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  • Collins Kids - Town Hall Party Vol 3 (DVD)


    For anyone who enjoys the raw energy of Fifties rock ’n’ roll, Bear Family’s series of ’Town Hall Party’ DVDs are a

    cornucopia of cool! More footage has turned up than we previously believed existed, so we are happy to present The

    Collins Kids, Round Three. For those who weren’t lucky enough to be in the audience at Los Angeles’ weekly TV show,

    Town Hall Party, in the 1950s, we’ll remind you that the Collins Kids were teenage Oklahomans who’d come to Los

    Angeles in search of fame and maybe fortune. They were high energy, exciting early rock ’n’ rollers, underscoring that

    Fifties rock music was for, by, and about kids. Lorrie’s stunning good looks and sultry vocals were combined with Larry’s

    stinging double-neck guitar licks and manic stage antics. They were very visual, and thus better suited to DVD than CD.

    This third Volume (together with the previous volumes) features nearly every Collins Kids Town Hall Party appearance

    from 1959. True to the Bear Family tradition, we have offered everything in the vaults. Some highlights include the

    Collins Kids’ great take on Frankie Ford’s Sea Cruise, Ricky Nelson’s I Got A Feeling (Lorrie dated Ricky for several

    years, and appeared on his TV show), and the Coasters’ Charlie Brown. In addition, Larry tears up his doubleneck

    Mosrite guitar on Johnny B. Goode, and the twin guitar showstopper Rockin’ Gypsy. Many say that Larry invented surf

    guitar, and on the evidence here, they’re right!

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  • Collins Kids - Rockin` Est (CD)


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