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  • Jack Rabbit Slim - Serpent Slide (10``LP)


    The Kings Of Sleazeabilly are back with a new CD album and this 10″ limited vinyl pressing.

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  • Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers - Bachin` Mad (10``LP)


    The Long Awaited 2nd 10″ Vinyl.

    Bach Crazier & Wilder than ever with Darrel Higham Picking up a Storm

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  • Boorer Boz - Back To Neo… (10``LP)


    What we have here is an eight-track mini-album from Boz Boorer and it’s a belter. Boz really needs no introduction, but for the sake of the truly introverted, he is the guitarist from early 1980s’ rockabilly giants the Polecats. For the past thirty years Boz has been Morrissey’s right-and man and co-writer, whilst also running his own studio, periodically releasing solo albums as well as producing many other artists.

    The first track on the record is an inspired cover of the Elvis Hitler classic ‘Cool Daddy In A Cadillac’. The vocals on this track are handled in masterful fashion by head Space Waster Mick Lammond. The song is propelled along by the duelling guitars of Boz and James Walbourne of the Pretenders – it is a joy to behold.

    The next track is co-written by Boz. ‘The Last Man Left Alive’’, sees the pace slowed markedly on this rather melancholy track, that tells quite a lyrical story citing John Donne’s ‘no man is an island’ along the way – a sort of intellectubilly if you will. The story based on the Twilight Zone episode ‘Enough Time At Last’ tells the story of Henry Bemis, a bank teller and a very bookish man, who has to read at work because his wife at home won’t let him read. Henry goes to the bank vault on his lunch break and while there an H bomb goes off. Henry then emerges from the rubble whereupon he is on the cusp of suicide until he discovers the ruins of a public library replete with the complete works of Dickens and George Bernard Shaw. He is visibly cheered by having the time to read all the great works of literature. Having sorted all of the books into piles, he then drops his pebble lenses which fall to the floor and shatter – a ‘cruel irony’ indeed!

    ‘No, No, No,’ is cover of the classic by Jay Swan, but where it stands head and shoulders above other versions is in the double bass, played by Phil Polecat, that provides such a wonderful pulse to the track. The track was actually recorded a couple of years ago but had sat in the vaults until Boz, wisely, came to the conclusion that it was too good not to do anything with.

    The next track quickens the pace with a cracking version of ‘Pretty Baby’, a song recorded in 1958 on the Perspective label by the Vibes featuring Ronnie Franklin on vocals and also featuring David Gates who went on to have an enormous hit record in the 1970s with Bread and in particular with the song ‘Baby I’m A Want You’ With pumping piano, reverb-drenched vocals, and some tasty guitar solos, it sounds remarkably like the sadly departed Cavan Grogan.

    ‘Running From The Reaper’ begins like a Screamin’Lord Sutch number, but then reverts to a similar style to the ‘Last Man Left Alive’’ with a very rootsy feel to it. ‘Séance for Lux’ is part glam rock, part psychobilly it’s a cracker with the rhythm being pounded out on the floor tom and the multi-tracked vocal chorus – it is quite sublime.

    The lyricist on ‘Séance For Lux’, ‘The Last Man Left Alive’, ‘Running From The Reaper’ and ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ was an old mate of Boz, Anthony Brown, who used to be the singer in Sheffield indie band the Anklestar.

    ‘Take Me to Your Leader’ has a terrific groove to it and is another Boz original, once again with a psychobilly smell to it. The final track Waxahatchie Warrior has a real Ronnie Dawson feel about it; so, it comes as little surprise to hear from Boz that ‘it’s a tribute to Ronnie’ Waxahatchie being the place from where Ronnie came.

    This is a classy slab of varied rockabilly from a giant on the scene who shows absolutely no signs of slowing down and on evidence such as this, why on earth should he?

    ”Nick Kemp UK Rock & Roll Magazine”

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  • Higham Darrel - Made In England (10``LP)



    Tiukka uutuus Darrelilta. 12 Rockers originally recorded by artist such as Cliff, Richard, Billy Fury, Marty Wilde and Tommy Steele.

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  • RelaxTrio - Payback Time (10``LP)


    Odotettu uusi albumi RelaxTriolta. Vuoden kovin kotimainen albumi!

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  • Riesco Marcel - Patiently 10″LP + CD (10``LP)


    Loistava uutukainen. Yksi vuoden kovimmista alan levyistä.

    1-LP 10” vinyl with bonus CD (extra tracks), 10 tracks (LP), 14 tracks (CD), total playing time approx. 23 min. (LP), 33 min. (CD).

    The first 200 LPs include an autograph card signed by the artist!

    Bear Family Records® welcomes US rockabilly musician Marcel Riesco!
    Marcel’s voice is reminiscent of a young Roy Orbison, but has a distinct style of his own.
    In addition, he is considered a brilliant guitarist with a powerful rocking touch!
    His songs are exceptional, with wonderful melodies and sophisticated arrangements.
    10 songs on the vinyl LP; the CD and digital versions contain nine original songs plus five well-chosen cover versions.
    Like in a good David Lynch movie, Marcel crosses boundaries and pushes his music further to new horizons.
    ’Patiently’ was recorded at Jack Clement’s Cowboy Arms studio in Nashville, TN.
    Bear Family Records® is releasing these superb sounding recordings as an LP/CD combo and digitally worldwide on all relevant platforms!

    Marcel Riesco’s brandnew Bear Family album, ‘Patiently’, further proves the point: Marcel’s velvet vocals paired with grand studio production reminiscing to the big Nashville Sound is a winning combination! If we had to describe his music, it would be pure 1950s rock and roll with a touch of 1960s honky-tonk. And naturally, we cannot overlook the unmistakable Roy Orbison feel he carries out so well.
    Marcel’s voice is often compared to a young Roy Orbison, but he has his own style and that is very clear. He is also a mean guitar player and that further helps and solidifies his rockin’ style. His songs are unique, with delicious melodies and intricate arrangements. Marcel explains: “I learned how to sing with Roy Orbison songs. He has been my teacher, so naturally the influence is there. I don’t try though, it just comes out that way.” Incidentally, his role model is Roy Orbison …
    Like in a good David Lynch film, Marcel dares to break into the mere surface and digs deeper, exploring all possibilities and taking his music farther, to a special place. “I sing directly to whoever might be listening, and I think they can feel this,” Marcel explains. This makes his music magical and unique.

    Marcel’s new album, his first for Bear Family Records®, was recorded primarily at Jack Clement’s Cowboy Arms Studio in Nashville, TN. Clement was a producer at Sam Phillips’ Sun Studio, and the first record he worked on was Roy Orbison’s Rockhouse. “I decided to go to Jack Clement’s studio because I thought it was the only place where I could get the sound I wanted, played the way I wanted, and recorded the way I wanted. I didn’t want anything to go missing.”

    The CD and digital editions feature 9 originals songs and 5 covers. The 10” LP contains 10 tracks. “I always choose songs that are close to my heart. If it’s an original, I work on it for months even after it’s written, to make sure it lingers. As for the covers, I really have to feel the song. In other words, it has to touch me a certain way, and I have to make it my own before I give it a go. We have included an Orbison-penned title called ‘You’ve Got Love,’ which both Buddy Holly and Johnny Wilson covered. I think my version came out much more rockin’ though.”

    Marcel and the guys recorded 12 songs in 2 days. It was all played and sung live. We got some of Nashville’s top working musicians, who graciously rendered their service: Andy Gibson plays steel guitar, Dennis Crouch plays stand-up bass, Gabe Tonon plays guitar, Walter Hartman plays drums, Cody Campbell plays piano, Isabella Brown sings harmony and backing vocals.

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  • Don Cavalli & The Two Timers - Claustrophobia Blues (10``LP)



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  • Hi-Winders - Are Rockin With The Rhythm (10``LP)


    Wildfire Willie ja kumppanit panevat menemään silkkaa 50s tyylin rockabillyä.

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  • Allen Mark Lee - Locked Down! (10``LP)


    1-LP 10inch vinyl, postcard enclosed, 12 tracks. Total playing time approx. 28 min.

    Meticulous British vinyl collector (45RPM singles), rockabilly expert, author and musician, living in the USA since the early 2000s.
    Recordings made in his private studio during the 2022 lockdown, his signature trashy versions of his favorite numbers, wacky and obscure gems out of music history.
    A vinyl album on Bear Family Records® full of original rockabilly highlights, raw, weird, edgy, manic.
    A killer album for people who know what authentic feelings and power can be found in dirty, primal rockabilly.
    Exquisite low-print 10” vinyl LP with Mark Lee’s own and very personal liner notes and annotations on each track. Terrific!

    The initiated hep cat, rockabilly enthusiast, or fiendish 45 collector might not need an introduction to Mark Lee Allen. However, all others should know that Mark Lee Allen is amongst the avant-garde of today’s rockabilly retro-garde enthusiasts. His peers revere Allen’s knowledge and respect him for unearthing scarce and impossible vinyl findings.

    Mark Lee Allen’s claim to fame amongst contemporary collectors and trash-a-billies is based upon his re-issue series: ’Twisted Tales from the Vinyl Wastelands,’ a series comprised of conceptualized compilations dealing with Johnny Cash soundalikes, aliens, and other abnormalities. He also re-discovered veteran honky tonker Bill Carter, spawning two releases on Bear Family Records®, Bill Carter ’Cool Tom Cat’ (BAF14010) and Bill Carter ’Ramblin’ Fever – The Complete Recordings 1953 – 1961′ (BCD17650).

    The ‘humble son of a bank robber who started playing guitar & making tiny tapes pretending to be a Rockabilly Singer, imagining my bedroom was a recording studio,’ as Allen introduces himself on ’Locked Down!,’ started in English rockabilly bands during the height of the craze in the mid-1980s. After his move to the US in the early 2000s, Allen went full-tilt boogie collecting, trading, and producing his eclectic compilations. During the lockdown of 2020, the restlessly roving Allen desperately needed to channel his excessive energies and decided to buy instruments and recording gear to home-record his favorite songs, hundreds of them – just to keep from going crazy.

    On ’Locked Down!,’ Allen carefully collects the favored of the favorites and comes up with a delightful and entertaining compilation. Considering the vastness of the material at hand and his familiarity with the far-out and obscure gems of recorded rubbish, one could have feared a hard-to-digest freak release. But – the true artist and music lover within Mark Lee Allen rounded-up pleasing classics like Till the Law Says Stop, Don’t Be Unfair, and Lonely Lonely Train and paired them with hardcore rockabilly anthems like Bertha Lou and In The Deep Dark Jungle. But Mark Lee wouldn’t be the Allen he is unless he would not offer us the obscure and zany ones as well: Pick ’em Up and Shake ’em Up (obscure) and $ F–olding Money $ (zany) are highlights on an album that bursts with killer rockabilly – rough, edgy, manic – and with a voice and feel that are as authentic and vintage as can get. This one’s a winner!

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  • Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks - It’s Saturday Night (Blue) (10``LP)


    All Tracks original Rock-A-Billy Records Co, Recordings. All Tracks previously unissued .

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