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  • Owens Buck - Christmas With (RED VINYL) (LP)


    Not content to redo the same old festive standbys, Buck’s first holiday album features a new batch of Christmas classics. Reissued on LP for the first time since its 1965 release, this all analog edition is stuffed with Yuletide boot stompers, ballads and more! Pressed on colored vinyl!

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  • Shaver Billy Joe - One Night At Luckenbach Texas (Splatter) (LP)


    (Red/Yellow/Black Splatter Vinyl)

    The long awaited vinyl companion to the live album and film from legendary country outlaw Billy Joe Shaver!

    Shaver was one of the most loved and respected songwriters in country music, in fact, Willie Nelson just won a Grammy for his interpretation of Shaver’s iconic song “Live Forever!”

    Includes fantastic performances of Shaver’s most treasured songs including “Live Forever,” “I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train,” “I’m Just An Old Chuck Of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be A Diamond Someday),” “The Devil Made Me Do It The First Time” and lots more!

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  • Cargill Henson - What’s My Name (1967-1970) (LP)


    From the people who brought you ’Hillbillies In Hell’…

    Stellar songs, heartfelt performances, the finest Nashville players and the greatest set of tonsils to ever wrap themselves around Activist Country-Pop… Here are the almost forgotten masterpieces of Henson Cargill, sourced directly from the Monument Records vault and presented together for the first time on LP. Hear Henson’s smooth baritone lambast apathy (’None of My Business’), chide neglectful parenting (’Skip A Rope’), ponder the byzantine tableaux of love (’Four Shades of Love’), dismiss the space race and dissect de-evolution (’Going Backwards’) and name-check both Adolph Eichmann and Cecil B. DeMille in one very lysergic song (’What’s my Name?’). Across 1967-1970, Cargill pioneered a unique and radical New Nashville Sound. Swinging, dobro-led shuffles with controversial, cosmic/striking themes and insightful lyrics. Dystopian and defiant anti-war laments. Tender and timeless brooding ballads of regret. Wise, worldly and weary. 16 prime cuts of Psyche-Gnashville brilliance. Witness the Hillbilly Zen of ’Row Row Row’, the Apocalyptic revelations of ’This Generation Shall Not Pass’ and the acerbic disestablishmentarianism of ’Reprints (Plastic People)’. Nashville 1967, something was in the water and Henson Cargill drank his fill.

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  • Nelson Willie - Greatest Hits (2LP) (LP)


    Greatest Hits is an album by Willie Nelson, released in 2023. Greatest Hits includes a.o. the following tracks: “On The Road Again”, “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”, “Georgia On My Mind”, “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (ft. Wayl” and more

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  • Cash Johnny - At Folsom Prison (2LP) (LP)


    Upea tupla albumi. Deluxe 2LP setti, sekä 16 sivuinen kirjanen. 180 gramman vinyyli!

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  • Colter Jessi - Edge Of Forever (Ltd) (LP)


    THE Queen of Outlaw Country has returned to her 1970’s crossover sound of country, rock, soul, and gospel, with ’Edge of Forever’- collaborating with one of today’s most outspoken independent country artists, Margo Price. Price produced the album with her band, The Price Tags, backing Jessi on a 10 song collection of all new songs as well as favorite tunes pitched to her and Waylon Jennings over the years- their son, producer/ performer/ and engineer, Shooter Jennings, mixed the album.

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  • Nelson Willie - Bluegrass (140 Gram Vinyl, Colored Vinyl, Blue) (LP)


    WILLIE NELSON / BLUEGRASS Bluegrass is a brand new studio album that captures a dozen classic Willie Nelson compositions-including ”On the Road Again,” ”Yesterday’s Wine,” ”Still is Still Moving to Me,” ”Good Hearted Woman” and more-freshly interpreted by Willie and an ensemble of crack players. In a seven decade career that has seen him explore genres from one end of the musical spectrum to the other, this is his first full album dedicated to genre. Willie and longtime producer Buddy Cannon, picked personal and fan favorite compositions from across his career to perform anew for this salute to the Appalachian old-time string band music which profoundly influenced Willie’s songwriting sensibilities and the direction of American country music in general. Using his own catalog as source material, Willie chose songs combining the kind of strong melodies, memorable storylines and tight ensemble-interplay found in traditional bluegrass interpretations of the roots of American folk songs. With Bluegrass, Willie uncovers new truths in his own songs. SONY LEGACY LP includes one 140-gram electric blue vinyl disc.

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  • Patterson Pat - Most Requested Country Songs (LP)


    • Ultra rare country / hardcore honky-tonk masterpiece from 1969
    • A beyond essential shoulda-been-country-music-classic
    • Carefully restored and remastered sound.
    • Extensive liner notes by Kieron Tyler (Mojo Magazine)
    • Deluxe gatefold sleeve
    • Printed inner sleeve
    • From the same label that brought you the highly acclaimed Rodger Wilhoit and Richard Gibbs
    deluxe reissues
    Just over ten seconds in, Most Requested Country Songs sets itself apart. It’s quickly clear this is an album with its own flavour, one placing country music archetypes in a fresh setting. It’s the voice which hits home so soon after the record begins. Keening and lilting yet melodic, with a passion belying an ease of delivery. The vocal edge is a little like that of Willie Nelson, and the music has a honky-tonk forthrightness. Above all, an intensity telegraphs sincerity.
    Yet Pat Patterson’s March 1969 album slipped between the cracks. Original copies barely ever come up for sale. When they do, they are instantly bought. Awareness of its distinctiveness isn’t widespread, but this first-ever reissue will amend that.
    Sweden’s Sweet Mental Revenge Records -who previously gave you the highly acclaimed Rodger Wilhoit and Richard Gibbs deluxe reissues- now set full focus on Pat Patterson.
    Hardcore honky-tonk rarely hits harder or comes finer than on original tracks like “Wait Just A Minute” or “Life Can Go On With A Heartache”.
    “She’s Not You” will instantly make you hit honky tonk hardwood floor while Pat Patterson’s take on “See The Big Man Cry” is monumental sadness and self-pity.
    This magnificent album is as American as the music in its grooves – booze, pills, hate and aggression.
    In the extensive liner notes the full story of Pat Patterson is finally revealed.
    Deluxe packaging and remastering – no expenses saved – in true Sweet Mental Revenge style.

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  • Williams Hank - Hank 100: Greatest Radio Hits (2LP) (LP)


    Hank 100 vuotta.

    25 of his greatest hits performer in unique Live & Rare performances.

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  • Walker Jerry Jeff - Five Years Gone


    180gr./4p Booklet/750 Copies On Gold Coloured Vinyl

    Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Insert

    Five Years Gone is an album by Jerry Jeff Walker, released in 2023. Five Years Gone includes a.o. the following tracks: “Help Me Now”, “Seasons Change”, “Courage Of Love”, “A Letter Sung To Friends” and more. The album is a Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Insert singer-songwriter LP.

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  • Various - Hillbilly Houn’ Dawgs And Honky-Tonk Angels (Käytetty LP/12)


    Yksi parhaista kokoelma levyistä!

    Bob Jones, mastering engineer, record collector, label owner and Welsh eccentric died in 2009. The young Jones came to London and got a job as an engineer with Decca Records. After returning from Madrid where he had worked for a Spanish record company, Bob started working for Pye Records, mastering tapes for the newly formed Charly Records, Ace Records among others. He moved on to CTS Studios in Wembley, mastering releases for Bear Family Records a.o. and confirming his reputation for quality. RCA also utilized Bob’s skills in mastering on numerous Elvis releases, including the first two volumes of ’The Essential Elvis’, with his contribution acknowledged on the album sleeves.

    After CTS, Bob was asked by Ace boss Ted Carroll to become a founding member of Sound Mastering. There he continued mastering product for Ace as well as various other specialist labels such as Rockstar, Bear Family and Magnum Force. A great fan of Elvis Presley and Duane Eddy, he was privileged to master product by both artists.

    Bob decided to launch his own record label – Detour Records. He spent considerable time ensuring that the sleeve, artwork, logo and notes had an authentic 50s feel. All of this contributed to a dozen or so memorable releases.

    Bob Jones, was born on February 18, 1944. He died of cancer on April 12, 2009, aged 65

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  • Various - Delta Swamp Rock – Sounds From The South: At The Crossroads Of Rock Country And Soul (2LP, Indie Gold) (LP)


    2LP Gold Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve, A4 Booklet With Extensive Sleeve Notes [w/ download card]

    Long out of print (10 years!), this new edition of Soul Jazz Records’ classic Delta Swamp Rock, features a killer all-star line-up of seminal artists who all first blended rock, soul and country together to create a stunning new sound of southern American music in the 1970s.

    Featuring the Allman Brothers, Dan Penn, Leon Russell, Tony Joe White, Johnny Cash, Bobbie Gentry, Big Star, Link Wray, Area Code 615 and loads more!

    This album comes as a classic black vinyl edition and as a superb Indies exclusive limited-edition double gold vinyl release complete with extensive original sleevenotes, interviews and exclusive photography, all spread over a 12-page full-size magazine and two bespoke inner sleeves. The works!

    ”An impeccable collection of Southern Rock” THE GUARDIAN (*****)

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  • Kentucky Colonels - 1966 (LP)


    Extra Crispy Bluegrass! Released by Shiloh Records in 1978, 1966 was a curious album, the bucket of tunes contained only two songs in the Colonels’ regular repertoire while the rest was made up of finger lickin’ good covers and traditionals.

    This reissue expands the offering with some of their earliest known recordings, combining to form a full menu from a legendary band that ushered bluegrass into a more modern era! The band, led by the virtuosic mandolin player Roland White, delivers a collection of traditional and original tunes that showcase their impeccable musicianship and tight harmonies. But it’s not just about technical skill – the Kentucky Colonels also bring a sense of soulfulness to their music. Vocal tracks like ”I Am A Pilgrim” and ”Lonely Heart Blues” are delivered with heartfelt emotion, while instrumentals like ”Dusty Miller” have a haunting beauty that lingers long after they’ve ended.

    Overall, the Kentucky Colonels’ 1966 album is a must-listen for anyone who loves bluegrass music. It’s a timeless classic that showcases some of the genre’s finest musicians at their very best. The Kentucky Colonels came along at a crucial time and helped usher bluegrass into a more modern era. The band’s fresh, youthful, fun-loving approach to bluegrass, coupled with a respect for tradition but the willingness to push the boundaries of the music, made the Colonels a band for the ages. A half-century after the band’s last recordings, the Kentucky Colonels still matter

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  • Various - Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands! Vol.5 – Fire On Thunder Road (LP)


    Päällikkölevy!! Ei ainuttakaan huonoa biisiä. Otetetaan taas…

    Produced by Mark Lee Allen and Micha Gottschalk based on a concept by Mark Lee Allen
    – Introduction and accompanying commentary by Mack Stevens
    – Short story by Lizzy Lee Savage
    – Artwork & handlettering by Olaf Jens
    Video von Various – Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands! Vol.5 – Fire On Thunder Road (LP)

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  • Various - Corn Fed Vol. 8 (LP)


    Yet another helpin’ of Hick Country Bop & Rural Rockabilly goodness. 16 Primitive Hollerin’, Hick Boppers and Rockin’ Country Sloppers
    Only one out of the Sixteen tracks here has been comp’d on Vinyl before and most of the tracks appear for the first time on any format
    12” Clear Orange Coloured Vinyl LP
    Full Colour Sleeve with label shots and info .
    Limited Edition of only 500 copies

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  • Drive-By Truckers - The Complete Dirty South 2LP(Colour)


    2LP Reposado Color Vinyl, Gatefold, 32-Page Perfect Bound Book, Slipcase, 4 New Tracks

    In 2004 the Drive-By Truckers released what would become the best selling album in their illustrious catalog. The Dirty South is a concept album that examines the state of the South, and unveils the hypocrisy, irony, and tragedy that continues to exist. The album features live show staples like, “Tornadoes”, “Where The Devil Dont Stay” and “Puttin People On The Moon” as well as rarities like “Goode’s Field Road” and “Daddy’s Cup.”

    The Complete Dirty South is a band-led rework of the original album. Principal member, Patterson Hood, took the reins and reimagined this record as it was originally intended. The complete version features resequenced audio, three additional tracks, four remixes along with updated vocals. The packaging comes with a perfect bound book featuring liner notes from Patterson Hood, track by track descriptions from Mike Cooley and Jason Isbell as well as never before seen photos along with updated artwork from the late Wes Freed.

    “This ‘Director’s Cut’ is the way it was always intended to be heard” – Patterson Hood

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  • Gray Billy - Nowhere To Go (But Out Of My Mind) (LP)


    Yksi vuoden kovimmista julkaisuista. Suurin osa on alkuperäisensti julkaistu vain promonoina.

    Previously unavailable on vinyl for more than 50 years, this rare collection of tracks presents a wealth of hits that helped define country music in the ‘60s – and beyond!

    If you don’t remember Western Swing in its heyday, or the first generation of Texas Honky Tonk, you may not know Billy Gray. Aside from a select group of music aficionados and musicologists, Billy Gray’s name and significant contributions to country music and western swing have simply gone unrecognized for far too long.

    Musically, there were many shades of Billy Gray. Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Performer, Arranger, Bandleader. Whether on stage or in the studio, Billy Gray personified what this music was – and still is – all about.

    Billy played behind some of Country Music’s biggest names – Hank Thompson, Ray Price and Willie Nelson – served as Thompson’s and Price’s bandleader – and built quite a following in his own right with his own bands, The Western Okies, The Nuggets and The Cowtowners.

    Billy Gray, together with the legendary Hank Thompson created a wealth of hits that helped to define the country music of an era, and beyond, helped launch the career of future rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, and greatly influenced the future sound of country music.

    — Joe Hopkins

    Rarely heard tracks from the personification of country, western swing, and Texas honky-tonk!

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  • Owens Buck - ”Live” In Scandinavia (Coloured) (LP)


    Buck Owens’ legendary live albums from Carnegie Hall, Japan and London were landmark efforts that captured Buck and the Buckaroos at their peak, but he also recorded other live albums overseas. The most obscure of Buck’s live releases was his April 1970 show in Oslo, Norway that featured Don Rich with the Buckaroos, Buck’s son Buddy Alan and the Hagers. Fiery and intense, it reflects that unique early ‘70s period when Buck was experimenting and broadening his sound beyond his old style. With only a couple thousand copies pressed for the Norwegian market, this was Buck’s rarest album.

    Limited to 500 copies.

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  • Sir Douglas Quintet - Texas Tornado: Live From the Ash Grove Santa Monica 1971 (RSD) (LP)


    This previously-unreleased live set hasn’t ever been available and makes its debut on this vinyl release. Features The Sir Douglas Quintet hits ”She’s About a Mover” alongside the later ”Mendocino” with six more party starters. The band came out of the box swinging in 1965 with the international hit ”She’s About a Mover” fronted by Doug Sahm alongside Vox organ player Augie Meyers and a trio of talented musicians. They quickly established a fanbase in Texas before relocating their mix of regional Mexican conjunto and British Invasion flash to San Francisco. Touring frequently, the Quintet was in top form when they visited the legendary Los Angeles nightclub the Ash Grove in 1971 for this performance.

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  • Harris Emmylou - Stumble Into Grace (LP)


    Available on vinyl for the first time. This edition is on bone white vinyl. Harris offers her second disc of original material and is joined by such guests as Linda Ronstadt, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Gillian Welch, and Jane Siberry. Newsweekdeclares, ”Her stellar voice takes on new depth when tied to songs this personal. ”

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  • Various - Hillbillies In Hell: a Chrestomathy: Subterranean Sacraments From the Country Music Underworld (1952-1974) (LP)


    Limited to 666 copies (randomly inserted)
    222 ‘Tartarus Red’ LPs
    222 ‘Caverns Of Baal’ Splatter LPs (this)
    222 ‘Mephisto Black’ Black LPs

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  • Various - Hillbillies in Hell Omnibus – An Encyclopedic Compendium of Hades’ Greatest Hayseed Hits (LP)


    Due to Faustian Demand… The Vaults of Hell open once again… This Diabolic collection assembles dusty favourites from the acclaimed and out-of-print Hillbillies In Hell series with previously unsighted subterranean jewels in an all-new Necrotic Experience. Witness this daemonic carousel of broken Nashville delights – Brazen Voodoo Rituals, Satanic Trysts, Apocalyptic Cataclysms, Premature Burials and Beastly Jousts. Sometimes grim, sometimes beautiful – this extraordinary anthology of knowns and unknowns, battered Opry legends, Hollyweird Prophets and forgotten backwoods-poets features tales of Battlefield Laments, Swamp Trash, Psychotic Aberrations, Windswept Revelations and Gospel Tribulations. Originally waxed in often penurious amounts, these Troubled Troubadours sing of Spectral Hamlets, Smothering Sociopaths, Mesmeric Voodoo Dolls, Fatal Hovels, Barbiturate Addictions and Rapturous Transmigrations. Years in the making – ’The Hillbillies In Hell Omnibus’ is your best travelling companion through the caverns of regret and the trails of temptation – a musty clutch of Luciferian Combats, Deathly Processions, Murderous Rampages, Mountain Messiahs, Drugged Delusions, the Creator’s Smite and God’s Blazing Light of Redemption. A dank crypt of marginal 45s – some of these sides are familiar, some are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your primal listening pleasure.

    Limited to 666 copies
    222 (randomly inserted) Redemption Red
    222 (randomly inserted) ‘Night Of The Demon
    122 (randomly inserted) ‘Necrosis’ Black
    100 (www.scareflair.com exclusive) 7th Circle of Hell’ Private Member’s Edition

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  • Various - Now Sound of Nashville: Psychedelic Gestures In the Country Music Experience (1966-1973) (LP)


    From the people who brought you Hillbillies In Hell… Sitars, Fuzz Guitars and LSD sugar cubes… a Lysergic collection of Forgotten Nashville. Hayseed Moog Hoedowns, Psyche Teen Meltdowns and Wild Weed Compounds. All cut on Music Row by serious Nashville players in comfortable suits. Eight Miles Higher than a Haystack – you’ll witness melting, Dali-esque cakes, Apocalyptic Flower Power driven by banjos and fiddles, Floating Bongo Lullabies and Crazed Nashville Knock-Off Ersatz Exploitations. Something was in the water… and Music City USA record executives were happy to drink it. Gongs crashed, mandolins soared and for a short time Nashville studios cranked out Arresting Angst-Ridden Backwoods Anthems, Reverberant Redneck Reincarnation Revelations and Acid-Laced Hillbilly Protest Folk. Some velvet morning… a long, long ago – Country Music met the Long-Haired Wastrels by the river and birthed these 16 Transcendent Hillbilly Nuggets. Years in the making – ’The Now Sound Of Nashville’ turns on, tunes in and drops out to that brief Ergot Reign when Pedal Steel met Psyche Out and the Hayseeds went Hallucinogenic. All for your therapeutic listening pleasure

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