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  • Various - Please, Give Me Something! The Roots Of The Stray Cats (CD)


    TAAS LÖYTYY VARASTOSTA! Alkuperäisversioita Stray Cats biiseistä!! UPEA LEVY!!

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  • Lewis Linda Gail - Early Sides 1963-1973 (Digipak) (CD)


    Vintage early recordings from a true pioneering female rock artist, and sister of Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis!

    These early singles represent a diverse mix of musical styles from rockabilly to country to good old fashion rock ‘n’ roll!

    Includes 2 tracks with special guest Jerry Lee Lewis!

    Full color gatefold jacket with detailed personnel credits and vintage photos!

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  • Kidd Johnny - So What?! – The Brits Are Rocking Vol.7 (CD)


    1-CD with 36-page booklet, 34 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

    Bear Family Records® continues its CD-series of recordings by benchmark British rockers with an album dedicated to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.
    Johnny Kidd died in 1966, but along with his group The Pirates he is still considered one of the greats of British beat.
    Unlike some European counterparts, he avoided imitating Elvis and instead cultivated a natural style of his own.
    Also unusual for his time: alone or working with others, he wrote many original songs, including the epochal hit Shakin’ All Over.
    Johnny Kidd and his band inspired a host of later British rock groups and artists.
    Expanded project compared to the insert CD of the 10inch vinyl LP dedicated to Johnny Kidd, ’Please, Don’t Touch!’ (BAF14021), including eleven early live BBC recordings.
    Extensive liner notes by Ashley Woods in the full-color illustrated booklet and carefully edited recordings.

    Johnny Kidd passed away in 1966 but along with his group The Pirates he is still remembered as one of the all-time greats of British beat.

    Singing in his natural accent rather than an Elvis-influenced drawl marked him out as something different among British rockers of the time but he also wrote or co-wrote many of his early sides including the stone-cold classic Shakin’ All Over.

    Wilko Johnson, The Who, The Hollies and Tom Jones have all cited Kidd and his Pirates as a musical influence, and was David Bowie’s 1974 space pirate look a nod to one of his early musical heroes?

    Certainly, the band’s theatrical stage act replete with 30 ft x 20 ft UV pirate galleon backdrop, pistols, cutlasses and pirate costumes would have appealed to the young David Jones on the several occasions he crossed paths with Kidd between 1963 and 1966.

    Of course the props and presentation would have been meaningless without quality music to back it up, and while they usually didn’t see the chart action they deserved, Johnny Kidd and The Pirates released a series of powerful and interesting 45’s between 1959 and 1966.

    This compilation highlights Kidd’s work with the original seven-piece Pirates line-up, the ‘Mark 2’ Pirates responsible for Shakin’ All Over and the equally celebrated ‘Mark 4’ Green, Spence, Farley combo.

    Both sides of Kidd’s excellent 1962 solo single (Hurry On Back To Love b/w I Want That) are included, and with the added bonus of six early BBC Radio performances, this set provides a superb introduction to one of the truly legendary and influential British beat groups of the pre-Beatles era.

    In Volume 7 of Bear Family Records®’ ongoing series, the Brits are rocking, restless and shakin’ all over.

    Get it now or prepare to walk the plank!

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  • Williams Andre - Bacon Fat and 24 More Sizzling Cuts of Detroit Soul Roots 1955-1960 (CD)


    Something of a journeyman singer, songwriter and producer, ANDRE WILLIAMS enjoyed success at different levels in a remarkable career, which spanned seven decades.

    He first tasted success in the mid-1950s as the lead singer in a vocal group who were billed variously as The 5 Dollars, The Don Juans, and/or His New Group.

    They appeared as the latter on Williams’ 1957 breakthrough Top 10 R&B hit ’Bacon Fat’, on the Fortune label, on which Andre’s own billing also carried the strapline, ’Mr. Rhythm’.

    Although ’Bacon Fat’ was his only national hit, Fortune releases like ’Going Down To Tia Juana’, ’Bobby Jean’, ’Jail Bait’ and ’Greasy Chicken’ were all regional successes, notably in and around Detroit.

    He later wrote extensively for labels like Motown, Golden World, Chess, Mar-V-Lus, and Won-Der-Ful, while in the 70s he worked with Parliament, Funkadelic and George Clinton.

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  • Jodimars - Let’s All Rock Together (CD)


    Indelibly linked to Bill Haley & The Comets, THE JODIMARS formed in 1955 when three members of The Comets, Joey Ambrose (saxophone), Dick Richards (drums), and Marshall Lytle (string bass), split to form their own band, taking their I.D. from the first letters of the Christian names of the three founding members.

    They cut a half-dozen stunning, hugely collectable 45s for Capitol Records during 1955-56, following which they recorded a one-off for President before drifting apart.

    Featured herein are every track recorded by The Jodimars which are known to have survived, including a pair of pre-Capitol demo’s, a trio of Capitol outtakes, and a number of sides later recorded by founder member Marshal Lytle with other musicians, but retaining the Jodimars’ I.D.

    This is the first time that this ’complete’ body of Jodimars’ work has been thus assembled, and includes several sides which have never previously made it onto CD.

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  • Vaughan Frankie - Franks Dangerous Years – The Rockin’ Sides (CD)


    Despite his cheesy, homespun image and the ubiquitous, high-kicking ’Give Me The Moonlight’ routines, FRANKIE VAUGHAN turned in a couple of convincingly mean performances in his brief movie career, in These Dangerous Years and The Right Approach, while he memorably shared intimate screen-time with Marilyn Monroe in Let’s Make Love.

    And although he later came across as decidedly non-Rock & Roll, during the 1950s and early 60s he cut a surprising number of Big Beat, Rocking sides.

    His early hits were all covers of US R&R hits, e.g. ’Tweedlee Dee’, ’Seventeen’, ’My Boy Flat Top’, ’Green Door’, ’Garden Of Eden’, ’Wanderin’ Eyes’, and many of his old records are nowadays floor-fillers on the UK’s active Rockin’/dance scene.

    This compilation presents ’Frank’s Rockin’ Years’ and is a wholly unique set, several of these sides having never previously been reissued in any format, after appearing on 78rpm singles back in the 50s.

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  • Various - Destination Jurassic Land – 33 Artifacts from Times Before Christ (CD)


    1-CD with 20-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 77 min.
    This fantastically original compilation from the Stone Age on the theme of dinosaurs and cavemen brings Bear Family Records® straight to your Halloween party!

    32 recordings from the 1950s and ’60s, plus kindred spirits from later years.
    Including Big Art Peters and his version of Prehistoric Plateau alongside the 1985 rockabilly original of this tune by The Blubbery Hellbellies, plus rockers like Link Wray, Buddy Merrill, Tommy Roe, The Piltdown Men, Tommy Steele and the Royal Teens.
    Similarly rare as artifacts from the Jurassic period are some recordings appearing on CD for the first time, such as Dinosaur Cavern by Terry Wayne and The Cave by Gary ’Spider’ Webb.
    In addition, there are thematic radio movie trailers and theme music from historical television series.
    The full-color 20-page booklet includes rare photos and memorabilia and detailed info on each song.
    Stone Age
    Stone Age and dinosaurs are not just classic themes of older B-movies. The film series ’Jurassic Park’ in particular is proof of that. The music industry also devoted itself to the topic – and we have compiled the best examples, primarily from the Rock ’n’ Roll era, but also from later years in the appropriate style.

    Prehistoric Plateau

    The CD starts and ends with a version of Prehistoric Plateau. What do both versions have in common? English composer Arthur Billingsley is involved as a musician on both recordings. He was a member of the iconic 1980s band, The Blubbery Hellbellies, which recorded the original in rockabilly style. In 2010, he covered himself as Big Art Peters. Both tracks are highlights on this compilation. In addition, there are a lot of little-known artists from the 1950s and ’60s like The Pre-Historics, Terry Wayne, and The Majestics, most of their songs appearing here on CD for the first time. Rare recordings like the 1966 movie trailer ’One Million Years BC’, the ’Flintstones’ theme tune and the 1977 TV highlight ’Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels’ round out the program. The CD comes with a 20-page color booklet and many rare photos and nostalgic memorabilia.

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  • Various - Rockin Spot Volume 2- Louise (CD)


    The Rockin’ Spot is a late-night music club that plays the living end of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, and Rhythm & Blues music with the moving and grooving titillating rhythms on volume 02 Louise Atomicat Records (ACCD130) being sourced from the years 1953 through to 1962.

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  • Various - Burlesque A Rama Volume 1 (CD)


    “The special editions added to the Atomicat Records-A-Rama series continues with Burlesque-A-Rama Atomicat (ACCD114) an album which is stuffed full of sounds, especially for the ladies to express themselves on the stage. The album’s songs are also ideal for the guys to enjoy, and the possibility of spicing up your love life while playing the album is more than possible!”

    Atomicat Records present breezy and exotic sounds throughout Burlesque Craze -A- Rama Atomicat 01 (ACCD0115) and the twenty-eight songs are a delightful reason for the ladies to buy a costume and dance at home or on the stage. The album’s songs are also ideal for the guys to enjoy, and the possibility of spicing up your love life is more than possible! You will hear one song from 1948 then the songs are sourced from the golden years from the early 1950s through to 1962. Most certainly some titles have a cross-over appeal and you can stroll or jive along with them. The album moves away from the jazz aspect of the Burlesque style and serves up a hot plate of sounds that migrate towards rhythm & blues, and rock ‘n’ roll music.

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  • Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 3 – All Shook Up (CD)


    Maailman parhaan sarjan jatko!

    Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between, after the massive (and I must say unexpected) success of the 10-volume series ”Boss Black Rockers” I decided to get back to work and found 280 new tracks for a new series of ten killer volumes. I focused on stuff never or rarely heard anywhere else and also not already been used for other Koko-Mojo Records compilations. That was actually pretty easy. The hard part was finding a cool name for this new series. More often than not ”Easy Does It” so I decided to simply (and cleverly) call it ”MORE Boss Black Rockers”.

    As y’all already know, so many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only ”originated” this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named ”Rock and Roll” to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Once again, some tunes are pretty well-known, but the vast majority are not. Chances are that you never-ever heard a lot of the tracks included here – even if a lot of them were pretty popular in the 1950s among both black and white Rock and Roll fans. Most of the artists in this new series (just like the first one) were actually household names in the ”Rock and Roll World” of the ’50s and early ’60s. When Rock & Roll history was re-written from a strictly white rock standpoint only a few black rockers were included (maybe less than a dozen) when actually back in the day almost every African-American R&B act (maybe a MILLION or more) was actually Rock & Roll and white artists were actually a minority for a long time. So ”BLACK” by popular demand here’s to you ”MORE Boss Black Rockers.” DIG IT!

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  • Various - Rockin’ & Boppn’ With DJ Rudy – Stag-O-Lee DJ Series Vol. 7 (CD)


    Stag-O-Lee is proud to continue the DJ-Set Series with compilation by cult DJ Mr. Rudy.

    DJ Rudy blew us away with his selection of tunes at the Goezot festival in Belgium in September 2021. And when he sent us the list of festivals and weekenders he played at, we were even more impressed. So we invited him to compile what is Volume 7 in the DJ Series on Stag-O-Lee.

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  • Lewis Jerry Lee - The Locust Years (8CD Boxset + Book) (CD)


    8-CD box (LP-size) incl. interview cd, with 48-page book, 166 tracks. Playing time approx. 428 mns.

    In 1963 Jerry Lee Lewis signed with Smash Records, and battled the British Invasion, radio apathy and general neglect. The result was a lot of good music that fell on deaf ears. Here’s everything from five frustrating years, including the complete contents of great Jerry Lee albums like ’Memphis Beat’, ’Return Of Rock’, ’Country Songs For City Folks’, as well as wonderful forgotten singles like I’m On Fire and She Was My Baby He Was My Friend. The set covers the years from 1963 to 1969 and concludes with the country hits from 1968 and 1969, like Another Place Another Time, What’s Made Milwaukee Famous, and
    She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye, when Jerry Lee Lewis’ career was spectacularly reborn in country music. As a bonus, there’s a complete interview with music conducted in 1976.

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  • Lewis Jerry Lee - Mercury Smashes… And Rockin’ Sessions (10CD Boxset+ BOOK) (CD)


    Damn Good Country Songs and Jerry Lee’s Rock ’n’ Roll Revival Show. That was the story of the last eight years of Jerry Lee Lewis on Mercury Records…the story told on these 10 CDs.

    Between 1970 and 1973, nearly every Jerry Lee Lewis single entered the country Top 20, including such classic country chart-toppers as There Must Be More To Love Than This and Would You Take Another Chance On Me/Me And Bobby McGee.

    The years covered by this boxed set were the most consistently successful of Jerry Lee’s career, but they were troubled years too. This set chronicles his journey from country chart-topper back to the church, and his triumphant return to rock ’n’ roll with Chantilly Lace. All the classic albums from 1970 to 1978 are included complete (with the exception of the London Sessions and the live albums, which will be issued separately). The Huey Meaux-produced ’Southern Roots’ session is here together with all the unissued cuts and out-takes, as well as ’The Killer Rocks On,’ the rare gospel album ’In Loving Memories,’ and ten other original Mercury LPs. In addition, there are more than 40 recordings not originally issued by Mercury in the Seventies making their first appearance on CD here.

    This set also features upgraded sound and includes previously unpublished photos, a newly researched text and session-by-session notes by Colin Escott, and a newly researched discography by Ari Bass.

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  • Lewis Jerry Lee - Rocks! (CD)


    Inevitably, our top-selling ROCKS! series now turns to the man who literally epitomizes ROCK: Jerry Lee Lewis!

    There have been plenty of Jerry Lee compilations through the years (hey! we’ve even produced a few of them ourselves), but this is the first to feature an incredible 80 minutes (well, 79 minutes and 50 seconds) of wall-to-wall piano pounding rock ’n’ roll. It’s also the first to include songs from Jerry Lee’s Sun and Mercury recordings.

    Twenty-one years in the life of Jerry Lee Lewis…and all the big rock hits you’d expect, like Whole Lotta Shakin’, Great Balls Of Fire, High School Confidential, I’m On Fire, Chantilly Lace, and Me And Bobbie McGee, as well as rarities and obscurities like Real Wild Child, House Of Blue Lights, and Don’t Boogie Woogie When You Say Your Prayers Tonight.

    This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Jerry Lee’s first record…and there’ll be celebrations, but what better way to mark that anniversary than with 80 minutes (well, 79 minutes 50 seconds) of his very best rockers!

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  • Lee Curtis - Pretty Little Angel Eyes (CD)


    The eternally underrated CURTIS LEE is chiefly remembered for his two irresistibly infectious 1961 hits, ’Pretty Little Angel Eyes’ and ’Under The Moon Of Love’ (both of which Showaddywaddy would, of course, successfully revive in the UK in the late 1970s).

    A pair of early Phil Spector productions, recorded in an overtly commercial DooWop-meets-R&R throwback style, both discs were driven by the vocal backing group, The Halos, who were (criminally!) uncredited on the record label.

    Lee cut a handful of other, equally infectious discs, which were significant regional successes.

    This compilation rounds up his releases between 1959-62, across three different record labels, and includes all his biggest sellers; also featured, as a bonus track, is an alternate take of ’Under The Moon Of Love’.

    An almost unfeasibly rare body of work, four of these sides (i.e. Lee’s first two 45rpms) have never previously appeared in the digital format.

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  • Restivo Johnny - The Shape I’m In (CD)


    Award-winning bodybuilder JOHNNY RESTIVO was only fifteen years of age when he was launched on his singing career.

    Given a strong promotional push by his record company, RCA-Victor, he got off to a promising start, his debut 45, ’The Shape I’m In’, making a significant dent on the Top 100 and selling well overseas, although the B-side, ’Ya-Ya’, became the bigger international hit.

    Although he was unable to get a follow-up away, 45s like ’Looka Here Now’ and ’My Reputation’ enjoyed regional success.

    He later became a huge star in Australasia and South America, notably in Argentina, where he hosted his own TV series.

    This collection presents everything that Restivo recorded between 1959-62, for RCA, 20th Fox and Epic, the first time that this body of work has been thus assembled.

    A number of these sides are real collectors’ rarities, having never previously been reissued in any format.

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  • Terry Al - Good Deal, Lucille (CD)


    A hugely prolific recording artist, AL TERRY is chiefly remembered for his signature hit ’Good Deal, Lucille’, and the handful of Hillbilly and neo-Rockabilly sides he cut for Hickory Records in the mid-50s.

    However, during the 1950s he also cut Honky-Tonk, mainstream Country and Nashville Countrypolitan sides, occasionally duetting with Wilma Lee, and Rusty & Doug Kershaw.

    In 1955, Country & Western Jamboree magazine placed him at #1 in a ’Best New Artist’ poll, ahead of Sonny James at #2 and Elvis at #3, conducted among deejays, retailers and distributors.

    Although his records rarely made the national charts, many of his releases were significant regional hits, notably in and around Louisiana.

    This compilation presents a Very Best Of Al’s output between 1952-1962, across four different record labels, and includes his celebrated R&R-styled 1958 re-cut of ’Good Deal, Lucille’ and the rockin’ ’Watch Dog’.

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  • Various - Rockin Spot Volume 1 – Juliet (CD)


    The Rockin’ Spot is a late-night music club that plays the living end of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, and Rhythm & Blues music with the moving and grooving titillating rhythms on volume 01 Juliet Atomicat Records (ACCD129) being sourced from the years 1953 through to 1962.

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  • Various - Spotlight Leiber and Stoller – The R & B Recordings (CD)


    Spotlight Leiber and Stoller The R&B Recordings – Flip Our Wigs Jerome ”Jerry” Leiber and Mike Stoller together crafted over 70 songs that became chart hits. Their collaboration as producers and songwriters helped define the sound of Rhythm & Blues, and Rock ‘n Roll music. The Koko Mojo album Spotlight on Leiber and Stoller The R&B Recordings – Flip Our Wigs (KM-CD-157) is the first of two albums honouring the duo and showcases thirty rockers from the golden years 1952 through 1963. The album includes productions for their Spark label, and their writing skills grace all but five titles, four of which are Spark label recordings, and the fifth is from a Jerry Leiber-produced album.

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  • Various - Rhythm & Western Vol. 5 – Cold Cold Heart (CD)


    Loistavan sarjan uusin osa.

    Friends, you are holding the fifth opus of ”Rhythm & Western” and we got 5 more boss volumes on ice. I must confess Solomon Burke’s classic ”How Many Times” always sounded like a Country song to me, so I’m glad I could include it here, Damita Jo delivers does a fantastic version of Ray Price’s classic C&W hit ”Crazy Arms” also recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, and countless others, another Country hit ”You’re The Reason” (originally recorded by Bobby Edwards) is delivered by Arthur Alexander. The great Fats Domino is next with his famous version of ”Jambalaya” (originally written and recorded by Hank Williams), King Curtis gives a splendid rendition of Hank Snow’s ”I’m Movin’ On” also recorded by a buttload of other artists. To my knowledge, Little Richard never recorded a ”bonafide” country song, but some of his Gospel stuff sounds just like it. Just listen to ”Do Lord, Remember Me” if you have any doubt. Sonny Boy Williamson II (a.k.a. Rice Miller) and Peppermint Harris, with ”Wake Up Baby” and ”I Got Loaded” are offering two delightful bronze hillbilly tunes, and ””Solid As A Rock” is probably the closest thing to country music ever recorded by Jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. More fave black C&W of mine by The Twilighters (Hootenanny Stomp), The Sharps (Look At Me), Ruth Brown (Jack O’Diamonds), Magic Sam (Square Dance Rock Part 1), Ted Taylor (Keep Walking On), Pee Wee Crayton (Little Bitty Things) , Bobby Day (Undecided), Fats Domino (Bo Weavil). Smokey Hogg (Late Prowling Girl), Ketty Lester (Love Letters), Ben E. King (My Heart Cries For You), and Rochell & The Candles (When My Baby Is Gone) are all top-notch tracks. Country Music fans probably heard ”Hearts Of Stone” by Red Foley and the song has been recorded by tons of other artists. I picked the cool version recorded by Otis Williams and The Charms over the one by The Jewels for this volume -but they are both great. Johnny Nash is next with another Western classic ”Cigareetes, Whusky & Wild Wild” originally recorded by The Sons Of The Pioneers. R&B diva Dinah Washington had a top 3 R&B hit in 1954 with the Hank Snow’s number ”I Don’t Hurt Anymore” but I heard versions of this song by Eddie Fisher, Faron Young, Johnny Cash, Narvel Felts, Bill Haley, and Janis Martin. Another western tune penned and first recorded by Hank Williams: ”Cold Cold Heart” is sung by Nat King Cole and two gospel songs that sound just like C&W by Sister Rosetta (On My Way) and Professor Johnson and his Gospel Singers (Where Shall I Be) are really worth more than a spin. The closing number is an older classic blues recording from the 1930s the great Casey Bill Weldon which sounds just like Western Swing. Enjoy!

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  • Various - Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll Volume Five – Good Rockin’ Tonight (CD)


    Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll Volume Five – Good Rockin’ Tonight – Atomicat Records (ACCD105) looks at Caucasian men and women from differing music backgrounds who covered R&B songs in their own style. The music within Good Rockin’ Tonight is sourced from the golden years of 1955 through to 1963, from labels large and small. The 28-song album is stuffed full of American and Australian Rockers, with numerous artists being mostly unknown, but not lacking in star quality. The albums are perfect for collectors who wish to own a more diverse range of songs, and those who enjoy dancing.

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  • Various - Leiber and Stoller – That Is Rock And Roll (CD)


    Lyricist Jerome ”Jerry” Leiber and composer Mike Stoller’s craftsmen’s skill with the pen helped define the sound of Rock ‘n Roll and Rhythm & Blues music, and together they wrote over 70 chart hits. The Songwriter album That Is Rock And Roll is the second of two albums that focuses on their mid-1950s and early 1960s collaborations. The Atomicat Records Songwriter Series, Leiber and Stoller, That Is Rock And Roll (ACCD117) includes white and black artists, and many titles on this album are embellished with a humorous vernacular that appealed to the teenagers, and because of this, they became chart hits. Most certainly there are several well-known versions of titles that are purposely omitted, for it is a safe assumption that most of you will have these already. Some titles appear on each of the two albums in the set, all be it in different styles or arrangements and the concept of the albums is to show the adaptations of Leiber and Stroller’s songwriting skills. True to Atomicat Records’ undertaking we present something unexpected and a little bit different for you to discover.

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  • Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 2 – Hokus Pokus (CD)


    Maailman parhaan sarjan jatko!

    Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between, after the massive (and I must say unexpected) success of the 10-volume series ”Boss Black Rockers” I decided to get back to work and found 280 new tracks for a new series of ten killer volumes. I focused on stuff never or rarely heard anywhere else and also not already been used for other Koko-Mojo Records compilations. That was actually pretty easy. The hard part was finding a cool name for this new series. More often than not ”Easy Does It” so I decided to simply (and cleverly) call it ”MORE Boss Black Rockers”.

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