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  • Isaak Chris - Everybody Knows It’s Christmas


    Celebrate the season with Chris Isaak and his brand-new Christmas album, Everybody Knows It’s Christmas.

    This festive record features eight original songs written by Chris Isaak – including ”Almost Christmas,” which captures the excitement right before the holiday – and his versions of five Christmas classics.

    The album also features artwork illustrated by Chris himself. This LP is pressed on Candy Floss-colored vinyl.

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  • Lewis Annie Marie - A Rock n’ Roll Christmas In The USA (CD)


    Annie Marie Lewis, the All-American Princess of Rock N’ Roll and niece to legend Jerry Lee Lewis, meets Rockabilly guitar great Danny B. Harvey (69 Cats, The Head Cat) for a rockin’ revamp of Christmas classics!

    Lewis’s powerful voice absolutely shines on these 14 holiday tunes and this album, packaged in an attractive digipak, is sure to add a hip, festive element to any Christmas gathering!

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  • Various - It’s DooWop Christmas Time (CD)


    It’s that special time of year once again, and what better way to celebrate the festival period than with another round of Doo Wop at Christmas via Koko Mojo’s ‘It’s Doo Wop Christmas Time’. There is just something deeply satisfying when hearing the golden tones of harmony groups huddled closely together and perfecting a balancing act of high and deep tones set to a backing of traditional rhythm and blues and, under such circumstances, the occasional sleigh bell in the background for comfort. With added “snap, crackle, and pop”, the listener is transported back to a golden age of music, and a reminder of when Christmas felt like the real deal with ‘It’s Doo Wop Christmas Time’.

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  • Various - Mojo Man Christmas (CD)


    The Mojo Man presents another album for the festive season with ’The Mojo Man Christmas’. With twenty-eight handpicked tracks, The Mojo Man Christmas’ sets out to live up to its title with a variety of numbers to get you in the mood for this special time of year. Its Overfilled with a variety of Christmas tracks, and serves as a reminder of the quality that has gone before, such as Lord Nelson – A Party For Santa Claus and ending with a bang via early Rhythm and Blues of Amos Milburn – Let’s Make Christmas Merry, Baby, this is one neverending Christmas party you won’t want to miss.

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  • Various - Christmas Around The World (CD)


    hristmas Time Is Near announces the Stanley Brothers with joyous merriment and the Christmas spirit on the Atomicat Records’ album Christmas around the World (ACCD128) is underway. The album celebrates Christmas with a handful of titles sung in different languages, and some titles are performed with a twisting tempo, and for all-around appeal, some evergreen recordings are included. Of the twenty-eight recordings one is from 1949 then the remaining music is sourced from 1955 through to 1962.

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  • Various - Have Yourself Another Swingin’ Little Christmas (CD)


    1-CD with 20-page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 78 min.

    We are constantly receiving requests for a follow-up to our popular ’Have Yourself A Swingin’ Little Christmas’ Christmas LP and CD.
    Now the time has come: here arrives the new edition on Bear Family Records® with more exquisite Jazz, Swing, Pop and early Rhythm & Blues recordings around the theme of Christmas.
    Nostalgic Christmas with twenty-nine Lindy Hop-Jitterbug-Boogie-Jive and Easy Listening rarities from 1950 – 1961, by artists like Bing Crosby (no, not White Christmas again!), Andy Williams, Nat ’King’ Cole, Peggy Lee, Johnny Desmond and many more.
    It turns orchestral with Fred Waring and Leroy Anderson, while Bing Crosby celebrates Hawaiian Christmas with the Andrews Sisters.
    The booklet features rare photos and detailed info on each song from the producer.

    Previous Christmas releases on Bear Family Records® are turning into beloved classics of the genre, especially those compilations featuring popular examples and rarities from the jazz, swing and original rhythm ’n’ blues genres. We are happy to present ’Have Yourself Another Swingin’ Little Christmas’, a new collection of entertaining songs around the Christmas theme. This album, which is also available as vinyl LP (BAF18073), gives you the opportunity to celebrate a relaxed, amusing and danceable Christmas with your loved ones, away from the hardly bearable, kitschy everyday soundtrack of the pre-Christmas season!

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  • Various - It’s Christmas Once Again (CD)


    It’s Christmas Once Again, Atomicat Records (ACCD100) is a thirty-song compilation full of Christmas cheer, and the plethora of sounds are compiled with the joyful holiday period in mind. The album embraces songs about, winter, animals, snowmen, and a smattering of titles about party making, food, and drink. The album is a musical all-around look at the traditions which are aspects of the celebration. Being a family-orientated firm, we have included some songs for the children who are a significant part of the Christmas celebration. The album concludes as the old year turns over with songs about the New Year. The staff at Atomicat Records wish you, your family, and friends all the best and a prosperous New Year.

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  • Various - Let´s Have A Funny Little Christmas (CD)


    Tired of hearing the ”same old” boring Christmas songs? We have all been there. The good doctor, DJ ”Mojo” Man found a cure for this: 28 boss novelty Christmas songs that will make you spill your eggnog over the Christmas tree and guaranteed to instantly make you feel better during the Holiday season. This collection contains a cascade of novelty Holiday songs from Malcolm Dodds (Ich Bin Very Happy); The Marquees (Christmas In the Congo); The Holly Twins with Eddie Cochran (I Want Elvis For Christmas); Buchanan & Goodman (Santa & the Satellite); Augie Rios (Donde Esta Santa Claus?); Lord Beginner (Christmas Morning The Rum Had Me Yawning); Brenda Lee (I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus); Mad Milo (Elvis For Xmas); Ray Stevens (Santa Claus Is Watching You) and many more. Some are really funny and some are just hilarious. Dig that jive and Merry Christmas!

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  • Various - Meet Mrs. Santa Claus (CD)


    The compiler of this collection, the ”Mojo” Man (a.k.a. Little Victor Mac) at Koko-Mojo Records is giving a piece of very good advice: add a feminine touch to your holidays this year. This time around Victor has handpicked 28 fabulous Christmas tunes by some real gone lady singers. It’s always all about Mr. Santa Claus here and Mr. Santa Claus there. It doesn’t have to be that way. Move over old man ’cause Mrs. Santa is coming to town. Many great tracks are featured from Mabel Scott (Boogie Woogie Santa Claus), Alma Cogan (Mrs. Santa Claus), Pearl Bailey (Jingle Bells Cha-Cha-Cha), Mahalia Jackson (Go tell It On The Mountain), The Platters with their female vocalist Zola Taylor singing lead (All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth), Eartha Kitt with a gritty and rarely heard live version of a song ( Santa Baby) recorded in 1962. More little known gems come from Ozie Ware (Santa Claus Bring My Man Back), Jan Bradley (Christmas Time), Ruby Wright (Santa’s Little Sleigh Bells), Marlene Paula (I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis), Dinah Washington (Ole Santa), Lillian Briggs (Rock ‘N’ Roll-y Poly Santa Claus), Bertha “Chippie” Hill (Christmas Man Blues) and other dangerous ladies behind a microphone. It’s hard to find a bad track here. This could easily become a series for the next holiday seasons.

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  • Various - Bronze Christmas (CD)


    Another fantastic Christmas delight from Koko-Mojo Records (and the first one on their ”Black History” Series). Back in the day the term ”bronze” was used in the USA to describe African Americans. In other words, it was a synonym of negro, black, sepia, coloured etcetera. After trying all these names, the compiler of this anthology (the mighty ”Mojo” Man) decided to call it “Bronze Christmas” because ”Black Christmas” was too obvious and has been largely used for many similar projects. Nevertheless, this compilation is all about ”Black Christmas” and black folks singing about Christmas, New Year’s Eve etcetera. The ”Mojo” Man (a.k.a. Little Victor Mac) selected some of his favourite tunes by ”bronze” artists guaranteed to make your Christmas maybe a little less white but merrier and with a whole lot of extra soul. This collection features 28 songs from the likes of the Mills Brothers (their version of ”Here Comes Santa Claus” included here inspired Elvis Presley who used their arrangements on his 1957 Christmas album), Louis Armstrong, Harry Crafton, Chuck Berry, Larry Darnell, Hank Ballard, Big Bud, Little Willie Littlefield, The Pilgrim Travellers (their version ”I’ll Be Home For Christmas” was also popularized by Elvis), Huey Piano Smith, Ella Fitzgerald and a lot more.

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  • Various - More Doo Wop Christmas Gems (CD)


    More Doo Wop Christmas Gems, Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-95) is a thirty-song compilation full of Christmas cheer, and the plethora of sounds are compiled with the joyful holiday period in mind. The album embraces songs about, dancing, Santa Claus, the Holy Night, returning home, and bringing in a brand-new year. The album is a musical all-around look at the traditions which are aspects of the celebration, sang by both Negro and a handful of Caucasian artists. The staff at Koko Mojo Records metaphorically raises a glass and wishes you, your family, and friends all the best and a prosperous New Year, and we thank you for your continued support. Press: More Doo Wop Christmas Gems – Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-95) More Doo Wop Christmas Gems, Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-95) is a thirty-song album that is full of Christmas cheer, and the plethora of sounds are compiled especially for the joyful holiday of goodwill. The season gets colder, but our hearts grow warmer as we sit around the fire, eating, drinking, and making merry with friends and family. More Doo Wop Christmas Gems are compiled to bring a smile to your face through the sourced musical memories based upon an Old-Fashioned/ Traditional Christmas. The album continues the concept of Let’s Have A Doo Wop Christmas (KM-CD-78) with a flashback to earlier times with songs about Santa Claus, either getting hip (The Marquees), doing the boogie, or getting the blues (The Voices and Huey ”Piano” Smith). The coming together of family and friends I’ll Be Home For Christmas (The Pilgrim Travellers), or sadness when away from someone, Marvin & The Chirps I Will Miss You This Christmas or the ultimate separation through incarceration, Christmas In Jail (The Youngsters). The colorful aspect of Christmas is approached through decoration, The Christmas Tree (The Episodes) and excitement of things soon to happen, Limbo Under The Bed (The Classic Four). A sprinkling of seasonal humor is included Santa Claus Got Stuck (In My Chimney) (Ella Fitzgerald), merriment and fantasy, Dance Mr. Snowman Dance (The Crew Cuts), and childhood memories of the Winter Wonderland (Blue Notes). The album furthermore emphasizes the latter part of the celebration namely the ringing of the bells and a brand-new year and the resolution made by people (The Dell Vues and The Faces), the proclamation of, Hello Mr. New Year (The Cool Breezers). The album is concluded with the question asked of family, friends, and lovers, What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve (Dante and The Evergreens).

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  • Various - Here Comes Santa Claus – 29 Swinging Chestnuts (CD)


    1 CD with 24-page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time c. 79 min.

    Bear Family Records® latest edition in the ’ Seasons’ CD series!
    Christmas with plenty of swing, jazz, rhythm & blues and light-footed pop lets you enjoy the holidays with a certain ease!
    Nostalgic Christmas with 29 Lindy Hop-Jitterbug-Boogie-Jive and Easy Listening rarities from three decades, 1936 – 1966!
    Including the title song Here Comes Santa Claus by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters.
    Rarities by Molly Bee, The Dispoto Sisters and Peggy Lee – never before on CD!
    Johnny Desmond’s Marshmellow World next to New Year’s Goosebumps classic Auld Lang Syne in the jazzy version by Roy Kral and Jackie Cain, and famous classics by Andy Williams and Dean Martin!
    Besides the Andrews Sisters, there are other great female voices: the stunning Mahalia Jackson, the Lennon Sisters or Peggy Lee with her smoky lascivious voice.
    Last but not least, the Jingle Bell Rock is included in a cool swinging version!

    Christmas Ball!
    What we started with our compilation ’Heading For The Christmas Ball’ (BCD 17611) in 2020, we would like to continue: to provide the festival of love with more exuberance, even though some songs are nostalgic and dreamy and you might even feel transported back to your own childhood. This Christmas disc invites you to the Christmas ball, to dance, to swing, to contemplation and exuberance among family members, friends, peers and guests.

    Christmas Rarities Parade
    Rare recordings, which cannot be found on any Christmas collection, are in focus here. Once again we can present a number of songs that have never been available on CD before. For example, a novelty number by Dancer, Prancer & Nervous, The Singing Reindeer or I Like A Sleighride by Peggy Lee. Great female voices by Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Mahalia Jackson, The Fontane Sisters and others can be heard.

    R&B and blues are on your ears from Floyd Dixon, Nat ’King’ Cole and Sugar Chile Robinson, and Christmas classics from famous greats like Andy Williams, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin. There’s also a track from the 1957 TV special by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Rex Griffin delivers Western Swing, Django Reinhardt remains the guitar icon, while Ramsey Lewis conjures up Christmasy tunes on piano. The CD again features producer’s notes on each song, plus photos and illustrations in the 24-page booklet!

    Also available on LP: BAF18072

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  • Los Straitjackets - Complete Christmas Songbook (CD)


    Over the course of their three-decade career, Nashville’s Los Straitjackets have established themselves as America’s premier surf rock group. While the band has a handful of albums that range from covers of surf rock staples to slamming originals, Los Straitjackets have released various Christmas albums and singles to much critical acclaim. Yep Roc Records has compiled every holiday song the band has ever recorded into one Los Straitjackets collection, Complete Christmas Songbook.

    The brand-new collection compiles the entirety of two Los Straitjackets Christmas albums (2002’s ’Tis the Season for Los Straitjackets and 2009’s limited edition Yuletide Beat), a limited edition 45 single (2011’s Hark the Herald Angels Sing b/w Silver Bells), a song from Yep Roc’s 2007 Oh Santa! compilation, and the live version of ”Linus & Lucy” from the band’s 2015 tour with Nick Lowe. Los Straitjackets’ Christmas material has reached audiences around the globe since Conan O’Brien would bring the band onto Late Night with Conan O’Brien every holiday season to perform their holiday catalog in the late 1990s.

    Los Straitjackets are currently touring with Nick Lowe as part of Nick’s Quality Rock & Roll Revue. In October, the band will be part of the Baja Bop, a surf rock-themed cruise to Mexico featuring two sets from Los Straitjackets, one of which will be a ”Rock en Espanol” sent accompanied by their longtime collaborator and friend Big Sandy.

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  • Higham Darrel - A Christmas Bop (CD)


    Nyt myös joulualbumi Darrelita. Mukana yhdellä biisiillä myös ex- vaimo Imelda May.

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  • Various - Christmas On The Range – 26 Festive and Swingin’ Country Tunes (CD)

    1-CD with 24-page booklet, 26 tracks. Total playing time approx. 67 minutes.
    • The follow-up to our very successful 2017 Christmas CD with country music, honky tonk and hillbilly boogie: Christmas On The Countryside (BCD17508). 
    • 26 songs selected by Nico Feuerbach and commented with great expertise and profound humour by Roland Heinrich.
    • Great compilation of traditional country music, western swing and hillbilly.
    • A well-balanced blend of well-known bigger names and rather unknown but nevertheless great musicians.
    • Three tracks are released here on CD for the first time! 
    Ho, Ho, Ho – Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings good cheer!
    Bear Family also brings good cheer and will make your Christmas especially “merry” with an particularly compiled seasonal country CD. Bear Family’s little sleigh stopper is not your average middle-of-the road cash in: Bear Family’s ‘Christmas On The Range’ brings you vintage country music, western swing, and hillbilly from the 1940s and ‘50s. The stories are heartfelt and funny with just the right dose of Christmas corniness. The CD showcases well-known artists like Bill Monroe and Kitty Wells alongside obscurer colleagues such as Billy Briggs and Ray Salter & the Twin City Playboys. Also, three of the tracks included have never been available on CD.
    This great compilation helps you burn the extra cookie with hot dance tunes like The North Pole Boogie and the all-time great We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo by Terry Fell. Bob Wills is presented in a pensive and patriotic mood with his World War II classic Empty Chair at the Christmas Table, whereas Brenda Lee roars determined that she is going to lasso Santa Claus! If you party too hard around Mardi Gras you might end up with a New Baby for Christmas – George Jones will let you in on the whole story.
    Traditional country music always loved to exploit special occasions by tackling any imaginable topic, no matter how trivial or exotic. This CD brings you great novelties, great tear jerkers, and great dance music. It also brings great joy! Season’s Greetings everybody!
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  • Various - Headin’ For The Christmas Ball (CD)


    1-CD with 24-page booklet, 31 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 minutes.

    • A nostalgic and varied Christmas compilation, not only for the holidays, either danceable or dreamy with a mixture of swing and jazz, rhythm & blues and crooner pop! 
    • Bear Family’s latest edition of ’Season’s Greetings’ for 2020!
    • Nostalgic Christmas with 31 Lindy Hop-Jitterbug-Boogie-Jive and Easy Listening rarities of the years 1940-1967!
    • Among them the title song Christmas Ball, as well as the B-side of the rare 1951 Coral single of the Georgie Auld Orchestra with the great singer Bill Darnel, never before on CD!
    • Knuckles O’Toole & The Brigadiers’ version of Jingle Bells is also included, as well as New Year’s goose bumps classic Auld Lang Syne in the worn version by Guy Lombardo, and the famous version of the classic Sleigh Ride in the interpretation of orchestra leader Leroy Anderson, also known from the movie ’Polar Express’!
    • Besides The Andrews Sisters there are more ladies with their great voices, above all the stunning Dinah Washington, the crooner lady Dorothy Collins and last but not least Kay Martin, who makes it quite slippery and erotic.
    • They are joined by Jerry Lewis, Cary Grant and Mickey Rooney, three movie stars from Hollywood’s golden era with their really rare recordings!
    • Also available as LP (BAF18070)
    Christmas Ball!
    With this compilation we want to give more exuberance to the celebration of love, although some of the songs are nostalgic and dreamy and you might even feel transported back to your own childhood. This Christmas disc invites you to the Christmas ball, to dancing, to swinging, to contemplation and cheerfulness among family members, friends, like-minded people and guests. This music brings glamour into every hut, with all the candles, lights and crackling stoves, while outside it is snowing and stormy…
    Again a parade of rarities for Christmas
    As always, part of the concept is to focus on rare recordings that are not found on every Christmas collection. Accordingly, you should definitely get the previous ’Season’s Greetings,’ because then you can listen to all the CDs one after the other staying in Christmas fever. Some of the tracks are on CD for the first time. For example both sides of a single by the Georgie Auld Orchestra with the fantastic singer Bill Darnel, which was released on Coral at that time containing its title song Christmas Ball, as well as the B-side, It Ain’t Snowin’ Outside. Some exotic components come from The Surfers with Hawaiian sounds and The Enchanters with a mix of doo wop and mambo! For a laugh, the CD also contains a series of novelty recordings, from well-known and unknown greats like Barry Gordon, The Lennon Sisters and Kay Martin. Who remembers the touching Christmas movie classic with James Stewart? This film tempted us to involve some top movie stars with their comedic talents from Hollywood’s golden era: Cary Grant, Mickey Rooney and Jerry Lewis! Rare recordings, but listen for yourself! Of course, the CD also comes with liner notes for each song, rare photos and many illustrations in the 24-page booklet!
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