther this time doing Hank Williams’ ”Why Should We Try Anymore” followed by a boss version of Hank Thompson’s ”Humpty Dumpty Heart” by Elton Anderson. I always thought ”I Burned Your Letter” by Ruth Brown was a C&W tune that got labeled as ”R&B” because of Ruth’s skin color. I’m glad I could include the song in this volume. It was actually one of the very first ones I thought of when I started to work on this series. The closing number is the classic Western tune ”Cigarettes, Whusky, and Wild, Wild Women” by The Big Three Trio. The Nashville songwriter Tim Spencer penned this song in 1947 and first recorded it with his group Sons of the Pioneers. the song is titled either Cigareets, Whuskey, and Wild, Wild Women or Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women. and has been recorded by numerous artists. Country & Western fans probably remember the version recorded by Buck Owens.

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  • Lewis Jerry Lee - It Won’t Happen With Me – The Singles 1960-1962 Plus (CD)


    At the time of writing these sales notes, Jerry Lee Lewis is the ’last man standing’ of the original 1950s Rock ’n’ Roll giants. He may no longer be working, but over a recording career that has spanned seven decades he has amassed a vast catalogue of repertoire and a formidable number of hits across most of his career. An iconic and unique artist whose music will sustain and be enjoyed for decades to come, many will tell you he was never better than when his career was under the supervision of Sam Phillips, founder of the legendary Sun label of Memphis, between 1956 and 1963.

    Most JLL compilations go heavy on The Killer’s 50s repertoire and recycle his big hits of the rock ’n’ roll years ad infinitum. ’It Won’t Happen With Me’ begins where they end and features the A and B side of almost every 45 that he released between the beginning of 1960 and the end of 1962, including the piano instrumentals that came out under the pseudonym of ’The Hawk’. It also included five bonus tracks that were issued for the first time on his only album of the period, ’Jerry Lee’s Greatest’. While many of the tracks still rock, they show that Jerry Lee was also not averse to trying his hand at R&B, early Motown, straight pop or the country music that would regenerate his career later in the 1960s, in an attempt to sustain a career in the era of ’teenage idols’ like Frankie Avalon and Fabian.

    Jerry Lee was always up for a musical challenge and he met most of them head on, without any real regard for the commercial potential of the outcome but making some of the best music of his career in the process of meeting them. ’It Won’t Happen With Me’ more than bears this out. There may not be a ’Whole Lotta Shakin’ or ’Great Balls Of Fire’-sized hit here, but there are plenty of tracks that could and should have been just as big, and that are just as classic in their own way.

    Remastered as always from the best possible sources, with detailed annotation on the period this collection covers, it’s a fascinating look at and a rewarding listen to an era of Jerry Lee known mostly to only his most ardent fans, until now.

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  • Burgess Sonny - We Wanna Boogie (CD)


    Arguably the very best of Sam Phillips’ and Sun Records’ ’nearly men’, SONNY BURGESS recorded prolifically for Phillips between 1956 and 1959, although much of his output remained unreleased at the time.

    Indeed, his recorded endeavours yielded just a handful of singles, four on Sun plus one on Phillips International, all of which have long been massive collectors’ items.

    Sonny’s reputation was built on those wild 45s, i.e. ’We Wanna Boogie’, ’Ain’t Got A Thing’, ’My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It’, ’Thunderbird’ and ’Sadie’s Back In Town’.

    Bootleg compilations of his studio outtakes reached near-mythical status in the UK and Europe during the 1970s Rockabilly Revival, often changing hands for ludicrous sums of money.

    This compilation presents the very best of Burgess’s Sun recordings, featuring twenty-two of these celebrated outtakes alongside his five momentous 45rpm releases.

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  • Turner Zep - No More Nothin’ – Selected Singles 1949-1961 (CD)


    One of the most in-demand session guitarists of his day in the realms of 1940s Country music, William ’Zeb Turner’ Grishaw is revered among fans of hillbilly boogie for his string of cheerful and chiefly up-tempo recordings for the King label in the first half of the 1950s. Turner’s King 78s and 45s are part of the foundation on which rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll are built and even though his name is not remembered as well as those of the chief architects of those genres, his role in their creation is unmistakable.

    While it couldn’t possibly include every track from every session he played on, Jasmine’s new Turner compilation brings together every recording that Turner made in his own name for King between 1949 and 1953 and adds some sides that he leased to King a few years later, up to when he stopped recording in the early 60s. The finite playing time of a CD does not allow us to include everything Turner recorded, but this is nevertheless the most complete collection of his masters that has ever been issued on a single CD before.

    Remastered as always from the best possible sources, with detailed annotation on Turner and his career, this is what country music sounded like – at its very best – before the arrival of ’The Nashville Sound’ later in the 50s.

    More than 20 years have passed since Turner’s catalogue was anthologised digitally for the first time, and demand for his records still remains strong among hillbilly and rockabilly collectors. Jasmine is happy to put these terrific tunes back into circulation after such a long break and we are confident that it will be a strong seller!

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  • Ballard Hank & The Midnighters - Rocks (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    – It was Hank Ballard who, with his band, created The Twist in the late ’50s, the greatest dance theme yet invented.
    Bear Family Records® now dedicates a CD album to Hank Ballard & The Midnighters in the long-lasting ’ROCKS’ series.
    Ballard had taken the U.S. charts by the mid-’50s with numbers like Work With Me Annie and Annie Had A Baby.
    Producer Nico Feuerbach and author Bill Dahl have compiled the most successful and best rocking R&B numbers as well as the stunning twist hits from the King/Federal catalog into an utterly danceable project.

    – Extensive, lavishly illustrated booklet with expert liner notes by Bill Dahl and carefully remastered recordings from the Gusto Records archives.

    Early in their long stint at Cincinnati’s King/Federal Records, Hank Ballard and his high-stepping Midnighters specialized in risqué double-entendre grinders – Work With Me Annie, its inevitable sequel Annie Had A Baby, Sexy Ways – that daringly pushed the bounds of propriety as they sailed up the mid-1950s R&B charts like rockets. As the tumultuous decade neared its conclusion, Hank and his bawdy Detroit-based crew invented the greatest dance theme of ‘em all, The Twist, embarking on a slew of additional workouts after that.

    Both phases of the group’s vast recording legacy are represented in abundance on ‘Hank Ballard and The Midnighters Rock,’ its highlights also encompassing Finger Poppin’ Time, Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go, and The Hoochi Coochi Coo. Get out your dancing shoes for this one – Chubby Checker may have ultimately won the Twisting wars, but Hank Ballard and The Midnighters were rocking houses coast to coast long before Chubby ever even saw the inside of a recording studio, and that mindset permeates this disc. When it came to rock and roll dance fare, Hank and his rowdy group were the living end!

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  • Dee Joey & The Starliters - On The Dancefloor With (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The house band of the popular Peppermint Lounge in the heart of Manhattan landed an enormously successful hit with Peppermint Twist in early 1962!
    For Bear Family Records® an occasion to dedicate the first album in the new CD series ’On The Dancefloor With’ to the main protagonists: Joey Dee And The Starliters!

    Compiled by Nico Feuerbach and with liner notes written by Bill Dahl based on a recent interview with Joey Dee.
    An end-to-end compilation extremely usable by any DeeJay to fill their dance floors, featuring the best songs from one of the most experienced US live bands of the days, whose job day in and day out was to provide the right music for dancing.
    Great energetic sound!

    Everyone in America was doing the Peppermint Twist with Joey Dee and The Starliters during the first weeks of 1962. It was the hottest record in the country, and The Peppermint Lounge, where the band performed six nights a week in midtown Manhattan, was the epicenter of jet-setting cool, celebrities of all stripes fighting to get through the door to witness Joey and his crew doing their high-energy Twist thing. It’s been a long time since Dee’s Roulette Records catalog has been granted deluxe CD treatment, so this disc is a welcome development.

    All of the group’s big ones are here – both parts of Peppermint Twist, the movie soundtrack smash Hey, Let’s Twist, their torrid remake of The Isley Brothers’ Shout!, even their rare pre-Roulette rockers on the Little and Scepter labels. Joey and his Starliters cut two spectacular live albums at the Peppermint in late ’61 with organist Carlton Lattimore and drummer Willie Davis tearing it up behind Dee and his front line (including David Brigati); many of their highlights are here too. Whether rocking This Boat or going uptown soul with a Johnny Nash-penned What Kind Of Love Is This, Mr. Dee was a cool guy – and gave a great interview recently, as the accompanying liner notes illustrate.

    A perfect aural complement to Joey’s revealing and highly recommended new autobiography ‘Peppermint Twist Chronicles’!

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  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It Vol.39 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of United Artists Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 73 min.

    – In the 1950s, the major Hollywood film studios established their own record companies, primarily to market the soundtracks from their films on record.
    – Bear Family Records dedicates the now already 39th edition in the ’That’ll Flat Git It!’ series to rockers from the United Artists Records catalog.
    – Since late 1957, great recordings of rockabilly and rock and roll singers appeared there, many of whom moved on to other companies after one or two singles.
    – But even later popular names like Al Casey, George Jones or Delbert McClinton with The Straitjackets recorded for United Artists.
    – The liner notes in the as usual extensive and illustrated booklet are written by Bill Dahl, the recordings are from the best possible sources and have been carefully edited.

    One of a new generation of film studio-operated U.S. major labels during the late 1950s along with 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., United Artists Records concentrated largely on soundtrack albums during its first few years of operations but tried to cut hit pop singles too, and the company’s interest in rock and roll was obvious from the outset near the close of 1957.

    The latest entry in Bear Family Records ‘That’ll Flat Git It’ series surveys UA’s fascinating early rock and roll catalog, full of promising singers that only cut one or two splendid singles for the imprint (Chuck Wiley, Ronnie Brent, Warren Miller, Wes Bryan, Hunt Stevens, Brein Fisher, Wendell Smith, The Four J’s) before moving on, along with a handful of better-known names (Al Casey, George Jones, Delbert McClinton’s Straitjackets) on hand for good measure. Lee Hazlewood and his then-partner Lester Sill produced a handful of late ‘50s rockers for UA, and there are even tastes of belting Chicago R&B (Joyce Davis’ Superman) and atmospheric Gulf Coast swamp pop (Gene Thomas’ Sometime) aboard this essential collection.

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  • Burnette Johnny - Train Kept A Rollin – Memphis To Hollywood: The Complete Recordings 1955-1964 (9CD Boxset + BOOK) (CD)




    Johnny Burnette was at the heart of rock ’n’ roll music for almost ten years, and had a leading role in most of the changes that overtook the music from the dawn of rockabilly to the British Invasion. Now his music from those incredible years is complete for the first time!Johnny Burnette was one of the very few Memphis rockabillies actually born in Memphis. Many rank his 1956 and 1957 Rock ’n’ Roll Trio recordings as the finest in all of rockabilly. The explosiveness and youthful energy truly heralded a new era in music, and the Trio’s impact is felt to this day. But there was much more to Johnny Burnette, and it’s all here on 9 CDs. Here is his very first record from 1955 as well as all of the Rock ’n’ Roll Trio recordings complete with alternate takes, and all of Johnny’s Hollywood recordings, plus one hundred rare or unissued demos. Johnny and his brother Dorsey began their west coast career writing songs for Ricky Nelson (Believe What You Say, It’s Late, etc.). Johnny recorded for Nelson’s label, Imperial, in 1958, then switched to Freedom/Liberty Records later that year. During his four years on Liberty, he scored several worldwide smash hits that defined the early Sixties, including Dreamin’, You’re Sixteen, Little Boy Sad, and Big Big World. All the issued and previously unissued Liberty recordings are here, complete for the first time. After leaving Liberty in 1962, he recorded for Chancellor (seven unissued Chancellor recordings are included here), Reprise, and then Capitol. The Capitol sessions are complete at last, too. Finally, Johnny recorded for his own label, Sahara/Magic Lamp, before dying tragically in a boating accident in 1964.In addition to all of the session recordings, this exclusive boxed set includes three CDs of demos that Johnny recorded with Eddie Cochran, his brother Dorsey, and others. It also includes his instrumental recordings for Infinity and Gothic, as well as Dorsey’s rockabilly classic Bertha Lou (featuring Johnny on guitar and background vocals).This set also includes a newly researched biography by Colin Escott and a complete discography by Russ Wapensky and Richard Weize, as well as exclusive photos from private collections and the Burnette family

    CD1. JOHNNY BURNETTE & The Rock n’ Roll Trio CD7. (Demos; * = Dorsey; ** = Johnny & Dorsey) CD8. (Demos; * = Dorsey; ** = Johnny & Dorsey) CD9. (Demos; * = Dorsey; ** = Johnny & Dorsey)”

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  • Nelson Ricky - The American Dream – The Complete Imperial & Verve Recordings 1957-1962 (6CD Boxset) (CD)


    TÄYDELLINEN !! Mukana mahtava kovakantinen kirja!!

    ABOUT RICKY NELSON…They call me a teenage idol…” Ricky Nelson sang in 1962. And of course he was the prototypical teenage idol. Already one of the most familiar faces on American television, he cut his first single at the age of seventeen. That single, I’m Walkin’, quickly amassed impressive sales and launched a career that would span three decades. A fan of Sun rockabilly, Ricky assembled his own band with a fabulous rock ’n’ roll sound, featuring guitarist James Burton, who would join him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He drew songs from some of the era’s greatest writers, including Johnny and Dorsey Burnette, Baker Knight, Gene Pitney, and Johnny Cash

    And just in case anyone thought that the family sitcom made Ricky Nelson a star, it’s worth remembering that the show wasn’t broadcast outside the United States, but Ricky was an international star, an influence on Cliff Richard, and an early favorite of Paul McCartney, among many others.

    ABOUT THIS BOXED SET…Twenty-five years in the making! Ever since Bear Family Records started, we’ve wanted to do the complete Ricky Nelson recordings on Verve and Imperial. Few artists had the consistency …and few were as influential. But we didn’t want to do an incomplete job so we waited until we had access to all the original masters and session tapes so that we could do it absolutely right.Now we’re ready, and here’s what we found!

    * Every Rick Nelson recording for Verve and Imperial in pristine original sound quality from the original tapes!

    * The very rare Challenge recordings with the FLEAS and THROPHIES featuring Ricky.

    * Many titles in stereo as well as mono!

    * Many previously unissued alternate takes, not included on the recent boxed set or elsewhere!

    * Sessions with false starts and incomplete takes. We’ll take you to Master Recorders for a Ricky Nelson session!

    * Rare TV performances, including duets with Lorrie Collins of the Collins Kids.

    * Rare movie performances including a duet with Dean Martin!

    * An incredible hardcover book with many previously unpublished photos and a newly researched biography by Los Angeles-based music journalist Todd Everett!

    * New 3-track mixes by Bill Inglot. Do we need to say more? * Yes we do: The production and final mastering is done by the ’One and Only Bob Jones!’

    * Did we forget to mention hits? They’re all here: I’m Walkin’, Be-Bop Baby, Stood Up, Waitin’ In School, Believe What You Say, My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It, Poor Little Fool, Lonesome Town, I Got A Feelin’, Never Be Anyone Else But You, It’s Late, Just A Little Too Much, Travelin’ Man, Hello Mary Lou, A Wonder Like You, Young World, Teenage Idol, It’s Up To You, Today’s Teardrops…and many more!* = STEREO”

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  • Various - Rhythm & Western Vol. 1 – When Two Worlds Collide (CD)


    This album opens with a fantastic doo-wop version of the first number 1 Hillbilly- Honky Tonk hit ever ”Pistol Packing Mama” by the Hurricanes, followed by Long John Hunter’s rendition of Grandpa Jones classic ”Old Rattler” before moving to “A Knockin’ At My Baby’s Door” – a song that I believe would have been regarded as C&W if only a white singer instead of Titus Turner would have recorded it. Same thing for tunes like ”Ida Red” and ”Rosa Lee” and many more. I really dig Koko Taylor’s take on Webb Pierce’s ”Honky Tonk Song” and Gene Autry’s classic ”Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle” by the Ray-O-Vacs. I always thought Fats Domino had a strong C&W thing to most of his songs and it’s really plain to see just listening to his version of Hank Williams ”Your Cheating Heart” featured here. The King Curtis version of the classic ”Home on The Range” sounds to me just like the records made in Nashville around that time by white C&W sax player Boots Randolph (that actually tried hard to sound like Curtis) and also the classic Country tune ”When Two Worlds Collide” by Damita Jo sounds 100% like something straight out the top of the C&W charts of that era. Too bad she was the wrong color. Esther Phillips’s take on ”Release Me” (popularized by Ray Price and Kitty Wells) had the same fate in the C&W charts but scored a nice number 1 on the R&B charts – despite sounding just like a white Nashville C&W production. Guitar Jr. gives us a gritty version of ”Pick Me Up On Your Way Down” another chestnut recorded by Charlie Walker, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis, and a lot more. The great Scatman Crothers takes ”Ghost Riders In The Sky” (the greatest Western song of all time) straight to Harlem. I included many other ”Rhythm & Western” gems here by Smokey Hogg, Wade Flemons, The Coasters, Mercy Dee, Solomon Burke, and The Crowns. The best known is probably ”Maybellene” by Chuck Berry – the epitome of a C&W song done by an African-American artist. The closing track is the first recording of the classic Western track ”Corinne Corrina” by Charlie McCoy & Bo Chatman. In 1928 when the song was released, this was a black ”Blues” track. Decades later this black sound became magically white, and this type of music was suddenly white as snow.

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  • Various - 120 Years Of The Cadillac Car (CD)


    Caddies were the ultimate expression of America’s post-war prosperity and the 1950s dream. The automobile brand will be one-hundred and twenty years old on 22 August 2022, and Atomicat Records shines its headlights onto the Cadillac car with an inspiring variety of songs. The concept of the Cadillac car was the brainchild of; William Murphy, Lemuel Bowen, and Henry M. Leland who designed the first-ever Cadillac car in 1902, and this album is dedicated to them and their automobile which became synonymous with the ”Fabulous Fifties.”

    Atomicat Records Anniversary series celebrates 120 Years of the Cadillac Car (ACCD117) with thirty motorvatin’ songs from 1948 through to 1962 paying homage to the gadget-laden ”Fabulous Fifties” dream car.

    Atomicat takes a different slant to the topic, and we source songs from the genres of Rhythm & Blues, Blues, Doo-Wop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Hillbilly. Then we dig a little deeper and include groups named after the automobile, and finally songs that have Cadillac in the lyrics. Atomicat’s seven-dimension tribute allows you can hear how the car entered into the different cultures and influenced songwriters.

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  • Various - Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll 1 – My Baby Left Me (CD)


    Aomicat Records (ACCD101) looks at Caucasian men and women from differing music backgrounds who covered R&B songs. The music within My Baby Left Me is sourced from the golden years of 1955 through to 1963, from labels large and small. The 28-song album is stuffed full of American and Australian Rockers, with numerous artists being mostly unknown, but not lacking in star quality. The albums are perfect for collectors who wish to own a more diverse range of songs, and those who enjoy dancing.”

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  • Various - Atomicat Rockers Vol.05 – Dungaree Cutie (CD)


    Dungaree Cutie Issue 05 Atomicat Records (ACCD097) kicks off in high gear with The Deep River Boys, Oh! Well A Watcha Gonna Do, yes you know the answer, dance through to the closing song from Sonny James who converts the instrumental tune Apache into a vocal song.

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  • Sands Tommy - The Drugstore’s Rockin’ – A Big Date With (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 36 individual tracks, total playing time approx. 79 minutes.

    As a seven-year-old, Tommy Sands, born in 1937, appeared on the legendary country show ’The Louisiana Hayride’.

    At age 20, he starred in the NBC television show ’The Singing Idol’ in Hollywood, based on Elvis’ life story – and landed a huge hit with Teen-Age Crush.

    Bear Family Records collects on this CD all the great rockers and teen rockers he recorded for Capitol .

    With The Raiders (later to become The Sharks) and outstanding lead guitarist Scotty Turner, he recorded some of the best West Coast-produced rockers like Blue Ribbon Baby, The Worrying Kind and Wicked, Wicked Woman!

    Extensive liner notes by Bill Dahl; comprehensive booklet with lots of pictures and illustrations and a discography on the recordings.
    Carefully remastered from the best accessible sources.

    Capitol Records was in the enviable position of having two challengers to Elvis’ regal status in 1957: Gene Vincent, who may have appeared just a little too threatening for full-on mainstream embrace in the states, and the more clean-cut Tommy Sands. He was no mere teenage idol; Tommy really did possess the vocal chops to convincingly rock, as he proves throughout this jam-packed compilation.

    Although it seemed that Sands burst upon the scene like a hydrogen bomb with his early 1957 smash Teen-Age Crush, he’d actually been recording since 1951, initially as a pubescent country singer in Houston, before he and his mom moved to Los Angeles to properly break into show biz. Tommy’s records actually got tougher as time went on; his incredible ’58 album ‘Sands Storm!’ rocked like crazy (his cover of The Clovers’ Hey, Miss Fanny sported a jaw-dropping guitar solo that was likely the work of Joe Maphis).

    Once he hooked up with The Raiders who later became The Sharks and led by guitarist Scotty Turner, Sands really got down to rocking business on Blue Ribbon Baby, The Worrying Kind, and Wicked, Wicked Woman. You won’t find any of Sands’ sedate pop crooning on this collection—it’s non-stop rocking from first track to last with the exception of Teen-Age Crush and three great mid-tempo songs!

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  • Carter Bill - Ramblin’ Fever – The Complete Recordings 1953-61 (2CD)


    2-CD (Digisleeve, 6-plated), 36-page booklet, 67 tracks. Total playing time approx. 155 min.

    On this double CD, Bear Family Records® is the first label to present all commercial recordings of the great Bill Carter released between 1953 and 1961, including recordings he made as a singer with Western Swing bandleader Big Jim DeNoone.
    The Arkansas musician kicked off with country music and hillbilly and jumped on the rockabilly bandwagon in the mid-50s.
    This compilation additionally includes his outstanding gospel recordings for the Rural Rhythm label and recordings with Western Swing bandleader Big Jim De Nonne for 4-Star., among others, with the Cooper Brothers.
    A total of 67 recordings for 4-Star, Republic, Tally, Ozark, Rural Rhythm, Honey B and ’D’ among ohers.
    41 songs on CD for the first time and 14 of them are previously unreleased!
    In the 1950s California, he and his band accompanied numerous big names in country music on tour on the West Coast.
    Shortly after signing a promising contract with M-G-M and before his final breakthrough, Carter retired from the music business in 1961 and from then on devoted himself exclusively to Christian country music.
    Extensive liner notes by Michael Hurtt in the comprehensive illustrated booklet.
    Carefully restored and remastered recordings.

    Bill Carter was born in 1929 in Eagleton, Arkansas, moved with his family to Oklahoma in 1937 and six years later to Indio, California. His family encouraged the teenager’s interest in music and paid for his singing lessons. Before joining the U.S. Air Force in 1949, he had already performed on several local radio stations. During his military service in California, he formed his first C&W bands and performed in the San Francisco area and at a radio station in San Antonio, Texas.

    After completing his military service in 1953, Carter joined Jim DeNoone’s country band as a vocalist and performed at the ’California Hayride’ in San Francisco and elsewhere. The band’s recordings for Gilt-Edge Records, produced that same year, feature Bill Carter as a singer for the first time. He eventually formed his own trio, with whom he worked regularly over the next five years, aiming to become known beyond the local area. During the 1950s in California, he and his band accompanied numerous big names in country music such as Marvin Rainwater, Lefty Frizzell, Freddie Hart, T-Texas Tyler and Buck Owens on tour on the West Coast.

    Between 1956 and 1961, Carter recorded under his own name for small and mid-sized labels such as 4-Star, Republic, Tally, Black Jack, Honey B, ’D’, Rural Rhythm and Ozark. The 1957 up-tempo number I Wanna Feel Good, produced in Bakersfield, California for Tally, became his biggest hit and opened the doors to the ’Louisiana Hayride’ and the ’Grand Ole Opry’. In the years after 1961 Carter followed a new personal orientation and produced Christian Country Music from then on.

    With this double CD Bear Family Records® delivers the comprehensive work show on the career of the versatile Bill Carter. Of the total of 67 tunes, only the ten best rockers were previously released on Bear Family’s 10″LP ’Cool Tom Cat’ (BAF14010). So Carter’s complete commercial recordings from the years 1953-61 are united on this double album!

    The detailed liner notes are written by Michael Hurtt, who together with Billy Miller, deceased five years ago, wrote the great book ’Mind Over Matter’ about the history of Detroit’s Fortune label!

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  • Sheridan Tony - Skinny Minny – The Brits Are Rocking Vol.6 (CD)


    1 CD with 36 page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 78 min.

    The sixth release in the CD series with British Beat and Rock & Roll recordings on Bear Family Records® is dedicated to Tony Sheridan.
    He was the most important pioneer of a Rock & Roll scene in Germany next to Bill Haley.
    Sheridan had a decisive influence on the Star Club era in Hamburg and, in addition to his collaboration with the Beatles, released great productions of his own, which we have collected here in a compact form.
    The album includes the most important Polydor rockers from 1961 to 1965, including quite a few titles for the first time legally on CD!
    Tony Sheridan ruled Hamburg alongside King Size Taylor – we pay tribute to one of the best British guitarists and singers of his era!
    Detailed liner notes by Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber in the wonderfully illustrated accompanying booklet.
    Carefully remastered recordings for this edition from digital copies of original analog sources.

    Tony Sheridan was second only to Bill Haley in catalyzing the German Rock & Roll scene. Sheridan was a prime force during the legendary Star Club era, and he helped create the Hamburg Sound. However, he was reduced to a mere footnote in the Beatles saga as time went by. Due to his partnership with the Fab Four during the first years of the 1960s, his own releases and magnificent talent are often overlooked.
    Bear Family Records® intends to change that with Volume Six of the popular series ‘The Brits Are Rocking’ and presents BCD17635 – Tony Sheridan: Skinny Minny.

    Tony Sheridan was born in Norwich on May 21, 1940. His parents emphasized a proper education. Classical music was a constant, and Tony studied violin and later guitar. This thorough upbringing bore fruits – however, not to the taste of Mr. And Mrs. Sheridan. Young Tony was stricken with a bad case of the skiffle fever, founded The Saints, and ended up in London. His massive talent and technique made him a respected sideman on tours and recording sessions. Sheridan played for Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran on that fatal tour in 1960.
    The owner of the Hamburg ’Kaiserkeller’, Bruno Koschmider, engaged the pianist and promoter Ian Hines to put together a band for him in 1960, which should perform in the ’Kaiserkeller’. The resulting Jets with Tony Sheridan, among others, were the first English band in the Hanseatic city. The rest is history.

    On ‘Skinny Minny’, Bear Family Records® offers classics such as Skinny Minny, My Bonnie (the rarer English intro), Ruby Baby, The Saints, and Take Some Insurance On Me Baby. The Polydor recordings span 1961 – 1965, and Bear Family Records® is first in legally re-issuing some Sheridan titles on CD: Get on the Right Track Baby, Ready Teddy, Hallelujah! I Love Her So, Let’s Twist Again, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, Just a Little Bit, and Mary Ann.

    Tony Sheridan was one of the best English vocalists and guitar players of his time. He co-ruled Hamburg with his rival King Size Taylor – their competition was friendly and based on mutual respect. Sheridan‘s impact was immense: The Beatles reverently called him ‘The Teacher.’

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  • Various - Easter Parade – 29 Easter Eggs For The Springtime Basket (CD)


    1-CD with 20-page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 78 min.

    With ’ Easter Parade ’ Bear Family Records® presents the third CD compilation on the subject of Spring and Easter – as the first record company worldwide we dedicate ourselves extensively to the music related to Easter and the feelings of Spring.
    Nostalgic memories with 29 recordings from four decades, from 1932 to 1962.
    It’s not just about Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies here – the music selection is correspondingly varied, ranging from easy listening and pop to country music and blues to jazz, doo-wop and rock’n’roll.
    Well-known artists such as Sarah Vaughan, Bing Crosby, Chubby Checker or Pat Boone meet here with little-known artists and rare recordings, some of which appear on CD for the first time, including a shellac record by the British New Concert Orchestra – in brilliant sound quality!
    We have selected the title song and the main melody from the feature film ’April Love’ by the Lionel Newman Orchestra.
    The Easter Bunny hops sometimes to Country Music (Jimmy Wakely, Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant a.o.), sometimes to Jazz (Ernie Freeman, Johnny Hodges a.o.) and Rock ’n’ Roll with Frankie Lymon, Tex Harper, Chuck Higgins and many more.
    Lovers of R&B and doo-wop will also get their money’s worth: The Tri-Tones, Billy Bland, Don & Juan and others.
    The full-color booklet includes rare photos and memorabilia, as well as liner notes for each track, written by Marc Mittelacher.

    Easter Parade
    While in Europe the Easter promenade – luckily in the spring sun – is a tradition, in the cities of North America people meet after the church mass on Easter Sunday for the traditional Easter Parade. Legendary composer Irving Berlin wrote the music for the Hollywood classic ‘Easter Parade’ starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The title song can be heard here in the interpretation of Sarah Vaughan & Billy Eckstine!

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  • Cooke Sam - Spotlight On (CD)


    The Koko Mojo Records Spotlight is shone onto Sam Cooke (he added the ”e” to his last name in 1957 to signify a new start to his life) and looks at his involvement within the music world. The album does not rely upon his hit recordings, these are available on numerous albums, and in typical Koko Mojo style, and we sample the best of the rest. These recordings are equally as good and will allow fans of his music to add to their collection, not duplicate recordings. The album runs chronologically by year and looks at Cooke’s secular and non-secular recordings, and then adds in some of Cooke’s compositions recorded by other artists.
    The album commences with two fiery Specialty records gospel recordings from the early 1950s, Jesus Gave Me Water and Touch The Hem Of His Garment by The Soul Stirrers featuring Sam Cook as a vocalist. In 1957 he swapped to secular music and upon signing with the independent Keen label Cook became known as Sam Cooke. The fledgling label was newly formed by Los Angeles-based businessmen John and Alex Siamas. Cooke’s first album simply titled Sam Cooke was released in 1958, and from here onwards his secular career was underway. In 1959 Cooke left Keen over a royalty dispute, and in 1960 he signed with RCA Victor and began writing blues, gospel-inflected songs, and from this period his chart career became more high profile. From his involvement with these labels the album showcases twenty recordings including; Win Your Love For Me, Running Wild, No One (Can Ever Take Your Place), Happy In Love, The Twist, and Shake, Rattle And Roll.
    Cooke was riding the crest of a wave and crossing over into the mainstream charts, and branched out into music production in 1961, and founded SAR Records, with Hamilton, Mississippi-bred J. W. Alexander and his manager, Roy Crain. The SAR recordings provide two titles from the reformed Soul Stirrers, Jesus Be A Fence Around Me, and He’s Been A Shelter For Me, The Simms Twins, The Smile, Johnnie Taylor with the soulful Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day), and switching to the United Artists label, Pow! You’re In Love by The Falcons, all of which Cooke had a writing credit from Cooke.
    The sleeve notes from Dee Jay and the re-issue producer Mark Armstrong tell the Cooke story, and artist Urban Zotel brings the album visually to life and the boys at The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso, Texas provide the vivid Koko Mojo sound.

    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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  • Wilson Jackie - Spotlight on (CD)


    “Detroit, Michigan -bred Jackie Wilson was one of the most fantastic vocalists of the rhythm & blues and rock ’n’ roll era, topped off with an amazing stage show he was Mr Excitement.”

    The musical journey begins in 1953 a few weeks after Wilson’s nineteenth birthday when he officially replaced Clyde McPhatter in Billy Ward’s Dominoes (see KM-CD-94 Clyde McPhatter The Voice of R&B). Ward was a vocal coach, writer, arranger, and producer who led the Dominoes group, which comprised of only the pick of the best musicians available.
    From his tenure with the Dominoes showcased are six of Wilsons up-tempo vocal performances; You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, Above Jacob’s Ladder, A Little Lie, Bobby Sox Baby, Learning The Blues, and St Louis Blues.
    The next stage in Wilson’s career found him scaling the music charts as a solo performer and gaining instant fame with Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet). Wilson’s recordings from the golden years of 1957 to 1963 benefited from professional arrangements and his recordings crossed over into mainstream pop music charts.
    The classics on Mr Excitement include; the jiving tempos of Come Back To Me, Why Can’t You Be Mine, (So Many) Cute Little Girls, and Love Train. His stroll rockers attract the ladies onto the dance floor like a magnet; Come On And Love Me, Baby, I Know I’ll Always Be In Love With You, and from 1963 his pop hit Baby Workout. From here onwards his music had a cross over style amalgamation of rhythm & blues and the newly appearing soul music known as The New Breed. To bring the excitement to a thundering close there are three titles on which Wilson duets with Linda Hopkins, the gospel rocker Do Lord, I Found Love, and Say I Do.
    The album is compiled by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong and topped off with the best possible sound quality possible from our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. The album sleeves are made from top-quality eco-friendly cardboard and lavishly decorated by design artist and working musician Urban Zotel. The album is ideal for Dee Jays to fill the dance floor with, and for home listening or while cruising around. All that remains is to say, ”Crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.
    Koko Mojo doesn’t make an album of average music our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, it’s a ”killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers.” Atomicat Records ”are often imitated, never duplicated.”

    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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  • Various - Atomicat Rockers Vol.04 – Do You Wanna Dance (CD)


    Do You Wanna Dance Issue 04 Atomicat Records (ACCD096) continues the series direction with more pulsating and vibrant sounds with an Atomicat records approach. The songs chosen are often a lesser-known title and the music is not ostensibly collector direction obscure, the songs are ideal for all-around listening be it, cruising down the highway, entertaining friends at home, or due to the clear Atomicat mastering blasting from the speakers at your record hop of choice.
    Do You Wanna Dance Issue 04 Atomicat Records (ACCD096) opens with leave the shoe leather on the dance-floor rocker from Dick Lory, Ballroom Baby which sets the pace of the album through to the conclusion by Arkansas rocker Teddy Redell with his bouncy song Pipeliner.
    The killer sounds filling up the album includes: Dorsey Burnette perfect rendition of Don’t Let Go, The Four Seasons bring Doo-Wop panache into the album with, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Dorothy Collins warms her guy too, Cool It Baby, because people are looking, The Drifters have found love at the dance, I’ll Take You Home, as have Big Al Downing and The Poe Kats, It Must Be Love and Benny Joy is going Steady With Betty.
    The killer sounds filling up the album includes: British rocker Billy Fury provides a song which gives American artists stiff competition, Turn My Back On You, Jerry Lee Lewis gives the proceedings with his interpretation of, Good Golly Miss Molly, and Bobby Freemans offer of, Do You Wanna Dance titles the album.
    As with every album, there is more music to hear and enjoy and the vibrant music has a pleasing up-tempo feel throughout. Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, twenty-eight songs, mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated”

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  • Curtis Mac - Early in the Morning / Nashville Marimba Band (CD)


    Mac Curtisin GRT-levymerkille äänittämät kaksi albumia yhdellä CD:llä ja kaksi bonusbiisiä vuonna 1974 julkaistulta singleltä. Tommy Allsupin vuosina 1970 ja 1971 tuottamista albumeista ”Early in the Morning” julkaistiin vuonna 1970 ja ”Nashville Marimba Band” vuonna 1977.

    Mac Curtis’ album ”Early in the Morning” was originally released on GRT label in 1970. When GRT closed their Nashville record division, the master was reverted back to Mac along with an album made by Mac Curtis’ Nashville Marimba Band. This Mac’s second GRT album was not released until Mac himself put the money behind it and released it in 1977. The original LP release is as rare as can be and if you got a change, buy it.

    We are now expanding the Bluelight CD edition from 1999 to a package which contains both of these Mac’s GRT albums produced by Tommy Allsup plus two bonus tracks from a 45rpm single. There is, however, a reason for a warning to all Mac’s rockabilly fans. Nashville Marimba Band is excatly what you can expect – instrumental versions of country hits played with marimba! It’s a pity Mac is no longer with us, we’d love to cut with him an album filled with rockabilly hits in marimba style!

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