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  • Presley Elvis - Celluloid Sell-Out! BOOK +2CD (Kirjat)


    FTD Books presents ”CELLULOID SELL-OUT!  448 pages of Worldwide Elvis Presley movie memorabilia from 1956-1958. It’s packed with movie posters, lobby cards, pressbooks, publicity stills, programs, standees, heralds and much more!  Plus 2 bonus CDs featuring the soundtracks from LOVE ME TENDER, LOVING YOU, JAILHOUSE ROCK and KING CREOLE.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis: The Airplanes & The King by Carlos Varrenti (Kirjat)


    400-page High quality Hardback Book.

    The Airplanes & The King’ by Carlos Varrenti, English version is an expanded 400-page High quality Hardback book with a lot of unreleased material from Elvis Files’ vaults! Printed and distributed by The Elvis Files Team.

    The author notes, ’As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have always wanted to write a book on Planes and the King. Since my first visit to Graceland back in 2001, I have been extremely intrigued by Elvis’ history with his aircraft and his link to aeronautics in general. In my life every little detail, every short paragraph in a book, every video, every photograph, every little note or information related to Elvis and his planes, was always marked and kept in my personal archive. In 2021 all this information, along with some unique Elvis stories, has now been beautifully arranged in this glorious book, for every Elvis fan’.

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  • Presley Elvis - And Then There Was Elvis – A Superfan’s Adventures in the Elvis World


    400-pages. Due out January.
    Erik Lorentzen’s KJ Consulting will publish ’And Then There Was Elvis’, a 400-page hardcover book containing the richly illustrated memoirs of superfan Virginia Coons.

    From the press-release: Virginia Coons was a super-fan. Her interest in Elvis Presley started with his breakthrough in the mid-fifties, and continued up to her very last day. Over the years she met up with Elvis many times.

    Coons served as a direct link between fans in America, England and the rest of Europe, making sure that the latest LP and single releases found their way overseas. Not only did she have contact with Elvis, but also with everyone close to him including Priscilla, Colonel Parker’s office and RCA.

    Virginia Coon’s memories were curated by her daughter, Elaine Christan, into this 400-page hardback book. Anyone who reads The Elvis Files magazine will be familiar with Virginia Coons. And now, all her personal memories and stories, illustrated with many high resolution photos and candid pictures from Erik Lorentzen’s collection came together in this memoir by Elaine Christan and Virginia Coons, ’And Then There Was Elvis – A Superfan’s Adventures in the Elvis World’. It hold so many fun-to-read stories, its incredible.

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  • Presley Elvis - The Making Of Jailhouse Rock The Movie (3CD, BOOK + 7″Vinyl)



    David English and Pål Granlund bring you the ultimate background story into how the MGM movie Jailhouse Rock starring Elvis Presley and Judy Tyler was created.
    This ultimate collector’s edition includes two hardback books, which give a fascinating and comprehensive insight from script to screen into the making of the movie.
    Also included are three compact discs, and a vinyl 45 single.


    Hardback coffee style deluxe book containing 365 pages with many newly discovered photographs, details on deleted scenes, pages from the script, the shooting schedule, memos, contracts and memories from the cast and crew.

    Containing 85 pages of photos, documents and detailed session information including pages from a newly found MGM recording session log.

    Featuring the complete recording sessions mixed for the first time from the original binaural tapes to mono sequenced in recording order.

    Released for the first time – The complete takes of the instrumental version of
    (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care, featuring Elvis on bass guitar.

    A special collectors vinyl 45rpm, with picture sleeve recreating the Vince Everett single Treat Me Nice as seen in the movie Jailhouse Rock.

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  • Presley Elvis - NBC TV Special June 28, 1968. The Gospel & Bordello sequence Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

    The return of Elvis to TV in 1968 with photos that failed the sponsor’s approval. Too offensive for puritan America! He helped bring the pop world from illusion to reality. He was the catalyst for making youth pop into a medium alive with sexuality and urgency.


    150 pages with approx. 200 photos

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  • Presley Elvis - Opening Night Las Vegas July 31, 1969 (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.


    Many fans know this series of photos from the interweb but here you will see previously unpublished shots of Elvis on stage. He performed at the International in a 2,000-seat room and every show was a sell-out. He was a bigger smash than any other high powered Las Vegas attraction.


    150 pages with approx. 200 photos

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  • Presley Elvis - One Night in Boston, November 10, 1971 Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

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  • Presley Elvis - One Night In Anaheim November 30, 1976 Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 150 sivua. N. 200 kuvaa. Pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

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  • Presley Elvis - Las Vegas, January 26 / February 23, 1970 Photo Folio (Kirjat)


    Upea 148 sivuinen pehmeä kantinen kirjasarja. A4 koko väri ja mustavalko kuvia. Paljon myös ennenjulkaisemattomia kuvia.

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  • Atte Varsta - Elvis & minä – suomalaisten tarinoita Kuninkaasta (Kirjat)


    Tekijä: Atte Varsta
    Ilmestymisaika: Elokuu 2021
    Sivumäärä: 340
    ISBN: 9789523810259
    Sidosasu: Sidottu, kovakantinen, valokuvitettu

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis On Tour 1972 – 50th Anniversary (3 x BOOK) (Kirjat)


    As 2022 “On Tour” marks its 50th anniversary: we celebrate ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022 this Summer. A very well researched and groundbraking publication by Erik Lorentzen and Jerry Luckenbach ─ ELVIS ON TOUR 1972-2022 is the first and only monumental reference work for decades. A 3-book publication, over 1200 pages with more than 1000 unseen photos.

    This is Elvis EXTRAVAGANZA.

    For the first time ever we present you all the facts about the recordings. Dubs, overdubs, rehearsals, studio and master tapes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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  • Presley Elvis - Love Me Tender – Through The Lens Of Robert Vose (BOOK + 2CD) (Kirjat)


    FTD Books is pleased to present “Love Me Tender – Through The Lens of Robert Vose”. Pål Granlund and David English visited the 20th Century-Fox Studios archive several years ago which proved to be an amazing experience. These stunning photographs captured by Robert Vose – the majority of them unseen and unpublished since September 1956 – reveal life on the movie set with Director Robert D. Webb, his cast and crew. Accompanying the book are two CD’s: Disc 1: The original EP, Outtakes, Stereo Masters and The Truth About Me interview. Disc 2: The 13 recordings made at Radio Recorders between September 1-3, 1956.

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  • Presley Elvis - Welcome Home Elvis! – Deluxe Boxset 2xLP, 1×10″LP, BOOK (10``LP, Kirjat, LP)


    Memphis Mansion presents – Welcome Home Elvis! – The Acetates

    The Frank Sinatra Timex Special with Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis, jr., Joey Bishop, Nancy Sinatra, Peter Lawford

    Recorded 26th of March, 1960. Shown on television for the first time on the 12th of may, 1960.

    For the first time ever, you will hear the show in a completely magical sound quality! Comes from a newly found acetate.

    We are going to guarantee that you have NEVER heard this show of this kind of way!!

    If you want to give yourself a blast of a new Elvis experience, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this release!

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  • Presley Elvis - From Memphis to Taipeh Vol 1 (Kirjat)


    From Memphis to Taipeh

    A Reference Guide to the Colorful Magic of Elvis’ Asian Vinyl


    It was in the late 1950s that the first Asian records containing Elvis‘ music were released. Since then, hundreds of records have followed,

    many with gorgeous covers in different variations and featuring beautiful colored vinyl. Still, in all the years since, no collector’s guide on

    Elvis’ Asian vinyl has ever been published. There’s never even been a modest, informative booklet about these albums.


    Until now! 


    This new book is the very first reference guide to Elvis‘ Asian vinyl releases.

    We decided to limit this volume to 10” and 12” records originating from six major Asian countries: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea,

    Taiwan and Thailand.  Inside, you’ll learn where, why and for whom these records were made.

    You‘ll discover what hunting for vinyl in these countries meant, and how surviving records were found. 

    The cover art and label designs are presented to the collector in sizes large enough to read right off the page. 

    And that’s exactly what you should do!  You’ll be sure to chuckle at inadvertent miscues that often appear on the album covers and labels, they are hilarious.


    This hardcover book comes into the ring with 500+ pages, measuring 28x28cm and weighing more than 3 kilos.

    Inside the book you’ll find 500+ different records and 2500+ pictures.

    Limited edition of 500 copies.


    Be amazed by the colorful magic of Elvis‘ Asian vinyl releases.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elämä ja musiikki (Pertti Rekala) (Kirjat)


    Pertti Rekalan kirjoittama kirja jossa keskitytään laulaja Elvikseen ja Elviksen musiikkin. 288 sivia/kovakantinen.

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  • Presley Elvis - Technicolor In Black & White (Book, 2 x CD, 10inch, Ltd.) (Kirjat)

    Hardcover , 300 Pages, French/English, 27x27x2 cm, plus 10inch Vinyl (8 tracks ) and CD (29 tracks) Limited Edition + SPECIAL BONUS CD Les Francais Chantent les films d`Elvis CD
    The Ultimate book about Elvis Cinematographic career from Love Me Tender  in 1957 to  This is Elvis in 1981

    This Limited Edition 300 pages coffee table book is filled with more than 1000 photos and documents rare or unpublished and includes a compact disc and a 10” vinyl album : 29 tracks (rare and alternate takes)

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  • Presley Elvis - Summer Festival – That`s The Way It Is – Vol. 4 & 5 – ”2 Hardback Books ” (Kirjat)


    Sanattomaksi vetää… Upeita kuvia. Hieno jatko boxille!

    You better look forward to see all this awesome photos from the peak of Elvis career. Just about 1,200 photos all together and about 1,100 never seen before and that will only be seen in these two volumes.

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  • Presley Elvis - Double Features -Behind The Scenes – Stay Away, Joe / Speedway + bonus poster (Kirjat)


    Uusi jättikirja! Upeita kuvia!

    More than 400 pages with some awesome and unseen photos from the set of those two films.

    About 250-300 photos are unseen and most from Behind The Scenes.

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  • Presley Elvis - The Guitar Player Worth A Damn BOOK + 2CD + DVD (Kirjat)



    Highlighting this release is a 206 pages hardcover book with loads of rare and unseen pictures of the complete tour!

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  • Presley Elvis - Summer Festival – That`s The Way It Is (3 x KIRJA boxset) (Kirjat)


     That’s The Way It Was

    A trilogy of books from the Elvis Files staff…

    1200 pages with unseen photos.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis in Paris – 60th Anniversary BOOK + CD + 10″LP (Kirjat)



    FORMAT : 25CM X 25CM TEXT IN ENGLISH & FRENCH WRITTEN BY JEAN-MARIE POUZENC (President of Elvis My Happiness… The French Fan Club)

    Elvis visit to Paris was an extraordinary event; he was drafted with the US forces in Germany, but the capital city of France is the only place, outside the United States, that he went to on his own. And more surprisingly yet, he did so three times! In June and July 1959 then in January 1960. He will later often confide in his friends that these visits to Paris will always remain one of his best memories.

    With 160 pages… you could see The king in Paris… at The Champs-Élysées, at the press conference at The Hotel Prince de Galles ou during their nights out at the Folies-Bergères, the Moulin Rouge ou The Lido…

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  • Presley Elvis - The Ultimate Elvis – Day By Day (By Patricia Jobe Pierce) (Kirjat)


    Pierce, a self-described ”Elvis fanatic,” has put together an astonishing compendium of factoids, beginning with pronouncements about her idol from Janis Joplin (”Elvis is my man!”) and Jimmy Carter (”He was unique and irreplaceable.”). She then introduces the King’s mother and father to each other in 1933, and we are off and rolling. Topics exhaustively covered include Elvis impersonators, Elvis’s telephone numbers and addresses and women in his life. This last raises a puzzling question because, published almost simultaneously with this title is Don’t Ask Forever (Nonfiction Forecasts, June 6), Joyce Bova’s account of her three-year (1969-1972) affair with Elvis.

    Pierce’s 12-page list of female companions goes right from Blackwood (Miss Memphis) to Boyd (a secretary at Graceland). How did Bova escape this indefatigable researcher? Oh well, the 49-page bibliography here will doubtless soon swell to twice that length.

    There are also lists of gold record singles, LPs on Billboard ’s Top 10 charts, CD discography, sheet music, LP album releases and, yes, many more categories of lists, plus movie data. The King is dead. Long live the King? Photos.

    Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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