Bang! Mustang!

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  • Bang! Mustang! - The Big Twang Theory (CD)


    BANG!MUSTANG! was founded by members of successful international bands, incl. Los Twang! Marvels, Messer Chups and The Rob Ryan Roadshow. The Mustangs sound like wild west, 1000 PS and hypnotized amerindians who celebrate the musical excess of all cultures! With oiled straps, burning guitars and marvelous melodies in their gats they delighted the continents from the year one with brilliant, sparkling sounds, surging guitars and roaring rythms – Surf Music in the proper sense! It’s all about dynamics, devotion and passion! The band is currently touring around the globe and has played at the biggest Surf Music Festival in Europe: The Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Italy! Bear Family Records, which released CDs of The Astronauts”, booked the band for their Festival. They also received amazing reviews worldwide for their new full length CD: ”The Big Twang! Theory”! ”I love this album! It’s just an incredible piece of work! I can’t imaging anybody beeing disappointed by it.” – Ivan Pongracic (The Space Cossacks/The Madeira) ”I think this album is brilliant. I like it a lot!” – Lorenzo Valdambrini (Surfer Joe & HBC) ”Songs und Arrangements, die man so bislang noch nicht aus unseren Landen gehört hat! Absolut eine Ausnahmescheibe im Surfbereich.” – Ralf Kilauea (The Kilaueas)”

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