Balfa Brothers

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  • Balfa Brothers - Play Traditional Cajun Music (CD)


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    * Two of Cajun’s most famous albums return to the Ace catalogue all newly remastered and with four bonus titles. In the mid 1960s Cajun music was in danger of stagnating, having become heavily influenced by country, western swing and pop music. Dewey Balfa persuaded Floyd Soileau to record him and his brothers performing a more traditional form of the music from several decades earlier.

    * Play Traditional Cajun Music” came out in 1965, with a second volume following in 1974. In making these records the Balfas and Soileau preserved music that was in danger of being entirely forgotten.

    * This release also includes four non-LP single sides and has been freshly packaged with a new sleeve note by Cajun expert Ann Savoy, plus a new selection of photographs and lyrics in French with an English translation.”

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