Armstrong James

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  • Armstrong James - Blues Been Good To Me (CD)



    The vet blues man knows how to put things together; a real pleaser that makes no statement other than letting the good times roll. Electric blues as it should be. —        Chris Record- Midwest Record

    Besides his smooth-textured, listener-friendly voice, Armstrong is a fluid electric guitarist, each note clean and uncluttered. His playing always serves the song and never draws attention to itself, though it is eminently worth paying attention to. The title song touts Armstrong’s success as a blues entertainer with an international following, while another original, Second Time Around, opens amusingly with the instantly recognizable chords from the old Johnny Rivers hit Secret Agent Man. Possibly because it’s the fall, my own favorite is Change In The Weather. You’ll find your own. Armstrong gives you much to choose from. —                                                                     Jerome Clark-Rambles.NET

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