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  • Cole Jerry and his Spacemen - Surf Age (CD)




    ”Could anything be better than surf music played by crazed spacemen? Not likely! And here’s the proof: guitar-wrangler Jerry Cole and His Spacemen’s stupidly rare 1964 LP,Surf Age! While most of Cole’s albums were cranked out at the astounding pace, Surf Age, his second LP for Capitol Records, was by comparison a production of epic proportions For the sessions, Cole and his hand-picked all-star crew of LA studio cats labored to create an album unlike any other, an endlessly inventive amalgam of surf and `60s pop The original liner notes say it most eloquently: One listen to the music of Jerry Cole and His Spacemen will tell you that theirs is the sound of the SURF AGE! Their beat is as dynamic as tomorrow’s crashing waves; their instrumental blend is as fresh and modern as tomorrow night’s surfing dance party; their tunes are definitely for swingin’ moderns.”

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  • Various - Wilson’s Weird World Of Instrumentals (CD)


    This is a snapshot of some of the many instrumental tracks by various bands that all have one thing in common: Musician Alan Wilson.

    Tracks in this collection span from the late 80s right up to present day, including many previously unreleased gems.

    A must for fans of guitar-based instrumentals.

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  • Various - More Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers (Ltd) (CD)


    The Golden Age of Instrumental Rock lasted for 10 glorious years from modest beginnings in 1956 with just three US Top 100 chart entries, through the peak year of 1961 with 52 hits, onto a still very respectable 27 chart showings in 1965. After the breakthrough of the Beatles in the USA, everything changed, but even then the Ventures kept the instrumental flag flying into the early 70s. For a movement that was originally seen as little more than a passing fad, it has outlasted many other genres and endures into the 21st century, maverick young musicians still strapping on guitars and heading out for a twangy trip on the reverb-ed highway of instrumental rock to play classics such as Walk Don’t Run, Rumble, Miserlou, Apache, Wipe Out or Pipeline.

    Here Ace bring you a second volume of Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers featuring 10 rarities from the genre’s heyday, plus a whopping 14 previously unissued gems by the Ventures, Ramrods, Velvetones, Mus-Twangs and other instrumental bands. Compilation and notes by Ace’s go-to instro experts Dave Burke and Alan Taylor, longstanding co-editors of Pipeline magazine.

    A limited edition of 1500 copies only.

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  • Wray Link - Link Wray Rocks (CD)


    Paras LINK WRAY kokoelma ikinä!

    with 36-page booklet – 34 tracks. Total playing time: approx. 79 minutes.

    Link Wray – there had to be a release of this great rocker in our highly acclaimed ROCKS! series!
    Recordings officially licensed by various record companies such as Sony Music, his best rock numbers originally released between 1958 and 1966 on Cadence, Cameo, Epic, Mala, Rumble and Swan, among others.
    Such an elaborate Link Wray compilation did not previously exist!
    The CD contains his rare vocal tracks Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby and Mary Ann.
    As a bonus: songs released under the name of his brother Vernon Wray (aka Ray Vernon) with Link Wray on guitar!
    Detailed liner notes by blues and rock ’n’ roll expert Bill Dahl from Chicago. 

    Anyone interested in rock ’n’ roll or the history of American pop music in general will know Rumble, the signature tune by one of the greatest rockers and guitarists of all time, Link Wray.

    Link Wray (real name: Fred Lincoln Wray Jr) was born on May 2, 1929 in North Carolina and appeared on the stages of the world until his death on November 5, 2005 in Denmark.

    Together with his brothers Doug and Vernon he first played Western Swing in the fifties and became the house band at Milt Grant’s House Party, where they accompanied Ricky Nelson and Fats Domino, and others.

    And then came Rumble, inspired by The Stroll of the Diamonds. Producer Archie Bleyer of Cadence Records signed Link Wray & The Raymen, and Rumble became an unexpectedly huge instrumental success, especially in the USA and Great Britain, making it into the top 20 of the US charts.
    Over the next few years, more successful instrumental numbers followed, consolidating Link Wray’s international reputation as one of the pioneering guitarists of his time. In addition to Neil Young, who would like to travel back in time to a Link Wray & The Raymen concert, Pete Townsend of The Who is one of his admirers: ”He is the King; if it hadn’t been for Link Wray and ’Rumble’, I would never have picked up a guitar”.

    We finally add Link Wray to our successful ROCkS! series! On a total of 34 single tracks from the years 1958 to 1966 we deliver his greatest rockers from his recordings for Cadence, Cameo, Epic, Mala, Rumble and Swan in the best possible quality. Since we were able to license recordings from various record companies for this compilation, ROCKS! differs significantly from the cheap scrap on the market.

    Our CD also includes two rare Link Wray vocal tracks, Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby and Mary Ann, as well as tracks released under the name of his brother Vernon Wray (alias Ray Vernon) with Link Wray on guitar! 

    The product includes a 36-page booklet with detailed liner notes from one of the most respected experts on American roots music of the day, Bill Dahl.

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  • Tiilikainen Pekka & Beatmakers - Salaperäinen (CD)


    Viime vuonna erinomaisen vastaanoton saaneen Used Guitars Etc. levyn julkaissut rautalankabeatin konkariyhtye palaa uudella julkaisullaan suomenkieliseen tulkintaan.  Uudella levyllä on mukana aiempaa enemmän kantrivaikutteita mutta toinen jalka on edelleen tukevasti rautalangan puolella. Rautalangan, Suomi-iskelmän ja rock´n´rollin symbioosi toimii ja vierailevina muusikoina sitä tukevat mm. Olli Haavisto ja australialainen kitaralegenda Martin Cilia.

    Levyn päättävät kaksi live-raitaa osoittavat bändin olevan myös kovassa keikkakunnossa. Samalla ne ovat osoitus suomalaisen rautalankakulttuurin elinvoimaisuudesta. Sen yksi suunnannäyttäjä on Pekka Tiilikainen & Beatmakers. Yli 30 vuotta vuotta kestänyt ura on kuljettanut yhtyettä viime vuosina myös maamme rajojen ulkopuolelle ja yhtye onkin keikkaillut myös Ruotsissa, Englannissa, Hollannissa ja Saksassa.

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  • Paterson Joel - Let It Be Guitar! Joel Paterson Plays The Beatles (CD)


    As a follow up to his well-revered holiday album Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar, Joel Paterson will release a collection of vintage instrumental, guitar-centric covers of songs from the Beatles’ catalog, entitled Let It Be Guitar! Joel Paterson Plays The Beatles.

    The album – out on September 20th – features the guitarist’s signature blend of vintage jazz, exotica, blues, rockabilly, western swing and country, and uses classic Beatles songs as a sonic template for the mid-century musical journey

    Let It Be Guitar! Showcases fresh new arrangements of these familiar tunes, employing a wide variety of musical styles and guitar sounds, paying tribute to Paterson’s biggest influences including Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Jorgen Ingmann, James Burton, Buddy Emmons, Ernest Ranglin and many more. Of the inspiration for the album, Paterson says, ”This is the guitar record I’ve always wanted to make. I love the Beatles and their artistry and attention to detail in the recording studio-and I love all-things-guitar. So, I had a great time diving into these amazing songs, coming up with my own arrangements, and at the same time paying tribute to some of my favorite guitarists and vintage recording techniques of yesteryear.”

    The album’s liner notes were written by singer/songwriter and fellow vintage appreciator J.D. McPherson and give further explanation of the project, ”Each of Joel’s interpretations of these songs are concise, genre-bending, stylish tone poems, mixing both Joel’s and the Beatles’ own century-spanning inspirations into one zesty musical stew. Contained within certain tracks, you may even find nods to OTHER instrumentalists who have delved into the Beatles’ body of work… It’s almost the meta-sonic equivalent of a Liverpudlian Rube Goldberg drawing.” Recorded in Chicago at Reliable Recorders and at Paterson’s home studio, Let It Be Guitar! #features Joel on guitar, pedal steel, and lap steel; Beau Sample (Devil in a Woodpile, The Modern Sounds, The Fat Babies) on bass; Alex Hall (The Flat Five, The Western Elstons, The Fat Babies) on drums; and Chris Foreman on Hammond B3 organ. One of the busiest musicians on the roots music scene today, Paterson can be heard playing with The Modern Sounds, The Joel Paterson Organ Trio featuring Chris Foreman, Devil in a Woodpile, The Western Elstons, and many other Chicago-based projects.

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  • Various - Cyclone ! – Gallic Guitars A-Go-Go 1962-66 (CD)


    When rock’n’roll music hit the shores of France, it was embraced with a fervour more intense than in other European countries. The first wave of French rock bands set the stage for the later yé-yé scene and led a generation of Gallic teens to follow suit and launch their own groups. Many were inspired to form combos by the Shadows, the reigning kings of instrumental rock throughout Europe in the early 60s. Every country had bands vying to be the top instrumental group but nowhere was the competition more fierce than in Paris and, more specifically, at the Golf Drouot, a mini-golf/tea-room turned nightclub that became a rite of passage for every French band. Known also as “le temple du rock”, the club became central to the fertile music scene in France, forming the connecting thread for all the bands heard on this compilation.

    Many of the featured artists included the standards of the day in their repertoire. Their original efforts, though, are often more interesting, illustrating the great French tendency to digest American music as one giant lump, instead of seeing the genre-divided subsets that dictated the way Americans consumed music. This made for some very interesting and original songwriting completely unlike contemporary American offerings, such as Leo Messir’s Django Reinhardt-infused surf rock number ‘T-Shirt’ or the Leo Petit-penned ‘Galaxie’, which featured a melody more akin to European folk music than anything American rock would produce.

    Among the musicians are the same players who contributed to the sound of much-adored artists such as France Gall, Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday by supplying their musical accompaniment. Some of the contributors are expats, such as America’s jazz guitar great turned French producer/songwriter Mickey Baker, and others hail from closer, among them the UK’s Krewkats, Tommy Brown and Micky Jones, but they all come together to form this quintessentially French collection for your listening pleasure.

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  • Los Straitjackets - Channel Surfing (CD)

    13,00 7,00

    Uusi Los Straitjackets minialbumi julkaistaan bändin Suomen keikalla Hämeenlinnassa Juhannuksena!

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  • Dale Dick - Surf Beat 2CD (CD)


    Sisältää Surfers Choice albumin v. 1962 sekä single raitoja! Halvalla hyvää !

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  • Dale Dick And His Del-Tones - Surfers` Choice + 10 Bonus (CD)

    13,00 10,00

    Blistering Southern California guitarist Dick Dale, the undisputed King of Surf Music,” is one of the most influential figures in rock ’n’ roll history. He birthed the genre singlehandedly in 1961, and this newly expanded edition, taken from the original masters, contains all the tracks from Surfers’ Choice, Dale’s scorching 1962 debut LP, spotlighting surf classics ”Let’s Go Trippin’,” ”Peppermint Man” and ”Surf Beat.” + 10 bonus tracks

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  • Roth Arlen with Friends Danny Gatton, Brian Setzer.... - Toolin’ Around – Historic Reissue CD + DVD (2 hour special) (CD)


    This historic album features duets with greats such as DANNY GATTON, BRIAN SETZER, ALBERT LEE, JERRY DOUGLAS, SAM BUSH, DUKE ROBILLARD, DUANE EDDY, and BILL LLOYD. It also contains some of Arlen’s best solo pieces such as ”When a Man Loves a Woman,” ”A Whiter Shade of Pale” and ”No Woman, No Cry.”

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  • Mencher Sean - Plays Guitar (CD)


    Uusi soolo albumi! Sixteen Solo Guitar Pickin`..Instrumenta tracks…

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  • Hazlewood Lee - Cruisin’ For Surf Bunnies (CD)


    Deep in the LHI tape archive hid a mysterious tape marked ”Woodchucks.” The tape held a lost instrumental surf album recorded by Lee Hazlewood in the early 1960s. Some of the songs have been recorded by The Astronauts, Jack Nitzsche, Dick Dale and His Del-Tones, Takeshi Terauchi, The Ventures, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), The Trashmen, The Challengers and The Surfaris.

    Lee’s original recordings have never been released.

    Bask in the reverb drenched twang of Lee Hazlewood’s original versions for the first time ever! Not a reissue, but rather a brand new, never before released time capsule from the surf era.

    Lee Hazlewood’s Woodchucks Crusin’ for Surf Bunnies is the perfect soundtrack for sun-baked skin and salty waves, hot rods and summer love. It’s the soundtrack to the American dream in the early 1960s and it comes from California. Though Lee and Suzi Jane Hokom hadn’t met yet, they were both living that dream… Suzi with her group The Surf Bunnies and Lee on his brief surf music tangent with albums like Al Casey’s Surfin’ Hootenanny, Hal Blaine and the Young Cougars and The Glaciers From Sea to Ski.

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  • Gona Lehtinen - Fly Now! (CD)


    Antti ”Gona” Lehtinen (s. 1969) eittämättä omistaa jäsenkortin kitaristien eliittikerhoon. Lukuisissa eri yhtyeissä miltei kaikkia juurimusiikin suuntauksia bluesista ragtimen, jazzin ja kantrin kautta rock ’n’ rolliin, rockabillyyn sekä rhythm ’n’ bluesiin soittanut mies on poikkeuksellisella tyylitajulla varustettu kehäkettu, joka osaa myös jakaa vilpittömästi kunniaa esikuvilleen. Ensialbuminsa materiaalilla nurmijärveläiskitaristi suorittaa vaikuttavan hatunnoston musiikillisille kasvuvuosilleen.

    Lehtisen pitkäaikainen haave soololevystä otti siivet alleen keväällä 2018 johtaen puolivuotiseen studiotyöskentelyyn. Kappalevalinnat, sovitukset ja pian kuultavissa olevat äänitykset jalostuivat lopulliseen muotoonsa muusikko-tuottaja-äänittäjä Juha Takasen sekä levyllä myös pianistina toimivan toisen tuottajan Hessu Pirhosen seurassa. Äänitystyöhön käytettyjen tuntien lopputulos muodostaa yhtenäisen ja eläväisen kuuntelukokemuksen. Merkittävän panoksensa tarjoavat myös levyllä vierailevat huippusoittajat, kuten saksofonisti Juho Hurskainen, viulisti Laura Airola sekä steel-kitaristi Jussi Huhtakangas. Niin ikään tärkeän juonenkaarensa tuo levylle sen kaikkien neljän lauletun numeron vokalistina toimiva hurmaava Ria Korhola.

    Kaiken keskiössä on silti itse Lehtinen, joka käsikirjoittaa draamansa kaarta yhtä luontevasti niin akustisen mustalaisswingin kuin tulisesti rokkaavan rhythm ’n’ bluesin välityksellä. Vaikka monet kappalevalinnat siirtävätkin ajatukset menneisyyteen, ei kitaristi ole tyystin takertunut historian juurakkoihin. Hänen repertuaarissaan saavat paikkansa myös mm. Paul ”Hono” Wintersteinin kaltaiset Django Reinhardt -perinteen jatkajat sekä edesmenneen Nick Curranin tapaiset rock ’n’ roll -kentän 2000-luvun uudisraivaajat.

    Uusi albumi ”Fly Now!” on tulvillaan hienoja kappaleita, joiden tulkinnasta Lehtinen tekee yksinomaan omanlaisensa. Esimerkiksi levyn päättävä ”Theme From A Dream” Chet Atkinsin ohjelmistosta tai Lehtisen pelkästään kuusikielisensä voimin edellä mainitulle legendalle pyhittämä Seul Chet – muunnelma myös Django Reinhardtin versioimasta evergreenistä ”Seul Ce Soir” – osoittavat mitä vetovoimainen kitaransoitto kirjaimellisesti merkitsee.

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