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  • Sinatra Nancy - Start Walkin’ 1965-1976 (2LP, Ltd, With Book) (LP)



    As the eldest daughter of Frank Sinatra, Nancy was born into the spotlight. At 19, she made her professional debut in front of millions of Americans, appearing alongside her father and Elvis Presley on the television special Welcome Home Elvis. Not long after, she released a series of singles. But those demure recordings didn’t reflect the real Nancy Sinatra – that Nancy would be re-introduced to the world just a few years later, thanks to an unlikely musical partnership with songwriter and producer Lee Hazlewood.

    Nancy’s performance of Lee’s song ”These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” was a huge hit in 1966 and became her signature tune. The pair began a three year run of successful albums, duets and singles including ”Sugar Town,” ”Some Velvet Morning,” ”Summer Wine,” ”Sand,” ”Jackson,” and the title track to the 1967 James Bond film ”You Only Live Twice.” Start Walkin’ explores Nancy’s recordings with Lee, her inspired collaborations with songwriter Mac Davis (”Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham”), producer Lenny Waronker (”Hook and Ladder”) and the ”should’ve been hit” song with arranger/producer Billy Strange (”How Are Things In California.”) Over the years, she has been cited as an influence by countless artists, including Sonic Youth, Morrissey, Calexico, U2, and Lana Del Rey. Her haunting song ”Bang, Bang” gained a new legion of fans when it appeared in the opening credits of Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 film, Kill Bill Volume 1. Most recently, Sinatra’s contributions to the industry were further recognized by her peers, when ”Boots” was inducted into the GRAMMY ® Hall of Fame. The honor, bestowed in January of 2020, recognizes ”musical recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance.”

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  • Sinatra Nancy - Nancy (Käytetty CD)


    1969 albumi bonusbiisien kera. Aikoja sitten loppunmyyty CD.

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  • Various - Thirteen Roses Singing In a Male World! (LP)


    Thirteen Roses singing in a male world. Far from interpreting this sentence in any politic or vindictive way, but don’t dissmiss those ways at all, this LP aims to highlight the power of female singers in Twentieth Century’s recordings industry, just to pay tribute on those women who, in many cases, broken rules and led the way for next generations.

    Some of these roses were big and beautiful, and changed their colours whenever they wanted, some others flowered briefly buy left behind amazing frangances that can still be appreciated.

    A small garden of just thirteen roses, singing louder and fighting harder to win a chance to be heard.
    Hats off to those women, don’t mind if they’re gone, the future belongs to them.

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  • Baby Washington - A Handful of Memories 1956-1962 (CD)


    A twenty-eight track compilation of Baby Washington’s work from her first recordings to the eve of ”That’s How Heartaches Are Made”.

    The collection contains her recordings for the Baton, J & S, Neptune, ABC Paramount and Sue labels including the tracks on which she was lead singer for girl-group The Hearts.

    Included in the tracks are her four R ’n’ B chart entries from between 1959 and 1962.

    The CD booklet contains a comprehensive biography, visuals, all writer credits and catalogue numbers.

    The perfect way to find out more about one of America’s most under-rated singers.

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  • Shirelles - As, Bs, Hits and Rarities from the Queens of the Girl Group Sound 1958-1962 (CD)


    The Shirelles were probably the most successful girl group of the fifties and sixties.

    Their recording of ’Will You Love Me Tomorrow’ was instrumental in creating the legendary Girl Group sound.

    This package contains the A and B sides of all of the singles released by The Shirelles between 1958 and 1962.

    The Shirelles recorded songs by legendary song writers such as Bacharach & David, Van McCoy, Luther Dixon, Irwin Levine and Wes Farrell.

    Liner Notes tell the story of their rise to fame from high school to the top of the Billboard charts.

    Over seventy minutes of glorious girl group music.

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  • Various - She Came From Liverpool! Merseyside Girl Pop 1962-1968 (CD)


    Over the last few years, Ace has built up a series of prime British female pop releases, with individual collections drawn from four of the country’s leading record companies of the 1960s. With this compilation, rather than spotlight a particular company, the focus is on a location: the music hotbed of Merseyside. While male beat groups ruled the Merseyside roost in the ’60s, the area was also home to it’s fair share of female talent. To illustrate the point, here are 25 hand-picked girl-pop artefacts from thereabouts. Liverpool’s pop queen Cilla Black is featured with her two most Merseybeat-oriented tracks, including a terrific version of ’A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues’, the first song she ever recorded at Abbey Road. Guitar-toting cover girls the Liverbirds, who released no records in the UK but were stars in Germany – where their repertoire of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry numbers made them favorites at the Star-Club – also appear twice. The Breakaways, the Vernons Girls and Beryl Marsden – three other acts intrinsically associated with Liverpool – are also featured. Along with a selection of proven fan favorites, the collection contains many lesser-known gems, among them new-to-CD tracks by the Three Bells, Nola York, Tiffany, Lyn Cornell, Cindy Cole and, not least, Samantha Jones, whose hitherto-unreleased-in-any-format ’I Don’t Want To Lose Him’ was recorded with visiting American producer Teddy Randazzo. Read all about these and the other featured artists in the accompanying picture-packed 28-page booklet, which contains a 7,000-word note by compiler Mick Patrick and genre expert Ian Chapman.

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  • Cogan Alma - Same (Käytetty CD)


    1960 – 1967 Original sound recordings made by EMI Records Ltd.

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  • Lewis Barbara - Don’t Forget About Me: Atlantic & Reprise Recordings (3CD Box) (CD)


    Soul Music Records is proud to present a first-of-it’s-kind compilation of recordings by renowned singer/songwriter Barbara Lewis spanning her six years with Atlantic Records (1962-1968) and her brief one-year tenure with Reprise Records (1972). This beautifully-packaged collection, sequenced in chronological order of recording session, includes the first CD release of a number of tracks from both the 1964 LP Snap Your Fingers (Barbara Lewis Sings The Great Soul Tunes) and the 1966 album, It’s Magic. With a total of (68) tracks, including seven non-album singles/B-sides, one previously unreleased cut from 1968 and both sides of Barbara’s sole Reprise single, ”Don’t Forget About Me” features an extensive essay by renowned UK writer Charles Waring with quotes from a rare 2020 interview with Barbara specifically for this box set and comments by Billy Vera and Sharon McMahan

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  • Various - Pye Girls Coloured My World (CD)


    This is a an excellent array of very talented female singers who recorded for Pye Records in the sixties. We have Jan Panter, Billie Davis, Val McKenna, Glenda Collins, Sandra Barry, Antoinette and of course Petula Clark. Chart success aside, this compilation is brimming with talent. There are some truly outstanding tracks on this compilation like “Something To Give” by Nita Rossi and an excellent cover of “He Knows I Love Him Too Much” by Glo Macari. There’s hardly a duff track on offer.

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  • Streisand Barbra - Birth of a Legend – 1961-1962 Live Recordings (CD)


    These recordings present BARBRA STREISAND immediately before she exploded onto the US market in 1963, with her first two million-selling Columbia albums.

    This unique compilation is drawn from several unfeasibly rare live recordings during 1961/62, featuring various TV, radio and club performances, including The Ed Sullivan Show, and includes sides recorded at the Bon Soir nightclub in New York.

    A number of these songs, e.g. ’A Sleepin’ Bee’, ’When The Sun Comes Out’, ’My Colouring Book’, ’Lover, Come Back To Me’, ’Happy Days Are Here Again’, ’Value’ and ’Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered’ were integral features of Streisand’s early 60s repertoire.

    These recordings are as rare as hens’ teeth and are largely unavailable elsewhere.

    This is the companion to another, earlier Streisand/Jasmine release, ’BIRTH OF A LEGEND… 1962 Studio Recordings’

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  • Thomas Carla - Let Me Be Good To You: Atlantic & Stax Recordings 1960-1968 (4CD boxset) (CD)


    Four CD set.

    SoulMusic Records is proud to present a first-of-it’s-kind complete collection of all of the Atlantic and Stax recordings by Carla Thomas, released between 1960-1968. With a total of 94 tracks, Let Me Be Good To You celebrates ’The First Lady Of Stax Records’ whose 1961 classic hit ’Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)’ led to the Memphis-based label’s distribution with Atlantic Records.

    Sequenced by session, the deluxe 4-CD set includes tracks from Carla’s four solo albums, plus the famed 1967 King & Queen LP of duets with the late Otis Redding. The ’A’ and ’B’ sides of all of Carla’s singles – including (28) non-album tracks – are featured including Carla’s duets with her famous father, Rufus Thomas, along with five live recordings from Carla’s 1967 performances in London and Paris with the famed Stax/Volt Revue. Produced by SoulMusic Records founder David Nathan, Let Me Be Good To You – The Atlantic & Stax Recordings (1960-1968) boasts a stellar 8,000-word extensive essay by renowned UK writer Charles Waring with 2020 quotes from Stax executive Al Bell, famed songwriter/producer David Porter, Carla’s sister Vaneese (a recording artist in her own right) and former Stax publicist and songwriter Deanie Parker and others.

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  • Mina - The Queen Of Italian Pop – Classic Ri-Fi Recordings 1963-1967 (CD)


    Classic 1963-1967 recordings by Italy’s greatest-ever female pop star. 

    Mina is Italy’s most successful female recording artist of all time, with chart-topping albums in the 1960s and every decade since. A vocalist of great versatility, power, sophistication and drama – think Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey and Barbra Streisand all rolled into one quintessentially Italian singing sensation – her first recordings were issued in 1958. Since then, she has released over 100 singles and 70-plus albums: a total of more than 1,500 songs, with worldwide sales in excess of 150 million.

    Her recordings for the Ri-Fi label – featuring spectacular singing, superb songs and stunning orchestrations – are among the finest to come out of Italy in the mid-60s. Following her initial hits, she enjoyed tremendous success all around the world, but never in the UK, where few of her recordings were made available and she remains unknown to all but a small number of devotees. This cherry-picked collection of gems from her matchless Ri-Fi catalogue is designed to remedy that situation.

    Highlights include ‘Se Telefonando…’, a sophisticated opus composed and orchestrated by the great maestro Ennio Morricone; ‘È L’Uomo Per Me’, Mina’s chart-topping cover of Jodie Miller’s ‘He Walks Like A Man’; the intense and dramatic ‘L’Immensità’ with its breath-defying long notes; the super-fast and jazzy ‘Brava’, a song custom-written to show off her great vocal technique; and her gorgeous rendition of Jobim’s ‘Insensatez’.


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  • Various - The ’Sound’ Of The R & B Hits (CD)


    With the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Georgie Fame and many more mining Motown songs, “The ‘Sound’ Of The R&B Hits” was the first UK compilation of studio recordings from Berry Gordy’s hugely influential label. Now doubled in length, this collection traces the evolution of Motown in the UK to the moment it scored its first chartbuster in May 1964.

    “R&B in Britain is much bigger than anyone suspects,” declared Record Mirror. This observation, in an edition dated 25 April 1964, was based on the results of its Rhythm & Blues Poll – the first conducted by a weekly pop paper in the UK. Very few of the artists listed in the categories had scored hits or even had many records issued in the country, but the poll was timely. Following some wider attention through records and the media, R&B was beginning to emerge dance-step by dance-step from the underground. Arriving in shops around the time of the Record Mirror poll, the Stateside label’s “The ‘Sound’ Of The R&B Hits” LP played a role in opening hearts and minds to the righteous music.

    The poll winners reflected two strands of R&B resonating with Record Mirror readers. Several years after recordings by Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley were released, the spirit of Chicago blues had been revived by new British groups such as the Rolling Stones, who released their debut LP in the same month as the poll. The Stones and their blues idols were riding high in the poll. But the creators of the other side of R&B were also represented. Their contemporary music was exuberant, fast-paced and sophisticated. Many of these captivating R&B records originated from the Motown Corporation based in Detroit. For example, Mary Wells was the Top Female Singer and the Miracles were voted Best Male Group in Record Mirror. “The ‘Sound’ Of The R&B Hits” was compiled as a showcase for – as the sleeve note stated – the “sound that identifies a Tamla-Motown production”.

    Many music fans, including Ace Records co-founder Roger Armstrong, were drawn to the Stateside LP due to its intriguing connection to “With The Beatles”. The group’s second album, released a few months earlier, included versions of three Motown songs. Tony Barrow’s sleeve note made clear the Beatles’ “immense admiration” for the Miracles so, unsurprisingly, five tracks by the Miracles are included on “The ‘Sound’ Of The R&B Hits” – although ‘You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me’, covered on “With The Beatles”, is not one of them. Beatles fans would also notice the presence of the original of ‘Money’ and recognise the name of the Marvelettes from the Beatles’ LP sleeve. Although ‘Please Mr Postman’ – the last song on side one of “With The Beatles” – was not amongst the three Marvelettes tracks featured on “The ‘Sound’ Of The R&B Hits”, it is among the 14 bonus tracks on this CD compilation.

    “The ‘Sound’ Of The R&B Hits” was issued when only a small minority knew about the joyous music masterminded by Berry Gordy’s stable of artists, writers and producers. Its track listing is so quirky that the Ace team has selected 14 tracks from the same era to complement the Stateside compiler’s concept of “the sound that identifies a Tamla-Motown production”. As you listen, marvel at the fact that not one of these 28 tracks became a hit in the UK. Then tip your hat to the pioneers and champions who banged the gong for this sublime music to be signed, sealed and delivered at last. Can I get a witness?


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  • Scott Linda - I’ve Told Every Little Star (CD)


    Only fifteen years of age when she registered her first million-seller with ’I’ve Told Every Little Star’, a worldwide hit for her in 1961, LINDA SCOTT briefly rivalled Connie Francis and Brenda Lee in popularity in 1961-62.

    This 2-CD set anthologises all her releases between 1959-62, starting with her debut 45 which she released under her real name, Linda Sampson, at the age of just fourteen.

    In all she had a dozen U.S. hits, including ’Don’t Bet Money, Honey’ (also a million-seller), ’Starlight, Starbright’, ’I Don’t Know Why’ (a third million-seller), ’It’s All Because’, ’Yessiree’, ’Bermuda’, ’Count Every Star’, ’Never In A Million Years’ and her first LP, ’Starlight, Starbright’, all of which are included herein.

    This is the first wholly comprehensive compilation of this body of work and includes a number of sides making their CD debuts, most notably that very first single, ’In-Between Teen’/’Lover Of The Year’.

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  • Streisand Barbra - Birth of a Legend – 1962 Studio Recordings (CD)


    These recordings present BARBRA STREISAND immediately before she famously exploded onto the US market in 1963, with her first two million-selling Columbia albums.

    This unique compilation comprises her 1962 studio recordings in their entirety, viz: her first two singles for Columbia; the ten tracks she sings on from a pair of Soundtrack albums, I Can Get It For You Wholesale and Pins And Needles, also for Columbia; and a 10′ demo LP which she recorded for RCA Victor, who (bizarrely) passed on her.

    For decades, the RCA demo album represented the ’Holy Grail’ for Streisand collectors, as it has never previously been given a commercial release; it is included herein in its entirety, plus outtakes.

    The first comprehensive collection of her pre-superstardom studio recordings, this is the companion to another forthcoming Streisand/Jasmine release, ’BIRTH OF A LEGEND… 1961/62 Live Recordings’ (JASCD1116).

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  • Martha & The Vandellas - Come And Get These Memories (CD)


    Limited collector’s edition presented in a 6-panel Digipak with comprehensive inside booklet. Selection of 20 Martha & The Vandellas’ charting-singles. 

    Martha & The Vandellas were the Supremes’ tougher, more grounded counterpart. With her cheeky, fervent vocals, Martha Reeves led the group in a string of dance anthems that remain irresistible to this day. They recorded throughout the 1960s for Motown’s Gordy label, charting a bunch of soul hits, and became one of the company’s most successful touring acts. Martha’s voice bore the righteous fervor of gospel and the flinty edginess of rhythm & blues, which, combined with Motown’s stylized pop-soul approach, made for a compelling package. This essential CD set compiles a selection of Martha & The Vandellas’ charting-singles from the peak of their career. The original recordings presented here have been brilliantly remastered to achieve the best quality. 

    ”Martha Reeves sounds like she’s doing more than just kick off a party – she sounds like she’s starting a revolution.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

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  • Cole Ann - I Want To Be Big Girl (CD)


    25 original female Rhythm & Blues recordings. Presented in a laminated car wallet with full colour disc, four pages of liner notes and a full two page discography

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  • Shapiro Helen - Face The Music: The Complete Singles 1967-1984 (CD)


     Before she had reached her 16th birthday, Helen Shapiro became one of the UK’s brightest stars of the early 1960s, with three of her first four singles topping our charts. In the years before the Beatles (who once supported her on tour!) Helen was a permanently visible presence on our charts, and continues to be a fan favorite seven decades on and almost 20 years after she announced her retirement.

    Most of Helen’s early hits can be found on at least one CD. But in Face The Music, Ace brings you the first-ever compilation to pull together the complete A and B sides of every seven inch single Helen released under her own name between 1967 and 1984, with repertoire drawn from five different labels. Face The Music comes to you with the full approval and endorsement of Helen and John, her husband of more than 30 years.

    A sleeve note featuring a specially conducted 2020 ’lockdown’ interview with the artist provides Helen’s own thoughts on both these recordings and this period in her 40+ year career. All tracks appear here in their original mono and stereo single mixes, just as they were released on 45. Around a third of the titles have never been reissued before, in any format. With a booklet stuffed with the usual plethora of ephemera, labels and rare foreign picture sleeves, it’s something no Shapiro fan will want to miss.

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  • Various - Ready, Steady, Go! 10 x 7″ Single boxset + BOOK (7 single/EP)


    Viimeisen päälle upea single laatikko eikä yhtään huonoa sinkkuakaan.

    Music history..

     Ready, Steady, Go! was the pre-eminent British music television show of the 1960s, and for many, it remains the most influential pop culture vehicle of any era. If that seems a bold claim to assert, it’s worth considering virtually all music television that has followed owes a debt to RSG!’s pioneering spirit. As well as presenting the top artists of the day, and giving vital early exposure to future stars, perhaps its most important feature was its club-like atmosphere, which removed the barrier separating artist and performer, giving RSG! an atmosphere of vibrance and immediacy other pop programmes lacked. In addition, the unprecedented move of handing the key role of a young, fashion-conscious Mod (Cathy MacGowan), who uncannily mirrored her audience, inadvertently gave birth to what later became known as “yoof TV”. 

     This collection of 10 vinyl singles – plus book with essay by Andy Neill – represents a selection of 20 songs by ten artists who performed on RSG! Between 1963 & 1966, including The Kinks, The Searchers, Cilla Black and Marvin Gaye. The diversity of the artists featured perfectly illustrates the panoply of styles the show covered, why it was so pioneering and why it is still so fondly regarded by musicians and fans alike.

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