Allen Rex

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  • Allen Rex - The Last Of The Greatest Singing Cowboys (Käytetty CD)


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    Perhaps best known as a B western cinema hunk or as the narrator of Disney’s nature programming, Rex Allen, the Arizona Cowboy,” first came into fame as a radio star. The cowboy crooner on Chicago’s National Barn Dance, which for a time rivaled the popularity of Nashville’s Opry, Allen helped put the Western in C&W. Fifty years hence, these lost and forgotten recordings of the ”Voice of the West” are at long last available, lest we forget the last vestiges of this vital bit of Americana. From nimble-fingered accordion and fiddle-driven swing, smooth ballads, and story songs to energetic yodels and the trio harmonies of Allen’s lively Arizona Wranglers, these tunes embody the nation’s optimistic post-World War II vitality and its longstanding romance with the American West–rife with possibility and dreams beyond the known. These radio transcriptions from the Barn Dance of the late 1940s are as warmly vibrant today as they must’ve been when the band was cutting 20 sides a day, many of the tunes freshly learned and put to vinyl in a single take. – Paige La Grone”

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