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  • Demented Are Go - A History of Demented Are Go by Nick Kemp : Kicked Out Of Hell (Kirjat)



    Kicked Out of Hell: A History of Demented Are Go tells the story of the infamous Psychobilly legends from their beginnings in the Cardiff suburb of Penarth to their present position as an international bill-topper on the Psychobilly circuit. Central to the story is, of course, the character of Mark ’Sparky’ Phillips who’s genius laced with madness has taken the band on its rollercoaster ride for almost forty years a journey peppered with drug addiction, loss of sanity, imprisonment, an armed siege, and quiet moments of reflection. Based on extensive interviews with almost.all of the extensive roster of musicians to grace the stage with Demented, conducted over a five year period, this labour of love will finally hit the bookshelves in 2021.

    English : 341 pages!

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  • DEATHROW - The Chronicles Of Psychobilly KIRJA (Kirjat)


    ”HIENO KIRJA, JOKA SISÄLTÄÄ KAIKKI DEATHROW MAGAZINET SAMASSA PAKETISSA! This book gives a tantalizing insight into the underbelly of Rock ’n’ Roll…. a dangerous, exciting world where Rockabilly mutated with Punk to form…. PSYCHOBILLY!Deathrow was the worlds only long running psychobilly fanzine and this book is a collection of all the rare and collectable original issues.The zine soon became a properly printed magazine with a circulation in excess of 5000 copies per issue. Packed with articles on bands such as; The Meteors, The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks, Frenzy, Batmobile, Demented Are Go and many more, all harvested from the highly collectablecult music fanzine ’Deathrow’.A valuable reference of events, bands, and stories for those too young tohave experienced the European Psychobilly scene in it’s heyday and anostalgic reminder for those who were a part of it…. and survived!If you were or still are a psychobilly, this book is essential reading.”

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