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  • Surfin' Dead - Dead-A-Rama + Powertwang 2CD (CD)


    The Surfin’ Dead is a hard edged instrumental surf band, led by the guitar of P Paul Fenech, founder of psychobilly genre legends The Meteors.
    Instrumentals have always played a part in The Meteors repertoire, and the band has released two all-instrumental collections – volumes one and two of Mental Instrumentals.
    Just as The Legendary Raw Deal is an outlet for Fenech’s rockabilly side, The Surfin’ Dead allows him to explore the instrumental surf genre.
    The two Surfin’ Dead albums Powertwang (1996) and Dead-A-Rama (2019) have been reissued as a double CD set, with Dead-A-Rama only previously having been available as a vinyl release.
    The albums will appeal to fans of The Meteors as the performances are delivered with the attitude of all of Fenech’s work, but the recordings stay true enough to the traditional surf style to also win the approval of instrumental surf and rock ’n’ fans in general.

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  • Horrorpops - Live At The Wiltern (CD+DVD+BLURAY) (DVD)


    Established in 1996 in Copenhagen Denmark, HorrorPops sound is still a delicious blend of 80’s new wave, punk, rockabilly, surf, and ska. With 3 acclaimed albums and heavy worldwide touring tucked comfortably in their back pockets, frontwoman Patricia Day, guitarist Kim Nekroman and drummer Henrik Niedermeier are back on stage proving that the demand for a Horrorpops return is higher than ever. Horrorpops “Live At The Wiltern” is their 9-year long-awaited return to the stage and is represented by this stunning 68-minute concert film, filmed in 4K and containing all of their best-loved tracks including “Walk Like A Zombie”, “Miss Take” and “Psychobitches Outta Hell”.

    Ultra Deluxe Digi Pak packaging includes a Blu Ray Disc and Standard Definition DVD


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  • Meteors - Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare LTD WOODEN BOX SET (CD, LP)


    • Exclusive wood-box w/ branding
    • Exclusive colored 12″ ”Pinwheel” vinyl version of the studio album ”Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare” incl. MP3 Download Card
    • Exclusive one-sided 180g black 12″ vinyl bonus-EP ”Jolts From The Vaults” w/ etching on B-side incl. MP3 Download Card (this EP will be available with this box only!)
    • CD Digipak ”Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare”
    • Exclusive original ZIPPO lighter w/ laser engraving (unfilled)
    • Exclusive backpatch approx. 26 x 11 cm (embroidered)
    • Exclusive bandana approx. 55 x 55 cm (printed)
    • Exclusive poster approx. 60 x 84 cm (folded)
    • Exclusive outdoor sticker approx. 10 cm Ø
    • ”Certification Card” (numbered)

    This box is limited to 500 copies!
    Images similar to original! Sale in customary quantities only.

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  • Meteors - Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare (CD)


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 9, 2021 JULKAISU : Heinäkuun 9, 2021
    THE METEORS – ”Back to hell we go”!

    THE METEORS were formed in 1980 in a reaction to the bands that were singing about ‘Big Green Cars’, ‘Rocking This Town’ and being ‘Rockabilly Rebels’. Preferring their songs to contain topics about vampires, stomping in graveyards and radioactive kids P. Paul Fenech, Mark Robertson and Nigel Lewis soon found themselves all over the media. A media who were eagerly lapping up their new sound christened (thought that is surely not the right word) – ‘Psychobilly’. THE METEORS were front page news in the weekly music press, recording radio sessions and interviews for legends like John Peel, and gracing the silver screen care of a movie short that did the rounds with the Two-Tone movie ‘Dance Craze’. Their film ‘Meteor Madness’, apart from hosting some crazed performances with the unhinged trio, also featured songstress Lilly Allen’s father starring as none other than the rather exasperated Devil, strange but true.

    By 1982 the original line-up had split with Lewis and Robertson going on to form their own bands while P. Paul forged ahead with a free hand with THE METEORS and his idea of how psychobilly should sound. That was a sound that had grown from one of a band’s own personal identity to a world-wide genre that is Psychobilly now over 40 years established and still growing and thriving around the globe. THE METEORS have continued to inspire and influence countless bands while continuing to lead the charge from the very vanguard.

    Now 41 years later, we are in year 2 of the Covid pandemic. But even this could not stop the rolling hate train. In the woods of Oregon, Paul Fenech built himself a new home and his own new recording studio ”Wolftone”. This is also where the new album ”Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare” came into being.

    So here we go again into the pure psychobilly madness of the kings. Now, fresh as ever even after decades of constant touring and more over 30 groundbreaking and cult sustaining albums, THE METEORS present their superb ”next evolution” in the genre that they created and have cultivated and moved forward time after time. It is as uncompromising as ever and encompasses all the elements that have always made up THE METEORS brand of ”Pure Psychobilly”. 12 brandnew tracks of evil psychobilly rock ‘n‘ roll, razor sharp instrumentals and deranged lyrics leading to songs that are guaranteed to set any monsters lose and putting them straight to the wrecking pit! Paul Fenech is not deterred and continues his musical vision undiminished.


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  • Numbskulls - Back Fae The Deid (Digipak) (LP)


    Back from the dead after 20 years the Numbskulls have come up with 10 scorching Psychobilly/Rock ’n’ Roll tracks for your listening pleasure.

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  • Deadbeatz - Hangover No. 7 (CD)


    This is a short story about a long beard. A small story about a big incident that formed the style of this band. A tale about two guys with a bass, harmonica, drums, and a singer with the above-mentioned long beard. Two guys on a mission to prove to the world how powerful the blues can be. Teaching their audience ”no guitar player needed”. Many years ago, they once had a guitar player. One night, they were left with no money left to bail him out in that small town. With a number of empty whiskey bottles left in a destroyed hotel room, there was no going back. They were left to their own unique sound. Recording sessions followed that incident on this album.
    Small band with a big sound. No guitar player needed. Let them BLOW YOU AWAY!

    DeadBeatz are:
    David Karlinger blues harp & drums
    Bernie Miller vocal & double bass

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  • Meteors - Skull n Bones & The Curse Of Blood n Bones (CD)


    Kaksi uutta albumia samassa paketissa…. tai melkein, 3 biisiä puuttuu mitä löytää näiltä USA albumeilta. The Curse Of Blood N Bones eli toka vinyylinä ilmestyy samana päivänä (9. heinäkuuta) kuin Meteorsin uusin euroopan julkaisu Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare. Eli kolme levyä METEORSia samana vuonna.

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  • Presley Elvis - Wild In The Country (Blu-Ray)


    Wild in the Country is a 1961 American musical–drama film directed by Philip Dunne and starring Elvis Presley, Hope Lange, Tuesday Weld, and Millie Perkins. Based on the 1958 novel The Lost Country by J. R. Salamanca, the screenplay concerns a troubled young man from a dysfunctional family who pursues a literary career. The screenplay was written by playwright Clifford Odets.

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  • 69 Cats - Seven Year Itch (CD)


    The explosive second full-length album from the gothic-themed rockabilly project formed by The 69 Eyes frontman Jyrki 69 and rockabilly guitar legend & Headcat Danny B. Harvey, The 69 Cats!

    Joining the Cats for this go round is longtime drummer of The Damned, Rat Scabies, and Nekromantix founder Kim Nekroman! The band’s cover of Post Malone’s ”Hollywood’s Bleeding” was released in October of last year and spread like wildfire as did the smoking follow-up single ”She’s Hot!” Full scale publicity campaigns targeting Finalnd (home base for The 69 Eyes), Europe and the U.S.! Available on digipak CD as well as deluxe gatefold jacket housing PINK vinyl!

    ILMESTYY 16.4.

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  • Stage Frite - Revenge Of The Killer Coypu (CD)


    Third album in the ’Swanabilly Trilogy’ from these Norfolk nutters. Seriously great Psychobilly with a liberal sprinkling of fun.

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  • Astro Zombies - Final Assault (CD)


    New 2020 studio album from the french Psychobilly trio!! NYT MYÖS CDNÄ!

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  • Meteors - Wreckin Crew (Re-Mastered) + Bonus – CD (CD)


    Legendaarinen toinen albumi. Yksi kautta aikojen parhaista psychobilly levyistä. * = bonusbiisi!

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  • Underground Fire (Rob Coffinshaker) - Ashes Of Life (CD)


    The new band formed by mastermind Rob Coffinshaker (The Coffinshakers, Gehennah) finally releases their full-length debut “Ashes of Life”. Ten powerful songs of dark rock you just don’t hear these days. It transcends time and space and takes you on a journey through the dark chasm of the soul.

    The album was recorded in Studio Cobra, Stockholm by Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona (Viagra Boys, Les Big Byrd), whom has also recorded/produced acts like Tribulation, Refused, In Solitude and Henrik Palm. “Ashes of Life” will be released world wide on both LP and CD on November 6.

    Make your orders today!

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  • Mad Sin - Unbreakable (Ltd CD Digipak) (CD)


    Kauan odotettu uusi albumi. Ilmestyy nyt vihdoinkin 11.9.2020.

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  • Rezurex - Skeletons (CD)


    The brand new studio album from Latin psychobilly superstars, Rezurex!

    Formed in Southern California 2001, Rezurex mix equal parts ’50s rockabilly, punk rock and Catholic mysticism to create one of the most exciting and original bands on the scene! Features special guest appearances by guitarist Gary Myrick, Nekromatix drummer Rene Delamuerte, and Dusty Grave of BAT! & Stellar Corpses!

    Available on both a digipak CD as well as a limited edition TRANSPARENT GREEN vinyl!


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  • Wanton - Dead Country (CD)


    Kolmas albumi. Tiukkaa psychobillyä Suomesta. Nyt myös CD:nä.

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  • Various - Wilson’s Weird World Of Instrumentals (CD)


    This is a snapshot of some of the many instrumental tracks by various bands that all have one thing in common: Musician Alan Wilson.

    Tracks in this collection span from the late 80s right up to present day, including many previously unreleased gems.

    A must for fans of guitar-based instrumentals.

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  • Henry & The Bleeders - Doin’ Our Thing (CD)


    As part of Henry & the Bleeders 15th anniversary celebrations we are releasing this CD album of their 7″ vinyl EPs and 10″ mini album. These tracks have never been on CD before!

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  • Atomic Papas - The Invisible Man CD-EP (CD)


    The Invisible Man is a 4 track ep from Italian (Campiglia Marittima ) Neo Rockabilly trio the Atomic Papas, and I like it a lot!
    Now it’s hard to get a real understanding of what a band is all about from a 4 track ep but from what I’ve heard these guys are very good, their style seems to be mix of 80’s Neo Rockabilly and Old school psychobilly and it’s very good!

    Nicola Guidi adds great vocals and guitar, he is backed by Lorenzo Frangini on Slap Bass and Francesco Giomi on drums. On the ep there is also a special appearance on tracks 2 and 4 from Sax player Alessandro Riccucci.

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  • Quakes - Planet Obscure + 4 bonus tracks (Ltd CD) (CD)


    This Cd was originally released in 2012.

    The original pressing was sold out. This new alternative version was pressed with 4 bonus tracks and the mixes that were done for the vinyl version. This is a very limited edition Cd with a new version of the song “It’s a curse” featuring Kitty Casket on vocals.

    This version of the Cd was not available to distributors (until now) and was only sold at The Quakes web site and at shows.Only 300 have been made.

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  • Kitty In A Casket - Horror Express (CD)



    Meow,finally it’s HERE: the hot debut album from the sharpest cats since there are CASKETS!Only since scarcely one three-quarter year KITTY IN A CASKET are excisting.KITTY IN A CASKET play their completely own mixture of Punkrock, Psychobilly and Horrorpunk.Comments:”The first time we met Kitty, we knew she was a star in the making. Then when she said she was starting a band, we thought OK, even if the band isn’t top notch, it will still do well. Their songs are well-crafted and I dare you not to sing along with their infectious choruses.”DAR (THE DEEP EYNDE)”I am always interested in what newer bands are bringing to the scene, and in my opinion, KIAC are something different. Its rare a band captures my attention enough to make me take notice, but these guys have done just that. They have found a sound that works, and should definitely be watched very closely in the future. Well done guys, and the best of luck. You have my vote.””Mad Dog Cole” (THE KREWMEN)”

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