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  • Blake Tommy - Koolit EP (7 single/EP)


    The name of Tommy Blake is inevitably associated in the history of rockabilly by the two singles he recorded for Sun Records, with songs like Flat Foot Sam and Sweetie Pie, although in the scarce 12 months that he remained with the company he recorded about 15 songs that would take more than 25 years to get out of the can.  But before and after Sun Tommy also recorded good tracks, like the ones on this EP.

    Koolit, placed the side one of his very first single, was released on Buddy Records in 1956, being a great example of raw and gutted rockabilly, the same style that we find in $ F-olding Money $, released by Recco just a year after leaving Sun.  The flip side opens with Cool Alligator, a wild and frantic cut that was recorded as acetate in 1958 and would remain unreleased until the mid-1980s. We complete the selection with the instrumental Mister Hoody, from his only session for RCA shortly before joining Sun, and where Carl Bailey Adams, regular guitarist of his band The Rhythm Rebels, really hits the bell.

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  • Blake Tommy - Kool It! The SUN Years (CD)


    ”Vihdoinkin saatavilla!! Kunnon SUN Rockabilly-Rock`n`Rollia!! – Unbelievably rare rockabilly recordings from the golden era…1950s!

    – The original demo of The Story Of A Broken Heart for Johnny Cash.

    – Classics include $F-Olding Money (later recorded by The Fall), Flat Foot Sam, Honky Tonk Mind

    (The Woman I Need), Koolit, and many more!

    SALES NOTES: Tommy Blake stood where Elvis stood!

    – On the stage of the Louisiana Hayride!

    – At the legendary Sun Records studio!

    – At RCA’s Nashville studio!

    But, when his recording career ended, too few knew the name Tommy Blake…or any of the other names he recorded


    This set comprises all of Tommy Blake’s rockin’est recordings: his ultra-rare Buddy Records single from 1956; his RCA

    single and all unissued cuts; his Sun singles and demos that he recorded for Johnny Cash; and his ultra-rare demos of

    $F-Olding Money and Cool Gator Shoes (Britrock fans will remember The Fall’s version of $F-Olding Money). This is the

    first time the story of Tommy Blake’s recording career has been told alongside the tragic story of his life, which ended

    when his second wife shot him in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve 1985!

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