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  • Presley Elvis - Recorded Live At The Fontainebleau (DVD)


    The Frank Sinatra Timex Special with Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis, jr., Joey Bishop, Nancy Sinatra, Peter Lawford

    Recorded 26th of March, 1960. Shown on television for the first time on the 12th of may, 1960.

    or the first time ever, you will hear the show in a completely magical sound quality! Comes from a newly found acetate.

    We are going to guarantee that you have NEVER heard this show of this kind of way!!

    If you want to give yourself a blast of a new Elvis experience, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this release!

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  • Presley Elvis - Summer of ’56 (DVD)


    This is one-hour documentary is the story of Elvis Presley’s first fiancé, June Juanico, from the Summer of 1956. We’re presented with 2 stories: We see the love story between Elvis and June and in the background the rise to national fame of Elvis in the summer of 56 with his first national No. 1 hit ’Heartbreak Hotel’ and his famous T.V. appearances. June talks openly about the summer she spent with Elvis and doesn’t look back in anger on breaking up with Elvis. She just retains and holds dear, the great memories she shared with Elvis

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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 4 (2xDVD Set)


    Volume 4 of ’Sold Out!’ is out now, and it’s our favorite one so far!
    More and more people are discovering this phenomenal DVD series,
    including even Elvis’ own associates and musicians. It’s quite a scoop
    that DUKE BARDWELL has written exclusive liner-notes for this new
    release. Duke, as most of you will know, played bass for Elvis at 181
    shows in 1974 & ’75. His wonderfully evocative text truly captures the
    magic and excitement of Elvis live on stage in the seventies.

    Duke can be seen in various clips on this release, and usually with a
    big smile on his face. And now after almost 50 years, that smile is
    there once again while watching this unique footage. Sure, 8mm is not
    perfect, but it was the technology of the time, and though it has its
    limitations, it now gives us the chance to experience many great moments
    of Elvis in concert that would otherwise have been lost forever.

    This fourth volume focuses on the final years, and it features some of
    the coolest and most enjoyable 8mm footage out there. Three hours of
    rare and unreleased clips, all restored by some of the best people in
    the business. ‘Don’t procrastinate, don’t articulate…’ – and get this
    gem of a release now. Presented as a two-disc set in a quality digipack,
    this is a must-have release that takes you back to that wonderful time
    when all was well with the world, and The King was rockingarenas from
    coast to coast. Volumes 1, 2 & 3 are sold out, so don’t miss out on this

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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 3 (2xDVD Set)


    Volume 3 of the acclaimed ’Sold Out!’ DVD-series is out now, and it’s our best one yet! We’ve been able to use top industry people to restore the footage, and the results are fantastic. Almost three hours of sensational footage from the key tours of the 70s, including tons of stunning close-ups. The meticulous restoration process (30+ hours) has really brought this footage to life. Please remember though: nothing has been altered, and everything remains as originally recorded. We believe in preserving and respecting the history of these remarkable 8mm films, which give a fresh perspective on Elvis’ concerts in the seventies.

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  • Presley Elvis - The 8mm Underground Films – Elvis – A Medley Of Costumes Volume 1 (DVD)



    Cine8 is proud to present a very special presentation of newly discovered footage.
    Shot on 8mm and Super-8, you’ll get to see Elvis in a “Medley of Costumes”, from Las Vegas to Johnson City.
    Everything on this DVD was shot by fans. As most of you know, the majority of these films don’t have complete performances.
    However, with clever editing, we have assembled a great selection of complete songs. We overdubbed every song with soundboard quality audio, turning it all into a wonderful experience.

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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection vol. 1 (2xDVD set) (DVD)

    SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection vol. 1 (2xDVD set)
    Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to experience amazing shows like the two Nassau Coliseum concerts on July 19th 1975? Or even controversial shows like College Park ’74? Good news for all fans of rare Elvis footage, because the guys behind this new release have just obtained the complete Rex Martin 8mm footage collection, and plan to release it all over the next few months. Much of this footage is superb quality, with amazing action clips and fantastic close-ups. This is as close as it gets to experiencing the man in concert!
    The first release is “Sold Out! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection volume 1”, a 2xDVD set that contains THREE hours of rare 8mm footage, most of it never released before. All from the original tapes, raw and unedited, everything just as it was originally recorded. We decided to release this footage as is, without any editing, for historical purposes.
    There are many amazing, lovely, cool, funny and GREAT moments on this release: Elvis using his guitar like a bayonet during ’CC Rider’ in Uniondale ‘75, singing a rare ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll’ during the rock medley in ‘73, and much, much more. This is the REAL Elvis, captured live during tours from ’70 to ’76.
    Support this release and they promise that they will finally open the floodgates for more rare and amazing footage. This is a release from fans to fans. They could have included an expensive book to make more money, but they just wanted to make this material available in the most affordable way possible. Hence this 2xDVD set that’s absolutely filled with rare 8mm footage
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  • Presley Elvis - The Searcher + 20 page Photo book (DVD)


    POSITIONING: From the archives of Graceland and EP Priscilla Presley, this 2-part documentary style film focuses on Elvis, the artist and musician. Containing never-before-seen footage and music recordings, the mini-series follows Elvis from his childhood through to his final recording session in 1977.

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  • Presley Elvis - Hot Shots And Cool Clips 7 (DVD)

    20,00 7,50

    A Video Documentary Volume 7.

    Featuring The Making Of IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD`S FAIR.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis On Tour DVD (Europe) (DVD)


    Odotettu dokumentti elokuva v. 1972! Nyt paremmalla kuvanlaadulla kuin ikinä, ja parhaillla mahdollisilla soundeilla! NYT EUROOPPA VERSIO ja Suomi tekstitys! 15 cities. 15 nights. Catch him if you can! The show is over but the fans cry out for what every Elvis Presley fan wants. More! Then, an announcer speaks the words the packed house doesn’t want to hear: ’Elvis has left the building’. But what an incredible show lingers in minds and hearts. Elvis on Tour is the Golden Globe-winning Best Documentary chronicle of Presley’s whirlwind 15-cities/15-nights 1972 tour. They are nights to remember, paced here with more than 25 numbers that embrace the rocker Elvis, the gospel Elvis, the ballad Elvis, even the kung-fu Elvis. In between tour stops come more moments to treasure–montage sequences (supervised by Martin Scorsese) showcasing Presley’s early career and movies. More!

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  • Presley Elvis - Loving You (1957) (DVD)


    Yksi parhaista Elvis elokuvista! Vielä muutama jäljellä! Huom! Ei suomiteksitystä!

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  • Presley Elvis - Tickle Me (1965) (DVD)


    Nyt myös eurooppa versiona. Ei suomiteksitystä, valitettavasti.

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  • Presley Elvis - #1 Hit Permormances And More DVD (DVD)


     #1 Hit Perfomances on audiovisuaalinen jatko 30 #1 Hits ja 2nd To None -kokoelmille

     30 esiintymisen joukossa on peräti 21 US ja/tai UK # 1 hittiä

     Esiintymiset on koostettu Kuninkaan TV-speciaaleista, leffoista, konserttitaltioinneista sekä esiintymisistä eri TV-ohjelmissa

     Bonusmateriaalina Home From The Army” lehdistötilaisuus (1960) sekä ”Madison Square Garden Engagement” lehdistötilaisuus (1972)”

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  • Presley Elvis - Kissin` Cousins (DVD)


    NYT MYÖS MUKANA SUOMI TEKSTITYS!! Elvis Presley plays a double role in Kissin’ Cousins. When the U.S. government wants land owned by the hillbilly clan headed by Pappy Tatum (Arthur O’Connell), they send Air Force Lieutenant Josh Morgan (Presley), a cousin of the Tatum’s, to try and secure the land for a proposed missile base. Josh comes face-to-face with Jody Tatum, his blonde-haired look-alike. Glenda Farrell plays Ma Tatum, and distaff interest for Elvis is provided by Cynthia Pepper, Yvonne Craig, a busty Beverly Powers, and Hortense Petra. Watch for Maureen Reagan as one of the Kittyhawks, a group of desperate, man-hungry females out to get some love. This film was the first of the low-budget movies that would unfortunately plague the rest of Elvis’ movie career. The song selection also reflects a decline in the quality of both recording and acting parts offered to Presley. Once he fulfilled his contractual obligations for the forgettable features, Elvis ended his film career and devoted his efforts exclusively to live shows and recording. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

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  • Presley Elvis - Jailhouse Rock Deluxe Edition (DVD)


    Uudelleen masteroitu ja mukana myös ennenjulkaisematonta materiaalia kuvauksista. ! SUOMI TEKSTITYS!!

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  • Presley Elvis - This Is Elvis 2DVD Special Edition (DVD)


    UPEA DOKUMENTTI ELVIKSESTÄ!! MUKANA PALJON EXTRAA!! This Is Elvis wants to have it both ways. At times, the film is a warm, loving tribute to The King. At other times, it merely exploits a dead man’s reputation for the purposes of a fast buck. The documentary footage of Elvis in concert, overfamiliar though it may be, is excellent and well-selected. The dramatized portions of the film, featuring a quartet of Presley imitators portraying Elvis at different junctures of his life, range from passable to mediocre. For the record, and not in the order in which they appear, Paul Boensch III is Elvis at 10, David Scott is Elvis at 18, Dana MacKay is Elvis at 35 and an appropriately corpulent Johnny Harra is Elvis at 42. In addition, a fifth actor, Ral Donner, is heard as Elvis, narrating the whole affair.

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  • Presley Elvis - `68 Comeback Special – 50th Anniversary (DVD)


    lvis Presley’s ”The ’68 Comeback Special” is the newly remastered companion DVD to ”Elvis All-Star Tribute”, NBC’s upcoming star-studded special, celebrating ”The King of Rock ’n’ Roll’s” unforgettable 1968 television special.

    ”The ’68 Comeback Special” comprises, as closely as possible, the original television special as NBC would have broadcast it back in 1968. The original special, recorded over several sessions in June 1968, featured Elvis playing the songs that mattered most to him, in his first live performance since 1961. When it aired on December 3, 1968, the special was the week’s highest-viewed television programme, re-establishing Elvis as a driving force in popular music. NBC’s upcoming star-studded special ”Elvis All-Star Tribute”, will pay tribute to Elvis Presley’s ”’68 Comeback Special”, recreating the iconic night with musical performances, including new performances from Carrie Underwood, Shawn Mendes, Post Malone, Darius Rucker and hosted by Blake Shelton. It will also showcase rare footage and interviews with Pricilla Presley and Steve Binder, the director of the original special, plus a special appearance from Lisa Marie Presley.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis By The Presleys 2DVD (DVD)


    Upea Dokumentti! Yli 4 tuntia asiaa Elviksestä Priscillan ja Lisa Marien silmin… Mukana paljon Live materiaalia, uutis filmejä, kotifilmejä ym. AIVAN PAKOLLINEN HANKINTA JOKAISELLE ELVIS FANILLE!!! Elvis Presley: Elvis by the Presleys is a documentary which focuses on Elvis as a husband and father, and has been built around interviews with two people uniquely qualified to speak about his life in these areas — his wife, Priscilla Presley, and his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. These interviews and rare home-movie footage offer viewers a unique portrait of the private life of the King of Rock & Roll.

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  • Presley Elvis - Follow That Dream (1961) (DVD)


    Yksi parhaista 60-luvun leffoista. Ei suomi teksitystä.

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