Broonzy Big Bill

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  • Broonzy Big Bill - The Midnight Special: Live In Nottingham 1957 (LP)


    Vinyl LP pressing. Born in Mississippi, ”Big Bill Broonzy” – the name refers to his 6′ 6″ physical stature – remains largely unsung as far as a household name, despite recording several hundred songs, many of which he wrote. This solo performance captures Big Bill’s affable personality and ability to hold the attention of an appreciative audience with his storytelling, acoustic guitar licks, and a strong singing voice that leaves an indelible impression that this man had experiences in the fields, the factories, and the railroads. The 1957 Nottingham set list largely consists of folk standards including ”The Midnight Special,” and ”This Train,” on which you can hear a little Elvis Presley swing, as Broonzy’s introduction slyly alludes to some ”rockin’ and rollin'” cultural appropriation; we know what came first. Three months after this concert, Big Bill learned he had lung cancer, to which he succumbed at 65 years old in August 1958.

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  • Broonzy Big Bill - On Tour In Britain, 1952: ”Live” In England & Scotland (CD)


    These two JASMINE CDs offer a rare opportunity to hear Big Bill Broonzy recorded live in 1952, during his second and third tours of Great Britain. They allow us a chance to listen to Broonzy first on a night at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh when he struggled to succeed, and then nine months later during an evening of dazzling artistic command at Hove Town Hall, near Brighton, England. The concerts took place during a period when Broonzy’s visibility and popularity outside the United States were on the rise. The recordings present him as he strived to claim the title with which he was advertised in Edinburgh: ’King of the Blues’.

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  • Broonzy Big Bill - An Evening With -Recorded Copenhagen 1956 (LP)


    Chicago blues pioneer Big Bill Broonzy spent much of the 1950s (up until his death in 1958) touring and recording in Europe, where he was revered as a living legend of the blues able to make a decent living from his music, after decades of financial hardship. Recorded live at Copenhagen’s Club Montmartre” on 4 May 1956, this rare LP is one of the few remaining live recordings of Broonzy from this period. While the track selection of standard blues numbers is typical of his European performances, Broonzy was always a crowd pleaser and tried to play the songs each individual audience wanted to hear, never letting his ego get in the way and, thereby, winning the hearts of fans everywhere! Liner notes by one of the founding fathers of British Blues, Alexis Korner.”

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