Biller And Horton

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  • Biller And Horton - Texotica (CD)


    Vinylux Records is pleased to announce its latest release, texotica from Biller and Horton! You know Dave Biller’s fantastic guitar work from backing such artists as Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Dave Stuckey and the Rhythm Gang, the Asylum Street Spankers, and Deke Dickerson. He further showcased his abilities on his recording projects The Hot Guitars of Biller and Wakefield on Hightone Records and Travis County Pickin’ on HMG, not to mention numerous other recordings and guest appearances. Bobby Horton, also a gifted veteran of the rockin’ music scene, is one half of the Horton Brothers, and has toured extensively with bands such as the Bellfuries, Deke Dickerson, and many others. Additionally, Horton has lent his talents to several recordings including Dave Stuckey and the Rhythm Gang’s Get A Load of This on HMG, Cave Catt Sammy’s Comin’ On Strong on Big Bellied Records, and every release from Texas Jamboree (including Nick Curran, the Jive Bombers, and Horton’s own project, Bobby Horton and Derek Peterson 14 Jaw – Breakin’ Hits).

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