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  • Speedmobile - Supersonic Beat Commando (CD)


    Speedmobile is the result of two of Holland’s “rockinest” rock & roll bands put together.

    The trio Speedmobile consists of Batmobile’s frontman Jeroen Haamers, and Peter Pan Speedrock’s drummer Bart Nederhand and bassist Bart Geevers. What started off as a one-off for a Lemmy tribute, turned into a fulltime band with brand new material. After releasing their EP, it’s time for their full-length debut album.

    This 15-track set is titled Supersonic Beat Commando and consists of 14 self-penned tracks and a fantastic cover version of the rock & roll classic “Train Kept A-Rollin’”.

    An intensive tour will follow the release of this album.

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  • Supersuckers - Get It Together CD+DVD (Käytetty CD)


    Still sealed!
    Recorded at Robert Lang Studio, Seattle WA.

    DVD Bonus Disc Info:
    Supersuckers filmed live at the House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA, September 19th, 2007.
    Running Time: 90 minutes.

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  • Frederiksen Lars - To Victory (CD)


    Pirates Press Records could not be more proud to present this, the first solo recordings from infamous/notorious Rancid frontman Lars Frederiksen. Overflowing with the passion he’s so well known for, these six songs are belted out with the authenticity and power that only Lars could bring to the table.

    The song selection holds deep personal meeting for Lars, as he writes in an inspired and detailed explanation within the packaging. Bringing together and reinventing songs from his other bands, and even including a few covers, it’s quite clear to see how Important this release is for him. Many may remember that the pandemic sidetracked an endeavor to take this gig on the road. While there was one show at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland just before the pandemic, the rest of the concert-going world has been waiting quite some time to see and hear Lars perform in this Billy Bragg inspired fashion. With this album in hand, it’s safe to say you can expect to see Lars take this to fans across the globe… And as fans, we can all hope that this is just the start of more to come!

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  • Outcasts - 1978-85 (3CD) (CD)


    53 track 3 CD digi-box set featuring all of the studio releases issued by seminal Northern Irish Punk band The Outcasts between 1978 and 1985.

    • Disc 1 is debut LP “Self Conscious Over You” which reached No.20 in the Indie Chart and now comes with six bonus tracks.

    • The second disc is the band’s Indie Chart Top 20 second album “Blood And Thunder”. This includes the No.21 hit single ‘Angel Face’ as well as five bonus tracks.

    • Disc 3 is 1984’s “Seven Deadly Sins” mini LP which is now bolstered by six rare bonus tracks. Also included are two BBC Radio 1 sessions the band recorded for the John Peel show, both previously unreleased.

    • The 20 page booklet contains detailed liner notes, pictures of all related record sleeves and various clippings and memorabilia from the era.

    • The band are still led to this day by the Cowan brothers, Greg and Martin, and are regulars at Punk festivals like Rebellion and Punk N Disorderly.

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  • Various - Rebel Rousers (CD)


    ”This comp erases any doubts I had about 2021 being a momentous year for rock and roll!” – Scott Hudson, The Ledge

    Rum Bar Records artist performing, writing or otherwise making art inspired by alt-punk, heartland-punk, alt-country, heart-on-sleeve, out-of-the-garage rock n’ roll. Tends to inhabit and play said music loudly in hole in the wall dive bars. Rebel Rousers’ art is general enjoyed best with a warm beer and cold shot in a corner at a neighborhood watering hole.

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  • Danzig - Sings Elvis (CD)


    2020 studio album from punk/metal icon and powerhouse vocalist Glenn Danzig paying tribute to his idol and inspiration, Elvis Presley. Features 14 unforgettable interpretations of well-known Elvis classics and unheralded deep cuts that will thrill fans of both of these kings of rock music. Highlights include Danzig’s sinister take on ”Fever” and a truly haunting version of ”Always On My Mind!” Danzig is no stranger to working with American music royalty having written songs for both Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison!

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  • Big John Bates - Skinners Cage (CD)


    The third album to come from the tireless touring machine that is Big John Bates, Big John Bates: Noirchestra now finds the musician stepping out into slightly different terrain. The songs are less full-on rock attack and more exploring of textures and variations while still working firmly in the Americana Noir genre the band is known for.

    It’s a very good fit having the trio of guitarist Bates, bassist Brandy Bones and drummer Ty-Ty expanded to include violinist RequiEmily, who greatly expands the sonic capacities of the group.

    The 11 tracks include both originals and covers of Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English, Kurt Weil’s Moon of Alabama and Dead Moon Night by Dead Moon.

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  • Interrupters - Fight the Good Fight (CD)


    The Interrupters are an L.A. based four-piece bound by their rebel spirit and deep love of punk, rock, ska and 2 Tone.

    They make super high-energy rock -n-roll that’s equal parts catchy and confrontational. ‘Fight The Good Fight’, was produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. The album features front-woman Aimee Inter¬rupter, guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivone and drummer Jesse Bivona, spitting out lyrics that take on matters as thorny as family, friendship, martial law and loyalty, while churning out bounc¬ing rock-steady rhythms and snarly guitar riffs.

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  • Flatfoot 56 - Odd Boat (CD)


    Ei huono netti arvio levystä… I can’t pick a favorite song. This entire album is AMAZING! I keep going through different songs on repeat. And I myself repeat ALL THE SONGS ARE GREAT! Right now I have on repeat: STUTTER, FOWARD, CRIPPLING & THE TRAP. I have listened to then entire album over and over.. those are the ones I am listening to more then a few times.. but everything I LOVE as well. I think this is the punk album of 2017 if not for a few years to come. People say punk is dead. I think not! And if you thought so – do yourself a favor and revive your ears with FF56’s ODDBOAT ….. RIGHT NOW!

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  • Hooker ‎ Jane Lee - Spiritus (CD)


    2018 release. Start spreading the news – New York’s hottest punk-blues collective are back in business. If you didn’t catch them first time round, then it’s high time you got to know Jane Lee Hooker better. Individually, the five members have pedigree to burn, turning heads and tearing up stages in seminal bands from Nashville Pussy to Bad Wizard. But when Dana ’Danger’ Athens (vocals), Hail Mary Z (bass), Melissa ’Cool Whip’ Houston (drums), Tracy ’High Top’ (guitar) and Tina ’t Bone’ Gorin (guitar) hooked up in 2012, they swore a blood pact to take Jane Lee Hooker all the way. ”We’re a gang,” say the lineup. ”We’re a family.” Now, as a twist in the tail of 2017, second album Spiritus finds Jane Lee Hooker writing their own entry into the great rock ’n’ roll songbook. ”Spiritus is almost entirely original music written by the band as a unit,” they explain, ”which has been really exciting and really gratifying. We write so naturally well together, it’s been pretty effortless.” ”We wanted to have an ’album’ that people would listen to from beginning to end,” explain the lineup, ”and find something to love about every song.” Mission accomplished. In a world of manufactured bands and bubblegum pop, Jane Lee Hooker are the real deal. Join their rock ’n’ roll revolution.

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  • Rancid - Trouble Maker (CD)



    Legendaarinen punk-rock yhtye Rancid perustettiin 1991 ja heidän ensimmäinen levynsä ilmestyi 1993. Hellcat/Epitaph Records julkaisee ”Trouble Maker” -albumin 9.6. ja se on heidän yhdeksäs studioalbumi. Rancid julkaisi edellisen ”…Honor Is All We Know” -albuminsa 2014, mutta heidät tunnetaan yhä parhaiten platinaa myyneestä, 1995 julkaistusta, ”…And Out Come The Wolves” levystään. Uuden levyn myötä Rancid lähtee Green Dayn kanssa Euroopan kiertueelle, jonka lähin pysäkki on Göteborgissa.


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  • Hasta La Vista Social Club - For the Greater Good (CD)


    ”Maailman rata on viime aikoina vaikuttanut taas synkemmältä, mikä kuuluu albumin teksteissä. Epätoivo, epätasa-arvo, epäinhimillisyys… varjot nousevat nurkista ja ns. normaali elämämme se vain jatkuu. Paljon on sanottavaa, mutta HLVSC ei sorru saarnaamiseen, vaan uskoo enemmänkin tarkan havainnoinnin ja sopivan (sekä joskus sopivasti epäsopivan) kärjistämisen voimaan. Ja silloinhan se viesti välittyy tehokkaimmin, etenkin näin vaalien alla.”

    (Mika Roth/

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  • Relentless - A Loving Memory (CD)

    Viime vuonna kymmenvuotisjuhliaan raivokkaasti punkrollannut Relentless on valmistellut samalla salaa uutta albumiaan, joka julkaistaan
    17. maaliskuuta.
    ”Janne Tanskanen” Oman järjen käyttö ja omalla päällä ajatteleminen on aina ollut mulle se punk. Se siinä kiinnosti alun pitäen ja se on ohjannut koko elämän läpi. Nuorena, vihaisena, ”kapinallisena” helposti vetää yksioikoisia johtopäätöksiä ja mielipiteitä. Sitä helposti tarttuu tiettyihin sloganeihin ja ideologioihin, niitä sen pitemmälle miettimättä. Jälkikäteen saattaa huomata, että ei kaikki ihan näin mustavalkoista olekaan. Asioilla on kääntöpuolensa ja niitten puolien väliin mahtuu vielä rajaton määrä erilaisia mahdollisuuksia. Eikä se siltikään tarkota, että olisit luovuttanut! Hommat voi tehdä monella tapaa ja on niin monta tapaa pitää lippua korkealla ja työntää kapulaa rattaaseen. Ajat muuttuu ja on ihan hyvä muuttuu niitten mukana”, hän jatkaa uuden biisin teeman valottamista.
    Tulevan studioalbumin tuotannossa on ollut mukana myös No Shame -yhtyeen Sampsa Sarparanta, jolle Tanskanen antaa jo tässä
    vaiheessa ison hatunnoston ideoista ja inspiraatiosta. Samalla kyse on ensimmäinen kerta, kun Relentless on uskaltautunut päästämään
    ulkopuolisia korvia mukaan biisinkirjoitustyöhön ja sovittamiseen.
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  • Witchdoktors ‎ - Voodoo Eye (CD)


    The Witchdoktors are legends, almost. Formed in 1990 they have established themselves as one of the UKs greatest ever Garage Punk bands. A 5 Year residency at Soho s 12 Bar Club in London and hundreds of live performances across the country has seen them rise from underground villains of rock n roll to legitimate hoodlums of guitar fuelled chaos! They have shared the stage with many of their own heroes (and influences) such as The Ramones, The Damned, Fleshtones, Revillos, Urban Voodoo Machine, Legendary Shack Shakers, Gold Blade, The Germs, Wreckless Eric and others too numerous to mention.

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