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  • Raging Teens - Melody Roundup: The Complete Collections 2CD (CD)


    The Raging Teens

    People don’t realize it wasn’t that long ago that there was no internet, no social media, back in the 1990s it was just a completely different game out there for live music. In our little rockabilly world we began to hear about a band from Boston, young dudes and a female guitar player, and eventually we got our chance to see (and hang out with) The Raging Teens!

    We were pals from the first time we met them. And of course, we’ve stayed pals with Kevin, the wise-cracking lead singer now calling himself Jittery Jack, and Miss Amy Griffin, the powerhouse lead guitarist that really set these “guys” apart from all the other bands back then. Miss Amy could really play, she was awesome!

    As time went on, we got to know them better, and in particular the relationship between Kevin and Amy was pretty damn funny—I’m remembering Kevin having to bring a dress to each Raging Teens show because “Amy hates wearing dresses.” Amy got a tattoo of a giant steak on her leg, and I once asked her if it… more

    released September 24, 2021

    The Raging Teens are:

    Kevin Patey – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
    Amy Griffin – Lead Guitar/Vocals
    Keith Schubert – Drums
    Matt Murphy – Standup Bass

    Mastered by Shorty Pool

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  • Kokomo Kings - A Drive-By Love Affair (CD)


    The 4th record from this amazing Rockin Blues outfit from Sweden/Denmark. Again, all songs are originally written by bass player Magnus. Delicious artwork by Henrique San. Our highlights are ”Buckle Up” and ”Jump Like A Chicken” both dancefloor fillers! The swedish-danish band The Kokomo Kings has gained a reputation of playing an uncompromising brew on a variety of low down rocking roots music, grounded deep in the blues. They have been described as being ”more rock’n’roll than rock’n’roll” and having ”energy level 11”. In 2018 The Ameripolitan Music Awards in Memphis nominated the band for the best rockabilly band-award, and the same year they won the ”Band of the Year”-award from the Blues Lounge Radio Show in the U.K. These four lovely guys really deserve some more attention.

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  • Sabrejets - The Restless Kind (CD)


    With rockabilly music now into it’s eighth decade, it’s rare that you get the opportunity to describe a band as exceptional.
    The Sabrejets are one such band.
    They seem to have been around forever, but have relatively few releases to their name and are seldom seen playing outside of Belfast.
    They unashamedly steal rockabilly riffs and throw in countless rock ’n’ roll cliches, yet somehow the Sabrejets have a knack of sounding fresh and original.
    With a brave move like kicking off with a contender for best track on the album, it’s important to be able to follow up without dropping the standard.
    Opener You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone is nothing short of first class rockabilly music, as it the title track finale.
    Nothing in between disappoints.
    Faster Than The Eye Can See is another of the the many high points that sees them repeatedly hitting their own benchmark
    12 of the 15 songs here are Sabrejets originals, with Nigel Dixon’s storming Someone’s On The Loose being the pick of the three covers.
    This superb rockabilly album is enhanced by wonderful guitar playing and great production.
    Whether your chosen rockabilly style is Crazy Cavan or The Cramps, the Memphis Sun sound or the classic Johnny Burnette style, you’ll most certainly really enjoy this CD.

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  • Hillbilly Moon Expolosion - All Grown Up (CD)


    Nändin kolmas albumi ja nyt vihdoinkin uusinta julkaisuna. Ilmestyy 22.10.2021

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  • Rebel Dean And The Starcats - Rockabilly Man (CD)


    A brand new 10 track album by ’Rebel Dean and the Star Cats’, including 7 original songs written Rebel!!!

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  • Setzer Brian - Gotta Have The Rumble (CD)



    Produced by Julian Raymond (Glen Campbell and Cheap Trick), GOTTA HAVE THE RUMBLE contains songs, all written or co-written by Setzer, and was recorded in Minneapolis (Setzer’s adopted hometown) and Nashville. GOTTA HAVE THE RUMBLE is a red-hot album from start to finish–American music amped up to 10–with songs that are full of dynamism and bravado. Highlights include “Checkered Flag,” “Smash Up On Highway One,” “Drip Drop,” “The Cat with 9 Wives,” “One Bad Habit” and “Rockabilly Banjo.” The track listing is below.

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  • Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Bourgeois Baby (CD)


    Re-issue of the seriously sophisticated 2004 sophomore effort from Swiss rockabilly phenoms, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion!

    This album showcases the band’s impressive musical chops and their impeccable taste mixing newly arranged classics like ”Mambo Italiano” and ”How Can You (Have The Blues)” next to their own original material like ”Holy Hoochie Coo” and the fabulous title track! Available as a digipak CD as well as colored vinyl in a gatefold jacket!

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  • J. Hearthill Trinity - The Train Of Desire (CD)


    Sydänmäen ”intohimojunassa” rokataan läpi yön. Uskallatko kyytiin?”

    Mitä syntyy kun J. Hearthill (alias Jussi Sydänmäki) sulkeutuu, parin vuoden biisiklinikan ja pohjasessioiden jälkeen, pandemia-ajan mielenmyllerryksessä kellaristudioonsa. Ja miehen soitinarsenaaliin lisätään sähköbanjitar, baritoni-kitara, Space-echo, rumpukone ja Hohner String Performer?

    ”The Train of Desire” on upea soundinen ja rokkaava Trinity -albumi. Sisältönään 13 ajatonta kappaletta. Sen polttavissa lauluissa kaivataan ja rakastetaan, unohtamatta kuolemaa ja kummituksia. Innoitusta J. on hakenut 1920 – ja 30-lukujen dekadentistä roots -musiikista. Joten levyllä soivat niin folk, kantri, rockabilly kuin gospel, saaden Trinityn käsittelyssä mukaansa kaikuja J:n nuoruuden 80-luvun postpunk-indiestä. Myös J:n teksteissä sekoittuvat folklore, omaelämänkerta, sekä unikuvat.

    J:n luottomiehet: Marko ”Maine” Mainelakeus jytää nauhattomalla bassollaan vastustamattomat bassolinjat ja Mika ”Coleman” Kolehmainen nakuttelee telecasteristaan tiukat riffit. Miehistön merimieskuoro hoitelee taustaköörit. Ja kyydissä vierailee selloineen J:n poika Kasper

    ”J. Hearthill puhkuu Trinity:ineen neljännellä pitkäsoitollaan tyylikkäästi huipulle asti.”

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  • Legendary Shack Shakers - Cockadoodledeux (CD)



    Join those Legendary Shack Shakers as they mark their 25th anniversary as a band on Planet Earth-to celebrate the occasion, they’ve invited former members to help them record an all country & western album! From spaghetti western to bluegrass, western swing to rockabilly, Tex-Mex to country folk, the variety of the genre is on full display.

    Always ones to respect their history, the Shack Shakers have also included some Kentucky local legends to ”pick and grin”. Hotshots such as Stanley Walker (Grand Ole Opry band leader for Jean Shepard and guitarist for Sun Studio’s ”Rockin’ ” Ray Smith) and Jack Martin (dobro-player for Lester Flatt) really give those ”young ’uns” a run for their money. And the always-ornery ”Hillbilly” Bob Prather (Louisiana Hayride fiddler and running buddy of Opry star Onie Wheeler) pitches in too. Just add The Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra, hillbilly royalty Chris Scruggs and an Old Crow Medicine Showman and you’ve got a recipe for what could only be a Legendary Shack Shakers masterpiece. Titling it Cockadoodledeux was done, admittedly, to bookend 2002’s Cockadoodle-Don’t, an album by which many fans were first made aware of the group. However, it also serves to signal the start of another twenty-five years! Just as the plucky, two-headed chick emerges from the egg on the cover, so too begins a fresh start for the band’s creative energies. Once again, generations of fans-both young and old-get to lean in, listen and expect the un-expected.

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  • Southern Culture On The Skids - Zombied (Expanded 2011 version) (LP+CD) (CD)


    Saimme 8 kappaletta lisää! Tajuttoman kova Halloween levy Scotsilta. 8 vanhaa biisiä ja 5 uutta biisiä!!

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  • Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Introducing (CD)


    Aikoja sitten loppuunmyyty cd. Vihdoinkin uusintajulkaisuna ja remasteroituna.

    First U.S. pressing of the debut album from hugely popular Swiss rockabilly shakers, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion!

    Based in Zürich, HME became the epicenter for Europe’s growing rockabilly scene thanks to the band’s countless tours through Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Slovania and elsewhere, and now they’ve set their sights on concurring this side of the pond!

    Available on both digipak CD and in a special deluxe gatefold jacket with PINK vinyl!

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  • Jenny Don't And The Spurs - Fire On The Ridge (CD)


    The third full length release from Portland’s Honky Tonk/Rockabilly anti-heroes, Jenny Don’t And The Spurs, showcases the diverse array of musical styles from which the band draws it’s influences. With 11 tracks clocking in at under 33 minutes, there isn’t a wasted second as the band switches from blistering barn-burners (”Train Ticket”, ”Be The Only One”) to rambling westerns (”Fire On The Ridge”) to Patsy Cline style ballads (”Friday Night”).

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  • Deadbeatz - Hangover No. 7 (CD)


    This is a short story about a long beard. A small story about a big incident that formed the style of this band. A tale about two guys with a bass, harmonica, drums, and a singer with the above-mentioned long beard. Two guys on a mission to prove to the world how powerful the blues can be. Teaching their audience ”no guitar player needed”. Many years ago, they once had a guitar player. One night, they were left with no money left to bail him out in that small town. With a number of empty whiskey bottles left in a destroyed hotel room, there was no going back. They were left to their own unique sound. Recording sessions followed that incident on this album.
    Small band with a big sound. No guitar player needed. Let them BLOW YOU AWAY!

    DeadBeatz are:
    David Karlinger blues harp & drums
    Bernie Miller vocal & double bass

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  • May Imelda - 11 Past The Hour (CD)


    No joo… uusi albumi. Yhdellä biisillä hieman billyä, muuten aikas rauhallista poppia.

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  • Waterhouse Nick - Promenade Blue (CD)


    Promenade Blue – Nick Waterhouse – CD is Tip-On, ”Mini”-LP Jacket w/ Insert. We can try as hard as we can to make sense of Promenade Blue, but in reality, context isn’t really needed because the music on the album is so damn magnificent. In no uncertain terms, it represents Waterhouse’s finest hour as a writer and bandleader – leveraging the musical partnerships he has built over many years to put something forth that is so fully realized and felt that it sparkles beatifically, reverberating with energy, heart, creativity, and vibe from start to finish. Nowhere is this more evident than on the album’s opening track, ”Place Names,” perhaps the most remarkable song in the Waterhouse catalogue.
    Release date: April 9, 2021

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  • Southern Culture On The Skids - At Home with (CD)



    ”At Home with Southern Culture on the Skids”!

    It’s 11 tracks, all recorded and mixed by Rick In his living room and at The Kudzu Ranch.

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