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  • Flat-Git-It Gang - Is Flat Gittin’ It (LP)


    ”I consider it a great honor to be asked to write the liner notes for this exciting new recording project by my good friend, Jan Svenssoon.
    Having been a part of the country music world years ago, I can always tell when an artist is headed for sucess by outstanding talent as well as the selection songs.
    In my years as an MGM recording artist, I have seen many of my friends become successful. I was with the record label the same time Hank Williams Sr, Conway Twitty and Marvin Rainwater were.
    It would have beet great to have Jan along with us; but now you can sit back and enjoy this fine talent and realize that stardom is beckoning.
    I personally feel that this is is just beginning of something great on the contry music scene.
    The tittle fully describes how this will happen as Jan will ”Flat Get It” to happen by all the hard work that has gone into this wanderful recording.
    Congratulations Jan! From an old friend.”

    ”Country” Bill Carter.

    Musicians line-up:
    Vocals: Camilla Johansson
    Guitar: Adam Poellinger
    Vocals, Guitar: Jan Svensson
    Rhythm Guitar: Thorbjön Hellman
    Steel Guitar: Jussi Huhtankangas
    Fiddle, Vocals: Metteo Ringressi
    Fiddle: Jimmy Sunnebrandt
    Piano, Vocals: Christer Aberg
    Bass, Vocals: Carl-Johan Viktor
    Drums: Robert Skoglund

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  • Various - Rockin’ Legends Pay Tribute To Jack White (LP)


    New vinyl pressing in a gatefold jacket of this stellar collection of Jack White’s musical ancestors who come together to pay tribute to the man who made rock n’ roll dangerous again!

    Featuring performances by several artists from whom Mr. White has… [ahem]… liberally borrowed – true legends of rockabilly, early rock, and classic punk including the queen herself Wanda Jackson, honking sax icon Big Jay McNeely, rockabilly pioneer Sonny Burgess, Gary U.S. Bonds, Knox (The Vibrators), Walture Lure (The Heartbreakers), Bobby Vee and more! Limited edition colored vinyl!

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  • Asleep at the Wheel - Half A Hundred Years 2LP (LP)


    Asleep At The Wheel is celebrating their 50th Anniversary with the release of Half A Hundred Years. The nineteen tracks feature original band members, current band members and guest artists.

    The special guest artists are Lyle Lovett, George Strait, Lee Ann Womack, Willie Nelson, and Emmylou Harris. Tracks 1 – 11 are new songs featuring the original band members. Tracks 12 -16 are old songs featuring the current band members and Asleep At The Wheel alumni. Tracks 17 – 19 are songs from the vaults that have never been released and track 14 features the current and the two previous female band members.

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  • Dean Summer - Bad Romantic (LP)


    “With her clever and earnest writing, the country songstress will have listeners falling in love with Bad Romantic, her debut LP.” fortworthweekly

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  • Williams Lucinda - Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 4: Funny How Time Slips Away: A Night of 60’s Country Classics (LP)


    Loistava uutukainen. Kunnon 60-luvun tyylin kantria. Hienot gatefold kannet.

    Revered singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams is working to help independent music venues during this time with the announcement of Lu’s Jukebox. Scheduled as a six-episode series of mostly full-band, HD video performances in-studio, Lu’s Jukebox will feature a themed set of songs by other artists curated by the multi-Grammy award winner. Largely full-band performances recorded live at Ray Kennedy’s Room & Board Studio in Nashville, TN, Lucinda has poured her heart and soul into each of these episodes. From hand-selecting the songs to giving it her all in the studio, this series has been a journey you won’t want to miss. While the first three installments found Williams tackling Tom Petty, southern soul and Bob Dylan, Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 4 includes a selection 60’s country classics like ”Apartment #9,” ”Together Again,” ”Make The World Go Away,” ”Long Black Limousine,” ”Fist City,” ”Gentle On My Mind” and ”Funny How Time Slips Away” among others.

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  • LaFarge Pokey - In The Blossom Of Their Shade


    Uusi albumi!

    Pokey LaFarge’s 7th studio solo album, In the Blossom of Their Shade, showcases the positivity of coming out of the darkness and into the light. When the 2020 global pandemic hit, LaFarge’s rigorous work ethic powered him through the potentially challenging creative period. As days became a couple months, songs blossomed from embryonic ideas into full-formed ones and he was ready to move on, which typified his mindset as a working artist. With this record LaFarge captures the thematic notion of being the perfect summer afternoon soundtrack…the type of music you want to listen to while having a cocktail with your significant other. It makes sense musically as well ’ LaFarge intentionally crafted songs that created space and have melodies that can glide throughout a composition that’s a far cry from the swing and blues-infused songs of his earlier work. LaFarge is an artist who refuses to rest on his laurels and compromise. He’s always motivated and ready to create. With In the Blossom of Their Shade the album is one of LaFarge’s strongest and most mature efforts to date.

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  • Musgraves Kacey - Star-Crossed (Ltd, colored ) (LP)


    Limited ’surprise’ (one of three variants) colored vinyl LP pressing.

    Star-Crossed is a bold, empowering, and personal series of songs that displays the 6x GRAMMY Award winner’s continued growth as one of the finest singer-songwriters of our time. It’s the follow-up to Golden Hour, which earned Musgraves her third No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart and distinguished her as only the third artist ever to take home Album of the Year at the GrammY Awards, CMA Awards, and ACM Awards.

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  • Lauderdale Jim - Hope (Gatefold) (LP)


    The prolific, Grammy Award winner, Jim Lauderdale has delivered another batch of songs that further define him as one of the leading voices of Americana music. With his new album, Hope, Lauderdale has written 13 songs intended to inspire. Instead of pondering the sadness, fear and isolation the pandemic has caused with so many around the world, he has instead focused on the optimism of the human spirit and highlighted that, as we always have, mankind will get through this difficult time. He has done this within a collection of songs that touch on country, rock, boogie rock, bluegrass and Jim’s own blend of far out space music.

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  • Daniel Romano's Outfit - Fully Plugged In (LP)


    Recorded live in Atlanta in early 2020 in the final hours before the stages of the aching world fell dark, Fully Plugged In celebrates the sweat filled nights, the communal noise, the profound physical presence at the heart of rock and roll. Daniel Romano and The Outfit embody the classic swagger of classic Rolling Stones, the epic, electric, eternal folk of prime Fairport Convention, the primal freedoms released by the original punks, the intimate, personal emotions celebrated by classic country, boldly reinventing Romano’s rich songbook. Julianna Riolino, who’s voice blends so perfectly with Romano’s own, steps powerfully into the spotlight at key moments, ripping open the song in ’Rhythmic Blood’ and ripping open your heart in the country weeper ’The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)’. Hear, here – wild sounds, genius song-writing, ebullient drumming, exuberant musicality, and disparate influences are powerfully, uniquely synthesized. Shockingly united. Fully Plugged In. Rhythmic Blood God’s Children Impossible Green Anyone’s Arms First Yoke All The Reaching Trims She Was The World To Me The One That Got Away Gone Is (All But A Quarry Of Stone) A Rat Without A Tale I’m Alone Now The Pride Of Queens

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  • Ferrell Sierra - Long Time Coming (LP)


    With her spellbinding voice and time-bending sensibilities, Sierra Ferrell makes music that’s as fantastically vagabond as the artist herself. On her highly anticipated Rounder debut Long Time Coming, Ferrell shares a dozen songs beautifully unbound by genre or era, instantly transporting her audience to an infinitely more enchanted world.

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  • Harris Emmylou - Ramble In Music City: The Lost Concert (1990) (2LP) (LP)


    Live archive release. After fifteen years of touring with the beloved Hot Band, Emmylou Harris formed the Nash Ramblers, a new acoustic all-star group, in 1990, featuring Sam Bush (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Roy Huskey Jr. (bass), Larry Atamanuik (drums), Al Perkins (dobro, banjo, vocals), and Jon Randall Stewart (acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals). The band played on the road for several months before making their Nashville debut at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) on September 28, 1990. That concert was recorded and shelved, while another live run at the Ryman Auditorium the following spring was released as Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers At the Ryman to great acclaim, winning a Grammy and spurring public interest in saving the beloved music hall. Now, more than thirty years later, Rhino’s James Austin has unearthed the 1990 TPAC recording and Nonesuch releases Ramble in Music City: The Lost Concert for the first time. The TPAC set features entirely different songs from the Ryman album and includes music by A.P. Carter, Rodney Crowell, Ruth Franks, the Louvin Brothers, Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, Paul Simon, and Townes Van Zandt, among others, as well as her own compositions.

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  • Gallows Dance - Songs for the Godless (LP)


    Jumalattomien laulukirja auki, nyt veisataan! Kouvolalaisen alt country-yhtyeen debyyttialbumilla kuullaan tarinoita murhaajista, noitavainoista, Saatanasta ja tapahtumista radanvarsikaupungin synkemmältä puolelta.

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  • Daniel Jesse - Beyond These Walls (LP)


    Follow up to 2020’s critically acclaimed breakout album, ”Rollin’ On.” ”Beyond These Walls” is a collection of songs inspired by the things that make me Jesse Daniel. From Traditional Country, rowdy Honky Tonk and heartbreaking ballads to Mexican Rancheras, Corridos and Bluegrass, this record dives into the influences that formed my sound,” Jessie says.

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  • Coffinshakers - The Curse Of The Coffinshakers 1996-2016 (4LP Boxset) (LP)


    Yes.. tulihan se kunnon MUSTA / BLACK vinyyli versiokin. Kaikista painoksista pienin mustana. ASIAA!! RELEASE DATE: 18.02.2022!!!!!!!!!

    LP Box set, thick booklet, black vinyl

    Formed in 1995 in Karlstad, Sweden by Rob Coffinshaker, these graveyard country pioneers have been steadily putting out records, most of which have now become highly sought-after collector items. The Coffinshakers successfully merged the imagery of German expressionist cinema with traditional country sounds of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, occasionally flirting with Ennio Morricone -style melodies and the 60’s surf-garage sounds of The Ventures. Topped with full-bodied lyrics and Rob Coffinshaker’s haunting, low register voice, this combination gained them a cult following in the late 90’s and 2000’s, and they even creeped up to the Finnish top 40 with their self-titled album in 2007.

    Svart Records are proud to announce the official Coffinshakers vinyl reissues, which have been in the works for a couple of years now. These reissues include the full length albums We Are The Undead (1998) and The Coffinshakers (2007), both of which come in repro-sleeves with original artwork. There’s also a deluxe box set edition titled “The Curse of the Coffinshakers 1996-2016”, which includes both albums, 2 bonus LPs (From the Crypt – Rare and Unreleased vol. I and vol. II) and a thick booklet with a lengthy interview and archive material. The bonus LPs are only available in the box set and they include rare compilation tracks, EP releases and a handful of unreleased tunes from Rob Coffinshaker’s personal vault

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  • Flatlanders - Treasure Of Love (Ltd, 2LP) (LP)


    Almost 50 years after the sessions that would make them an ”accidental Texas supergroup” (Rolling Stone), The Flatlanders have return with Treasure of Love, their first new album in more than a decade. Completed during COVID-19 lockdowns with the help of longtime friend and collaborator Lloyd Maines, the record finds the iconic trio of Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Butch Hancock in classic form, serving up a rollicking collection of twang-fueled, harmony-laden performances full of wry humor and raw heartbreak. While a few songs here are never-before-heard originals, the vast majority of the tracklist consists of tunes the band picked up during their half-century together, some stretching as far back as the group’s earliest performances in the honkytonks around Lubbock, TX, where you might have spotted Willie Nelson or Townes Van Zandt in the audience.

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  • Crowell Rodney - Triage (180 gram) (LP)


    A writer known for the universal and literary quality of his writing, Triage is a departure, a revealing album that Rodney Crowell has called his most personal to date. This is no small statement from such a prolific and acclaimed musician, a man who has stacked up 15 No. 1 hits including 6 of his own, and dozens of others for an impressively diverse array of artists including Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Keith Urban, Bob Seger, Etta James, Grateful Dead and many others. This new collection of songs was written during the great political, climate and economic upheaval that has marked recent years. The noise of that chaos encouraged the songwriter to go inside for solace and answers. The result is this series of songs that contend with these themes but approach them from a place of healing love and solution. That they are being released while we find ourselves walking through a global pandemic, is a gift of perfect timing.

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  • Collie Mark - Book Of My Blue (2LP) (LP)


    Mark Collie presents the adventures of the Rockabilly Hitman in – ”Book Of My Blues”, a ground-breaking multi-media Graphic Album. This smokey fifteen song project chronicles the tale of Jessie Wayne Har- din aka the ”Rockabilly Hit-man”. The audience joins this journey of misadventure as Hardin balances the moral scales of good and evil in the service of rock and roll. Accompanying this revolutionary album is a three chapter graphic novel with the original story by Mark Collie and Jonathon Hensleigh (Armageddon, The Punisher) and written by Hensleigh. The story of the Book of My Blues springs to life through music and graphic images in what is sure to become a collector’s classic.

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  • McNally Shannon - The Waylon Sessions (LP)


    Recorded with an all-star band and featuring special guests like Jessi Colter, Buddy Miller, Rodney Crowell, and Lukas Nelson, Shannon McNally’s extraordinary collection, The Waylon Sessions, isn’t so much a tribute to Waylon Jennings as it is a recontextualization: a nuanced, feminine rendering of a catalog long considered a bastion of hetero-masculinity. That’s not to say McNally has a softer, gentler take on the songs of Jennings and his outlaw compatriots here; in fact, just the opposite. Over and over again, she manages to locate a smoldering intensity – a searing hurt buried deep within the music’s deceptively simple poetry – and she hones in on it with a surgical precision. McNally doesn’t swap pronouns or couch her delivery with a wink; she simply plays it straight, singing her truth as a divorced single mother in her 40’s in all it’s beauty, pain, and power. The result is that rare covers record that furthers our understanding of the originals, an album of classics that challenges our perceptions and assumptions about just what made them classics in the first place.

    Wow! onpas loistava albumi. Tribute albumi Waylonille tai sit ei, mut toimii.

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  • Vincent Neil Emerson - Same (LP)


    Vincent Neil Emerson is a torchbearer of the Texas songwriter tradition. He channels the straightforward truth-telling and resonance of his songwriting heroes in Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Steve Earle into something fresh and distinctly his own. Where his 2019 debut Fried Chicken and Evil Women proved that he is one of the most reverent students of country and Western musical traditions, his follow-up LP, the masterful Rodney Crowell-produced Vincent Neil Emerson, is a brave step forward that solidifies his place as one of music’s most compelling and emotionally clarifying storytellers. His songs are cathartic and bluntly honest, never mincing words or dancing around uncomfortable truths.

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  • Jenny Don't And The Spurs - Fire On The Ridge


    The third full length release from Portland’s Honky Tonk/Rockabilly anti-heroes, Jenny Don’t And The Spurs, showcases the diverse array of musical styles from which the band draws it’s influences. With 11 tracks clocking in at under 33 minutes, there isn’t a wasted second as the band switches from blistering barn-burners (”Train Ticket”, ”Be The Only One”) to rambling westerns (”Fire On The Ridge”) to Patsy Cline style ballads (”Friday Night”).

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