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  • Nelson Willie - One Hell Of A Ride 4CD Boxset (Käytetty CD)


    Upea boxi! Navigating Willie Nelson’s immense body of recordings can be daunting even for committed fans. There is so much music and so much of it good that it’s hard to keep straight, especially as each of his many eras has been compiled, collected, and reissued countless time, leading to a discography thick with redundancies — and then there’s the stubborn fact that for Willie, making music is like breathing, something that comes naturally, something that happens every day, so he keeps building upon that discography, releasing an album or two each year, which only adds to the confusion for neophytes and longtime fans alike. All of this is a roundabout way to say that there are plenty of Willie Nelson albums out there, that there’s a surplus of compilations, but of all these, nothing offers such a complete, useful overview of his entire career as Columbia/Legacy’s four-disc 2008 box One Hell of a Ride. This is not the first Willie box that Legacy has released, of course — in 1995 they put out the triple-disc Revolutions of Time: The Journey 1975-1993 — but this is the first box to ever attempt a thorough overview of his career, beginning with his earliest singles for Sarg and D, running through the countrypolitan Nashville productions of his Liberty Records and his wonderfully rambling RCA recordings of the ’60s, then settling into the star-making sides for Columbia in the ’70s and ’80s, yet the set doesn’t end there, as it runs through his albums for Island and Mercury in the ’90s and 2000s. For sheer scope, this beats all, but what makes One Hell of a Ride so useful is that it covers all the ground accurately, picking a blend of hits, concert staples, and relative obscurities to present a career overview that may be illuminating even for serious fans, as this tells a full, complete story with its 100 tracks

    Like many great stories, the details may be fudged a bit here — on the second disc the tracks don’t quite follow in chronological order — but that doesn’t matter because all this tweaking is done in service of the bigger picture, which is as it should be when a picture is this large. Listening to the whole of One Hell of a Ride, it’s hard not to marvel yet again at the enormity of Willie’s career. If he had only authored the standards Nite Life,” ”Crazy,” ”Hello Walls,” and ”Funny How Time Slips Away,” his place in history would be assured, but this set illustrates how Nelson strengthened the jazzy sophistication underpinning these tunes by digging deeper into Western swing, just as he slyly brought rock, folk, and pop flourishes into his music. By the time the Outlaw years roll around in the midst of the second disc here, his music was hard to peg — certainly it was country, but not in the strictest definition, as it encompassed so much more, from the stark Red Headed Stranger to the lush Stardust, and what is remarkable about One Hell of a Ride is that by listening to it from beginning to end, none of these moves feel forced, all the evolutions feel natural, and the excellent fourth disc — which neatly cherry-picks from a rollercoaster two decades of recordings — illustrates that his evolution did not end when he achieved superstardom, but rather he kept finding new truths in music, sometimes through new tunes, sometimes by revisiting the past, as the nifty book-ending of the set with a new version of his first recording ”When I’ve Sung My Last Hillbilly Song” makes clear. Willie will continue to build upon the legacy offered within this box, but that will not change the fact that this is the best place to learn and appreciate that legacy, and to learn to love it. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

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  • Nelson Willie - The Essential 2CD (Käytetty CD)


    Loistava peruskokoelma country legendan parhaista vedoista!!

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  • Ford Tennessee Ernie - Songs Of The Civil War (Käytetty CD)


    Kaksi legendaarista albumia nyt samalla cd:llä! American Civil War enthusiasts have long treasured Tennessee Ernie Ford’s ’Civil War Songs Of The South’ and ’Civil

    War Songs Of The North.’ Released by Capitol Records in 1961 at the start of the Civil War Centennial, these albums

    gathered long-forgotten patriotic numbers, dramatic saga songs, rousing camp sing-alongs and sentimental parlor tunes

    from the bloody four-year conflict between the Union and Confederate states.

    Both albums stand as a testament to Ford’s sensitivity and versatility as a vocalist. No other American popular singer of

    his era could interpret such diverse, historic material as effortlessly as Ford did on his Civil War albums. He breezes

    through spirited comic songs with the same light-hearted touch that made him one of the country’s most beloved

    television personalities. His somber, unforgettable bass-baritone vocals on Lorena and The Vacant Chair underscore the

    sadness and despair that inspired these laments. Ford’s musical director Jack Fascinato skillfully blended elements of

    period authenticity into arrangements that would appeal to contemporary audiences.

    Ford fans and Civil War enthusiasts alike have long waited for a definitive compact disc reissue of these classic albums.

    An earlier Capitol CD collection, released after Ken Burns’ acclaimed 1990 documentary series The Civil War aired on

    American public television, slipped out of print before anyone knew it existed. Copies now fetch more than US$100 on

    collectors’ markets – when they turn up at all.

    This Bear Family compact disc finally restores all twenty-four songs from these landmark LPs. This reissue also includes

    a booklet containing the complete lyrics for each song – including verses that Ford and Fascinato edited from their

    recordings – and new notes on the songs and original albums by Dave Samuelson.

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  • Cash Johnny & Carl Perkins - I Walk The Line/Little Fauss And Big Halsy (Käytetty CD)


    2 soundtrack levyä samalla cd:llä.

    Johnny Cash’s two soundtrack albums have become collectors’ items over the years. In 1970, he and Carl Perkins wrote the themesong and incidental music for the cult Robert Redford biker movie ’Little Fauss And Big Halsy,’ and Johnny wrote the music for a John Frankenheimer movie originally titled ’September Country,’ then re-titled ’I Walk The Line.’ Rather than recycle old recordings, Johnny and Carl made all new recordings for these two soundtracks,  even if a few of the songs were of older vintage. Although the songs work best in the context of the movies, both albums work excellently as standalone music. The songs for ’I Walk The Line’ in particular, capture the torment of a small town sheriff (Gregory Peck) tortured by his love for a young girl (Tuesday Weld). The Bear Family reissue CD comprising both these long-deleted albums.

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  • Cash Johnny & Carter June - It`s All In The Family (Käytetty CD)


    ”ust recently, June Carter issued a well-received solo album, her first in a long time. As she explains in interviews, she has spent the last few years looking after her husband, Johnny Cash. June’s last great solo album was ’Appalachian Pride’, dating from 1976, now reissued by Bear Family.

    Despite the fact that she grew up on the road with her famous mother, Maybelle, June has always been intensely proud of her family’s roots in Appalachia. That was never more evident than on these recordings where she lends her personal stamp to songs like East Virginia Blues, Another Broken Hearted Girl and Big Balls In Nashville.

    ’Appalachian Pride’ has been rounded out with Johnny Cash’s children album, ’The Johnny Cash Children Album’ on which Johnny (with some help of his family: June Carter Cash and Rosey Nix) makes music for everyone’s family. The titles include: I Gotta Boy (And His Name Is John) (& JUNE CARTER CASH); Little Green Fountain (& JUNE CARTER CASH & ROSEY NIX), The Mystery Of Number Five and Ben Dewberry’s Final Run. Here’s a rarely heard side of Johnny Cash. The Man in Black lightens up!

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  • Nelson Rick - Another Side / Perspective (Käytetty CD)


    Ace’s fifth 2-on-1 Rick Nelson release brings together 1968’s ANOTHER SIDE OF RICK and 1969’s PERSPECTIVE, two of the most sought-after albums in MCA’s catalogue. Big money still changes hands for these albums at auction and the very fact that neither has ever been released on CD before is certain to make this one of the biggest selling discs of the year.ANOTHER SIDE OF RICK came hot on the heels of two very successful country albums and it was probably the sharp contrast in material that made it such a poor seller at that time. It was fashionable to be arty” as proven by Richard Harris’s MacArthur Park being voted Song Of The Year…suddenly, ’production’ of material became for more important than content. As Rick later looked back on his 68/69 period, he recalled: ”I was lost. For a while, I said, ’OK, you get me a song and a producer and I’ll do it your way’. For a while, the producer became more important than the artist which is kin of an unhealthy situation because the production should really enhance the artist…but with me, I was getting buried in it.”Songs such as Promenade In Green, Dream Weaver and Don’t Make Promises found their way onto the singles market but created little or no interest. This was Rick’s self-confessed experimental stage of his career and for a man who throughout his entire career surrounded himself with some of the finest musicians in the business, it seemed particularly odd that for PERSPECTIVE, Rick decided to use session musicians on every track! In actual fact, the PERSPECTIVE tracks had been recorded for close to 18 months when the album reached the shop mid-way through 1969 and with hindsight, it’s easy to say that the songs of the likes of Randy Newman and Paul Simon were not designed for Rick. Even Rick himself knew this: ”PERSPECTIVE was a complete experiment. When I recorded the Randy Newman songs, they just sounded like me singing Randy Newman songs… I did nothing with the material. They were good songs and I should have put more of me into them. I should have re-arranged them to suit me, but again, it was a learning process.”Not one of the album tracks was released as a single and that fact alone adds interest to this CD now that we’re 30 years further down the road. Many Nelson fans who missed (or ignored) these albums in the late 60s, coupled with the countless fans who discovered Rick via The Stone Canyon Band just a year or so later, will be eager to add this little shiny disc to their collections. This is an interesting release to say the least.”

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  • Travis Merle - 1944-1949 Unreleased Radio Transcriptions (Käytetty CD)


    Emcees include Merle Travis, John ”Dusty” King, Red Foley, and Cliffie Stone. Made in France. Track numbers on the back cover do not list a Track 10 but there are 22 tracks total with Sheik Of Araby and Hominy Grits as individual tracks instead of a medley.

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  • Cash Tommy - Sings Gospel (Käytetty CD)


    Harvinainen CDr. Tommy Cashin oma tekele. Bonuksena A Tribute to My Brother Johnny Cash CDr.

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