Cooke Sam & The Soul Stirrers

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  • Cooke Sam & The Soul Stirrers - Complete Specialty Recordings 3CDBOX SET (CD)


    ”There was probably only one man in the entire world with enough talent to replace the legendary R.H. Harris in the Soul Stirrers, and that man was Sam Cooke. Cooke’s 14-year tenure with the Soul Stirrers remains for many the high-water mark of gospel group vocalizing, and launched Cooke on a successful pop singing career; now, here all 84 sides Sam recorded with the Soul Stirrers-many featuring him trading lead vocals with the awesome Paul Foster–on one spirit-lifting, soul-shaking 3-CD set! Inside are such touchstones as ”Jesus Gave Me Water,” ”He’s My Friend until the End,” ”Be with Me Jesus,” ”Touch the Hem of His Garment,” ”That’s Heaven to Me,” the pop hit ”I’ll Come Running Back to You,” and more, including alternate takes and 20 minutes of the Soul Stirrers’ stunning 1955 performance at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Joyous!”

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