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  • Various - Goo Goo Muck – A Tribute To The Cramps (Splatter) (LP)


    An all-star line-up of ghouls and goblins from across the musical spectrum unite to pay tribute to the legendary horror-themed garage rock- Psychobilly rock , The Cramps!

    Includes performances by country outlaw Shooter Jennings, goth metal kings The 69 Eyes, retro rockers The Courettes, Swiss rockabilly heroes The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, sister of Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis, and so much more!

    Never before has such a diverse group of artists come together to offer their uniquely inspired takes on groundbreaking classics like ”Goo Goo Muck,” ”Human Fly,” ”I Was A Teenage Werewolf,” ”I Can’t Hardly Stand It” and others!

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  • Various - Goo Goo Muck – A Tribute To The Cramps (CD)


    An all-star line-up of ghouls and goblins from across the musical spectrum unite to pay tribute to the legendary horror-themed garage rock- Psychobilly rock , The Cramps!

    Includes performances by country outlaw Shooter Jennings, goth metal kings The 69 Eyes, retro rockers The Courettes, Swiss rockabilly heroes The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, sister of Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis, and so much more!

    Never before has such a diverse group of artists come together to offer their uniquely inspired takes on groundbreaking classics like ”Goo Goo Muck,” ”Human Fly,” ”I Was A Teenage Werewolf,” ”I Can’t Hardly Stand It” and others!

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  • Outlaws and Mike Berry - Poppin’ At 304 (CD)


    Joe Meek remains a legendary figure in the British music industry, a ’mad genius’, a pioneer but with a flawed personality that meant working with him could be a tempestuous time.

    Mike Berry and The Outlaws recorded together and separately for Meek and were two of his most successful acts.

    Mike Berry went on to have other hits and make his name as an actor in Are You being Served? and Worzel Gummidge.

    Members of The Outlaws included highly rated drummer and session musician / producer Bobby Graham, Chas Hodges who later made a name for himself as one half on Chas & Dave and on one track on this CD, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was a member.

    Included in this twenty-two track package are the instrumentals The Outlaws recorded, two of which were hits, along with tracks on which they provided the backing tracks for Mike Berry. Including ’Tribute To Buddy Holly’ and his Top 10 hit ’Don’t You Think It’s Time’.

    This is classic Joe Meek produced pop music from the very early sixties and is the first time the artists have been compiled, in any sort of depth, on one CD.

    The booklet tells the story of Joe Meek, The Outlaws and Mike Berry in the years before The Beatles and Merseybeat changed the British music scene and contains label scans and other contemporary visuals.

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  • Satyrs - Don’t Be Surprised (CD)


    Unfiltered North Carolina ‘60s garage rock from Asheville teen stompers The Satyrs!

    This LP features previously unissued tracks and their lone 1965 single – all bookended by two savage versions of the title track! “Don’t Be Surprised” and their hyper-rare Wal-Mor 45 gave The Satyrs some serious weight in record collecting circles and among garage rock aficionados. The discovery of their lost studio sessions beefed that weight to a metric-shit-ton! There are anthems here; songs of love and loss, hope and disenchantment.

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  • Shayne Ricky - One Of The Mods – The Complete Recordings from 1966-67 plus … (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 75 min.
    Long overdue: A CD showcase with early, kick-ass rock ’n’ roll and Beat music made by Ricky Shayne and his band, The Skylarks, now appears on Bear Family Records®!
    The CD album delivers all the Italian recordings from 1966/67 for RCA Italiana and its Arc sub-label, including the complete Arc LP ’Ricky Shayne and The Skylarks’.
    In addition, there are six songs from 1968, released at the time on Miura, including La Catena, the Italian version of Ich sprenge alle Ketten – all on CD for the first time!
    Three German RCA recordings from 1968 as a bonus: Ich sprenge alle Ketten, Du bist zu schön um allein zu sein and Ich kann bei Mädchen keine Tränen seh’n as well as a tribute to Elvis, Chicago (In The Ghetto) from 1969.
    The accompanying book provides trilingual liner notes (English, German, Italian) by ’Jamboree Magazine’ editor Maurizio Maiotti.
    Mastered from the best possible original sources.

    George Albert Tabett – better known as Ricky Shayne – was born in Cairo in 1944, moved to Paris with his mother in 1959, took singing lessons and eventually moved to Italy, where he scored his first Top 10 hit in 1966 with Uno dei Mods.

    The CD compilation on Bear Family Records® delivers at its core the complete exciting early Italian recordings from 1966 to ’67, gruff, bone-dry beat and rock ’n’ roll at its finest! In that early phase of his career, Ricky Shayne & The Skylarks were among the most popular artists in Italy.

    Bonus material includes excerpts from the 1968 recordings produced for Italy’s Miura label and Germany’s RCA. In this country, Ich sprenge alle Ketten became his biggest success in the ’60s. The single made it to number 20 in the charts, Ricky Shayne became a teenage heartthrob.

    Rounding out the retrospective of Ricky Shayne’s early career is a tribute to Elvis Presley, Chicago (In The Ghetto), released in 1969.

    The liner notes in the extensive booklet were written by Italian music journalist and editor of Jamboree magazine, Maurizio Maiotti, and are printed in three languages – German, English and Italian. The quality of the transfers, partly from original master tapes, partly from other sources, is excellent.

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  • Poole Brian & The Tremeloes - 1962 (CD)


    BRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOES were, famously, the group whom Decca Records signed in January 1962 instead of The Beatles.

    Ironically, immediately after The Beatles’ breakthrough the following year, Poole & The Trems would jump on the Beat Group bandwagon with a cover of ’Twist & Shout’.

    However, this compilation deals with their first year of recording, immediately prior to the Beat Boom and their subsequent adjustment in playing style.

    In 1962 they cut three 45rpms, including the near-hits ’Twist Little Sister’ and ’Blue’.

    They also recorded a rare LP, Big, Big Hits Of ’62, a round-up of medleys of some of the biggest hit U.K. records that year (bizarrely, their original LP sleeve didn’t feature the group’s name on the front cover).

    All are anthologised on this unique set, the first time that this body of work has been thus assembled.

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  • Various - Do It Again! The Songs of Brian Wilson (CD)


    Of the great American songwriters who emerged from the 60s, none carried such precocious talent for transcending the era’s pop music tropes with heart-melting melodies, soaring harmonies and idiosyncratic musical settings more than Brian Wilson. “Here Today! The Songs Of Brian Wilson” (CDCHD 1445) was one of Ace’s most popular releases of 2015. This follow-up set reveals again how Brian’s words and music were so strong they made for perfect cover versions.
    Compiled by Mick Patrick and packaged with a 28-page booklet crammed with a 9,000-word essay by Kris Needs, the collection comprises songs that span 1963’s ‘The Lonely Sea’ from the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA” LP and ‘Love And Mercy’ from Brian’s eponymous solo album of 1988, performed by artists ranging from wholesome 60s duos Bruce & Terry and Jan & Dean through to latter-day indie bands such as the Pearlfishers, the Fiction Aisle and Epicycle. Brian’s co-writers on the featured songs include his frequent collaborators Mike Love, Van Dyke Parks and Gary Usher.
    Among the many highlights are power pop stalwarts the Rubinoos’ epic chamber chorale rendition of ‘Heroes And Villains’, Lisa Loeb’s subtly impassioned interpretation of ‘In My Room’, self-confessed Beach Boys super-fan Sean Macreavy’s version of ‘Let’s Go Away For A While’ from his “Dumb Angel” album, jazzy song stylist Samantha Sidley’s smoky reading of ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ and a recording of ‘Do It Again’ by Wall Of Voodoo that Brian liked so much he agreed to appear in the promo video.

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  • Various - Back From The Grave Volumes 5 & 6 (Digipak) (CD)


    Volumes 5 & 6 on one CD, fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans.

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  • Various - Back From The Grave Volumes 3 & 4 (Digipak) (CD)


    Volumes 3 & 4 on one CD, fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans.

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  • Various - Back From The Grave Volumes 1 & 2 (Digipak) (CD)


    First two volumes on one CD, fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans.

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  • Various - Destination Jurassic Land – 33 Artifacts from Times Before Christ (CD)


    1-CD with 20-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 77 min.
    This fantastically original compilation from the Stone Age on the theme of dinosaurs and cavemen brings Bear Family Records® straight to your Halloween party!

    32 recordings from the 1950s and ’60s, plus kindred spirits from later years.
    Including Big Art Peters and his version of Prehistoric Plateau alongside the 1985 rockabilly original of this tune by The Blubbery Hellbellies, plus rockers like Link Wray, Buddy Merrill, Tommy Roe, The Piltdown Men, Tommy Steele and the Royal Teens.
    Similarly rare as artifacts from the Jurassic period are some recordings appearing on CD for the first time, such as Dinosaur Cavern by Terry Wayne and The Cave by Gary ’Spider’ Webb.
    In addition, there are thematic radio movie trailers and theme music from historical television series.
    The full-color 20-page booklet includes rare photos and memorabilia and detailed info on each song.
    Stone Age
    Stone Age and dinosaurs are not just classic themes of older B-movies. The film series ’Jurassic Park’ in particular is proof of that. The music industry also devoted itself to the topic – and we have compiled the best examples, primarily from the Rock ’n’ Roll era, but also from later years in the appropriate style.

    Prehistoric Plateau

    The CD starts and ends with a version of Prehistoric Plateau. What do both versions have in common? English composer Arthur Billingsley is involved as a musician on both recordings. He was a member of the iconic 1980s band, The Blubbery Hellbellies, which recorded the original in rockabilly style. In 2010, he covered himself as Big Art Peters. Both tracks are highlights on this compilation. In addition, there are a lot of little-known artists from the 1950s and ’60s like The Pre-Historics, Terry Wayne, and The Majestics, most of their songs appearing here on CD for the first time. Rare recordings like the 1966 movie trailer ’One Million Years BC’, the ’Flintstones’ theme tune and the 1977 TV highlight ’Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels’ round out the program. The CD comes with a 20-page color booklet and many rare photos and nostalgic memorabilia.

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  • Various - Happy In Hollywood: Productions Of Gary Usher (CD)


    2022 collection. This release sees the great Gary Usher become the latest maestro to be honored in our series of collections devoted to record producers. After a handful of stabs as a recording artist, he settled into writing and arranging for various West Coast companies. Early in the ’60s, as he was given more responsibility in recording studios, he built up a crack team of talented musical buddies who he used on many of his sessions. This culminated in the string of singles and albums that rode the surf, drag and hot rod craze. As well as producing, he wrote, arranged and sang on many of these releases. However, as this collection proves, there were a growing number of other strings to Usher’s bow. Working as a staff producer for US Decca and later Columbia Records, his keen ear for new musical genres meant that he was always in the forefront of popular music, often venturing into the world of folk rock, sunshine pop, psychedelia and country rock. He worked with luminaries such as the Byrds, Gene Clark, Glen Campbell, Curt Boettcher and Brian Wilson, as well as releasing ”phantom” group records cut by his regular behind-the-scenes colleagues. This compilation, the first to cover the real width and variety of Usher’s career, takes us from the mid-60s through to the 80s and quite rightly places him alongside better-known West Coast record producers such as Lou Adler, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and Jack Nitzsche.

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  • Various - A Snapshot In Time (CD)


    Back in September 1962, the only Beatles records in the shops saw them backing Tony Sheridan on a goosed-up version of ’My Bonnie’. Their debut single ’Love Me Do’ would be released in October 1962 and the seismic change they brought to music worldwide would occur once the band achieved light speed in 1963. There was, however, before Beatlemania, a thriving music culture that dropped anchor in a number of ports. Proto pop charts might be dominated by the likes of Cliff and his Shadows, crooners and sweet-looking pop idols who brushed their teeth but R&B was gently finding it’s way into record racks either through imports or a growing number of homegrown cover versions. The Motown sound was taking root in Detroit and already filtering into the UK on poor-selling 7″ singles on London and Fontana. The twist might be considered an old dance but in political circles no one twisted in the wind harder than John Profumo, undone in 1961 for a triangular relationship where the other two parties were Christine Keeler and a Russian spy. Politicians and the establishment lived by the dictum of do what I say rather than what I do. Until they got caught with their pants down. This was a situation Patrick McGoohan in Danger Man always avoided, although after 1963 part of James Bond’s appeal on the big screen was his ability to drop his pants and bed Russian spies. To say that before the Beatles, before the Stones, before the Who, before the blues explosion there was no good music being recorded in the UK is untrue. There were plenty of great records put out in 1960, 1961 and 1962. You simply had to find the gems. The problem with the Beatles, and the coverage of their music, was that it built a musical dam that formed a reservoir that covered previous audio hills that were submerged by time and history. Why care about Ottilie Patterson singing the blues when you had ’Please Please Me’? Why care about Chris Farlowe’s ’Air Travel’ when you had ’I Want To Hold Your Hand’? Whereas, 60 years later, Beatles music is endlessly recycled, much of the music recorded between 1960 and 1963 remains ignored and submerged under water. But, as you will discover on ”A Snapshot in Time” there were some cracking gems such as the Blue Flames’ R&B swagger of ’Orange Street’, Lynne Cornell’s ’Moanin’ and Sounds Inc’s ’Sounds Like Locomotion’. Better still, they sound fresh and invigorating, showing that the 60s swung earlier than everybody would have you believe.

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  • Various - Girls With Guitars Gonna Shake! (CD)


    Ten genuine all-girl bands join forces with similar 60s females of the species on this new volume in our ear-grabbing ”Girls With Guitars” series, providing further confirmation that girls can do what the guys do. The CD kicks off in great style with three of the best tracks to feature in the series so far: the Belles’ ’Melvin’, a great gender-switched version of Van Morrison’s ’Gloria’; a rendering of John Lee Hooker’s ’Dimples’ by the Missfits; and Girls Take Over’s uninhibited proto-punk treatment of Tommy Tucker’s ’Hi Heel Sneakers’. The Missfits, a young five-piece from Blackpool with a taste for R&B, also tackle Bo Diddley’s ’You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover’ and ’Chuck Berry’s ’I’m Talking About You’; all three of their tracks are previously unreleased. For the record, lest anyone’s keeping tally, the other featured guitar-toting all-girl bands are She, Goldie & the Gingerbreads, the Debutantes, the Liverbirds, the Beat-Chics, the Ace Of Cups and the Mysteries. Elsewhere, Debbie Williams sings lead with the all-male Unwritten Law, ballsy-voiced Joyce Harris is backed by Texas bar band the Daylighters, the teenage Chymes trio are accompanied by the un-billed Turtles and, well, you get the picture. Naturally, those so inclined can learn more about all the artists in the accompanying 24-page booklet containing a picture-packed 4,000-word track commentary by series compiler Mick Patrick.

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  • Various - What Goes On – The Songs Of Lou Reed (CD)


    xThe latest in Ace Records’ Songwriters series takes the listener from a version of ’Why Don’t You Smile Now’ from Lou Reed’s pre-Velvet Underground days through selections from the band’s albums to songs from 1972’s solo ”Transformer”. Here’s Kris Needs – author of a 7,000-word essay in the accompanying 24-page booklet – with some background on the collection’s closing song: Lou quit the Velvet Underground after the final show of the band’s nine-week residency at Max’s Kansas City in August 1970, before their ”Loaded” album was released, citing his snake-like manager and disgust over the editing and mix as he repaired to his parents’ house in Freeport. Exhausted by touring, disillusioned at the band’s lack of success, withdrawing from drugs and intending to devote himself to writing, he took a low-paid typing post at his father’s accountancy firm and started contributing to small press publications. ”I’m a poet,” he declared after a successful reading at St Mark’s Church Poetry Project, mixing song lyrics and new poems in front of an enthusiastic crowd including Allen Ginsberg and various Warhol associates. In 2018, the Lou Reed Archive published these poems in a book called Do Angels Need Haircuts?. Uncannily prescient for modern times, ’We Are The People’ was set to music by Iggy Pop on his 2019 late-life masterpiece ”Free”, his rich, mahogany tones reciting lines including ”We are the people without land. We are the people without tradition. We are the people who have known only lies and desperation. We are the people without a country, a voice or a mirror”. The track is one of three beat-less spoken word tone poems that close this startlingly seductive set created with US trumpeter-composer Leron Thomas and guitarist-artist Sarah Lipstate (aka Noveller), it’s impact continued on ’Do Not Go Gentle In To The Good’ and ’The Dawn’. Speaking in a Sirius XM interview, Iggy remembered receiving Do Angels Need Haircuts? in the mail: ”I opened up the book and it was the first poem on the first page. I thought about what he was saying, and I thought it was today in Trump’s America. Lou was a hero to me. The guy was someone I looked up to and admired because of his skill as a songwriter and what he was able to put across as a lyricist – two separate things. It’s absolutely relevant today. We are the people without land. The poem is a statement. Lou Reed’s statement.”

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  • Various - Once Upon A Time In The West Midlands – The Bostin’ Sounds Of Brumrock 1966-1974 (3CD) (CD)


    • A 3-CD, four-hour celebration of the post-Brumbeat late ‘60s/early ‘70s rock scene in the West Midlands.

    • Tracing the evolution and development of that scene as local musicians embarked on an epic journey that embraced mod pop, psychedelia, blues, progressive rock, glam-rock and heavy metal, inspired by the emergence of chief catalysts The Move.

    • Revolving around the area’s big hitters, with key selections from The Move, The Moody Blues, The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, The Idle Race, Slade, The Electric Light Orchestra, Roy Wood and Wizzard, Judas Priest and others.

    When the beat/R&B explosion died out around 1965, so did the influence of cities like Liverpool and Manchester. However, the live scene in Birmingham and surrounding towns went from strength to strength. By the end of the decade, the West Midlands had become the smelting house of the nascent hard rock/metal revolution.

    Including a bunch of classic cult 45s (The Craig, Locomotive, Medicine Head, The Ghost) and essential cuts from enduring local legends like Steve Gibbons and his band The Ugly’s, Denny Laine, The Montanas and Jimmy Powell.

    Also featuring several previously unreleased tracks, including music from post-World Of Oz outfit Kansas Hook, Big Bertha, Cathedral and the first-ever recording (made in 1967) to feature future Magnum vocalist Bob Catley.

    Housed in a stylish clamshell box that includes a heavily illustrated and annotated 48- page booklet, ‘Once Upon A Time In The West Midlands’ is a fascinating microcosm of the post-beat/pre-punk development of British rock music that will be of huge appeal far beyond its narrow geographical focus.

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  • Beau Brummels - Turn Around – The Complete Recordings 1964-1970 (8CDRemastered Boxset) (CD)



    With their brilliant synthesis of folk and country, baroque and roll, San Francisco’s Beau Brummels made a major and lasting contribution to the lexicon of American popular music in the mid-1960s. ‘Turn Around: The Complete Recordings 1964-1970’ is the exhaustive overview of their legacy has so long deserved; presenting the band’s classic Autumn and Warner Brothers recordings in definitive fashion.

    Boasting the stellar songcraft of Ron Elliott and the unique voice of Sal Valentino, the Brummels were amongst the first American units to respond to the British Invasion with innovation rather than imitation. The group remained popular and influential in the US long after their 1965 chart successes with ‘Laugh, Laugh’ and ‘Just A Little’, and once the act had devolved to the duo of Valentino and Elliott in 1967, the Beau Brummels moved to the forefront of Warner Brothers’ late 1960s pop renaissance with the albums ‘Triangle’ and ‘Bradley’s Barn’, the latter a visionary country-rock masterpiece.

    Assembled, annotated and mastered by longtime Brummels’ aficionado Alec Palao, this major refurbishment of The Beau Brummels’ catalogue leaves no stone unturned. The original stereo album masters are accompanied by a comprehensive assortment of out- takes, alternate mixes and 45 RPM versions, and are further enhanced by rarities and unreleased demos drawn from the band’s own archives.

    All the members of the Brummels also contribute to the instructive and heavily – illustrated history of the recordings, housed in a deluxe, handsomely appointed booklet art directed and designed by Steve Stanley.

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  • Merseybeats / The Merseys - I stand Accused – The Complete Merseybeats and Merseys Sixties Recordings (2CD) (CD)


    • Emerging from the Liverpool group scene during the goldrush years, The Merseybeats’ combination of Everly Brothers-style vocal harmonies and adroitly-chosen beat boom ballads saw them record several hit singles (including ‘I Think Of You’, which reached the Top Five), a brace of very popular EPs and a self-titled album that spent a couple of months in the LP charts.

    • After their superb version of ‘I Stand Accused’ (a big favourite of local teenager Elvis Costello, later to cover the song) failed to become the huge success that it deserved to be, group leaders Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley reinvented themselves as vocal duo The Merseys, who recorded one of the classic mid-Sixties pop hits in ‘Sorrow’, subsequently quoted in Beatles track ‘It’s All Too Much’ and taken back into the charts a few years later by David Bowie.

    • ‘Sorrow’ was followed by a handful of Merseys singles that, although less successful, are now highly regarded by admirers of late Sixties British pop and psychedelia, and are now legitimately assembled under one roof for the first time.

    • I Stand Accused: The Complete Merseybeats and Merseys Sixties Recordings features everything known to have been recorded by both acts, including demos, out-takes, alternative versions and home recordings. The set also incorporates the various splinter projects that took place during the same time-frame, with a pseudonymous single as Crackers joined by some highly sought-after 45s involving Merseybeats drummer John Banks and former Big Three bassist Johnny Gustafson, who had briefly replaced Kinsley in The Merseybeats.

    • A 2-CD digipak release, I Stand Accused features many superb full colour photos as well as a new 9,000 word essay that covers the fascinating careers of both bands, including their relationships with the pre-fame Beatles and Brian Epstein, their adventures with The Who (with whom they shared the same management team, leading to John Entwistle and Keith Moon playing on a handful of Merseys tracks) and their unwitting part in the tale of Pete Best’s dismissal.

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  • Various - Night Comes Down: 60s British Mod, R&B, Freakbeat & Swinging London Nuggets (3CD boxset) (CD)


    NIGHT COMES DOWN continues RPM’s ongoing pedigree in creating bespoke Sixties compilations of rare British music aimed at discerning collectors.

    This 3-CD box set follows previous collections Looking Back (2011) and Keep Lookin’ (2014), which ran the gamut of musical styles which emanated from the UK, diverse and yet united in their dancefloor appeal, from the discotheques of the day to nouveau Mod clubs in the 21st century.

    Many tracks make their official debut on CD, including rarities by The Gnomes Of Zurich, Kevin ‘King’ Lear, Dominic Grant, The Shadrocks, The Reaction, Al Saxon, The Hammers, etc. In addition, ‘Cypress’ by The Truth is a previously unissued variant of Donovan’s ‘Hey Gyp’.

    Familiar names (The Spencer Davis Group, Laurel Aitken, The Moody Blues, Arthur Brown) are joined by cult favourites (John’s Children, Mickey Finn, The Bo Street Runners) and relative unknowns (Five’s Company, The Second Thoughts).

    Across the three CDs, NIGHT COMES DOWN charts the development of Beat music in its various guises, from the gutsy yet jazzy R&B which opens Disc 1 through to horn-laden Brit Soul (Norma Lee, The Brothers Grimm), fuzz-laden Freakbeat (Favourite Sons, The Tomcats, The In Crowd), Femme Pop (Twiggy, Twinkle), and groovy Loungecore (courtesy of Mark Wirtz and Les Reed’s British Lion Orchestra).

    Disc 3 reflects the influence of Psychedelia, as Swinging London became multi-coloured, with assorted treats from The Alan Bown, The Mike Stuart Span and The Spectrum, with some unlikely Mod-ish discoveries by “hairy” bands such as The Deviants and Fat Mattress.

    Anyone who tried to purchase every 45 captured on NIGHT COMES DOWN would have to set aside several thousand pounds!

    The deluxe clamshell package includes a weighty booklet full of illustrations, with a 12,000- word sleeve-note comprising a detailed summary of all 87 tracks on offer.

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